Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Joel Weintraub

Hi Polly,
Bershadsky to Berg?  After Ellis Island?
What’s needed in any of these name change stories is to go back to the records, and see 1. what was his name was on the ship manifest  2. the first time we find him on the next public record, what was his surname?  3. What was his name on the next U.S.  census?  4. What surname did he pub on his marriage license?  5. What surname is on his first born’s birth certificate?  6. What surname did he use if he became naturalized that he put on the application?  7. What name appears on City Directories?
Genealogy should not involve a  fictional approach to the subject.  Without documentation genealogy is mythology as one author stated.
I’m willing to help with following the paper trail if you wish.  Write me privately.
Joel Weintraub
Dana Point, CA

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Joel Weintraub
Dana Point, CA

Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna


I recall reading that all Ashkenazim are, on average, 5th cousins of one another. Sorry, unknown source.
-Jim Gelbort

Re: Florence MARMOR burial records of the New York Mokkom Sholom, Bayside and Acacia cemeteries #usa


I was able to successfully locate, retrieve and extract Florence's original research report from October 1995.  I have posted it on the Internet Archive at:

It contains a in depth details on most records and hope that this will be helpful for all.

Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna

Alyssa Freeman

I've found that my parents are cousins by marriage before they got married to each other. I'm not clear on the whole 1st/2nd/3rd cousins once/twice removed, etc, but I'm guessing it's probably 7th or 8th cousins by marriage.
Alyssa Freeman
Henrico, VA

Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna

Mark Strauss

Ancestry predicts that my wife and I are 6th to 8th cousins with 10 cM shared. I have slightly more with her maternal uncle. We have two very healthy and successful adult children. We also discovered that both of our maternal great-grandmothers came from Vilkaviskis, but have not found the paper trail linking our two families. Known surnames from Vilkaviskis in my family were Rousuk and Ephraimson. In her family, the family name was Ringel.

I also found a distant link on another branch of my mother’s family going back about 12 generations, where we have found a common ancestor with my wife’s paternal family:  Moses Auerbach, A family of scholars, the progenitor of which was Moses Auerbach, court Jew to the bishop of Regensburg, about 1497. He is my wife’s 13x Great-Grandfather and my 15x Greatfather.  Moses' daughter Gittel Isserles is my 14x great-grandmother and his son, Simon Wolf Auebach is my wife’s 12x great-grandfather.  

Re: Mother Instead of Father on Gravestone #general #germany

Neil Kominsky

Is there any possibility father was not Jewish—or not halachically Jewish because his mother wasn’t?  That is most often my experience with Hebrew names that only reference the mother.

Neil Kominsky

Brookline, MA


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Death in New York City and burial in New Jersey #usa #germany

Oliver Marshall

Can anyone suggest how I can find the exact date when my grandfather died and the cemetery where he was buried? His name was Siegfried Rosenberg and he was born in Usingen, Germany, on 23 February 1886. He died in New York City in 1953 – I'm fairly sure sometime in November. I was told that he was buried in a vast Jewish cemetery somewhere in New Jersey.
Thank you for any help that you can provide!
Oliver Marshall
London – England

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Bob Bloomberg

Many people insist, vigorously, that names were never changed at Ellis Island.  So clearly, your great grandfather was mistaken.  His name really was Berg.

Gussie HERZTIEL/HERSTEIN #austria-czech #poland


I want to go back past my 2nd great grandmother, Gussie SCHOENHERTZ.  I have tried to research on JewishGen, JRI-Poland and Gesher-Galicia but I cannot get information to confirm.  I do not know how the names translate to Austria/Poland.  

Records indicate Gussie was born 12/15/1871 in Galicia Austria. She died in Manhattan, NY on 2/19/1947. I have her death certificate and her parents are listed as Chaskall HERSTEIN and Rachael RABINOWITZ, but on her grave stone it says her father was named Dov Ber.

Some names from other records show her as Gossi, Augusta, Gossie. Two birth records for her babies have her maiden name as HERZTIEL.  I match DNA with a HERSTEL, but his grandfather was adopted and he does not have any information.

