New Face Book group for Jews interned in Shanghai WW 2 #announcements

Miriam Margolyes <yarrawa@...>

I'd like to alert Genners to a new FB group;
Shanghai Internees & Jewish Refugee Group 1945. We should remember those interned on 15 Aug 2020, which marks the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Shanghai.

Miriam Margolyes
Clapham, S. London

Re: Need help to locate family in Mukachevo-Munkacs #ukraine


I wonder, were/are your Friedman Family from Munkachevo  -Kohanim or Yisroel?

Do you have any 'other' family info? 

I am a nee Friedman, so was My late Mother-in law.

To my knowledge, my late mother-in law's  grandfather was Dayan Zvi- Hakoheb Friedman--Dayan of Beregovo/ Kezmark ? 

I wonder, what is written on his -Abraham Friedman's Matzevah?

Guth Wocht
Veronika Pachtinger

Re: Death in New York City and burial in New Jersey #usa #germany

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

I can personally attest to people from New York being buried in New Jersey. My father bought plots in NJ while we were living in the Bronx. Reason 1-It wasn't that far away, 2- Very inexpensive (at that time) especially compared to NY, 3- Burial spaces in NYC and close environs were not that plentiful, 4- nicer landscaping, 5- newer cemeteries offered flat markers rather than tombstones; this was less expensive and made perpetual care possible at no cost. I would be happy to donate 4 plots to a worthy Jewish organization
Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

Re: Death in New York City and burial in New Jersey #usa #germany


The Jewish emigrants from Eastern Europe living in the Lower East Side and other parts of Manhattan early on recognized the inevitable by forming burial societies that acquired space in the outer boroughs, and across the Hudson in northern New Jersey.  My grandparents and parents rest together with extended family in a family circle plot in Beth Israel Memorial Park  in Woodbridge, New Jersey.  These were New Yorkers buried in New Jersey  Tens of thousands are buried at Beth Israel.   

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How to make sense of two death records that don't make sense to me #germany

Shana Millstein

While research my German relative Seraphina LICHTENSTEIN WETZLAR I’ve come across an odd situation that I’m not sure how to interpret.  I found what I believed to be her death record from 1901: 88 year old Seraphina Lichtenstein, a widow of B. Wetzlar, and the daughter of the dancing-master Levi Lichtenstein and his wife Henriette born Lichtenstedter both deceased. The record was read, approved and signed by Leopold Wetzlar (son of Seraphina).

I then found an earlier record of the 1890 death of 84 year old Seraphine Lichtenstein, unmarried. It would be easy to conclude this is a different person with the same name, but the record also states that she was the daughter of the dance-teacher Israel Levi Lichtenstein and wife Friedericke, born Lichtenstäd. This record was read, approved and signed by Henriette Lichtenstein. Any ideas to make sense of this?  

Re: SAM WEISSBERGER - U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims, 1936-2007 #general

Vivian Kahn

Rokytov is a village and municipality in Bardejov District in the Prešov Region of north-east Slovakia. It was formerly Homonna-Rokito, Zemplen.
I found birth record in the  JewishGen Hungary Database for WEISSBERGER Samuel born 18 Oct 1878 in Hommona-Rokito, Zemplen.  His parents were WEISZBERGER David and MOSKOVITS Szara/Szure. Rokytov is nowhere near Budapest but Budapest is the only place in Hungary that many Americans can recognize.

Vivian Kahn, Santa Rosa, California
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director

Re: Death in New York City and burial in New Jersey #usa #germany

June Genis

This raises a question for me about my own father's death.  Although he was buried in NJ the research I did in Trenton indicated that he actually died elsewhere, maybe NYC.  I found an index record with a certificate number on it but the NYC records office told me that it could not be located by that number although they never explained why.  They were unable to locate it based on the information I was able to give them.  Since my father Nathan Genis died of bone cancer it it quite possible that he was transferred from NJ to a cancer facility in NYC.  I tried contacting Sloane Kettering but they do not have records going back that far.  He died in December 1949, possibly on the 10th based on an obituary I found.

Can anyone suggest how I might obtain the actual death certificate? Here is the Find a Grave data. Note tht it says he died in NJ but that is not what the Trenton archives indicate.

NameNathan GenisBirth Date21 Sep 1899Birth PlaceJersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, United States of AmericaDeath Date10 Dec 1949Death PlaceNew Jersey, United States of AmericaCemeteryNorth Arlington Jewish CemeteryBurial or Cremation PlaceNorth Arlington, Bergen County, New Jersey, United States of AmericaHas Bio?NSpouseAugusta Genis

Re: SAM WEISSBERGER - U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims, 1936-2007 #general

The Becker's Email

Familysearch has Sam’s declaration and petition for naturalization.  This gives his place of birth as H. Rokito Hungary.




Johanna Becker

Newport, RI


Rokytov, Slovakia #slovakia

Vivian Kahn

Rokytov is a village and municipality in Bardejov District in the Prešov Region of north-east Slovakia. It was formerly Homonna-Rokito, Zemplen.

