Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"I have a first cousin, Arlene,  who married our mutual first cousin. Her parents, Bernard and Esther, were also first cousins. Bernard's parents were also first cousins. And I suspect that one of his parents was also the result of a cousin marriage."

Arlene is the explanation of endogamy, for anybody who needs one.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Which website has records of money transfer requests from Russian/Ukranian jews to American relatives? #poland #general #russia

Linda Cantor

Look at and scroll down to Names Index and do a search on your names. 
Look at for a list of remittance lists.  But you search via the Names Index.

Re: Baby birth/death records from 1910’s and 20’s New York — Doctor scandal — #general

Fred Kolbrener

There is something you can try using  If not a member, join, it's free.

Do a new search, enter the last name in the surname field, and ONLY the FIRST Names of both parents in the mother and father field (you can try one parent name also, but the list will be longer).  Under TYPE, check off BIRTHS.  In the birth location field, fill in New York City or other part of NYC and do a search.  Change location and keep trying - there are never guarantees.

You'll get a list of all the birth records that got indexed for the surname and the first names of the parents  unless the name was butchered badly on the records.  Try variations

If you are lucky, you'll find a couple of promising leads.  Some of the data on the BC's are extracted.  With the film number and certificate number, you can go to the Family  History Center when they reopen and find the images on line.  I have found several children that were unknown in our family in this manner and had died at birth or even within four or five years later.   
Fred Kolbrener

Looking for family of Julius JACOB who emigrated to Australia in 1939 from Willmars, Germany #general #germany


I'm on the trail of a 1st cousing once removed, born in Willmars, Germany (1876), who emigrated to Australia in 1939. I have just ordered documents from the Australian National Archives (thanks to a suggestion in another post), but he is not on any passenger list there.  A record in the Australia Index of Burials says he died in on July 14,1957 ,and is buried in the Rookwood Cemetery  NSW.  Any suggestions on how to find information on his family etc during his life in Australia would be appreciated.

Daniel Levy out west #usa

Carol Freeman

Looking for descendants of Daniel Levy, born around 1862 in New York City to parents Ernest and Isabella Levy recently arrived from England. Daniel went “out west” probably 1880 or so, and was not heard from again.

Carol Freeman

Can Udel be a Female Given Name?# names # hungary

Abuwasta Abuwasta

While researching names related to an uncle of my late mother I bumped twice  in into Udel BLASZ from Bardejov,Slovakia. Once it was identified as a male born in 1874 and next "he"

married in 1894 with Salomon FINGERHUT from Wisnicza (Nowy Wisnicz) whom I clearly located on JRI-PL. I know that Udel is a nickname of Yehuda. Any  ideaS?


Jacob Rosen


Re: Does anyone know any survivors from Krinki/krinik #poland

Bob Silverstein

I would be interested in a Krinki group.  If anyone is likewise interested, contact me.


Re: How to make sense of two death records that don't make sense to me #germany

Bob Silverstein

Hi Barbara,

Here is a variation on that them.  I had two great-uncles, Meloch and Manya Tzipershteyn.  Their two sisters and brother became Silverstein here.  However, Meloch and Manya became Max Selverston and Max Selverston.  And, not to confuse, matters, each married a Sarah.  Help me with that one!

Re: Chicago repeat marriage in mid 20th C. #general #usa

Bob Silverstein

Hi Hanna,

I do not know how much of the information in the various naturalization forms were either confirmed by the naturalizing agencies or required the applicants to show proof.  Max could have claimed and sworn to the marriage without needing to prove it.  We know the censuses are self-reporting and unverified so the 1940 does not prove anything.  Something may have come up that prompted them to make it official in 1950.  

Re: Research individuals in France #france

Marilyn Feingold

Art, can you see if there is a David Hascal Schliffer  or David Schliffer  or David Hascal listed in Paris. He joined the French Foreign Legion after escaping the Nazi's and had an aunt Bessie who lived outside of Paris who took him in when he arrived in France. When he went to France he changed his name from David Schliffer to David Hascal (Haskell? not sure of the spelling. Thanks so much or your kind offer. Best wishes. Marilyn Feingold

Re: Which website has records of money transfer requests from Russian/Ukranian jews to American relatives? #poland #general #russia

In addition to the bank records in Philadelphia which you can search at the Temple University Library -  Jewish Archives,  you should also check

the Archives of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee at:

The JDC has a data base of over 500,000 names which includes lists of individuals who are requesting aid.   You can just put in a name and it will search the full data base.
The lists for people requesting aid contain names and addresses, etc. so this web site can be a terrific source if you locate someone.

The JDC database is probably not used as much as it should be.  There are also archives of photographs and other information.

