Open Archives 220 Million Personal Records in Dutch and Belgian Sources #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen


Open Archives has 220 million personal records in various Dutch and Belgian sources including certificates of the Civil Registry and population register.  You can search in English, German, French and Dutch.  This is a free website. 

Go to:


I tried a search using the name Goldberg --no first name . Many results—3,829-- were returned. I clicked on one for notarial records and another for death and for the death it listed the date at Auschwitz he died with the source being the Dutch Government Gazette, You are able to view and to download the records. There is an icon that states if the record is available.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee




I had such a good response to my inquiry about Mexican records that I am motivated to try again for a French question.  A man named Joseph GRAND, born in Tomashev-Lubelski, Poland in 1879, came to the US in 1905.  He told his son that he had two half-brothers in France.  I have to assume they were somewhat older than he was and they came to France somewhat before him. His father was GRAND (original spelling), obviously and his mother was BLUM.  I have no idea of any other possible surname.  Are there any French immigration or census records from that period?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Carol Isenberg Clingan
Dedham MA

Rabbi Shmuel LANDAU-son-in-law of R' Itzaleh of Volozhin #belarus #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Researching a possible connection between our family and the daughter
and son-in-law of R' Itzaleh of Volozhin, Rabbi Shmuel and Mrs. (?)
LANDAU. I am specifically interested in the names of ALL their
descendants. I capitilized ALL as I know of one daughter who married


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Also can be searched as Leon David (Heublum) #galicia #poland


Sorry, Forgot to add that he had been found on lists working at the Carpathian Oil Co Lemburg as Leon David. No traces of him afterwards.

Re: Are we related? If so, how? #general

Linda Kelley

Hi, Marilyn. DNA testing might help decide if the Schaffers were the same family as the Schlifers. I agree that vowels can be disregarded in many cases. But for the ancestors to be closely related, they should have lived near each other. The other researchers may have taken your family’s data and incorporated into their trees. 

Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA

KATCHOP-Ukrainian Slavic language #ukraine

Yonatan Ben-Ari

Can anyone confirm that the above term-KATCHOP- in Ukranian refers to
someone who deals with lumber. It appears in one of Chaim Nachman
Bialik (Israel's national author) as such. I believe also in other
jewish literary sources.


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Looking for any info on Leon Heublum from Drohobycz #galicia #poland


My Father's brother Leon was born in 1912. All traces of him have been gone after the war. Leon was my father's oldest brother. He was last seen by my father in the Plaszow concentration camp sometime between June 22- September, 1944. Leon did not return nor was any trace of him found after the war. I would like to know what happened to him. I have searched on Ancestry, JewishGen and the Arolsen Collection. If anyone has ANY information, I would be eternally grateful!

Re: NYC Adoption Records 1880-1910 #usa #general

Linda Kelley

Hello, Connie,
DNA testing might help sort out relatives. It would be great if you, and some of the Levines and Abrams all got tested, then upload to GEDmatch.

If you want help, let me know.

Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR

Levine from Skidel, Poland/Russia #poland

Edward Goldberg

Hi, I’m looking for information for a Morris Levine and his wife Rachel Mudrick born in Skidel, Poland/Russia and emigrated to the U.S. Any info would be appreciated.


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Searching for Engholm and Leff families last known in MN and CA #usa

Todd Cohn

Searching for long lost cousins who's names and last known residences were:
Diana Leff (Crow Wing, MN)
Robert Leff Jr (Crow Wing, MN)
Linda Leff Engholm (Alameda, CA)
They would be about 60 years olds now. 
Deceased grandparents were from Lewis Cohn and Anna Chinka Balaban, both born in Russia and presumably died in MN. 
Thank you!
-Todd Cohn

Searching for Shoikhet and Chausovsky families currently in Lithuania #lithuania

Todd Cohn

I came across a Yad Vashem Page of Testimony that was submitted by a relative of mine named Feiga Shoikhet in 1991.

At that time she lived in Lithuania, Vilnius, Erfurto str 48/9.

I'm looking for suggestions on how I might be able to confirm if she or her family still lives in Lithuania today and of course try and get in touch with her.  


Other relatives of hers are her:

Father Shimon Dovid

Sister Chava Shoikhet Chausovsky 

Brother in law Semyon Chausovsky

Nephew Vladimir Chausovsky 

Alexander Chausovsky   


Places the family has lived are:





Thank you for your help. 





Re: German Citizenship under Article 116 #germany


Do you think having a lawyer expedited the process or made it easier? If so, could you please share or PM the name of your attorney? I'm finding gathering the necessary documents daunting. I'm also worried because my German is so poor. Thank you.

Re: NYC Adoption Records 1880-1910 #usa #general

Barbara Ellman

Getting adoption records in NY applies to the adoptees and their descendents only.

It is entirely possible that given the time frame specified and that the "adoption" may have been within the family, that no formal adoption was made.


