Re: Given name naming patterns in Latvia, 1800s-1900s #latvia

Nancy Seibert

I found the same naming pattern in my family from Latvia, and it carried over for sons born in the US after the family immigrated. True for every son. Eventually, the question popped-up in another blog. One answer was that it was a practice among Prussian Jews.
My thought is that this pattern may have been an effort to preserve the traditional religious Hebrew/Yiddish naming pattern "son's given name + ben + father's given name"  after governments began to require adoption of an approved surname - but leaving out "ben" to conform to the law.

Nancy Seibert 

Yizkor Book in the UK #yizkorbooks

Roger Cookson

Can you please tell me where in the UK I can buy volumes 1and 2 of the Brest Litovsk book?

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Re: German Citizenship under Article 116 #germany

David Seldner

Well, I did it myself, already had all the papers through my research and had them notarized in the States. The application lists what you have to know and the form is available in English. Look under, at the end of the page.
If your application was denied and you want to give it another try, it might make sense to hire a lawyer.
Actually, I am not even sure you have to prove the connections - if you have the dates and locations I think they have to check whether it is correct. I gave them the papers because I already had them and was told they only have to verify it. Getting the documents should not be that difficult, writing to the municipal archives should do the job. If have a lawyer do it, you will have to pay for it and German lawyers may charge less than US lawyers but still more than enough :-)

David Seldner, Karlsruhe, Germany

Re: Given name naming patterns in Latvia, 1800s-1900s #latvia

Sally Bruckheimer

Itzig Ber is not the same as Ber. Haim Isaak is not the same as Itzig.  Actually Itzig isn't the same as Isaak either.

Double names were common in Eastern Europe. They were not a first and middle name as we know them, but both parts were parts of the given name and equal. 

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ.

Re: JSTOR Expands Free Access During Pandemic #announcements

Adrian Koifman

soy Adrian koifman y vivo en Buenos Aires. 

Este acceso libre es sobre genealogía en Polonia?
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Re: Zaverezhye/Vorotinschtina #belarus


Just one note.
Dubrovna never was in Mogilev uezd. It was, first, in Kopys uezd (until 1861), then - in Gorki uezd. Thus, there are absoluyely different data sources for Zaverezhye search and for Dubrovna search. 

Hints and Tips for Jewish Genealogy Research during Coronavirus Restrictions #announcements


A new free leaflet, "Hints and Tips for Jewish Genealogy Research during Coronavirus Restrictions" from the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, can be accessed online at  .

The leaflet provides a wide range of suggested resources that are available online to help you during this difficult period. These resources include links to databases, genealogy websites, DNA tools, educational resources and webinars. If you wish to improve your research techniques or documentation skills then there are also resources covering these areas. Also included are a number of suggested family history activities to try by yourself or with members of your family, to help preserve your family history and grow your family tree. 


Laurence Harris
Member of Council, Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain



Re: Russian translation of gravesone of Leyzer Eydelshteyn #general #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

an addition: The word before "Usher" is "Aliezer"
Josef ASH, Israel

Re: Russian translation of gravesone of Leyzer Eydelshteyn #general #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

Edwin Maria LANDAU, Zürich

Dick Plotz

The writer Edwin Maria LANDAU <>, son of Edwin LANDAU and Julie WOLLHEIM of Koblenz, died in Zürich in 2001, age 96. An obituary mentions two sons but does not name them. I am interested in getting in touch with the sons, if they are alive, or further descendants.

Julie Wollheim was a descendant of the WEISSWEILLER family of Frankfurt, and through them to the GOLDSCHMIDT, OPPENHEIM, and ultimately my wife's ancestral WALLICH family of Bonn.

If you have any information on the sons of Edwin Maria Landau, please contact me privately at Dick@... or geneal@... .

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

Re: Zaverezhye/Vorotinschtina #belarus


I am a Merlin whose family migrated from Belarus circa 1904. Could we be kin?
Donna Merlin

Re: MERLIN #belarus


Hello! My maiden name is Donna Merlin, I had never met my father. I recently, through DNA, found my family and found that they came from Belarus. I have discovered that they came through Ellis Island (I have photocopies of their manifests!) 
I s website and now realize the Merlin family was huge! Are you able to share any more news/history? 

searching for family,

D Merlin

Re: Town in Romania, Securon #romania

Jeff Miller

There is sokiryany-jewish-roots@...; on behalf of; Fábio Koifman <fkoifman@...>

You can join and post to SJR,



Jeff Miller

Re: Portugal Recognizes Consul who Saved thousands From Holocaust #holocaust

Nicole Heymans

Thank you Jan for this piece of history!

