Re: How to obtain documents in France? #france

wenglenski virginie <vwenglen@...>

Hi M. Zeldes,

The file you mentioned is SDH Vincennes, near Paris :
You must create an account on the site to be able to request a search :
But for now, the service is unavailable. I guess COVID is involved.
Services have resumed since July 1 only. Allow 2-3 weeks before trying again.
Good research.

Virginie Wenglenski

Re: Travel from Buchach to USA transmigrating via United Kingdom #unitedkingdom

Jill Whitehead

I suggest you try the University of Hull website which has a lot of information about steamships that plied the Baltic and North Sea, including Wilsons, as does Hull Museum. UK Museums are reopening next week after lockdown. Hull Museum also has a useful website. Also try the migration site on the UK National Archives.

Those migrants who arrived in Hull then usually travelled by train to Liverpool and caught a boat there to go onto USA or Canada. If your ancestor migrated from Southampton, this implies he moved from Hull further south for a while before taking a boat. People who lived in London often migrated via Southampton to USA.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Mother Instead of Father on Gravestone #general #germany


I've been told that sometimes the mother's name is used to ask for mercy or healing for a person in prayers.  But I've also never heard of it on a tombstone.

Have you looked at other stones in the same cemetery to see if it was a local custom?

Peggy Mosinger Freedman

Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna

Jill Whitehead

Jim is quite right, it may even be closer than 5th cousin. Every person of Jewish origin supposedly shares at least one chromosome segment in common, however small. That is why I never look for cousins above 3rd to 4th cousin level on DNA sites. It is also usually impossible to match with the many 3rd cousins the sites will give you - I have thousands of 3rd cousins on FTDNA, 23andme, Ancestry and My Heritage, most not in common with each other. The sites are quite often optimistic in their assessments, and because our acestors lived in isolated communities and often married their cousins in the past, these relations can often appear closer on DNA sites. 

In recent family history terms, my great grandparents Benjamin (1855-1945)  and Janet (1859-1937) Brown (Brin from Vishtinetz, now Vistytis) from Edinburgh, Scotland were first cousins. There were many first cousin marriages in this family, who were of rabbinical heritage.  Benjamin's youngest son married Janet's nephew (her brother's son), making them double first cousins.

Also, Benjamin's son Morris (1881-1946) (my grandfather) married Leah Guttenberg (1887-1942) whose mother was Basha Plotnvosky. Basha's sister Rebecca married Solomon Berkowtiz (Karobelnik), whose daughter Annie Leah married David Lazarus Brown, first cousin of Morris Brown, son of Benjamin. This makes their descendants my double second cousins on both the Brown and Plotnovsky side.

This has some interesting DNA results, as the same generation descendants of Benjamin and Janet (first cousins) share a lot more DNA with me, than the descendants of  Benjamin's sister Janet Michaelson nee Brown, who was not a cousin of her husband.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

Re: Death in New York City and burial in New Jersey #usa #germany

I recently received a photo of my great grandfather and great uncle’s grave stone from Saddle Ridge, NJ. The dates match my research. My mother is doubting its authenticity because her family lived in New York and were too poor to afford the nice size stone. Does anyone know why New York families were burying their family members in New Jersey?

Re: Mother Instead of Father on Gravestone #general #germany

Werner Hirsch

I have one such case in my family in Bavaria.  The father was definitely Jewish but he was married more than once and I believe that the mother's name was used simply to identify her.
New Haven, CT USA

Melsungen, Hessen, Germany Amtsrechnungen (Tax Rolls) #germany

Alan Ehrlich


Can anyone advise me where I might find online access to the Melsungen Amtsrechnungen (Tax Rolls) for the years 1799-1804? Or, If you have a copy, do a look up in them on my behalf...

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Alan Ehrlich
Geneva, Switzerland

Re: How to obtain documents in France? #france

Bernard Flam

From Paris,
Hi Ilya,
"Memoire des hommes" (Keeping memory of soldiers, resistants, deportees,..) is the official service of French Ministry of Defense (Army) in charge of history and archives.
You can find traces of any person killed, wounded, during our 20th century History
For deportees,
They have various places where documents are kept and can be viewed / copied depending of which part of French military history is concerned : Invalides (Paris center), Vincennes (Paris East suburb), Caen (Normandy), etc...
In normal time, you can ask copies without visiting archives.
But due to lockdown, I guess a large part of activity is still closed or just reopen (June 30th in Caen)
For myself, I ask a copy in Caen in late February, no reply till today.
I check how you could contact them, we can go on privately.
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund) of France

Re: A question about tattoos and Auschwitz #general #holocaust

Bernard Flam

From Paris,
Hi Simon,
You could ask Auschwitz camp archives :
With this advice, available for Arolsen archives : these two institution display online only a part of their data.
As you are sure of internment of your aunt & uncle in camps, first Auschwitz, then probably one or more  Diplaced Person camp (DP's), you must fill an inquiry form online on each website to get all what they possibly detain. 
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring ( Bund / Workmen Circle) of France
Searching FLAM AGID around Lemberg

Re: Which website has records of money transfer requests from Russian/Ukranian jews to American relatives? #poland #general #russia

Daniella Alyagon

Do you know how can I download a copy of a ledger page?