She immigrated to NY from Bremen Germany on 9/14/1900. She filled out a Declaration of Intent on 6/15/1921 and her Petition of Naturalization was filed out 6/23/1923. . She was married to Sam/Osais SCHONHERTZ who immigrated to NY in 1900. 

My question is this (aside from if you can help me) if I cannot find anything from the above sites, does that mean there is nothing that I can get to go back generations?

Thank you for your time,
Gilda Oldham
Boca Raton, FL

JewishGen will offer a new writing course, “Sharing Your Stories – Writing Short Family Narratives.” July 13 – August 2 #announcements #JewishGenUpdates

Marion Werle

Have you been working on your family history and now want to share your stories?

The objective of this class is to provide the opportunity to write a report of limited scope that you can complete within a short timeframe. The course will offer tips on how to add interest to your chosen story, and will cover the mechanics of writing and genealogical best practices to create an effective report.

Requirements: Students must be comfortable using computers and have 8-10 hours per week to read the lessons, participate in the Forum  and  work on your report.  Classes are taught in a  private  forum, open 24/7.

Tuition for this course is $150. for three weeks

More information:

To Register:

 Class size is limited and enrollment will close when course is full.

Please send any questions to course instructor Marion Werle.

Re: Warsaw pre-1939 districts: Orla str. and Kr #holocaust #warsaw


All of the surviving 1915, Warszawa Birth records have been indexed and are live and searchable on the JRI-Poland database. 
That means Birth records for  districts  - I, V and VI

See the JRI-Poland inventory

Hadassah Lipsius
JRI-Poland - Warszawa Leader

Re: Which website has records of money transfer requests from Russian/Ukranian jews to American relatives? #poland #general #russia

Molly Staub

Hi Nancy, I think you're referring to the collection housed at Temple University:

A digital collection of forty-four ledgers that record the sale of tickets by steamship agents operating in Philadelphia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The four agents represented in this collection, M.L. Blitzstein & Co., M. Rosenbaum & Co., Pennsylvania Company for Banking and Trust, and Rosenbluth Brothers, are a mix of private immigrant and state run banks, and travel agencies. The steamship ticket purchase ledgers are document the purchase of tickets for passage to and from America primarily for the purposes of immigration, Passengers were booked to arrive at various ports including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore.


Molly Arost Staub

Re: Adoptions in the US around the 1930s #general #dna

Adam Turner

Thanks to those who took the time to carefully read and respond to the specific question I posed.

Here is the additional bit I alluded to in my first message:

Virtually none of my family on this side lived in Atlanta in the mid-1930s. Most either lived in far southern Georgia or northern Florida, with a handful of branches outside of those two states. The only occasions when I think it was typical for them to be in Atlanta were when they were either there briefly on business (they may have made buying trips there to stock their clothing stores, although my sense is that it was more typical for them to go to New York for this purpose) or when they were there to attend college. 
There is one member of my family who I know lived around there at this time. She was born in 1909 and sometime in the early 1930s, she and her husband moved to a town about 35 miles outside of Atlanta. From my prior research, I knew that in 1936, she had childbirth-related complications (eclampsia) from her first delivery that eventually caused her death after a hospital stay of about six weeks. I have the death certificate for her premature baby, who only lived a day or so, and her own, from about three weeks later.
I went back and looked at the certificates this week, and realized that all of this ordeal happened in the same Atlanta hospital where my Mystery Baptist DNA match's birth announcement says that they were born. The timeline went something like this (I am intentionally obscuring the actual exact dates for privacy reasons):
April 1936: my relative enters the hospital
May 17: her baby is delivered
May 18: her baby dies
June 3: she dies, as well
June 11: The Atlanta Constitution runs a personal item apparently about a baby shower for the Mystery Baptist's mother, thrown by members of her church
July 27: the same newspaper runs another personal item announcing Mystery Baptist's birth on July 23.
I found one study on preterm pre-eclampsia that suggests that it is about nine times more common in the cases of multiple pregnancies than with singletons. So while some number-crunching suggests I should still be very cautious before assuming multiple births in this case, I am wondering if what happened could have been something like this: 
My relative was actually carrying twins. She delivered them prematurely, and one could not be saved. The other twin was the Mystery Baptist, and against all odds, they survived despite their mother's death. But her husband, in his grief, could not cope with the idea of being a single father. In the days after her death, he opted to give the surviving child up for adoption. The hospital and adoption agency informed MB's adoptive parents, and after a brief interval to plan the particulars, their church friends threw a shower for them. A month or so later, MB was thriving well enough to be brought home, and that is when they announced the birth in the newspaper. 
(Another piece that may support this adoption hypothesis is that as far as I can tell, the Mystery Baptist is an only child. Their parents married in 1930 and at least by the time of the 1940 census, it doesn't appear that they had any other children.)
A fascinating coincidence at least! Unfortunately, there are several significant facts (particularly, the details of the available DNA evidence) that cast doubt on this adoption scenario being how it really happened.

