Re: Records? Ancestor moved from Boston to Tel Aviv in 1920s. #israel

Alan Shuchat

The Israel State Archives ( has arrival records of the Immigration Department of the Palestine Zionist Executive. These are in Hebrew and arranged by month and year but aren't searchable by name. For example, the 1923 records for ships arriving at Jaffa and Haifa are at
Alan Shuchat
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Re: Can Udel be a Female Given Name?# names # hungary

Helen Gardner

My grandmother was Udele AJGENGOLD.
Helen Gardner

ancestral names, all from Poland, mostly Warsaw


Re: Travel from Buchach to USA transmigrating via United Kingdom #unitedkingdom

Alan Shuchat

Your relatives may have left from Libau, now Liepaja, Latvia, a port near Riga. The Wilson Line carried passengers from Libau to Hull as well as from Scandinavia. Libau was a Baltic port that played a major role in emigration from the Russian Empire and during the early years after the Russian Revolution. 
Alan Shuchat
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Re: Records? Ancestor moved from Boston to Tel Aviv in 1920s. #israel

Elise Cundiff

Search for his obituary in the Jewish newspaper for the town in the USA where he lived - I found one for a relative who also had emigrated to Israel.    
I also found him in 'US Passport Applications', and  "Reports of Deaths of US Citizens Abroad' -- both of those collections on Ancestry, but ? might also be available via familysearch.  

Re: Lincoln Brigade and Spanish Civil War #usa


I don't think there is any specifically genealogical organization analogous to the Daughters of the American Revolution, but maybe now is the time to start one in memory of these brave souls.  Meanwhile you could check with the Abraham Lincoln Brigage Archives  re this specific person. Otherwise it is an exercise in US Jewish genealogy.

Re: Can Udel be a Female Given Name?# names # hungary

Reuven Mohr

since Udi appears as a kinui for Yehuda, I could understand Udel also as a kinui for Yehuda > Yudel > Udel;

Re: viewmate picture identification - probably Libya or Egypt #translation

Yael & Barry



PAGE 149

Nurit - read about the capture of Bardia. Google the book and find chapter 9.  Best of luck. Yael

The Capture of Bardia

The New Zealanders' thrust, which cut off Bardia from the west, implanted between Bardia and Sollum a firm wedge into the enemy's fortress line on the frontier; so, when the greater part of the Division made off towards Sidi Rezegh on 23 November, 5 Brigade Group was left under command of 4 Indian Division, and later of 1

Re: Can Udel be a Female Given Name?# names # hungary


Hi Mr. Rosen                     6th July 2020

I wonder, are you researching the Fingerhut family?

My Aunt--Edith Kohn --Chaya Adel/Chaya Eidel Kohn's son married Fingerhut Edith--from Tarcal Hungary--Edith Fingerhut--Mrs Laci, Kohn --B.Hashem lives in Israel.

Good luck in your research

Kul Tov

Veronika Pachtinger

Re: Looking for family of Julius JACOB who emigrated to Australia in 1939 from Willmars, Germany #general #germany

Carol Lieberman

Strange. My uncle Julius Jacobs known here as Jay lived in Corsicana Texas and passed in 1970s or 80s. If that holds any interest let me know and zI will try and see if dates and connections are possible.

Re: Viewmate tombstone photo #photographs #belarus #translation


She gave charity and grace, she holds out her hand to the poor, our modest (humble) mother, Chaya daughter of Chaim, the wife of Baruch son of Israel Berger, Passed away* 21 of Tevet 5'674, R, I, P, (literally: may her soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life)
* Before the date there are 3 letters ינב which  I don't know their meaning in this context (I looked up and did not find any relevant Hebrew abbreviations except יגן עלינו- will protect us) so I assumed it referred to the death date.
21 of Tevet 5'674 is  19th of January 1914
all the best

looking for ancestors from Italy, possibly Spain or Portugal #general


Shalom dear Sirs,
Am looking for group where I can put in request for data on
ancestors coming from Italy,probably earlier from Spain or Portugal.
Please let me know where I can put this in and look for data,thanks
in advance,
with best regards 
Paul Beek
the Hague

Requesting translation on Viewmate #yiddish #lithuania #translation


Hello!    I have uploaded to Viewmate a scan of the back of a family photo taken in the late 1800s, likely in Lithuania.  There is a lot of handwritten Yiddish, which I'm at a loss to translate.  I hope someone can take a look at this and maybe decipher and translate the writing.   

Link to the image on Viewmate is

Thanks in advance!

KUNKIS and LEHMAN/LAYMON from Glubokoye, Disna District, Vilna Guberniya (Northern Belarus/Eastern Lithuania region)
LEIBOWITZ from Kelme and surrounding area, Lithuania (changed to Levine in US)
GRUSINSKY/GRUZINSKY/GRUSIN from Kelme, Siauliai, Kaunas and surrounding area, Lithuania; South Africa
SCHRIER and PACHTER/PECHTER from Yarmolinits/Jarmolincy, Dunayevtsy, Kamenetz-Podolsk, Tarnoruda, Ukraine
KOSSOI/KOSSOY from Vetka, Gomel, Chechersk, Belarus   
PEVTZOV and MARGOLIN from Vetka and Gomel area, Belarus

Re: grandparents' names on Vienna birth certificates? #general #austria-czech

Peter Heilbrunn


The records kept by the IKG show names of parents, midwife and person performing a circumcision but sadly no grandparents.