Daniella Alyagon




Researching: ALYAGON (Israel), SHOCHETMAN (Kishinev / Letychev / Derazhnya), AGINSKY (Kishinev / Minsk), FAJNZYLBER (Siennica, Poland / Warsaw, Poland), YELIN (Poland), KIEJZMAN (Garwolin, Poland),  SLIWKA (Garwolin, Poland), MANDELBAUM (Janowiec, Poland / Zwolen, Poland / Kozienice, Poland), CUKIER (Janowiec, Poland), RECHTANT (Kozienice, Poland), FALENBOGEN (Lublin, Poland), ROTENSTREICH (Galicia), SELINGER (Galicia), BITTER (Galicia / Bukowina), HISLER (Galicia / Bukowina ), EIFERMAN (Galicia / Bukowina), FROSTIG (Zolkiew, Galicia / Lviv, Galicia), GRANZBAUER (Zolkiew, Galicia), HERMAN (Zolkiew, Galicia), MESSER (Lviv, Galicia / Vienna, Austria), PROJEKT (Lviv, Galicia), STIERER (Lviv, Galicia), ALTMAN (Lviv, Galicia), FRIEDELS (Lviv, Galicia)

SAM WEISSBERGER - U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims, 1936-2007 #general


*** a little long post + 2 questions***

My paternal great grandmother's brother Samuel Weiszberger, was born in
what was then the Austro-Hungarian empire on the 10th of October 1878.
My father who drew a family tree of that side - didn't know him.
I found him looking for the BMD of the other people in that tree.
Some time in 2009 my father's second cousin ( from the same side ) said that
this person existed , and he was indeed the brother of my great grandmother
and that he disappeared in the US.
I was looking for him -on and off - ever since.
When I look in the US I usually write the Hungarian WEISZBERGER as
WEISSBERGER and SAMUEL as SAM to get more results.
thinking this was his way to make things easier and more American.
Lately I found in myheritage research part an extract from a record from
: U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims, 1936-2007

It only included the following details:
Name : Sam Weissberger
Type: Claim
Birth: 18th October 1878 Hungary
Claim date: 24th September 1976
Death date: 5th Aug. 1946
Field office address: 11 W42 ST. NYC
Reference no.: 65179247946
Claim type: Death Claim

This raises a few questions:
1. I didn't find any place where I could see the original. DOES ANYONE
2. The death claim was submitted on 24th September 1976 over 20 years
after the actual death ( 15th July 1946) .I believe this is a transcription
error . What do you think? (The only thing that encouraged me in submitting
a claim is that there was a wife or a child that survived him.)

Nava Giron

Re: Mother Instead of Father on Gravestone #general #germany

Fred Selss

My aunt and uncle were divorced. When their son died, his mother put her name instead of the father’s name on his gravestone because the father abandoned them. The rabbi told her that it made her son look like he was illegitimate but she did the name the way she wanted anyway, This might be the answer to what happened in your family but this is a possible explanation.

Researching Schwartz, Srulowitz, Selss, Sells, Kements- Podilia, Ukraine, New .
York,Toledo, Ohio
Schweitzer, Romanofsky, Kopys, Belarus , New York, .New Jersey,
Schnur ,Tarnow, Poland (Austria).New York
Osheyack, Brok, Brooks Golub Dobryzn, Poland (Prussia ,Russia) New York- Florida
Stark, Sterk, Kotaj, Hungary, NewYork, Florida, California
Herman, Fehergyarmat, Hungary, New .York, New Jersey, Cleveland, Ohio,
Trebits, Trebits, Satumare, Romania (Hungary) New York

Re: Need translation/interpretation for documents in Czech #subcarpathia #translation #austria-czech


The form is in Slovak and Hungarian, the handwriting is in Czech
I have no idea what "Řezajictvo" mean -- perhaps Butcher

