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David Lewin

At 13:32 08/07/2020, Israel Guttman wrote:
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I am looking to locate the "Lista ufficiale dei ospiti di Abbazia"  for the years 1920-1938, these are the official visitors list to Abbazia [Than Italy currently Opatija in Croatia].This was printed weekly or bi-weekly. If you know where I can see it I would appreciate your help.

Thank you

Try contacting the museum there

Re: Does anyone know any survivors from Krinki/krinik #poland


Hello, All!  My husband's father, Samuel Wolf z'l, and his entire family were from Krynki.  We have the 'Pinchas Krynki" yizkor book at home which has quite a few pictures in it.  Sam and his cousin, Lola, were the only two survivors in the family - except of course the ones who had already emigrated to New York.  Sam survived the war as a driver for the Russian army, due to his part of the family being in the Transportation business.  Lola survived the war by being hidden in the basement of a former employee of her father's.  My husband, Mark, would be interested in a Krynki group as well.

Hilary Wolf

Brody, Ukraine - seeking a book about Brody #galicia

Heidi Urich

I’m looking for the title and author of a book about the Jews of Brody that was published around 2015. The author spoke at the 2015 IAJGS conference in Jerusalem.

Heidi Urich

Re: When was this picture taken? #photographs #germany

Eva Lawrence

Have you considered that this might be a scene staged later for a play
or film? I ask simply because the atmosphere seems very phony to me.

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Re: Does anyone know any survivors from Krinki/krinik #poland


Hello, everyone.  My husband's family (Wolf) all came from Krynki; we have the Yizkor book.  We know of two survivors - my father-in-law, Samuel Wolf; and his first cousin, Lola Wolf.  Some of the family were in the transportation industry (my FIL survived the war being a driver for the Russians), and some were in the tanning business as well.  Lola survived because her father paid an employee (not Jewish) to hide her in their basement for the duration.  My husband, Mark, would also like to be in a Krynki group if you all form one.

Hilary Wolf

New JewishGen Education Class July 20 - August 2. Brick Walls or Dead End #announcements #education #JewishGenUpdates

Nancy Holden

Brick Walls or Dead End July 20 - August 2

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Nancy Holden Director of Education

Re: When was this picture taken? #photographs #germany

Mashiach L. Bjorklund

Those are gas lamps, not electric. They are all upward facing and vented at the top. I count 6 lamps, including the open flame over the left gentleman's shoulder. It was rare that houses with electricity had more than one or two lights in a room before the turn of the century. There were no public electric utility companies in Germany before the turn of the century, so installing electricity and fixtures was extremely expensive. Now lets talk fashion. The men; 1840 to 1910. No help there. The woman; the three woman seated are wearing Victorian style. The woman standing and the one seated on the right are wearing Edwardian fashion. They also appear to be younger than the three seated. That fashion transition took place in the late 1890's. Now to the lighting; The very harsh lighting was produced by a flash pan. More specifically, a flash pan using a mixture of magnesium powder and potassium chlorinate which was first introduced by its German inventors Adolf Miethe and Johannes Gaedicke in 1887, but was not widely used until the late 1890's. Wallpaper and furniture styles are not specific enough. The furniture could range over 50 or more year period. The wall paper, because of staining from smoking and gas lamps, was typically replaced about every 10 years or so in homes of the economic stature this home appears to represent. To me it screams 1890's. So my best guess is this photo is no earlier than 1898 and no later than 1905. Were there any studio markings on the back of the photo? If so, most studios were named after their photographer. Their name can be researched via genealogical methods as well. Maybe some clues can be found there as well.

Re: Looking for Marczak ancestors from Chotin #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Hello Maaike,

Do you know if Nachman lived in Chotin or was registered in Chotin?  It is probably written in Czernovitz Marriage record.
I assume that you searched Romania (Bessarabia) Database for these names...

Also I would suggest to register that name/town at JewishGen Family Finder...  I am suggesting this almost in all my messages, but not many follow the advice.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan

Re: Translation please from Dutch #germany #translation


As you will have learned from other reaction page 1 of your document may show some more informatieon. Hoever, I think that the enclosed will give you what you are looking for.

C) Ivore Joseph, van beroep koopvrouw, wonende te Winschoten oud eenenveertig

C) Ivore Joseph, profession tradeswoman, residing at Winschoten age fourtyone

jaren ehevrouw van Simon Abrahams, staande tot de verzoekster in geen betrekking

years spouse of Simon Abrahams, not maintaining any family relation with the

van verwantschap.


