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Dear Ms. Shamian Grunfeld                                                                                  10th July 2020

My apology, if my memory is not mistaken, we may have exchanged e-mails in the past: re our Grunfeld Ancestors.

I did attempt to contact Eva Grunfeld--in Budapest--unfortunately I was told that sadly she passed away.

Sadly, time and time again I experience 'I am attempting to navigate in a blind alley.

If I am not mistaken--Noach ? Grunfeld may have been a son / or grandson of the Litcheke Rabbi. 

There is a 'sefer' / book about the Litcheke Dynasty--unfortunately  to my knowledge it is not available in English. -- 

I wonder, did you try to contact the Editors of the Paper?  Hirek from the elhurcoltakrol?  News/Information about the Deported.?

If I receive any info, I will update you..

Best wishes

Veronika Pachtinger

Re: Settlements in Curaçao and St. Thomas #sephardic

EdrieAnne Broughton

Hi John,
I found that Hilda LINDO's married name is Hilda MADURO.
A 1927 passenger manifest shows Hilda MADURO & other family arriving in San Francisco.
That manifest gives her birthplace and citizenship as Panama.  The area that became Panama was part of Colombia until 1903.

Here is one scenario why 1900 census would give her birthplace as "US Columbia." 
The Panama Canal Zone was an unincorporated territory of the United States from 1903 to 1979.  That was officially.  Prior to 1903, as in 1881 the French began construction of the canal.  They pulled out due to sickness and engineering problems.  At that point it was controlled by Colombia but the US was pulling lots of strings.  By 1903 the US took over construction, but ownership was pretty fluid in the interim.   I found another ship's manifest from the summer of 1926, with Delia with husband Samuel and daughter Olga.  The purpose of the trip to San Francisco from Panama was pleasure, however Samuel,a merchant ,died in San Francisco in October and was buried in one of the cemeteries in Colma.  Delia went back to Panama, dying there in 1944.  Her ashes were returned to San Francisco.
EdrieAnne Broughton
Vacaville, California

Need translation from Yiddish #translation


I am in need of translation from Yiddish to English of a letter written from my great-grandfather from Russia to my grandfather in the US, written sometime between 1920-1940.
Any help would be appreciated.
Please e-mail me directly: sjrstrauss@...  

Re: Name Variations (was: "His name was changed at Ellis Island") #names

Diane Jacobs

As these are examples of spelling changes and not name changes, I would remind all
that the first rule of Jewish genealogy is
"Spelling does not count".  If you want to be successful, you need to cast a wide net.

Diane Jacobs 

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I was going to add this to  the "His name was changed at Ellis Island" thread, since one of the changes did occur at Ellis Island, but it was actually a correction.

As a gentile who has spent several years tracing my wife's Jewish ancestry (Thank You JewishGen and it's many great members), I've come to the conclusion that her ancestors were not as concerned about their surnames as they were about their patronymic names. 

My wife's great grandfather Samuel was born in Siauliu, Lithuania as Schmerl NUDEL.  He immigrated to Liverpool England where he married as Samuel NOODLE and had a daughter (her grandmother) born Fanny NODLE, they immigrated to Dublin Ireland (1896 - 1908) and used NOODLE on the census.  He immigrated to the US in 1908 as Schmerl NUDEL and after arriving became Samuel NADLE.  Fanny departed Londonderry for the US in 1909 as Fanny NADLE (UK Outward Passenger Lists). Her Arrival Passenger List shows her AS Fanny NODLE in route to her father Samuel NODLE.  Her name is lined out on the passenger list and over written with Fanny NOODLE, his name is changed from NODLE to NOODLE and his address is updated so I assume this was done on arrival at Ellis Island when they verified her destination. (She is on the detained passenger list.)  On the 1910 census she is Fannie NADLE.  She married Hersh MARCUS (formerly MARKUS) in 1915 as Fanny NADLE.  On the 1915 NY census she is Anna MARCUS. and from 1920 on she used Fannie MARCUS.

My Wife's great grandmother on the MARCUS side, born Pesa HIRSHFELD, married Israil MARKUS in Riga Latvia.  She departed Liverpool for the US as Pessie MARKUS (UK Outward Passenger Lists) and arrived at Ellis Island as Pessie MARCUS on the arrival passenger list.  She kept the MARCUS surname but alternately used Pessie, Bessie and Pauline for her given name.

Being of Irish descent, where you're surname represents your clan, it took me a while to absorb all the surname variations.

Dennis Donovan
Florida, USA
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna

Todd Leavitt

My wife and I share 85 cMs of DNA. The likely  MRCA would be someone from Bialystok, where both of our maternal lines resided. I concur with the challenges created by  Ashkenazi endogamy. One of my FTDNA kit reflects more than 30000 "cousin" matches! Unless the match exceeds 175 cMs (and at least a 20 cM longest block] I have never succeeded in connecting the dots to the individual.
Note that GEDMatch has a utility that will "predict" if your parents are "related" .