I found Samuel’s birth record in the JewishGen Hungary Database.
. His parents were WEISZBERGER David and MOSKOVITS Szara/Szure.

Vivian Kahn, Santa Rosa, California
JewishGen Hungarian Research Director

Re: SAM WEISSBERGER - U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims, 1936-2007 #general
From: Renee Steinig
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 2020 10:33:43 PDT
There is a naturalization record on Family Search for a Sam Weissberger born 18 Oct 1878:

According to the record, he was born in H. Rokito, Hungary, and immigrated in 1906. Googling suggests that this place may now be in Slovakia; I couldn't find it in JewishGen's Gazetteer.

A death record of a Samuel Weissberger who died on 15 July 1946 is also on FamilySearch. According to the record, his parents were David and Sarah.

Nava, do you know your great-grandmother's birth place? Or her parents' names?


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Nava Giron <nava105@...> wrote:‬

... Lately I found in myheritage research part an extract from a record from
: U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims, 1936-2007

It only included the following details:
Name : Sam Weissberger
Type: Claim
Birth: 18th October 1878 Hungary
Claim date: 24th September 1976
Death date: 5th Aug. 1946
Field office address: 11 W42 ST. NYC
Reference no.: 65179247946
Claim type: Death Claim

Vivian Kahn, Santa Rosa, California
Researching families including:
BERKOVICS/BERKOWITZ/ROTH/GROSZ. Avas Ujvaros, Hungary/Orasu Nou, Romania
KAHAN/JOSIPOVITS/DUB, Sziget, Kabolacsarda, Nagyvarad, Hungary/Sighet, Ciarda, Oradea, Romania
KOHN/Zbegnyo/ Zbehnov, Tarnoka/Trnavka, Slovakia; Cleveland  LEFKOVITS/Kolbasa/Brezina, Slovakia
MOSKOVITS/Honkocz, Szobranc, Osztro, Kassa, Hungary/Chonkovce, Sobrance, Ostrov, Kosice, Slov., Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
ELOVITS/Hornya, Hungary/Horna, Slovakia
NEUMANN/Szeretva, Kereszt, Nagymihaly, Miskolc, Hung./Sobrance, Kristy, Stretavka, Michalovce, Slov. 
POLACSEK/Hunfalu, Hungary/Huncovce, Slovakia
SPITZ/Nikolsburg/Mikulov, Prosnitz/Prostejov, Moravia/Czech Republic; Kismarton/Eisenstadt, Hungary/Austria; Hunfalu,Hungary//Huncovce, Slovakia

Re: Florence MARMOR burial records of the New York Mokkom Sholom, Bayside and Acacia cemeteries #usa


Thank you very much.  I had no problem loading it with Numbers.  I had to set the Headers, but otherwise it works fine.  

I think I found the missing last child of my great grandparents.  Many thanks

Rich Meyersburg
Laurel, MD

Relationship question #general

Ellen Gottfried

According to their children, Annie WALDHORN and Aron KENIG were sister
and brother. On Annie's marriage record, her parents are listed as
Louis and Pauline. Aron's application for Social Security gives his
parents as Malka and Judah. When Annie died, her death certificate
said her name was Annie KENIG NADLER. How could siblings have parents
with different names?
Thank you for your help. Ellen GOTTFRIED, Plainview, NY

First and second cousins in Jewish sources #names

Yonatan Ben-Ari

This may have been brought up before, but in old Jewish sources
"rishon b'rishon" (first to first) refers to siblings so when its
written "Sheni ' B'sheni" (second to second) would refer to first
cousins rather than second cousins.

Shavua tov

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

A question about age #general

Ellen Gottfried

Annie married Solomon NADLER in London in 1898. Her age was given as
22, his as 23. A few months later they traveled to New York with a 9
year old girl, Mollie, who was listed as their daughter. The 1900 US
census lists Mollie as their daughter. Her marriage record gives her
parents as Annie and Solomon. Her grave has Malka bat Solomon. How
can I reconcile this information?
Thank you for your help. Ellen GOTTFRIED, Plainview, New York

ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation

Alex Guri


I've posted a vital record and a document, both in Russian, for which
I'd appreciate a translation.
They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much,

Re: Does anyone know any survivors from Krinki/krinik #poland

Max Heffler

I have worked on the Krynki Yizkor Book written by survivors’ landsmanshaft  “Former Residents of Krynki in Israel”:


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Subject: Re: [] Does anyone know any survivors from Krinki/krinik #poland


i would be interested in joining a Krinki "group". Our family's soul seems to have been derived from the Krinki experience, good or bad. i have some experiences i would be willing to share relating to Krinki's history, especially of early 1900's.