Getuige verklaart dat zij bij de bevalling tegenwoordig is geweest te Wontdorf en

Witness declares to have been present at the childbirth at Wontdorf and

alzo de daadsaken door verzoekster omtrent hare geboorte opgegeven volkomen kan

therefore can fully confirm the fact of applicant's birth

bevestigen zonder evenwel voor de juistheid der dagteekening te willen instaan,

without vouching for the accuracy of the date

hoewel het omtrent het vermelde tijdstip moet geweest zijn

though it must have been around that time

d Amalia Isac van beroep koopvrouw wonende te Nieuwe Pekela oud zevenenveertig

D) profession tradeswoman, residing at Nieuwe Pekela age fourtyseven

jaren ehevrouw van Aron Assener staande tot de verzoekster in geene betrekking van

years spouse of Aron Assener, not maintaining any family relation with the



Getuige verklaart dat ook zij tijdens de geboorte van Rika Os te Wontdorf is geweest

Witness declares to also have been present at the childbirth at Wontdorf

en zich zulks zeer wel weet te herinneren dat dit omstreeks de bovengenoemde

and can very well remember that this must have been around the above mentioned

dagteekening moet zijn geweest zonder echter dezelve met nauwkeurigheid te kunnen

date without being able to declare with accuracy

dat Rika Os de dochter is van de genoemde echtelieden kan getuige zeer wel verklaren

that Rika Os is the daughter of the aforementioned couple the witness can certainly declare

Wij Kantonregter voornoemd

We Justice of Peace

Gehoord de voordragt door de verzoekster in dezen aan ons gedaan

Having heard applicant's request in hand

Gehoord de verklaringen door de vier bovengemelde getuigen voor ons afgelegd

Having heard the statements to us by the four above mentioned witnesses

Gezien artikel 127 van het Burgerlijk Wetboek

Considering article 127 of the Civil Code

Verleenen op de verklaringen der vier voorvermelde getuigen alleen om daarop haar

on the basis of the statements by the four above mentioned witnesses

voorgenomen huwelijk te kunnen voltrekken deze acte van bekendheid aan Rika Os

that the intended wedding can take place by granting with this certificate of acqaintance

dat zij is geboren te Wontdorf Koningstrasse Hanover den achttienden November

that she was born at Wontdorf Koningstrasse Hanover on November 18

1800zevenentwintig dochter van Levi Simon Os en Rachel Luppeman echtelieden

1800twentyseven daughter of Levi Simon Os and Rachel Luppeman married couple

Waarvan acte gratis op grond van het van ons vertoonde bewijs van onvermogen

Free of charge based on the proof of insolvency presented to us

afgegeven door den Burgemeester der gemeente Winschoten heden den derden

by the Mair of Winschoten today on the third

February 1800drie envijftig

February 1800fiftythree

Zullende deze als origineel stuk in brevet aan de verzoekster worden uitgegeven

The original certicate will be handed to the applicant

Aldus gedaan en door ons en den griffier onderteekend te Winschoten op dag maand

So done and signed by us and by the registrar at Winschoten on the day month

en jaar als boven verklarende alle comparanten dat zij niet kunnen schrijven omdat

and year as all of the parties concerned declare not being able to write as

geene van hen allen ooit de schrijfkunst heeft geleerd.

none of them ever mastered the art of writing.


Regter Griffier

Judge Registrar

...Quintus ------------

...Quintus ------------


Gratis geregistreerd tewinschoten tweebladen zonderringoogen

Recorded free of charge atWinschoten tweesheets withoutperforation

den vierden february1853 deel 9 folio tgivl 5

on February four1853 part 9 folio sheet 5

De ontvanger

The collector




Re: Mother Instead of Father on Gravestone #general #germany


The father mjst be Jewish because on the gravestone is vessel which says he was a Levitte.

Re: Help with finding details on family from Alexandria, Egypt #sephardic


I would think that there would be record of the immigration to France of family and that might yield information.  

My wife’s family is from Egypt and she suggests first and most useful is to join the Facebook group “Egyptian Jews”.  It’s a highly interactive group and likely the information you have would trigger discussion or suggestions.  Next for background and context and information is Historical Society of Jews from Egypt.  We think they have a Facebook group and website. 

Also I believe that the Avotanu project was collecting and documenting surnames info and doing DNA work on middle eastern Jews.  

And if she wants to get deep into it, especially for the sake of documentation and history it might be a good idea to do DNA test and especially maternal DNA test of a couple of family members that might lead to some leads by triangulation.

My understanding is that you will not find any available records from the Egyptian government and since there a literally only a few Jews left in the Country you won’t find and databases on burials.