Sperber | Lazar | apartment owner | male | married | 20-Jul-1867 | Strij(Galicia)/Strij/Galicia | 25th year | Balazser/Tisahat/Podkarpatská Rus | Jewish | Israelite | read and write | Řezajictvo | Řezajici | Řezajictvo | yes | Řezajictvo | Řezajici | apartment owner in America
Rosenberg | Zali | wife | female | married | 15-Dec-1870 | Mukačevo/Mukačevo/Podkarpatská Rus | 15th year | Balazser/Tisahat/Podkarpatská Rus | Jewish | Israelite | housewife | housewife | renter's household | yes | renter's household | housewife | -
Sperber | David | son | male | single | 17-Oct-1906 | Balazser/Tisahat/Podkarpatská Rus | 15th year | Balazser/Tisahat/Podkarpatská Rus | Jewish | Israelite | - | - | - | no | - | - | -
Sperber | Terez | daughter | female | single | 14-May-1908 | Balazser/Tisahat/Podkarpatská Rus | 13th year | Balazser/Tisahat/Podkarpatská Rus | Jewish | Israelite | - | - | - | no | - | - | -
Weinbach | Hani | mother of head of household | female | widow | 20-Oct-1845 | Strij/Strij/Galicia | 13th year | Balazser/Tisahat/Podkarpatská Rus | Jewish | Israelite | no | - | school? | - | no | - | - | -
Sperber | Josef | apartment owner | male | married | 24-Jul-1890 | Munkáč/Munkáč/Podkarpatská Rus | 1918 | Munkáč/Munkáč/Podkarpatská Rus | Jewish | Jewish | read and write | cattle trade | independent | business owner | yes | ? | ? | 
Sperber | Josefiny? | wife | female | married | 15-Sep-1896 | Munkáč/Munkáč/Podkarpatská Rus | 1918 | Munkáč/Munkáč/Podkarpatská Rus | Jewish | Jewish | read and write | housewife | housewife | husband's household | no | ? | ? | 
Sperber | Rozi | daughter | female | single | - | Balazser/Tisahat/Podkarpatská Rus | 1918 | Munkáč/Munkáč/Podkarpatská Rus | Jewish | Jewish | no | child | - | - | - | - | - | 

Re: Death in New York City and burial in New Jersey #usa #germany

Renee Steinig

Oliver Marshall <olivermarshall@...> asked:

<<Can anyone suggest how I can find the exact date when my grandfather died and the cemetery where he was buried? His name was Siegfried Rosenberg and he was born in Usingen, Germany, on 23 February 1886. He died in New York City in 1953 – I'm fairly sure sometime in November. I was told that he was buried in a vast Jewish cemetery somewhere in New Jersey.>>

Oliver, was your grandfather an observant Jew? And did he live in Washington Heights (northern Manhattan)? If so, the burial that Jeff Goldner found on JOWBR is promising, because it's on the grounds of what was popularly known as "Breuer's," an Orthodox synagogue in Washington Heights that was founded by German Jews. 

If the Siegfried Rosenberg at King Solomon is not the right person, try Cedar Park-Beth El in Paramus, New Jersey, another cemetery where many German Jews are buried.

One more option is to order a copy of what could be your grandfather's death record:

17 Sept 1953 Manhattan
Age 67
Certificate #20404

This listing doesn't show up in a search of Ancestry's index to NYC death, 1949-1965. However, the Rosenberg page of the original 1953 index book shows the entry, barely legible. Information on ordering copies of NYC death records is here: .


Renee Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Jeff Goldner <goldner_jeff@...> wrote:

Re: Looking for descendants of Mordke And Sarah Weiss from Lodz or Klwow Poland #poland

Sherri Bobish

Hi Stephen,

You could try using the free site and put the town of birth into "birthplace" and leave all else blank.  You can browse through all the hits you get and perhaps see a name that he might have used. 

Doing this may pick up such records as WW1 draft cards, WW11 "old man" draft cards, and many others.

You can use this trick at Ancestry also, if you have a subscription, or access through your public library.  Our library is allowing us to access Ancestry through our home computers since we went into lockdown a few months ago.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Piesklaik Family #general


Hello all.  I am very new at this.
I am trying to find out information about my Mother's family.  Her maiden name was Piesklaik.  I have found her parents -my grandparents -  who I never met as they both passed away when my Mom was 12 years old.. She was raised by her older sisters.  
I am trying to find any information about my grandparents and their parents.  Since all of my Mom's sisters and brother have passed away, I have no information as to where my grandparents came from in Europe or when they came to Canada.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Lawrence (Lawrie) Bloom  

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Pieter Hoekstra

I don't know about name changes upon arrival in a new country except to say you may cal yourself anything you wish as long as you do not seek to gain criminally from the new name.

I have in my direct line 2 great aunts, sisters, in London who each married Cohen brothers both born in London. For some reason though one of the brothers had changed his name to Lonsdale. I guess this was to be more more English and less Jewish but as it is a guess I will never really know.

Pieter Hoekstra  <sold@...>

Re: Mother Instead of Father on Gravestone #general #germany

Ralph Baer

Neil, No there is not. His father, that is the grandfather of the person whose stone that is, was the Rabbi in another town in Bavaria and officiated at his son's wedding.

Is there any possibility father was not Jewish—or not halachically Jewish because his mother wasn’t?  That is most often my experience with Hebrew names that only reference the mother.

Neil Kominsky

Brookline, MA

Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Zacharia Simon , #general #usa

Jon Levinson

Zacharia Simon who lived in Leadville, CO in 1880, he was 25 years old.  He may have married Bertha Rosental from  Cleveland <OH She was the sister of Rosa Frye and Minna  Machol.  Rosa was my wife's, GG grandmother in San Francisco.

Jon Levinson

Re: Death in New York City and burial in New Jersey #usa #germany


Maybe this is him?

Jeff Goldner
Researching Goldner, Singer, Neuman, Braun, Schwartz, Reichfeld (Hungary/Slovakia); Adler, Roth, Ader (Galicia); Soltz/Shultz (Vitebsk, maybe Lithuania)

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