Re: Chicago repeat marriage in mid 20th C. #general #usa

Frank Schulaner

Perhaps not really relevant, but would've seemed so to me years ago when I was the Haggadah's "Too young to understand things." I was confused by two gravestones with the same female name, and dates not all that different (as if older and younger sisters) near my father's father's stone--one of those two stones (or I exaggerate this?) noticeably more distant from my grandfather's stone.

Our grandfather married and buried  the same woman twice?

My older, wiser cousin explained:  The closer stone was the first wife's, our grandmother's, who died before her time. Since he and our future uncles and aunts--imagine them squalling--needed someone to care for them, our grandfather re-married relatively quickly. Our grandmother and "the other" just happened to have the same name.

Re: How to make sense of two death records that don't make sense to me #germany


I think they are two different persons, by chance with the same name, and with a dance teacher father.
1.  the ages are different - 1st is 88 in 1901, 2nd is 84 in 1890
2. mother of 1st is Henriette Lichtnenstedter, of 2nd Friedericke Lichtnestad
3.  father of 1st is Levi, of 2nd Israel Levi
I am sure they are family, but different persons.  Is there a place mentioned in the certificates?

Good luck!

Looking for Bernstein/Brenner from Pakroy/ Pakroi/ Pakruojus #lithuania


Looking for Bernstein/ Brenner relatives from Pakruojus/ Pakroi/ Pakroy. I believe most of my relatives left Pakroi between 1885-1910 and traveled to Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Other relatives traveled to South Africa and perhaps Palestine.  There were only 1093 Jewish residents in Pakroi per 1897 census. We found a Rosenbaum passenger ticket purchased by our gg grandfather Solomon Brenner in 1895 for Chane Bernstein (niece)  from Pakroi to Philadelphia.  Chane was born 1876 and most likely married shortly thereafter.  R, Daniel Preissman (preissman@...)

Re: Ellis Island looking for Rebecca Braunstein or Ritzer #general

Ilan Leibowitz

 Not sure if this Rebecca is the right one? Her age more or less matchs, but she came from Stanislaw Austria. My grandmother had cousins in New Jersey who were in the butcher business..(in Newark, New Jersey) 1950-1960s. One of them was MAX BRAUNSTEIN! Have no idea who Lazer Grunberg was!?

Re: ViewMate translation - Hebrew - "tree" of tragedy #translation

David Lewin

At 01:29 06/07/2020, Barry E Chernick wrote:
I've posted a "tree" in Hebrew for which I need a translation. It is on
ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Barry Chernick

There is no point in duplication

If you get no other response, I will help

David Lewin

Search & Unite attempt to help locate people who, despite the passage of so many years since World War II, may still exist "out there".
We also assist in the process of re-possession of property in the Czech Republic and Israel.
See our Web pages at

Re: Baby birth/death records from 1910’s and 20’s New York — Doctor scandal — #general

Renee Steinig


From a family tree that's on, I'm assuming that your grandparents were Julius Eisenberg and Lena Greenberg. According to a NYC death record extracted on Family Search, a baby boy was born to them on April 25, 1927, and died on April 26, 1927, in Manhattan. The death record says that he was buried on April 29, 1927, at "M.R. Ocean View Cemetery" -- a reference to Mount Richmond, one of the Staten Island cemeteries run by the Hebrew Free Burial Association.  

Mount Richmond burial records on Ancestry ( show a Male Child Eisenberg buried not on April 29, but two days later. I suggest that you contact the Hebrew Free Burial Association ( to ask if they have additional information about the baby. Their records may even show who requested the burial.

As for the doctor... The Mount Richmond record includes a mention of "Dr. Leff H." -- probably a reference to Dr. Leff's maternity hospital. Dr. Leff may be the doctor you heard about. In August 1948, the New York Daily News reported the arrest of Dr. Morris Leff on charges of trafficking in black-market babies. The article also said that these babies were "systematically taken from unwed mothers," so your grandparents, married in 1925, may not have been victims.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY


Stuart Ungar <stuartungar@...> wrote:

Is there a way to get birth records from New York from about the 1920s? My grandparents (Eisenberg) had two children prior to having my mom and my uncle. Both supposedly died shortly after birth. I heard from family members that the delivering doctor was later found out to be selling babies. If that is true, I could have some cousins out there that I don’t know but would love to find. If there were birth records for these “deceased” babies would it even have the delivering doctor’s name? Unfortunately it is a real puzzle w/o many clues right now.

Re: Lincoln Brigade and Spanish Civil War #usa

Rose Feldman

The Israel Genealogy Research Association has in its collection the list of volunteers fighting in the Spanish Civil War.  Martin Sugarman in the UK  -  Archivist at the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women (AJEX) Military Museum compiled list and very generously allowed us to add it to our collection. It is searchable by name only.

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