Barbara Ellman
Secaucus NJ USA
ELLMAN, COIRA, MAIDMAN - Minkovtsy, Ukraine
KAGLE, FASS - Ulanow, Poland

Re: German Citizenship under Article 116 #germany

Ernst-Peter Winter

... and the judgement could be found at
reference number: - 2 BvR 2628/18 -

Ernst-Peter Winter, Münster (Hessen)

Am 18.06.20 um 14:24 schrieb David Seldner:

The German Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that many
rejections of applications were not legal because the courts
interpreted the laws too narrowly.

Gittle ABRAMOWITZ-New Haven, Ct. 19th century #belarus #usa #general

Yonatan Ben-Ari

My great great grandmother, Gittle ABRAMOWITZ, came to New Haven, Ct.
somewhere between 1870 and 1890 as a widow with four youngish
orphans. The childrens' names were David (?), Sarah, Meir and Kalman.
She may have remarried on the way from Novarodok (from where she left)
and her family name may have changed.

She supposedly was in the silversmith trade (with her second husband).
One child, Meir (my great grandfather) as a child was sent to
Jerusalem (then Palestine) and the other 3 stayed in the USA. David,
the eldest, went to Boston and eventually got a job in a .
Again ,supposedly, rose to managerial level . At some point in her
life she married a LAZAROFF from London.

Sarah seems to have had a grandson, Tom, who lived ( and studied ?)
in Boston. He was about my mother's age, (b. 1914). Father may not
have been jewish. Sarah and her husband (name unknown to me) lived
and/or vacationed on Coney Island, NYC, during the 1930s

The problem with the credibility of the above data is that it derives
primarily from an autobiography of one of Meir's granddaughters which
was garnered by information received by word of mouth ("supposedly"
above). The writer of this autobiography says in the introduction
that her book " is oral history" rather than sources based. Also some
of the information is based on interviews with elderly family members
who are no longer with us.

Gittle was also supposedly related to Rabbi Isaac Simcha HOROWITZ of
Hartford, Ct. who passed away in 1936. That is my guess why she came
to New Haven in the first place (but then again why not to Hartford?)

If the above sounds familiar to anyone or can be confirmed somehow in
New Haven, I would be very grateful to hear.

BTW, the autobiography mentioned above is called : "A Child of the Desert"
by Adina Katzoff (ne ABRAMOWITZ)

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Harry Klayman - Need Information #usa


I have been trying to find information on my great grandfather Harry H. Klayman for many years but can never find anything after he left Petersburg, VA around 1907.
We believe we emigrated from Germany or Poland and was born on June 28, 1871. He married Martha Lamb in 1892 a native of Petersburg, VA and they had 5 daughters.
I cannot find any emigration records on him and last documented information for him was a 1900 census taken in Petersburg, VA of which they spelled the last name Clayman.
When he left Petersburg at the age 30 not trace of him can be found. I do have a photo of him attached to this request.

If anyone has knowledge about him, please let me know.

Translation of wedding record #translation


Hello ,please, translate Israel Shapiro and Tauba Bukowska's  wedding record,thank you🙏

Jenya Kanadov

For those interested in #ukraine #yizkorbooks

Bruce Drake

I'm very happy to say that after more than 10 years, the translation of the 1957 Tel Aviv edition of the Kovel Yizkor book is now complete, with all chapters loaded.

Many thanks to Ala Gamulka whose translations brought this effort to the finish line.

And thanks to Binny Lewis  team.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring MD

Re: Byten necrology list #yizkorbooks


Alan:  I see Byten as part of this database.  Is this what you are looking for?

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 6/18/2020 9:17 AM, Alan Tapper via wrote:

Several years ago I submitted the necrology list from the yizkor book from Byten.  The data was posted .  It is not in the necrology lists today.  Do I have to send them to you again

Does anyone have (or have link to) Reckendorf records (looking for Baum) - matrikeln, B/M/D, etc? #germany

Rob Lederer (personal gmail)

Hi All.  This is and another are my first posts in 15+ years, since GerSIG days.

I'm looking for birth, marriage, death, matrikel, name change, and other records for Burgpreppach.  My target ancestor is Dorrit Dorothea Baum b. ca. 1806-15 and next known to be in NYC in 1836.  Later Reckendorf records may still show family members of hers even if I can't get to ones that include her specifically. 

Does anyone have these records?  Is there an online archive that contains them?  Being that it's Bavaria, I think it's not available online.