Avivah Pinski
near Philadelphia

  Re: Which website has records of money transfer requests from Russian/Ukranian jews to American relatives? #poland #general #russia
From: Alicia Weiss
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2020 11:43:08 EDT

Can you please provide a search strategy for accessing these Remittance Lists online?  Are they found in any particular collection?
Many thanks,

Alicia Weiss

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Information about Suri Milgrom #ukraine

Marilyn Feingold

I am looking for a distant relative, Suri Milgrom. She was born about 1838 and had a tobacco shop. I have found two of her children, Heike (Ida) and Joseph. However she had two more daughters, Fride and Frimi. One became an attorney and one married a Steinberg. I believe Suri was born in Kishinev. Her husband's name was Sam Elkas.  They divorced and Suri and her children kept her maiden name, Milgrom.  Her ex-husband married again and moved to Odessa. I would like to find her  Fride and Frimi's descendents if possible. I would also love to know who Suri's parents and grandparents and siblings were.  Any suggestions or information will be greatly appreciated.
Marilyn Feingold

Re: Female Maiden Name on Headstone #belarus #general #russia #names #translation

I found a family stone in Ukraine from 1911 that is on the website of this organization:  Chesed Shel Emet.  

I can only translate part of the stone at this point, so I wasn't sure what to do.

Does anyone know anything about this organization?
Has anyone had any dealings with this organization?  They offer to clean the stone, paint the fence, etc  for a charge. 

Thank you,
Avivah Pinski
near Philadelphia

Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Re: Chicago repeat marriage in mid 20th C. #general #usa

Lin Mor

Hi Hannah, I am sure that no two or more, situations are the same, but sometimes a misunderstanding happens. My maternal grandparents are on record to have received a marriage license in Erie PA in April, 1908. I am quite sure that they had a religious ceremony, possibly a few months before, because Grandma was about 3 months pregnant in April.  Perhaps they though it wise to also have a civil marriage record, but the signed civil/legal paperwork was never returned to City Hall. According to civil law, then, the marriage did not take place.  I attribute it to ignorance as well as perhaps a language barrier as to how it all needed to be done. My suggestion is that you can check to see if a marriage license was issued in 1938, the people in Erie PA found the license issuance easy to find in their records.

Re: Florence MARMOR burial records of the New York Mokkom Sholom, Bayside and Acacia cemeteries #usa

Steve Pickoltz

I too have a relative buried at Bayside, but he is not listed in your list.  His death cert number is #20801 with a death date of June 4, 1893. The name is Israel Pikholz, and he was 14 days old. 


Any additional info on him or his family would be greatly appreciated.  His death cert is very hard to read.


Steve Pickholtz



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Re: Chicago repeat marriage in mid 20th C. #general #usa

Marjorie Geiser

I actually found the same thing for my g-grandparents. I have their marriage record in Poland, in 1895, immigrated in 1906, he naturalized in 1922, and they got married again in 1927. I'm not clear WHY.
Arizona, USA


Re: Does anyone know any survivors from Krinki/krinik #poland


Murray, your Stollman/Sturmach family and mine are related through your grandmother Nechama/Naomi Epstein.  She was my third great Aunt.  The information you posted matches what I've found over the years and I'd love to exchange further information when your fingers allow.  I have your father's generation being 4 females and 5 males so I'm interested in figuring out who I'm missing and about their lives.  Also of course, any photos you might have from Krynki or of our mutual ancestors.  

Someone mentioned upthread a Krynki "group" I'd like to be included in that as well.   

Thank you!


Other Kyrnki familial names :    Chaskes, Gershune, Greenberg, Tarlofsky, Epstein, Shuster, Berman

Re: Chicago repeat marriage in mid 20th C. #general #usa

Yonatan Ben-Ari

I am not sure that my cousin's situation is the same but: My first
cousin married a non-jewish woman (I think in Nevada). After a while
they were married religiously by a reform Rabbi and eventually (a
third time) by an Orthodox Rabbi. So she joked to me how she was
married to my cousin 3 times.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

Re: need help searching discussion group old messages #general

Ina Getzoff

You don't say which groups you have tried or what exactly you are looking for. There are many different websites out there-Ancestry and My Heritage which are paid websites, JewishGen and Family Search which are free. 
If you will share a little bit more information we probably can help you.
Ina Getzoff
Delray Beach, Fla.

Records? Ancestor moved from Boston to Tel Aviv in 1920s. #israel

Ryan Cramer

Oral history in my family indicated that my 2nd great-grandfather (Abraham Kaslick) emigrated from Boston, Massachusetts to Tel Aviv, Israel in the 1920s.  However I cannot find any records to validate this; I would love to find a ship manifest, census records, or even cemetery records from Israel to continue my search.  Abraham was born May 1858 in Odessa, Russia.  I've found USA census records of he and his family for 1900 through 1920 but I'm at a loss from there (Example:  If anyone has any recommendations as to next steps of finding more proof of emigration to Israel, death, etc., it would be much appreciated!

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