Re: Robinn Magid appointed Assistant Director of JRI-Poland #announcements

Ina Getzoff

I would very much like to congratulate Robinn on her new position and I am sure she will do a great job for JRI Poland as she has done with everything else she has taken on.
Ina Getzoff
President, JGSPBCI
Delray Beach, Fla.

Re: Looking for information about my family from Yedenitz #bessarabia


Thank you so much for your response.  Your suggestions give me a starting point as  I didn't know where to begin.  I do not have any postcards, letters, or anything like that.  Thanks to digitalization, I have found out more than my mother ever thought I would about her family.  I am eager to continue my search.
Thank you to this forum as a way to reach out to others who have more knowledge and expertise where to go than I do.
Terry Manassee

Jewish records, matrimonial books from Romania. #romania


I need help finding Jewish records from Szászrégen, now Reghin. The person I am looking for is Mendel Schwarz,
a famous saw-mill owner in the mid-19th century.

Translation request (Polish) #poland #translation


Hi all, 
Translation needed for these pictures. I am pretty sure that the people in these documents are my Friedman ancestors (before they had surnames)

Same man in pictures? #photographs

Susan Ticotsky Rubino

Ok, now this is probably the same man Avraham writing to his sister Ruchel Leah. Perhaps this is my grandmother Lena Rosenblum Ticotsky.

Trying to find information about my family #general

alizah hochstead

Grandfather Velvel (William) Wolf (Zev) Zlotshewer
Grandmother Freida Blechner
Grandfather Osher Aron (Oscar) Weinstein
Grandmother Chaia (Ida) Skora or SHmuckler

Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names

alizah hochstead

My friend in Efrat, Esther Salomon’s maiden name is Bruckheimer. SHe is originally from Londaon and the family were from Germany

Alizah Frayda Zlotschewer Blake Hochstead

Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names

alizah hochstead

My grandmother’s name upon immigration was ```ida but her proper name was Chaia. Married name Weinstein I am told her maiden name was SHmuckler or Skora. Difference of opinion if she was from Poland or the Ukraine. I believe my grandfather Asher Aron (in. ENglish Oscar) was originally from Poland and lived in the Ukraine. ANyone able to give me any help? My mother was Rochel Yetta (known as Raizel), a younger sister Sally (Sarah SHterna), an older brother Benyamin who married Dora, and an older sister Sylvia (Tsissel)).
ALizah Zlotschewer Blake Hochstead

Re: Heitler #general


Thanks. Just trying to see what’s out there. My great great great grandmother was Zeprah Heitler. New at this. 

Re: Yiddish or Hebrew name for IDA #belarus #names

Vicki Schulkin

My great-aunt Ida was always called Chaya by her sisters.

Robinn Magid appointed Assistant Director of JRI-Poland #announcements

Stanley Diamond

Dear friends


It is with great pleasure that I announce that the board of JRI-Poland has

unanimously elected Robinn Magid to assume the new position of

Assistant Director and member of the JRI-Poland executive committee.   


Robinn has been a mainstay of JRI-Poland from the earliest days of our

organization, taking on countless roles along the way. Becoming Assistant

Director is a natural evolution of her growing responsibilities over the years. 


Robinn is thoroughly familiar with the history, policies, and traditions of JRI-Poland and the core mission to provide the research community with access to all the records of importance to those tracing their Jewish roots in Poland.  She has traveled to Poland on many occasions and has worked closely with our team on the ground there as well as the professionals carrying out records-extraction of the 1868-1915 Russian language records.


Robinn’s respected leadership in the Jewish genealogical world is

exemplified by her roles as chair of the 2018 International Conference on

Jewish Genealogy in Warsaw and the chair once again for the 2020 virtual

conference originally scheduled for San Diego.


In her new role, Robinn will be assuming and sharing responsibility for a

wide variety of roles within the wide scope of JRI-Poland activities, both

current and on the drawing board.


I am personally delighted by the opportunity to work closely with Robinn in

this new phase of the JRI-Poland journey.


Stanley Diamond, M.S.M

Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

For the board of JRI-Poland


Re: 1764/1765 Revision lists #lithuania

Joel Ratner

The best sources of what records exist, what has been databased and what is up and coming are the LitvakSIG District coordinators and Russ Maurer, who leads all records acquisition activities for the SIG. I happen to have stumbled across the 1765 RL as I look for sources online outside of SIG activities. 