Thank you,
Rob Lederer


 Bohemia and US:

LEDERER, WEISSKOPF or WEISSKOPFOVA in Blovice (Blowitz) or around Pilsen, also Gablonz, Rumburk (Rumburg), and New York (and much of USA)

OPPER in Blowitz/Blovice

LORIE/LORY/LORIN of Putzlitz/Puzlic

JANOWITZ/JANOWSKY from Prague and Blowitz/BLovice

KOHN, BRETH, ROSENBAUM, ALTSCHUL in Golcuv Jenikov (Goltsch Yenikau) or Prague

STRAS, STRASS, STRASSER, STRAUSS, POPPER, KOHN, HELLER, PFEFFERKORN, FISCHER, GOLDMAN, STEINHARDT in or around Arnoltov (Arnitzgruen), Schoenlind (Krasna Lipa), Kirsch(en)birk, Cheb (Eger), Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), and Wisconsin, Pennsylvania (Allegheny/Pittsburgh) and NYC

LOEWI / LOEWY / LEVI in or around Mastov (Maschau)

STRAUSS of Drmoul/Duerrmaul

SCHWERY? SCHWERZ? And POPPER from Beneschau/ Benesov

LOEWI of Mies / Stříbro 


Germany and US:

GANS, GREIF, LEVI, HA-LEVI, HALEVI, ASCHER, MEIER, AUSCHER, MEUER, MOSES, JECHIEL, STERN, LOESER, RUBEN, ROTHSCHILD, and WEINBERG  in or around Langenschwarz, Rothenkirchen, Hechelmannskirchen, Burghaun or Huensfeld in Upper Franconia (Hessen)

GANS in New York

FROMM in Rengshausen

JACOB in Merzhausen

PRETZFELD(ER) in Burgkunstadt and NY

MORGENROTH in Burgkunstadt, Bischberg and anywhere else

EHRENBACH(ER) in Kunreuth, Burgkunstadt, and anywhere else

BRUILL (or BRUELL/ BRU”LL/ BRULL/ BRILL) in Burgkunstadt and Lichtenfels

FRIEDMANN in Burgkunstadt and (Friedman in Chicago)
ROSENBAUM in Kunreuth

SACHS in Bischberg

ROTHSCHILD, WEIL, FRANK, AUERBACH(ER) in or around Nordstetten or Muehringen (near Horb) and Mississippi

HOF(F)HEIMER, ISAK, ISAAK, SCHIELE, SCHIELEN, SCHILLEN, SCHUELE, LEVY OR LEVI in or around Fellheim, (Swabian Bavaria) Germany (or Memmingen?), Altenstadt-Illereichen, (Swabian Bavaria) Germany, and Missouri and Cincinnatti

STRAS(S)BURGER, BARUCH, and NEY or NEU in Hohebach, Ailringen, or Hollenbach  (Wuerttemberg/Swabia) and NY

LAMMLE or LAEMMLE or LEMMLE or LEMLE or LAMLE and JOEL and NATHAN in Braunsbach (Wuerttemberg/Swabia)

HIRSCH in Flehingen (Baden)

FLEHINGER in Flehingen (Baden)

KAHN and BAUM in Bavaria, Burgpreppach

BAUM in Reckendorf

“ANY” in Schwabisch Hall (Wuerttemberg/Swabia) [FIRST NAME Fratel]

Emanuel Pfeifer of Niederhochstadt

KAHN in Aschenhausen (Hessen) and Barchfeld (Hessen)

JOSEPH in Bromberg and Bordun or Fordon, Posen (now Bydgoszcz, Poland)  and Mississippi and New Orleans

PFEIFER in Niederhochstadt (Pfalz) – now Hochstadt -- and Mississippi

WOLFERMAN(N) from Cleveland, New York, and Missouri (St. Louis and Jefferson City), and Barchfeld  (Hessen), Germany

Still to add these yellow things to FTJP

VEIT from Emmendingen (Baden) and New York

BIEDERMAN(N)  from Gailingen (Baden) or Emmendingen (Baden)

DETTELBACH or DEDELBACH or DEDDELBACH from Gailingen (Baden) or Emmendingen (Baden), , Schmieheim (Baden)

GUENZBERGER from Emmendingen (Baden), Schmieheim (Baden), Breisach (Baden)  or elsewhere

GUGGENHEIMER from Gailingen (Baden), , Schmieheim (Baden), or elsewhere

WEIL from Emmendingen (Baden)

DREYFUS  Ingenheim (Bavaria) and Brookhaven, MS

(SURNAME UNKNOWN)  Schwabisch Hall and Hall


Jamaica, England, and US

HART and LEVY from Kingston, Jamaica (BWI), Spanish Town, Jamaica (BWI), and Woodville & Holmesville, Mississippi and New Orleans, LA

LEVY (aka Linn Levy) from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England


Hungary/Slovakia and US

SCHOENSTEIN from Budapest; Nagy-Cétény; Velký Cetín; Liptovské Sliače / Haromszlecs, Slovakia; Liptovské Sliače / Szlecs, Slovakia; Ruzomberok/Rosenberg, Slovakia; Lipto, Hungary (Slovakia); Partizanska Lupca / Nemet Lipcse, Slovakia; and Richmond (Staten Island), NY and New York, NY

STRELINGER from (All in Slovakia) Tvrdosin/Turdossin, Slovakia; Ludrova/Ludrowa, Slovakia; Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia; Ruzomberok, Slovakia

SHLOMO    from (All in Slovakia) Ruzomberok and Liptovsky Mikulas


Poland/ Polish Russia

HYMAN in "Weilga" (Vel'gia?) (possibly Wielkie Poland, which is like saying Poland) in Russian Poland, Summit, Mississippi, and New Orleans

28701 - 28720 of 673349