Web sites I manage - Personal home page, Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society, Woodside Civic Club, Skala, Ukraine KehilalLink, Joniskelis, Lithuania KehilaLink, and pet volunteer project - Yizkor book project:

Looking for "State of Rapena" or "Liabin" in Russian Poland #poland

Cai Maver

I've been searching for a very long time for my ancestor Meyer LEVI, born about 1856 to Meyer LEVI and Emma BOOKNAN. I only have two records that are specifically about Meyer to be able to find where in Europe he came from.
His 1886 marriage record in Hermosillo, Mexico is the one that gives his parents names and says (in Spanish) that he is "originario de Polo Russia, Estado de Rapena." I've uploaded the image in case anyone would like to see for themselves:
Meyer's other record is his 1917 US-Mexico border crossing manifest where his birthplace is difficult to make out, but looks like it says "Liabin, Russian Poland". His nationality is also given as "Russian". That record is uploaded here:
I've searched quite a bit (the JewishGen Gazetteer and Communities databases, old maps, general googling), but I can't find place names that seem like a good fit for either of those places. For the "State of Rapena," the "Urochishche Repino" seems to be the closest fit, but I'm not sure if that was a political division of that time. Likewise, Rypin seems like it could fit, but I don't think it was considered something like a "state" in Meyer's lifetime. There are a number of places that might loosely fit "Liabin", but it's really hard to say and I'm not even sure I'm reading what's on the border crossing record correctly. I'm also aware that there are several languages at play here between what the places may have been called in any given year, Meyer's native language, and the Spanish or English speaking clerks recording these two records.
I've also tried searching for Meyer Levi and/or his parents in various databases, and trying to match up place names that seem like a decent fit, but haven't had any luck. I've nearly given up being able to find out where Meyer came from, but I'm hoping that someone on this list more familiar with place names in "Russian Poland" might have some insight.

Thank you,
Cai Maver

Re: Chasing a Mystery in Philly, and Looking for Puzzle Pieces: Abraham Louis Snader #usa

EdrieAnne Broughton

Ms Lydon,  "I would just say she is a great aunt of your family.  I can't imagine that they check."  Sometimes they do.  It all depends on the rules for privacy in each state.  In Illinois you have to claim direct relationship to the deceased.  I believe in California it's the same and in California I had to have copies of my grandmother's DC to get her mother's DC, plus my father's DC.  At least they accepted xerox copies.                         EdrieAnne Broughton, Vacaville, California

Re: Institutionalized relative - death date and burial location #general


Very interesting. I am trying to track down a relative who we believe was in CISH in 1940 (inmate) and died in 1944. We don't know if we have the right person either, but this is helpful.

Jeff Goldner
Researching Goldner, Singer, Neuman, Braun, Schwartz, Reichfeld (Hungary/Slovakia); Adler, Roth, Ader (Galicia); Soltz/Shultz (Vitebsk, maybe Lithuania)

Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"Jim is quite right, it may even be closer than 5th cousin.". I once found who I thought was a 20th cousin, an Osorio in London. We exchanged gedcoms, and I was disappointed to find he was a 5th cousin in another line.

I also have a 3rd cousin, who is also his own 2nd cousin, and my 5th cousin, because his parents were 2nd cousins.  And I have a double 3rd cousin, because my grandfather and his brother married sisters, the boys aunt had married the girls uncle, so they had met before, at least one of the girls knew them. The sister came to the US and went to Missouri where the boys and her sister were, and quickly married the brother.

I also have an 8th ggrandfather who is my 8th ggrandfather 6 times, and a 9th ggrandfather, because his grandchildren and ggreat grandchildren all married each other. And I could go on.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Searching for connections from Odessa named Eugenia and Polia Goldenberg. #ukraine


Hi ,


Thank you for accepting me into the group.


I am researching family from Odessa, Ukraine, in particularly I am trying to find the married names of my Great Aunts who I believe were born Eugenia and Polia Goldenberg.  Both were born between 1880 and 1905, their parents were Anchel and Golda Goldenberg (Anchel was a Tobacco Merchant in Odessa).  I have one or two photos of them, however I don’t know what their husbands names were.  My Babah apparently received a letter after WWII that told  her of how both of her sisters and their family has died in the Holocaust, I don’t have that letter and without the last names cannot receive any information on them thru the Red Cross. 


I know that one of the sisters received funds from one or more of my Babah’s brothers leading up to the war and possibly during it – the person’s that sent the money were Samuel and Abraham Goldenberg, however they shortened their last name on entry to the USA and Canada to Goldberg.


Any suggestions or assistance would be wonderful.


Thank you.


All the best,

Debra Weissmann




GOLDBERG/GOLDENBERG, Odessa, Ukraine/Russia; New York; California; New

Jersey; Washington; BC, Canada


New York; BC, Canada

TARSHIS, Odessa, Ukraine/Russia; Washington; California; BC, Canada

BLUME/BLOOM, New York, New York (Circa 1907, initials W.C. or ?, probably in

the Jewelry business)

SHENFELD (Dr. Isaac and wife Reba), Odessa, Ukraine/Russia; Atlantic City

and Ventnor, NJ and Florida

LEVENE, Atlantic City, New Jersey and Florida

ROSENFELD/ROSENFELT, Odessa, Ukraine/Russia; France

WOLFMAN, Odessa, Ukraine/Russia; Washington; BC, Canada

POGEROLSKY/POGORELSKY, Odessa, Ukraine/Russia; USA or Canada

SELZER/ZELZER, Odessa, Ukraine/Russia, France (circa WWII)


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