Re: Russian Translation #ukraine #translation


In Rusian:


На память дорогой сестре Иды Шифман от любящего брата Исаака Шифмана.


Художественная фотография Розенмана в Бердичеве.

Портреты сохраняются.

Специальное ателье художественных портретов. 


Translate into English:


In memory of the dear sister of Ida (?) Shifman from the loving brother of Isaac Shifman.


Art photo of Rosenman in Berdichev.

Portraits are saved.

Special studio of art portraits.

Translation request - Polish to English #translation #poland

Elizabeth Jackson

The attached record in Polish is a birth record for my great Aunt Krajndla Klepfisz.  I would appreciate as complete a translation as possible.  Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide. 

You may respond privately to me at:  cattheater@...

Elizabeth Jackson


finding Yosef BARMATZ #poland #belarus #holocaust #israel


I am trying to locate any possible relatives of Yosef BARMATZ, who submitted the page of testimony to Yad Vashem regarding Tuvia EDERMAN (see attachment). If I am reading the testimony correctly, Yosef lived in Ramat Gan, Israel after the war. Yosef submitted a number of pages of testimony, and it looks like he submitted one for his brother, Elia BARMATZ (1911-1942) and that his parents were Ze'ev and Ester. These pages were submitted in 1956. If there is anyone can put me in touch with his descendants, I would greatly appreciate it.
Tammy Weingarten
searching: EDERMAN, SIROTA, KLESZCZELSKI from Bielsk Podlaski

moderated Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian #translation


VM 82958

In Russian:


Состоялось в посаде Янов, 17-го марта 1873-го года в 5 часов вечера явился еврей, верующий, Сруль Либерман с евреями Мошкой Желязо 20-и лет, сына Меера и Мнухи, супругов Желязо, проживающих в деревне Вроблин и еврейкой девицей Хаи Котляр, семнадцати лет, согласно метрическому свидетельству, дочерью Пейсаха и Шейны, супругов Кетляр, при родителях в посаде Янов проживающих, в присутствии Меера Желязо, отца жениха и Пейсаха Кетлера, отца невесты и свидетелей евреев Мошки Фейнбиха, торговца, 66-и лет и Гершки Мозел, торговца, сорока лет живущих в посаде Янов, объявили, что сего числа и года в этом городе заключен брак между Мошкой Желязо и Хаей Кетлер, что перед бракосочетанием последовало три оглашения в Яновской синагоге при боголужении в присутствии молящихся, 3-го, 10-го и 17-го марта 1873-го года и что препядствия сему браку не встречалось.  Новобрачные объявили, что они перед бракосочетанием никокого контракта не заключали.

Акт сей присутствующим и свидетелям прочитан и всеми подписан.

Подпись Подпись Подпись Подпись 


Translate into English:


It was held at Yanov Posad, on March 17, 1873, at 5 pm, a Jew, a believer, Srul Lieberman with Jews Moshka Zhelyazo, 20 years old, son of Meer and Mnuha, spouses Zhelyazo living in the village of Vroblin and Jewish girl Khaya Kotlyar appeared , seventeen years old, according to the metric certificate, the daughter of Peysakh and Sheina, the Ketler spouses, with their parents in the Posad Yanov living in the presence of Meyer Zhelyazo, the father of the groom and Peysakh Ketler, the father of the bride and Jewish witnesses Moshka Feinbich, a merchant, 66 years old and Gershka Mosel, a merchant, forty years of living in Yanov Posad, announced that this day and year in this city a marriage was made between Moshka Zhelyazo and Khaya Ketler, that before the wedding there were three pronouncements in the Yanov synagogue with prayer in the presence of worshipers, 3rd, 10th and on March 17th, 1873, and that there were no obstacles to this marriage. The newlyweds announced that they did not conclude any contract before the marriage.

This act has been read to those present and witnesses and signed by all.

Signature Signature Signature Signature

Re: Name Variations (was: "His name was changed at Ellis Island") #names


Hi Jeremy,

Your Noodle case is quite a puzzle.  All I can tell you is the identifying information (like name) on the US manifest in 1935 had to match their travel documents.  To enter the US in 1935 they would require both a passport and a US non-immigrant visa (he'd have to show the passport to get the visa).  You say he wasn't naturalized in UK until the next year, 1936, so would the UK have issued him a passport in/before 1935?  Or would he still have an older passport with perhaps an "older" name?

That might explain the amended manifest, which could have begun with the name he gave when purchasing the ticket but was updated after he showed his US nonimmigrant visa to the SS Company (all before the ship sailed).

It is important to understand the role of those travel documents in preparation of the US manifests.  The name change story really doesn't apply after 1918 when the US began requiring passports, since the manifest name was to be based on the passport document.  Any variation should be a typo or similar error.  Beginning July 1, 1924, the manifest information came from the US immigrant visa which included a certified copy of their birth record.  Non-immigrant visas (like the Noodle's), as noted above, would reflect a name on a passport.  My point is these documentary requirements beginning 1918 ended the previous "free for all" game of telephone that generated earlier passenger list data.