Re: Which website has records of money transfer requests from Russian/Ukranian jews to American relatives? #poland #general #russia

Molly Staub

Hi Nancy, I think you are referring to the banks located in Philadelphia which handled all American-paid tickets: 

A digital collection of forty-four ledgers that record the sale of tickets by steamship agents operating in Philadelphia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The four agents represented in this collection, M.L. Blitzstein & Co., M. Rosenbaum & Co., Pennsylvania Company for Banking and Trust, and Rosenbluth Brothers, are a mix of private immigrant and state run banks, and travel agencies. The steamship ticket purchase ledgers are document the purchase of tickets for passage to and from America primarily for the purposes of immigration, Passengers were booked to arrive at various ports including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore.

 Molly Arost Staub

Re: Which website has records of money transfer requests from Russian/Ukranian jews to American relatives? #poland #general #russia

Sherri Bobish

Hi Nancy,

Could you be thinking of this database?
Philadelphia Bank Immigrant Passage Records, 1890-1949


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Chasing a Mystery in Philly, and Looking for Puzzle Pieces: Abraham Louis Snader #usa

Eric Ellman


My wife's family has only recently learned that my wife's grandfather (Abraham Louis Snader) was briefly married before his marriage to my wife's grandmother.  This is a surprise.  The first marriage did NOT end in the death of the first wife.

What I know:
* Abraham Louis Snader sometimes went by A. Louis Snader or Louis Snader or Louie Snader.
* 1928.  First marriage; marriage certificate index.  Abraham L. Snader married Lea H. Fleysher in Philadelphia in 1928.  The marriage license number is 563815.  This marriage has only recently come to our attention.
* 1930.  The 1930 census, Abraham Louis Snader not found; Lea found; they are not together.  I cannot find Abraham Louis Snader in the census for Pennsylvania.  Yet Lea is there and is enumerated elsewhere.  In 1930, Lea was twenty-six years old (b. 1904) and was living with her parents, Hamsey Fleysher (b. 1874) and Sophie Fleysher (b. 1878).  The family lived at 2946 Columbia Ave. in Philly.  Lea, born in Russia, was listed as single.  She immigrated in 1906, was naturalized, and was working as a stenographer in an office.  That she was employed in 1930 is interesting.  
* 1931.  Second marriage.  Abraham L. Snader married Celia Baseman in Philadelphia in 1931.
* 1935.  Death of first wife, Lea Fleysher.  According to an index of obits in the Jewish Exponent, Lea H. Fleysher died Feb. 17, 1935.
* 1935.  Burial of first wife, Lea Fleysher.  According to findagrave, Lea H. Fleysher is buried in Montefiore Cemetery in Jenkintown (Mont. Co.), Sec. 8, Lot 5, Grave 3.  Phila. Lodge Society.  Lea is buried with Hansley Fleysher (DOD April 9, 1934) and Sophie Fleysher (DOD Dec. 5, 1947).  Hansley and Sophie are likely Lea’s parents.  
* 1935.  Lea is buried as Fleysher, so she did not take the Snader name, at least after 1931 and it is likely she did not remarry in the four years from Abraham Louis Snader's second marriage to Lea's death.

