Re: Finding image on LDS microfilm from index #general

Harlan Weller

I wanted to thank all the individuals who responded to this request with helpful advice.  One person was able to find the record within the microfilm and I have posted it to Viewmate.  It is VM number 82668 (the record numbered 266 on the bottom of the page).
As I indicated on the Viewmate entry, I can make out most of the Hebrew side of the record (with the exception of the first word) and it matches information for the name of my great grand aunt and her father's name (Menachem Ber) ,  However, there are a lot more words on the Russian side of the record and I would appreciate any help in translating what is written there.  For example, does this show her husband's name or her mother's name?
I appreciate all the assistance that was provided by members of this group, as well as the unnamed indexer from Litvak SIG who made it possible to locate this record..
Harlan Weller    <harlan.weller@...>

Re: Archives of Ukraine records #ukraine


How were you able to get them in English? Is there a link I'm missing?

Re: Photographs of Lodz Cemetery #poland

Nolan Altman

Hi all,

JewishGen's JOWBR database has more than 3,400 burial records for those buried in the Ghetto Sections.  The identifications were made through by the IDF working with the Yad LeZehava Holocaust Research Institute (YZI) Witnesses in Uniform project. The approximately 3,400 records are out of an estimated 44,000 burials.  Please see for more information on this set of records and perform searches from the JOWBR homepage at  These records are not part of the Lodz Cemetery records jointly prepared by JewishGen and JRI-Poland.


Libraries with Ancestry Remote Access Through ProQuest Has Been Extended Through July 31 #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen


As reported previously, during the pandemic, ProQuest which supplies the library edition of Ancestry to many libraries advised that Ancestry is permitting remote access during the pandemic. Per Bill Forsyth, Senior Product Manager, ProQuest, the remote access for those libraries that have Ancestry subscriptions through ProQuest is extended through July 31, 2020.


Ancestry will continue to evaluate the need monthly and will adjust the access dates accordingly.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee




Searching KRAUSE, Brooklyn, NY #usa


Making gigantic progress in my COHEN search and just learned the married name of a cousin, Marsha (COHEN) KRAUSE (sp)?, b: ca. 1933, Brooklyn, NY, married Martin KRAUSE (sp?). They have 2 daughters, one is Audrey KRAUSE.  Can’t find records on any of them.  Any help appreciated.

Sandi Root,  roadrunr2@...


Re: Photographs of Lodz Cemetery #poland


Several years ago I had someone respond to my request for a photo and they sent one. Since then I've send a handful of request emails, all have gone unanswered. 

Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names

Alyssa Freeman

I have a relative who was named Eta in Russia (EE-tah) and changed her name to Ida. I have other relatives named Ida and I had a former rabbi whse wife was named Ida.
Alyssa Freeman
Henrico, VA

Brainin Family DNA #dna


I've setup a Brainin DNA project on FTdna, if you are a Brainin or are descended from one please join. 

I know of a few separate Brainin families who all originate in the same Mogliev/Vitebsk region and are likely all related. 

Help with translation #germany #poland #translation

Abe Hirsch

Please help with the inscription in a book, Viewmate 82665.  It is either German or Polish.

Abe Hirsch

ViewMate translation request - Hungarian #hungary #translation


I've posted a vital record in Hungarian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address
Its # 77
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Toivy Kahan

Re: Translation needed - Russian #russia #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

1 Malin Jojna Abovich (i.e. Jona s/o Aba - j.a.)-master (owner) 28yo
2 Malina Tuba Zejlikovna-wife 22
3 Malin Nekha Jonovna - daughter 5 yo
4 Malin Basya Jonovna - daughter 1
5 Malin Mikhul Abovich 19 brother
6 Malin Shmul Abovich 13 - brother

Josef ASH, Israel

Re: Tombstone Translation #photographs #translation

Debbie Lifshitz

  The abbreviation "bet shin/ sin tet" on a tombstone almost always means "Be'sayvah Tovah" which translates to "in good old-age", and refers to people who lived to the concept of "old age" at that time, usually well beyond the average life expectancy of the period.
Bet-sin- tet has nothing to do with shem tov (unless it's earlier in the text referring to a person's virtues) or be'sha'a tova, (in a good hour) which to my knowledge is never ever used for someone's death, and is reserved for happier occasions such as births, engagements, bar-mitzvah, weddings...
Hope this helps all those who do such a marvelous job deciphering tombstones...! (and get to it earlier than me!!) 
Debbie Lifschitz

Re: Iasi , Romania research #romania

Nina Tobias

Hello Teodora,
I thought about contacting you privately but decided that there could be others who might somehow be connected to the two families I am researching

Both of my maternal grandparents came from Iasi. My grandfather was Leon Swarttz (b. 1876); son of Fischel (b. approx 1842) and mother most probably named the equivalent of Rose. There were two other children that I know of: Max (b.1862) and Clara (b.1878) I have had no success finding any documentation regarding my great-grandmother, nor have I been able to break through the wall on Fischel's side. 

