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A Family Search extract of a 1923 New York City death certificate for Harry Tarter lists his father as Shira Tarter. The family was from Mikulince, Galicia. I have seen Shira as a feminine given name only. Were males named Shira? If not, is Shira a diminutive or variation of a male Hebrew or Yiddish name? If so, what would have been a likely name from which Shira was derived? 

Richard Gross
Guilford, Connecticut, USA

Re: Zaverezhye/Vorotinschtina #belarus


Schelly--we suspect we are related thru the Merlin line, as you know.  Just can't quite figure it out yet.  We'll have to connect again soon.  

Donna and Laura--I'd love to connect with you privately.  My grandfather was Schachne (Samuel) Merlin who emigrated from Zaverezyhe in 1904 at age 24 (b. 1880).  He had a brother Leyba (Louis) b. 1870, married to Doba Plotkin (Dora).  Louis and Dora had 9 children.  Are you a descendant of one of them?  

Sonia Merlin Lipetz
Boston, MA

Re: Zaverezhye/Vorotinschtina #belarus

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Hi Laura
It has been a long time since last communicated. Vorotinschtina was the agro colony established by the Talalai and some other families. It is adjacent to what was the hamlet of Zavarezhye, where the post office and "general store" was located. I would say that all the founding families of V were from Mogilev city proper and maintained connections. It was only about 12 miles SW of Mogilev so rather close. How one or why one would focus on V/Z without including Mogilev city is something I do not understand, as all the families were from Mogilev city originally.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
New Mexico, USA
DARDASHTI - Isfahan/Teheran, Iran; branch in Bombay/Mumbai India via Baghdad.
TALALAY/TALALAJ/TALALAI - Belarus: Mogilev (Vorotinschtina/Zaverezyhe, Mogilev city, Bobruisk). Branches in Chernigov UKR, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Siberia, Kazakhstan.
BANK: Kovno/Kaunas, Kedainai, LITH.

Re: Ottoman Jews during WW1 #general

E Feinstein

I am also researching the Jewish participation in WWI.  Speaking of Lawrence of Arabia.  There was a German military installation at Deraa in southern Syria, that Lawrence and his bedouins attacked and destroyed in September of 1918.  They also destroyed the German military cemetery and its 22 graves that had been attached to the field hospital (Feldlazarett) there.  Yes, you guessed it--there were Jewish burials in the cemetery.  Out of the 22 German soldiers buried there, I have record of two being Jewish.  Gerhard MENDELSOHN from Eisleben, Germany and Marcel WEIL from Buchweiler or Bouxwiller, France (Alsace.)  Even more incredible is that via my research I was able to connect with the family of Marcel WEIL and they sent me the picture of him below from before the war.  The family had no idea where he had fallen during that conflict.  

New Jersey

Re: Geography mystery: Did any part of Polish Russia became German between 1880 and 1900? Specifically where? #poland #germany

Jill Whitehead

Hi Rob,

Families that lived in the borderlands of Poland and East Prussia (Konigsberg now Kaliningrad), specially in the Suwalki Lomza gubernas, often said they came from Germany on their British records when they emigrated. This was seen as being "posher" than saying you came from Russian Poland, but these gubernias had been part of East Prussia between the late 18th century and up to 1807 (Different parts of Poland were split between the three European powers of Russia, Prussia and Austro-Hungary in the late 18th century on three separate occasions). In actual fact they were not German between 1807 (when Napoleon took over briefly until 1815) and WW1, when the Germans did overrun the area from 1914 onwards.

When I went to the ancestral area in 2000, we were taken to the former border between Poland and East Prussia. Even today the landscape is quite different in terms of types of housing and fields layout, and the roads and railways run north to south rather than east to west because of the former Polish-Prussian border.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Max KROOP from Russia #general #russia

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

I'm looking for any information about Max Kroop who was born in Russia
around 1883. His parents were Elias Hersh Kroop and Sara Lea
Rudaniski. In June of 1910 Max married Anna Rifkin. Max was single and
7 years younger than Anna who was a widow with 4 young children.
Deanna Mandel Levinsky
Long Island, NY
Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

1933 marriage Friedmann/Weiss at Schiffschule synagogue, Vienna #austria-czech


I am looking for the original marriage entry in 1933 at Schiffschule synagogue between Ernst Friedmann and Lizzi Weiss. I have found the reference to it on, which provides the information below. On Family Search there is long list of the original books. I looked through the one for the 2nd district for 1933 but in that book there were no Schiffschule records for 1933, only 1932 and 1934, so I think they must be in another book, sometimes they seem to be logged randomly. Does anyone know a quick way that I might find the record? Many thanks. Colee

Last Name
First Name
First Name BrideLizzi

CLUJ/KOLOZSVAR GHETTO-looking for list of people taken to Kolozsvar ghetto #holocaust

Mihai Grunfeld

Hi, Does anyone have or know where to find a list of people taken to the Kolozsvar/Cluj ghetto?
Mihai Grunfeld

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ROBERT GOLDSTEIN from Poltova, Ukraine #ukraine

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

I need help in finding any information about Robert Goldstein, born in
Poltova, Ukraine about 1872.
Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #poland #yizkorbooks

Bruce Drake

Occasionally, I come across a chapter in a Yizkor book that is a fable, and some have been about the devil trying to cause Jews to stray from their pious paths. This one, “The Devil was out of Work,” from the Yizkor book of Shebreshin (Szczebrzeszyn), Poland has to be the oddest of those I’ve encountered so far, and perhaps I should preface it with “Parental discretion is advised.”