Marian Smith

Re: Trying to find family information #general #poland #usa


Can you be more specific about what you are looking for?  On,  I found your "Rose Miner family tree" under the user nameazcwgrl62 where you have a start at researching this family.

Re: Russian Translation #ukraine #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

for the memory to my dear 
sister Tsila??? SHIFMAN
from the loving her brother

the photo was printed in te studio of ROZENBAUM in Berdichev

Re: Translation please from Dutch #germany #translation


Dear Reuven
Will reply via an email so that you can look at that German document. I just found it by googling "Levi Simon OS". To find that he had a police record could also be a sign of the times. Mittmund should be Wittmund.
Best regards, Nick Lambrechtsen

Re: Orsan Belarus Camp 189 #belarus #holocaust


On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 10:21 AM, Judith Shamian wrote:
Orsan Belarus Camp 189
In all likelihood  this refers to Orsha where there were, several concentration camps during the war.  The reference may also be to post-war Soviet labour camps.  According to Avraham Shifrin there were six of these labour camps located in Orsha.

Re: Question on DNA and Cohenim #dna

Jeffrey Herrmann

Once upon a time (2012), when life was simpler, I was informed that my Y-DNA showed I belonged to haplogroup J-P58, where J was a major haplogroup and P58 was my  terminal SNP identified by testing as of that time.  I felt then that all my fellow P58 males were my kin somehow.  Since then FTDNA has made enormous strides in slicing and dicing the branches of the Y-chromosome haplotree through its Big Y 500 and later its Big Y 700 tests.  Currently I am located in J-M304 => J-M267 => J-CTS12238 => J-Z2217 => J-L620 => J-PF483 => J-L136 => J-P58 => J-CTS9721 => J-S4924 => J-L818 => J-L816 => J-ZS2728 => J-ZS12186 => J-ZS12183 => J-ZS12187.   There I sit, alone on my own twig of the haplotree.  I confess I do find the science fascinating, but it has not enabled me to find a single Y-DNA relative.

Re: Brody, Ukraine - seeking a book about Brody #galicia

Rosemary Eshel


For a book on Brody see: Brody: A Galician Border City in the Long Nineteenth Century   Börries Kuzmany (2017)
See also
Rosemary Eshel

NewArticle on IGRA website-“The Brothers Tissenbaum: Discovering Drama Dostoevsky Didn’t Write” #russia #usa

Elena Bazes

IGRA (Israel Genealogy Research Association) has posted a new article on its website, “The Brothers Tissenbaum: Discovering Drama Dostoevsky Didn’t Write”.


In this article, Jeffrey writes that shortly after his father passed away in June, 1995, his brother alerted him to information that their maternal grandfather was not the first member of our mother’s family to arrive in Baltimore. He had been preceded by his own maternal grandfather Aaron Shmul Tissenbaum. (See the IGRA website for Jeffrey’s article last year about this same Aaron Shmul, a noteworthy figure in early Baltimore Jewish history.)


Jeffrey was prompted to use this new piece of information to do further research into his family which is included in this extensive article.

Jeffrey (Yitzkhaq Moshe) Knisbacher was born in 1941, Baltimore, Maryland of Galician descent on my father’s side and Ukrainian, on my mother’s. His education includes a BA from Johns Hopkins University, BHK from Baltimore Hebrew College, MA and PhD from Brown University.

He has worked at the IBM Research Center, University of Pittsburgh, and as a teacher and analyst for the US government. Jeffrey has published widely.

Before viewing the article, please register for free on the IGRA website

To view the article go to:


Please note, the article is available for free for one month to non-members, after which time it can be accessed by IGRA members only.

Elena Biegel Bazes

IGRA Publicity Chair

Schliomo Itzkov Jankelev BIALY from Liozno #belarus

Jacques Klein

I am searching any information about Schliomo Itzkov Jankelev BIALY and his wife Beilia Leibovitz from Liozno.

They got married around 1880
Jacques KLEIN
Paris, France

Information about SWIETAJNO and SZYMANKI #poland


I am searching for ANY information about Jewish communities in Swietajno and Szymanki in the time of before 1920. Those are the places where where my great grandparents are coming from.

Then this was Prussia (one of the villages was called: Klein Schiemanen) in the district of Ortelsburg. From Ortelsburg I am in contact with a man that now lives in Herzeliyah. He told me his survival story. He says, he was the only Jew that survived from this town. He was 6 years old then.

A very sad story!

Well - but my great grandparents where from the country-side, not from the town.

Who knows something about Jewish histories of those two villages?

Looking to hire private researcher in Przemyśl (or nearby) #poland #general

Moses Jefferson


I’m looking for somebody who lives/works in or near Przemyśl, Poland to do archival work for me.

The candidate should;
- read Polish/Russian
- be able to communicate in English
- have fundamental knowledge and understanding of archival records 

Please email me privately.

Best, Moses Jefferson
London, UK

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