My grandmother came from a large family - there were nine children that I know of. Their parents were Wolf (Lupu) Horowitz (b. approx 1836) and Aurelia (Goldie) (b. approx 1838). Wolf's parents' names (best guess) were Isidor and Rebecca. Aurelia's parents' names per her burial record were Yaakov and Lifshe. The name Barber figures into this family and is possibly Aurelia's maiden name. I have the names and some of the birth years for the children. If that information would assist you in your research, please contact me privately.

I am hoping you might find marriage and/or birth records - but the truth is that anything you might be able to find would be most welcome. 

With thanks,
Nina Tobias
Scottsdale, Arizona



Re: Photographs of Lodz Cemetery #poland


Frustrating thing with the
is by the sites own admission, it is an incomplete list.  The dates seem to stop at the end of 1941  I need a date from July 1942.  The family member is listed on the hospital death records and on his Abmeldung as having died.  I presume he is buried in the Ghetto field and I would love to know the plot number.  Have been to Lodz and want to return.


Re: Hessen Jews prior 1700 #germany

Reuven Stern

You may try Alemania Judaica  , I found a lot of useful information in this web site.
Reuven Stern, Kfar Vradim Israel

Re: Archives of Ukraine records #ukraine

Chuck Weinstein

The sheer number of Russian language documents being posted on Alex Krakovski's Ukraine wiki will take several years to index and transcribe, based on the number of volunteers Ukraine Research Division has that can do the work.  While we are experimenting with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution, we are not satisfied yet that it can do the job.  If you can help, please let us know.  

Chuck Weinstein
Towns Director, JewishGen Ukraine Research Division

Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names


My great grandmother's name was Rose/Rozie/Rosia.  I had never heard the name Ida until I saw her tombstone which read Ida Rose.

Marlene Dunham
Halper, Galper, Odessa, Kherson, Ukraine
Bernstein - Lomza Poland
Garfinkle - Austria
Kanowitz - Poland

Re: When was this picture taken? #photographs #germany

Sally Bruckheimer

1890s. Leg o' Mutton sleeves

Translation needed - Russian #russia #translation


Hello: Would someone be able to translate this Census for me?  At least the names in the first column?  Thank you! Linda M.

Seeking information on a village named Horodok, Vilna #lithuania


My family came from Horodok, Vilna Gubernya.  It is near Minsk and this letter is from Jewish Members who live in Minsk and  who are trying to gather information for a Museum.

I think this should be posted on the Discussion Group but I don’t know how to do it.


Bette Greenfield  





Dear Bette Greenfield,

               We are volunteers-local historians group. We look forward to your help in collecting information about the former village Horodok.

Historical information:  -since the second half of the NINETEENTH century Horodok belonged to the Vileika County Vilnius province;

-from 1921 to 1939 this village was part of Poland;
-since September 20, 1944 – in the Molodechno region, and from January 1960 – Molodechno district, Minsk region.

               Our immediate plans are to continue studying local history through the history of individual families whose roots go back to the Horodok.

                We will be grateful for any materials: photos and films, memories, documents, correspondence, your stories about family members, etc. We are ready to use materials in Russian, Belarusian, Polish, English, Yiddish, Hebrew and other languages. The information you provide will be used to prepare local history publications on the site of the Horodok ( in the mass media, creating a full and multi-faceted chronicle of the town, perpetuating the memory of those who died during the Second World War, forming a culture of memory for new generations.

               The history of the country is formed from the stories of individual families.     Therefore, it is very important for us to establish the history of people who are connected with the history of the town of Gorodok.

The past is the starting point for the future, so the goal of our work is to create a cultural and historical area "Museum of the Jewish, Belarusian, Polish, Tatar community" on the basis of the SEI "Gorodok educational and pedagogical complex kindergarten-basic school of the Molodechno district".

This platform will become a place for collecting not only information, but also a place for communication and dialogue of cultures. That is why we, the older generation, should be interested in history, to tell, teach, and discuss important milestones in the history of the town. After all, the young will soon become the older generation, and it will be their turn to pass the baton.

               We believe very much in what we do.

                Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Lina Tsivina-moderator of the cultural project: "Horodok and its Jewish history".

Alexey Zhakhovets - creator of the Horodok (site about the Horodok of Molodechno district).

Tatyana Shumel - teacher of history and social studies of the SEI «Horodok educational and pedagogical complex kindergarten-basic school of the Molodechno district».