What I need:
* Marriage certificate index. I sent a letter to the Philadelphia 
Marriage License Bureau requesting a copy of the marriage record.
* I am still looking for Abraham Louis Snader in the 1930 census.

What I need and where I can use help (I am in DC and not local to Philly)
* Does anyone know how/where to request a death certificate for Lea Fleysher (Feb. 17, 1935)?  In obtaining the certificate, does it matter that she is the first wife of my wife's grandfather and is not directly related to my wife or my wife's parents?
* Does anyone know how/where I can obtain a copy of the obituary for Lea Fleysher (Feb. 17, 1935) from the Jewish Exponent?
* Divorce was quite rare in 1928-1931, of course.  Does anyone know how/where I can learn if there was a divorce and obtain that divorce record for Abraham Louis Snader and Lea Fleysher?  The divorce would have been in or between 1928-1931.
* It is possible that the Depression might somehow be connected to the dissolution of marriage, but I would not likely know that unless there was a divorce proceeding.

Eric J. Ellman
North Bethesda, Maryland

Mother Instead of Father on Gravestone #general #germany

Ralph Baer

The gravestone of my great-grandfather Moritz Gunzenhäuser in Memmelsdorf in Unterfranken in Bavaria designates him as the son of his mother instead of the son of his father as is usual. See line 7 of the Hebrew here or the picture of the stone linked near the bottom of that page. This is mentioned in the comments there also.
There is no indication on Moritz’s birth, marriage, or death records that he was illegitimate, and I have not been told he was by any of his other descendants. Has anyone seen this before? I have seen many which mention both parents, but none for a legitimate child which only mentions the mother. Can anyone give an explanation? The best I could come up with is that Yitle rhymed with the previous two lines, and that isn’t too good an explanation.
I do not need an English translation.
Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Re: Warsaw pre-1939 districts: Orla str. and Kr #holocaust #warsaw

Michael Turnbull <corbie41@...>

I have just found two commercial directories of 1916 that locate Adolf Tarnower at Orla 5, so that must be where his son Olek was born in 1915! Thanks very much for your help!

Mt Sinai Hospital Section in Cypress Hills Cemetery, NY #usa


An ancestor of mine died in 1895 and was buried in the Mt Sinai section of Cypress Hills Cemetery in Queens. 

According to the Mount Sinai Archives: "Initially plots to bury indigent patients were donated to the Hospital by Jewish congregations and benevolent societies. In June 1878, land was acquired in Cypress Hills Cemetery for Mount Sinai through the efforts of Samuel M. Schafer, Esq. There were 110 lots, measuring 20 x 20. Most of the 20th century correspondence relates to the management and upkeep of the cemetery plots."

The hospital placed simple gravestones at the head of each plot stating only the grave number and name. It seems that later (some) families, when they could afford one, came back and placed fuller horizontal tombstones on top of the graves.

Most of the hospital's stones are illegible after years of weather beating against the slate engravings and only a few of the fuller tombstones are uncovered enough to be read. Many of them have sunk leaving only a few words or letters visible and presumably there are many more completely covered by dirt and grass.

The cemetery office does not have a plot map with names or records detailing who was interred in which grave. Mount Sinai's archive provided me with a society map, but this too has no names on it.



I have visited the section numerous times trying to spot a name or some words indicating which plot is my ancestors but have been unsuccessful.   

Wondering what can be done here, if anything. I suspect there is a tombstone for her somewhere in this section which has just sunk below the the grass. It is sad that neither the hospital or cemetery cared to maintain actual plot records. 

Re: Looking for any information on family name Zaubler/Zobler/Ziegler/Seidler moved to NY before WWII originally from Poland / Vienna #galicia #austria-czech #poland

Shelley Mitchell

My 3rd ggreat grandmother, Reisie ZIEGLER, was born in Zurawno, L’vivs’ka. Her daughter, Etie GOLDSCHEIN, was born in Skala-Podilskaya, Ternopil. If this helps.
Shelley Mitchell, NYC    shemit@...
Searching for TERNER, GOLDSCHEIN, KONIGSBERG, SCHONFELD, in Kolomyya; PLATZ, in Delaytn; and TOPF, in Radautz and Kolomea.

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