Hope these ideas are helpful,

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Bob Bloomberg

The myth of intentional name changing has been proved false.  The discussion is about inadvertent, accidental name changes.  A vociferous, adamant group insists that never, never never happened.  All the immigrant official did was check off the name on the ship's manifest.
And how did the official know what name to check off.  Only two ways.  One, the immigrant had a name tag, and the official matched the tag to the manifest.  And, of course, the two always always always matched.  So, no chance that there could be any name change.  The second way was to ask the immigrant in that rare chance there was no name tag.  In that case, the immigrant said her name exactly the way it was spelled on the manifest. And, here too, there could be no confusion, no further questions, no guesses, no nothing.  Perfect system   

Re: Lincoln Brigade and Spanish Civil War #usa

Eli Brauner

Me and my team have created a database for the Eretz Israel volunteers to the International Brigades.
Not only names but all personal details. We have doubled the known data and have more than 500 volunteers.
For some we have unknown details. We also are doing to locate and return home the remains of MEIR LEWI the 
only volunteer from Eretz Israel that his burial place was know - in the monastery and former prison San Pedro de Cardena.
We excavated the all graveyard but the 72 remains of the IB volunteers that were buried there where not located.
We initiate now a research to find what happened.  You can see photos in the Facebook page The International Brigades Remembered. 
Eli Brauner

Re: Help with finding details on family from Alexandria, Egypt #sephardic

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dera Anne,

Please ask you friend to mail me directly where and in which websites or Facebook groups she was looking at. Is there anything written at the back of the photo?

There where at least 2 ASHER families in Alexandria at the late 1920s beginning of the 1930s in a productive age, alas none of the fathers was.

Jacob Rosen


Re: Looking for a descendant of Rabbi Binyomin Beinush Atlas initially from Lithuania #lithuania

rv Kaplan

Ok, I can see it's an unusual name.

On Wed, 8 Jul 2020, 14:36 SANDI ROOT, <roadrunr2@...> wrote:
Harvey - Your BEINUSH is so interesting, as I search the family of Hyman BANUS, in the UK.  His wife, Rose (COHEN) BANUS, is my grandmother’s sister - all Lithuanian-born.  Now I will add your variation to the list of all of the others I have: BANUS / BENESH / BENESCH / BENIS / BENNITZ / BENITEZ / BENNISH /BEINASH / BEINASHOWITZ,

Sandi Root

Re: Nowe Miasto to Ulanow to Vienna #austria-czech


If you are a member of, they have a town finder. I know that Nowe Miasto is in their system.  Don't know about Ulanow.
I think you might be able to search if you're not a member also.  Either way they're a great resource.

Re: Morris Chaikin Mogilev, Russia #belarus


I have Hankin/Ghenkin/Chaikin etc. from the Mogilev area. there was a connection to the Czar's family. I have the same names used in the family but they would not be the same people as they went directly to the USA and not to Missouri nor London.  Sounds like there could be a connection.  But how?

Sue Diamond

Re: Looking for a descendant of Rabbi Binyomin Beinush Atlas initially from Lithuania #lithuania


Harvey - Your BEINUSH is so interesting, as I search the family of Hyman BANUS, in the UK.  His wife, Rose (COHEN) BANUS, is my grandmother’s sister - all Lithuanian-born.  Now I will add your variation to the list of all of the others I have: BANUS / BENESH / BENESCH / BENIS / BENNITZ / BENITEZ / BENNISH /BEINASH / BEINASHOWITZ,

Sandi Root

Re: Charlotte FRIEDMANN from Breslau #poland #unitedkingdom

rv Kaplan

Thanks Michael

We know about this collection - someone from WJR gave a talk about it in Glasgow a while back.  Didn't know whether they only search for family members/descendants.

best wishes

Harvey Kaplan

On Wed, 8 Jul 2020 at 13:42, Michael Hoffman <mikeh25@...> wrote:
Hello Harvey,

Try World Jewish Relief they have an archive of records for about 56,000 WWII Jewish Refugees see 


Michael Hoffman
HERTS, England

Harvey L Kaplan MA, Director
Scottish Jewish Archives Centre
Garnethill Synagogue
129 Hill Street
Glasgow G3 6UB
Tel: 0141 332 4911  Email:
The Scottish Jewish Archives  Centre is a national heritage, information and research centre that documents, collects and researches the history of Jews in Scotland since the 17th century.                                                                                Scottish Charity: SC030542

Re: Lista ufficiale dei ospiti di Abbazia/Italy #general

Israel Guttman

I am looking to locate the "Lista ufficiale dei ospiti di Abbazia"  for the years 1920-1938, these are the official visitors list to Abbazia [Than Italy currently Opatija in Croatia].This was printed weekly or bi-weekly. If you know where I can see it I would appreciate your help.

Thank you

Israel Guttman

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