Which connects with my own family history.

In 1940 my mother's German Jewish family was living in Antwerp, Belgium. During the phony war, Belgian authorities had listed all potential "enemies": mainly Germans, Austrians, "Böhmen und Mähren" (Chekoslovakia) and pro-Nazi groups. At dawn on 10th May 1940 as soon as German troops set foot in Belgium, listed men aged about 17-60 (I need to check) were arrested, emprisoned  and sent to camps in south-western France, previous refugee camps dating from the Spanish civil war. My uncle was among them, along with his cousin once removed, recently divorced from his aunt who had got away with their two daughters; and with one of my mother's pre-war boyfriends.

They ended up in Saint-Cyprien in south-west France, barracks on the beach, barbed wires on three sides, the sea on the fourth. Appalling conditions. At a point my uncle decided to leave. I was told he dug under the barbed wire, he didn't need to dig far, he weighed less than 40 kgs. He walked to the nearest house, was sheltered but sent off at dawn,

My uncle had relatives in Central America, one of whom vouched for him, but the affidavits were in Lisbon and he never managed to cross the Pyrrenees However he survived.

Nicole Heymans, Belgium

Need help in translating a handwritten wedding record #poland #translation


Shalom,please translate all handwritten information in this column. This is from the wedding record of Israel Shapiro Epstein and Tauba Bukowska  Wachtenheim  from Skole, Ukraine
(This area may have been once part of Galicia, Austria-Hungary, before World War I.)
Its link from
Thank you so much. Your help is greatly appreciated.Jenny.

translate ( poland-english) Israel Shapiro and Tauba Bukowska's wedding record, #translation


Hello everyone,may I ask you to translate ( poland-english) Israel Shapiro and Tauba Bukowska's wedding record,here it's
link from
Thank you very much.
Jenny Kanadov Bukowsky

Tokarczyk (Tokarsky) of Sejny, Polaskie, Poland #poland

Searching for Mones Simon Tokarczyk, born around 1865, brother of Abram Icko Tokarczyk, b.1858. Abram settled in Rochester, New York around 1885. No trace of Mones.
Anyone familiar with family or location?
Thank you,
Judy Cohen
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Re: Town in Romania, Securon #romania

Securani is now part of Ukraine.  If anyone is looking for more recent records they might
be in Hotin and/or Ukraine. I recommend that you chek Town Finder to get all the name changes,
spellings, and countries at the different time periods.

Avivah Pinski
near Philadelphia, USA

Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Change relationship default in FamilyTreeMaker #austria-czech #general


Does anyone know how to change default relationship calculator in Family Tree Maker? I don't want the default shortest link and I can choose the longer one (in this case one family straight line all the way back) but it doesn't allow it to be saved as preferred (for that person or anyone else).  Can't seem to get an answer from FTM. Thank you

IAJGS Announces 2020 Rabbi Malcolm Stern Grant awarded to Tsal Kaplun Foundation for Interactive Shtetls Map Project #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Michael Goldstein

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, I am pleased to be able to announce that the Tsal Kaplun Foundation (TSF) is the recipient of the 2020 Rabbi Malcolm Stern Grant.  This grant in the amount of $3000 honors the late Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern, widely considered to be the dean of American Jewish genealogy, and his efforts to increase the availability of resources for Jewish genealogical research.

The grant this year recognizes and supports TSF’s project titled “Interactive Shtetls Map.” The project goal is a creation of the interactive shtetls map, based on the 1897 Russian Empire census and provides opportunities to locate relatives from a common shtetl using Facebook communication. 


This map will contain approximately 4000 localities from within the 90 Russian Empire provinces.  In addition, the interactive shtetl map also will indicate the number of Jews living in every shtetl of Russian Empire.  Additional information regarding TSF can be found at

Ken Bravo
International Association of Jewish
   Genealogical Societies (IAJGS)

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