R' Shmuel Yakov one day noticed that the devil was standing beside him.

So R'Shmuel forced a cheerful expression on his face. He extended his arm to the devil and asked, “How are you, R' Devil.”

“Oy, R'Shmuel, I don't feel so good.”

“Probably overworked yourself, R' Devil, because it's very hard now to make Jews sin. It's no small matter.”

And from there, the Devil launches into tales of how he lured Jews into temptation. I’ll let him speak for himself.


Bruce Drake

Silver Spring MD

Harry Chernicoff home town #latvia #courland

Mark Shernicoff

My grandfather Harry Chernicoff applied for citizenship in 1915 and on that form (see attached) listed his hometown as something like Windorv Russia.  I know that he was from somewhere around Courland/Kurland as he's buried in one of the Kurland plots at Mount Zion Cemetery in Maspeth Queens and is listed as a member of The Kurlander Young Men's Mutual Aid Society on Jewish Gen. Can anyone help me with the name of the town.


Mark B. Shernicoff
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Re: Russian translation of gravesone of Leyzer Eydelshteyn #general #translation


Hi Marilyn, It was a lot of tombstone looking the same in the time of first half of lust century.  It's represent a tree with broken branches, like life what broke in the end.  In my cemetery  in Bobruisk still you can see a lot of tombstone looking a like.

Michael Ryabinky

Re: Ottoman Jews during WW1 #general

Alan Kolnik

Try "Lawrence and Aaronsohn", by Ronald Florence. Not exactly your topic, bnut has a great deal of information about the WW I period in Palestine and the Nili group

Alan Kolnik

Re: Searching for Shoikhet and Chausovsky families currently in Lithuania #lithuania


My Mom maiden name was Shoihet, but her family lived in Proskurov, Ukraine, where I was born too. This is a popular last name as it is related to a popular among Jews profession. 

JERETZKY Family #unitedkingdom


Good morning,

I am researching Harris Wolfe Jeretzky who died 1847 Manchester, England.  It is thought he was born in Prussia at the end of 18th century or the beginning of the 19th century.  He had 3 children by a Welsh woman named Elizabeth who was born at Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales.  The names of the children are George Harris Wolfe Jeretzky (b. 1829), Mary Jeretzky (b.1830) and Rosetta Jeretzky (b.1833).  All children were born at Swansea, Wales.  It is not definitely known Harris was Jewish but I have come across the first name Harris when researching other Jewish families.

What I am looking for is the ancestors of Harris and where he was born.

Any help with this research would be much appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Brian Jones

Re: KATCHOP-Ukrainian Slavic language #ukraine


I was born and raised in Ukraine, but I never heard this word before. I will ask around, out of curiosity.

Re: Change relationship default in FamilyTreeMaker #austria-czech #general

Paul Chirlin

You  may have a problem with who is chosen as the preferred spouse in a marriage where one or both persons had multiple spouses.  The program defaults to the one entered first I believe. It can be changed using the relationship tab and then adjusting for preferred spouse.  I don't think there is an option for having the relationship calculator work differently for different people in the tree.  It defaults to what it thinks is the most direct route.

Re: German Citizenship under Article 116 #germany



It certainly helped me here in Canada.  The German lawyer I used was:

Dr. Esther Weizsäcker

Siewer Weizsäcker Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftgesellschaft mbB

Potsdamer Straße 86

D-10785 Berlin


Best of luck,

Marc Stevens

Re: Byten necrology #belarus

Max Heffler

Somehow it had gotten lost in the shuffle but I have just received it and will get it formatted and uploaded – hopefully in this quarter’s update


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David, thank you for looking but I provided the entire necrology lists in the Byten yizkor book of which I know there were at least 14 members of the Mendelewicz family as well as over 100 other names.  Donations were made to translate the list and a beginning of the Yizkor book as well.

Technically, we may still own land there and were planning a trip which unfortunately I had to cancel. My wife’s family was there until 1942.  Her mother was born in Baranovich and another large part of the family lived in Slonim.

Alan Tapper



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Edwin Maria LANDAU, Zürich

Dick Plotz <Dick@...>

[Resubmitting with a proper #switzerland hashtag. My original
submission configured the hashtag incorrectly.]

The writer Edwin Maria LANDAU
<>, son of Edwin
LANDAU and Julie WOLLHEIM of Koblenz, died in Zürich in 2001, age 96.
An obituary mentions two sons but does not name them. I am interested
in getting in touch with the sons, if they are alive, or further

Julie Wollheim was a descendant of the WEISSWEILLER family of
Frankfurt, and through them to the GOLDSCHMIDT, OPPENHEIM, and
ultimately my wife's ancestral WALLICH family of Bonn.

If you have any information on the sons of Edwin Maria Landau, please
contact me privately at Dick@... or geneal@... .

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

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