Seeking 1st cousin 1 removed Marsha/Marcia/Martha KRAUT nee COHEN, , wife of Martin KRAUT in New York & New Mexico #usa


My earlier KRAUSE search has now progressed into a search for Marsha/Marcia/Martha (COHEN) KRAUT, h: Martin KRAUT, New York and New Mexico.  She would be the daughter of Beral William ‘Willy’ COHEN of Brooklyn, and a first cousin once removed to me.

Fingers crossed, and thank you.

Sandi Root <roadrunr2@...>


Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

C Chaykin

Here's the grain of truth: Someone in the family changed their surname.
Not surprising, since many "last names" were, literally, "son of X," and changed from generation to generation. 

Re: Looking for the Grunfeld from Cluj who wrote a book #general

Marcel Apsel

I am looking for an friend somebody who can do a research in or nearby Cluj (Klausenburg).  My friend tried to get hold of Ladislau Gyemant, an Avotaynu contributor, but probably his email does not work properly.  Has somebody has a proper email from him or from another researcher from Cluj and surrounding ?


Marcel Apsel

Antwerp, Belgium

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Bob Yuran

On my grandmother’s passenger manifest, her mother’s family name, Scherzer, is lined out and her father’s family name, Weiss, is written above it.  Who would have done this and where would it have been done?

Bob Yuran

Seeking information on Kagan family originally from Dvinsk #latvia

Bernard Aronson <dovbenhos@...>

According to most of the SANDLER family living in the USA during WWII, most (or all) of the KAGAN family were feared murdered in the Shoah.  Ita Beila SANDLER was my mother’s paternal aunt.  To date, I have not been able to find any further information on Leizer Wulf and Ita Beila KAGAN and their family. Can anyone help me discover the fate of any of the Kagans?  Below is given all known information that I have been able to glean from available sources.


Thank you,

Bernard Aronson

25555 N. Windy Walk Dr., Unit 14

Scottsdale, AZ USA 85255

Cell: 480.390.3107

Email: dovbenhos@...






Eizer-Wulf KAGAN was probably born in 1860’s in Latvian Russia.  His father was Shmuel Yosel KAGAN.

Ita Beila SANDLER was born in 1864 in Rokiskis, Lithuanian Russia and married to Eizer-Wulf KAGAN..



  • Khaya KAGAN was born in 1885 in Dvinsk, Vitebsk, Latvian Russia; She married Berel SHMIDT on 25 July 1905  by Rabbi Hirsh Ratner in Dvinsk.
    • Berel SHMIDT was born 1864 In Novo-Aleksandrovsk, Lithuanian Russia); his father was Borukh SHMIDT.
  • Sholom KAGAN was born in 1887 and died 16 Mar 1888 in Dvinsk, Vitebsk, Latvian Russia.
  • Shmuel Yosel KAGAN was born 9 Jan 1890 in Dinaburg (Daugavpils, Dvinsk), Vitebsk, Latvian Russia.
  • Natla KAGAN was born on 10 Nov 1891 in Dinaburg (Daugavpils, Dvinsk), Vitebsk, Latvian Russia
  • Gitel KAGAN was born on 3 Nov 1893 in Dinaburg (Daugavpils, Dvinsk), Vitebsk, Latvian Russia
  • Ester KAGAN was born on Aug 31 1895 in Dinaburg (Daugavpils, Dvinsk), Vitebsk, Latvian Russia
  • Eta KAGAN was born 3 Sep 1898 in Dinaburg (Daugavpils, Dvinsk), Vitebsk, Latvian Russia.
  • Itzhak KAGAN was born on 30 Oct 1903 In Dinaburg (Daugavpils, Dvinsk), Vitebsk, Latvian Russia
  • Abram KAGAN was born on 5 Apr 1905 in Dinaburg (Daugavpils, Dvinsk), Vitebsk, Latvian Russia


  • The birthdates and death dates were from the records of Rabbi Hirsh RATNER, et al, from Dinaburg (Daugavpils, Dvinsk), Vitebsk, Latvian Russia.

Re: Trying to find information about my family #general


It would be helpful to add what resources you have already used and any birth/death dates places of residence and other information you may have.  You will be more likely to find help when we know those things.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Possible for JewishGen to provide translations of headings for original records/forms? #general

Erika Gottfried

Noel -  The  introductions are extremely helpful, but they're geared towards using databases themselves--(indispensable) partial indexes of the original records rather than original records themselves. This makes total sense since the indexes were created before there was online access to the original records.  And therefore, understandably, the introductions usually only give the names of the headings were created for the databases, not the headings used in the original records; they also do not necessarily give the names of the headings for information that was not indexed.   Now that there is online access to so many of the original records that were indexed, it would be of great assistance to those using them (including, if not especially, those double-checking on the indexed information) to have translations of the headings in these records.  

After some looking around after my initial post a few days ago,  I saw that FamilySearch's excellent wiki on Hungarian genealogical research does include translations of some of the headings used for civil registrations  (, so perhaps it wouldn't be necessary to reinvent the wheel entirely were JewishGen pages created to help with headings translations; perhaps such pages could provide links to resources like this.

Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey

Re: Possible for JewishGen to provide translations of headings for original records/forms? #general


It doesn't cover specifically Jewish registers, but the FamilySearch Wiki page on Hungary Church Records has a variety of examples of headers and their translations:

Another FS Wiki page with lots of header translations is "Slovakia Church Records Reading Aids":

I'm not finding anything covering specifically the variety of headers used in Jewish registers in Hungary. This seems an odd gap; surely someone somewhere has already needed this? If this is a true need (and not just a failing of my search capabilities), I'd be happy to come up with something, if someone could tell me where I should put it.

Julia Szent-Györgyi
. /\ /\

Re: Looking for the Grunfeld from Cluj who wrote a book #general

Mihai Grunfeld

Mihai Grunfeld from Cluj: Hi, this is me, at grunfeld@.... Can you confirm receiving this email?

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Roger Lustig

Perhaps we should let Betty White have the last word.

In her Saturday Night Live "census taker" sketch with Tina Fey, the
dotty Mrs. Smith (pronounced BLAHR-fen-gar) reports that "The names were
all changed at Ellis Island when I was there three weeks ago on a bingo

Roger Lustig

Princeton, NJ USA

Re: Viewmate Translation Request - Polish (or Russian) #translation


All this viewmate is in Polish

Re: Possible for JewishGen to provide translations of headings for original records/forms? #general

Erika Gottfried

Thanks for the tip, Mark.

Does anyone know if anything similar exists for forms in Hungary (some of the German terms on the Galician forms are are also on the Hungarian records forms I've seen, but not all, and translations are needed for the Hungarian and sometimes Latin terms) and other countries?  

Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey

Re: Same man in pictures? #photographs

Erika Gottfried

Yes, I think so.  This is a case where "the ears have it."  Ear shape and also hairline shapes tend to be pretty individual and distinctive.  I worked as a photo archivist for more than 25 years and this is a technique I often used for identifying persons in photographs and I continue to use it working on family history. 
My husband's uncle by marriage had such a distinctive hairline that I was able to spot it, even in negatives, with no trouble.  
Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey

Re: Possible for JewishGen to provide translations of headings for original records/forms? #general

Nolan Altman

Hi Erika,

I'm not sure if all of JewishGen's Research Divisions handle their introductions in the same way, but each data set within the Holocaust Database has its own "Introduction".  The purpose of the Introduction is to give the researcher 1) some background on the data set, 2) information on the detail presented in the source material with all the column headings that the researcher will see in the online search return screen, 3) where the source material came from and who to contact for more information, and 4) acknowledgements for those volunteers that helped make the data set available.  If there is additional information specific to that data set, (abbreviations, occupational translations, etc.) that should also be presented in the Introduction.

The Introductions can be found by clicking on the name of each component database on the Holocaust Database homepage at 

Hope that helps.

Nolan Altman

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

C Chaykin

The name HOLLAND was on the Ellis Island manifest because that name was inscribed on the embarkation manifest, not because of anything the older brother said.

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names


The legend in my family is that when a relative named Baum was asked their last name their accented reply sounded like Bum. The immigration officer (I don't remember if this was in England or the US) told them that it wasn't a good thing to be a bum in the new country and decided they would be Tannenbaum.
I doubt the accuracy of this story especially given how other tall tales are common in my family. (One relative tutored the Czar's daughter, while another swam across a river or maybe the Atlantic with a large golden clock under their arm!) There's probably a small amount of truth at the core of these stories that is embellished greatly by generations of imaginative story tellers in the family.

Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

Searching for my great aunt Rakel GOLUB b.1884 Minsk #belarus #holocaust

Angela Lehrer

I'm searching for the married name of my great aunt Rakel GOLUB born Minsk 1884 and the names of her children who were probably murdered in the Minsk ghetto around 1942. Her parents were Aryeh Leib GOLUB of Lebedev, Belarus and Rose SHULKIN also of Belarus. I've searched the Bad Arolson archives and contacted the Red Cross, but so far I haven't traced her. Her brother, my grandfather, Tuvia GOLUB/GLOBE used to send money to her via Barclays Bank in Liverpool before WW2, but the bank has no existing archive of that period. I also asked Yuri Korn from Belarus to investigate but haven't had any luck.
I've run out of ideas and any help would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to record her name and those of her children in Yad Vashem.

Angela Lehrer

GOLUB Minsk/Lebedev Belarus
S(H)ULKIN Belarus

Zabie shtetl near Storozynetz #ukraine

Abe Hirsch

What happened to the shtetl, Zabie, in Bukovina.  I believe it was near Storozynetz now in the Ukraine.

Information Tuetz (Tuczno) - Marienwerder - W. Prussia #poland

Paulo A Abrahamsohn

How can I get information on Tuetz (Tuczno) and Marienwerder (Kwidzyn), formerly Prussia, now Poland?
My grandfather and his brother fled from Russia to Tuetz (1860s) and later lived in Marienwerder, both places in Prussia, now Poland. I don't know anything about them during these periods of their lives. How can I get information about them in civil records and in Synagogue or Jewish community records?
Paulo Abrahamsohn, São Paulo, Brazil.

Photograph of grave of Rav Yidele Horowitz of Stutchin #israel

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to obtain a photograph of the grave of Rav Yidele who died in
1981 and is buried in Tiberias.

25361 - 25380 of 670735