Joel Ratner

Re: What "notions" means? #general

C Chaykin

To Nicole....  There's an interesting UK/North American lexical difference:



  • 1North American Men's clothing and accessories.



  • 2BritishSmall items used in sewing, such as buttons, zippers, and thread; notions.


Re: New Translation of Memorial Book of the Sventzian Region in Lithuania just published #lithuania



Could you tell me if there will be any information related to Markiewicz, Gopen or Hop(p)en and Dziergacz (Dergatch) families in the Memorial Book of the Sventsian Region, please. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you very much by advance.
Patrice Markiewicz from Issy-les-Moulineaux in France. Email: patrice.markiewicz@....

Re: Looking for Polish woman who jumped off train to Auschwitz #holocaust #poland


You may discover there were a number of survivors who did this. The mother of a McGill University friend in Montreal managed to pry up the cattle car floor boards with others and escaped that way.  Her husband's obituary notice gives her maiden name as Faye Reuben.  I believe she is still alive and must be in her 90s.

Question about obtaining records from Fond 154 of the Przemysl Archive #galicia #poland

Moses Jefferson

Dear folks,

I recently learned of a very important book of records for my research. The book holds records for the town Podkamien in Galicia, this book is apparently held in the fond 154 of the Przemysl State Archive. Interestingly, this exact fond is currently part of Gesher Galicia identification project (see here), however the particular book I need isn’t actually part of the project (they’re only working on the “70” series of the fond). 

More interesting is that if you go on the Polish State Archive website index for the Przemysl archive ( there’s no mention of fond 154. There’s a fond 153 and 155 respectfully but fond 154 seems to be off limits by the archive. Any reason for that?

Gesher Galicia do have an index to all the books in the fond, it can be viewed here: The book I need is series 37 file 2 (Births 1841-1875).

Would any of you know what to do in such a scenario? Must I contact the archive directly and request a scan of the book, or hire a researcher to do it for me? How do I convince them that such a fond exists when it’s non existent on their public website?

Has anyone already obtained a copy of book in this fond? Or maybe even the book I’m looking for?

I would appreciate any advice or help which would bring me closer to breaking through my family brick wall!


Moses Jefferson 
London, UK

Date of document of Lvov Ghetto database ID 20775.Fritz Heim and Anna Schiffmuller Heim #holocaust


I am trying to date a document which shows Fritz and Anna Heim of Vienna living in Gartenstrasse 93. All the details of Fritz and Anna are correct, her maiden name, and their dates of birth. I have been informed by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum that the records were listed as originally recorded between 1942-1945 and the document is part of the Lviv Oblast Archive (Accession number 1992.A.0069.RG-31.003M ). My difficulty is that all the other evidence I have shows that Fritz Heim was deported from Vienna to Nisko on the 27th October 1939 and didn't return. His wife Anna Heim nee Schiffmuller was born in Lvov on the 1st November 1896, she was deported from Pillersdorfgasse 3/3 Vienna 2 on the 27th April 1942 to Izbica. Other documents say she was sent to Wlodawa on the 27th April 1942. My research has also shown that as the camp at Nisko wasn't complete, some of the deported men were told to return home. I was wondering if Fritz Heim went to his wife's birthplace as Lvov and Nisko are quite near one another, and Anna joined him there in 1939. But if that is the case, how could she have been transported from Vienna in 1942? How easy would it have been to travel from Lvov back to Vienna from 1939 onwards? Thanks for any thoughts/help anyone can give. Diane

Re: Seeking information on Samuel Gluck #hungary #usa


The Hebrew name on the tombstone is Sinai Yoel. Some would not print Yoel with its last letter Lamed 
since the end of the name of Yoel contains the letters of a name of G-d.

Re: Yiddish translation requested #poland #yiddish #russia

Yitschok Margareten

For memory to my dear sister Rachel Leah this is my son Yitzchok who is turning 17 years old till 120 years old (here the handwriting turns sloppy and I can't decipher the rest of the text) signed your brother Avraham 

Re: Yiddish translation requested #poland #yiddish #russia


It is Yiddish but very difficult to read because of some characters associated with numbers. Seems to be sent to a sister Ruchl Leah. The son Itzhak is 17 years old.

Angel Kosfiszer
Richardson, Texas

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