Re: Settlements in Curaçao and St. Thomas #sephardic

Sherri Bobish

Hi John,

I found that Hilda LINDO's married name is Hilda MADURO.

A 1927 passenger manifest shows Hilda MADURO & other family arriving in San Francisco.

That manifest gives her birthplace and citizenship as Panama.  The area that became Panama was part of Colombia until 1903.

Here is one scenario why 1900 census would give her birthplace as "US Columbia."

If her father was a diplomat, or other U.S. citizen working officially in Columbia / Panama, that would have made Hilda born a U.S. citizen. Hence, the "US / Columbia" on 1900 census.  

If Hilda married a citizen of Panama she would have automatically taken on the citizenship of her husband, and lost her U.S. citizenship.  That was the case until 1922.

In 1927 Hilda is traveling with what looks like two of her children named Oswald & Doris MADURO.

Several Lindo family members are also traveling with Hilda.

Yes, an interesting family!

Regards,   Sherri Bobish,  Princeton, NJ

USA passport research #usa

Shelly Crane

I'm trying to locate the passport application on my relative Jack (Jacob) Shiffman.   There are several sources for finding passport applications prior to 1926.  The one I want was issued at a later date, presumably in Michigan.  Any suggestions?  He was born in the US. 
Received Passport# 420691 on May 21, 1937 which listed his address as 206 East Alexandria, Detroit, Michigan; Sailed June 12, 1937
Thank you! Shelly Levin,  Northern California

Russian Translation #ukraine #translation

Shelly Crane

This is a copy of a document from my GG uncle Isadore Shifman who came from  Belopol'ye, Vinnytsya, Ukraine.  Can someone kindly translate the page? 
Thank you!
Shelly Levin
Northern California 

LAZAR Family from Romania #romania

Diana Gerzenstein

Please can someone help finding descendants of the Lazar family from Szilagy Somlio today Simleul Silvaniei  in Zalau Transylvania 

Re: Settlements in Curaçao and St. Thomas #sephardic

EdrieAnne Broughton

  All the DELVALLEs were born in the “West Indies” which I know to be St. Thomas, having migrated from Curaçao except the LINDO family.  Delia (DEL VALLE) LINDO was born in the West Indies, but she married someone named S.J. LINDO, and 2 of his children (lotto and Hilda, above) were born in “U.S. Columbia” according to the 1900 census. Where is that? Is it Colombia? Panama? Curaçao?  The others (Albert and Olga) were born in Germany. As I said, a very interesting family!
 I found Delia and her daughter Olga on a ship in 1934.  Delia said her birthplace was Panama City, Panama.  Olga says Germany so we don't need to look further at her.  Otto and Hilda were born in the US part of the Canal Zone which was originally owned by Colombia...So I'd say that Otto and Hilda were born on US soil.  I don't know what that would do to their citizenship.  
EdrieAnne Broughton
Vacaville, California

Need translation/interpretation of Beregszasz records in Czech #subcarpathia

Mike Kalt

I have a couple of records from the 1921 census of Beregszasz that
need to be translated from Czech to English.  An explanation of the
records and what I am looking for are on the ViewMate pages.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Mike Kalt  

Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna

Jules Levin

On 7/9/2020 12:21 PM, karen.silver@... wrote:
IThey married in Rhode Island because their marriage was legal there
since it was allowed under Jewish law, but illegal in New York City
where they resided.  Peculiarly, under Jewish law a man is allowed to
marry his niece but is not allowed to marry his aunt.
Even more peculiar is that Moses was the product of an aunt-nephew
marriage.  The rabbinical explanation is that it happened before the law
was issued at Sinai.  Still, the pre-Sinai observance of laws by
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are favorably noted.

Jules Levin

Board of Special Inquiry for 1912 Philadelphia arrivals #usa #general

Alan Shuchat

Are 1912 records for the Board of Special Inquiry available for Philadelphia? Ancestry has them for 1893-1909. Thanks,

Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

MNJGS Genealogy Talk for Beginning Researchers, Sun. July 12 1PM Central Time #announcements #events


Shining a Light on Jewish Genealogy by Dr. Liba Casson-Nudell. For a beginner-level researcher who wants to start an exploration of their family history and Jewish roots. It will cover the basics of how to get started using Internet resources including free websites such as JewishGen, FamilySearch,,, local public libraries, and paid websites such as DNA resources will be introduced, but not explored in depth.

Registration required, link to Zoom Meeting will be sent following registration

Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna

Susan Sorkenn

My father’s parents were first cousins, and one of his sisters married a first cousin. They all lived in the same shtetl, Lyachavichi, near Baronovichi, in what is now Belarus. I have been able to trace their names back to the 1700’s and have found tax records from the 1850’s.

Need help contacting Andrew Katz and Sandy Fisher #dna

Jay Lenefsky

Dear One and All:


The  two people mentioned in the subject line have come up as possible DNA matches to a few of us known 

cousins with one of the companies that test DNA. I have sent them messages through the companies messaging system,

but have not received a  reply. 

I thought maybe they would be connected to the Jewishgen public.

Since there there could be many possibilities of people with the same name I am including the following details:

Both test with


Andrew Katz joined July 2018


Sandy Serlin-Fisher joined October 2018

Any help in contacting these people would be greatly appreicated!


Thank you,

Jay Lenefsky -Israel



List of Shoah Victims from Pochep, Russia #russia #holocaust

Beth Galleto

A memorial to 1,846 Jews from the vicinity of Pochep, Russia who were murdered in the Holocaust was reconstructed and rededicated in August 2018. It now consists of a central monument surrounded by 32 stone plaques inscribed with 1,164 of the names of those who lie buried in that place.


I have obtained the list of these names, which was compiled by Olesya Petrovskaya and her students over a period of ten years. Petrovskaya is director and teacher of the Rechitsa Secondary School of the Pochep District. The names were collected from many sources including residents' recollections, reports from the Soviet Extraordinary State Commission, war letters, pages of testimony from Yad Vashem, and others.


I have translated all the names into English and posted them on my kehilalinks website for Pochep. You can see the memorial monument here:


Please click on the two links at the bottom of the Memorial page to see the complete list of names and to see photos of each of the individual plaques.


May their memory be for a blessing.

Beth Galleto


Jews in Riga: 1946 #latvia



The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has added 3,493 new name records to the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database (HSV). Indexed from the ITS Digital Archive, this List of Jews Residing in Riga collection contains Jewish survivors residing in Riga in 1946. The information consists of name, fathers’ name, year of birth, and local address. You can request and immediately receive digital copies of the original documents in your email.  Search at


Peter Lande

Washington, D.C.


Re: Genealogical research in Argentina #latinamerica

Barbara Ellman

The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP)  also has the census books for the Baron de Hirsch colonies.  These hold a wealth of information, but are only viewable at the archives.
In looking at my Hirschhorn family who lived in the San Antonio colony I found:
 - the ship and date of arrival 
 - the wives were coming later, so their arrival info
- Year of Births and Deaths
- Marriages
My family was already there in 1895 and I viewed census books that went up to 1910.  Not a lot of years, but a great deal of info.
Barbara Ellman

Barbara Ellman
Secaucus NJ USA
ELLMAN, COIRA, MAIDMAN - Minkovtsy, Ukraine
KAGLE, FASS - Ulanow, Poland

Re: Szabadalmas Munkács város levéltára #hungary #general

Israel Guttman

I am looking to locate the following book in Hungarian, the author is Andor Sas: Szabadalmas Munkacs varos leveltara 1376-1850

If you have any knowledge where I can find it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

Israel Guttman

Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna

I agree with Nicole Haymans and want to add my own experience.  My paternal grandfather married his half-niece, my paternal grandmother, in 1919 in Providence, Rhode Island.  My paternal grandfather's half-sister was my paternal grandmother's mother.  They married in Rhode Island because their marriage was legal there since it was allowed under Jewish law, but illegal in New York City where they resided.  Peculiarly, under Jewish law a man is allowed to marry his niece but is not allowed to marry his aunt.

Re: Brody, Ukraine - seeking a book about Brody #galicia


Hi, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to find records from Brody for my maternal grandfather, Nathan Dalitz and my paternal grandfather, Israel (Julius) Sperling. Have you had success in your Brody research and, if so, would you give me some suggestions?
Thank you so much.
Jan Enns

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names


Interesting theory Yale. Do let us know when you have actual proof.

Re: Settlements in Curaçao and St. Thomas #sephardic

Barbara Zimmer

When Hilda LINDO MADURO  (her married name)  travels in 1945, her documents say that she was born in Panama.   Several other  manifests show her as born in Panama or in "R. P"  which  means Republic of Panama.  


New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1820-1945

Hilda Lindo Maduro
Arrival Date
31 Mar 1945
Birth Date
Birth Place
Panama R.P

Barbara Zimmer 

Re: Translation please from Dutch #germany #translation

Reuven Stern

Dear Nick,
Thank you very much.
You are right, it is not what I wished to find about my ancestors, but I can not argue with facts.
I am amazed by your ability to find this document.

Best regards,

On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 03:41 PM, <nick@...> wrote:
Hello Reuven and Ed
I found in the document the father of Rika OS, [who was born on 18 Nov 1827], as Levi Simon OS who was married to Rachel Luppeman. Rika was born in Wonsdorf [now Wunsdorf, Hanover region].
Levi Simon OS is recorded as a rogue or scoundrel from Winschoten, province of Groningen, Netherlands, in the Allgemeiner Polizei-Anzeiger, Vol 29, No 42, pages 221-2, [Coburg 24 Nov 1849] as case # 10445, with a very detailed description of his features, and his misdeeds. His wife Rachel Luppeman and a number of their children are mentioned in old German lettertype. He is described as being 50 years old, which fits in with the record of Juan Goudsmit, where Rachel Luppeman is shown as Rachel Lappeman.
The document lists  4 witnesses who confirm the birth date of Rika OS. The declaration was issued by the burgomaster of Winschoten on 3 Feb 1853.
I know this is not the desired translation, but it may help.
Regards, Nick Lambrechtsen
Wellington NZ

Reuven Stern, Kfar Vradim Israel

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