Re: help with one or two handwritten characters on us census #general

Paul Chirlin

The enumerator first wrote M for married, then struck it and wrote WD for widow.  Look at the name 2 above where exactly the same thing happened.  The W is easier to see on that one but provides an example.  The W on Epstein is partly hidden by the earlier M

Re: navy emblem on gravestone? #general


Another subject in which I am no expert, but to close off two false trails right here: the shield is clearly the US flag, so the UK does not come into it; and there is no feather, that is a leaf that the photographer might have removed but did not.

Please translate German to English #translation

Kathy Miller

Hi All
Please can someone out there translate these:
1. I think a form filled out for a cousin sent on Kindertransport
2 .a letter written by the kinder transport's parents while she was in the UK and the parents still near Berlin
Also looking for any reference in the letter to Hedwig. 
Thanks so much 
Kathy Miller

Re: Daughter of Saul Ben Judah (Sir Saul Wahl) Wahl Katzenellenbogen #names

Adam Cherson

From these various helpful responses the situation is now clear: your original question conflates three (at least) persons into one: 1), spouse of 2), spouse of, and 3), spouse of The Rappaport surname appears to me to be misplaced for either 3a or b, above. The only evidence I see of a Rappaport connection for either is that the couple has a 2x ggd who married a Rappaport ( This would be an instance of reverse surnaming by marriage, which is confusing.

I hope all of this helps unravel this knot. 

Re: Reference to "Schleichera Filipa" Lviv Cemetery Records 1941-1942 #galicia #holocaust

Igor Holyboroda

Dear Yaron Wolfsthal!
Schleichera  street is now called Bazarna street. It is comparatively long, was situated closely to the Old Jewish cemetery. Initially it was included into the ghetto area but later the ghetto area was diminished.
Igor Holyboroda,
Lviv-Lwow-Lemberg, Ukraine.

Re: help with one or two handwritten characters on us census #general


D is for divorced.

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Judy Floam

And Devorah seems to be the modern Hebrew use of the name, in Israel and in the U.S.  I don’t know if it would have been spelled that way in the  19th century.

Re: Immigration-steerage of passenger ship #general

Bob Silverstein

Quite to the contrary, Eva.  They look like a happy lot, socializing, a game of cards, sewing, a flutist providing a little music, clean, spacious, well-lit, peaceful.  What more could these immigrants want?

Jewish Genealogy Society of Toronto. Exclusive free MyHeritage webinar on Thursday July 16 at 10 am EST #announcements #events

Jerry Scherer

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Re: help with one or two handwritten characters on us census #general


Image is quite blurry. However, at his age and how it looks, probably not S for Single. So that leaves M for Married or W for Widowed. So, was he a Widower? 

Bill Wolpert in Minneapolis 
Vieksniai Tryskiai Lithuania 

Re: Research individuals in France #france

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Searching Michnel Beserglik for Deborah 

According to my previous answer, point 1.1.1., I attach copy of the two pages of "French Journal Officiel (JO)" edited on July 3rd, 1938 where naturalization decree of Michnel is published (see last page, middle second column).
File can be copied at French National Archives, point 1.1.4.
Michnel was 31', not maried with a foreign wife (she would appear in same decree), or maried with an already French wife.

Michnel had been KIA, "Mort pour la France", during nazi invasion of France (Blitzkrieg) on June 16th, 1940, a few days before cease fire and armistice : I attach another page of JO published in 1943. He should be buried in a national war cemetery.
His military file is kept in our national military archives of Caen

Another couple named Beserglik, Kalma and ?, had been naturalized in 1948 , decree published in JO of 1949, see document.

Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund) of France

Re: Daughter of Saul Ben Judah (Sir Saul Wahl) Wahl Katzenellenbogen #names


On Sun, Jul 12, 2020 at 03:52 PM, Stanley Levine wrote:
Dear Stan,
Please see the link to the profile of Nechama, wife of Aharon Moses (Munk) :
(she happens to be my wife's 13th GGM...)
According to the info on, she was NOT the daughter of Saul Katzenellenbogen, but of Rabbi Moses Ahron Teomim-Fraenkel (Teomim) and Rivkah Teomim (Horowitz).
Kind regards,

Re: Gospitalna Street in Minsk #belarus

Carl Kaplan

Great answers. I went to the suggested link,

There is a website  (in Russian),

There are many entries, all titled Minsk Commemorative Book for different years. I am trying to figure out whether I should get some of them translated. Any chance you know whether they are simply a list of streets, or whether they are actually city directories that might have my family in them. Just curious before I take on a large endeavor. Thanks again.

Re: Who buried the deceased after Liberation in the Netherlands #holocaust


Hallo Anne Kestenbaum
The cemetery is described in Dutch at The owner is the Nederlandse Israelitische Hoofdsynagoge which can be found at with an email address info@...
While all this is in Dutch, I am sure that you have a translation program that will give you the key points. And if you write to that email address, I am sure you will get a reply in English.
From the inscription, it looks as if the stone was arranged by his wife.
Hope this helps you.
Regards, Nick Lambrechtsen

Reference to "Schleichera Filipa" Lviv Cemetery Records 1941-1942 #galicia #holocaust

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,
I am referring to the collection of Lviv Cemetery Records, 1941-1942, which is viewable via JewishGen's Online Worldwide Burial Registry.

This collection includes many burial records where the address of the person is listed as  "Schleichera Filipa" street .

Question:      --- Does this street hold any special role in Lwow's Holocaust history?  ---

Thank you for any insight - Yaron

Re: Who buried the deceased after Liberation in the Netherlands #holocaust


My family lived in Holland before and after the war. My grandfather & father were lucky enough to escape to Switzerland during the war but my grandfather's unmarried sister was too scared to join them on their flight. She died March 1943 all on her own without any relatives. Her body was discovered by the police (I've found the police report on-line) but she is buried in the Jewish cemetery! Not only that, but a matzeva was actually put on her grave and it remained a mystery, something my late father often wondered about, as to who put it up.

Looking for Warsaw and Brest-Litovsk addresses #belarus #warsaw

Michael Rosenberg

Could anyone point me in the right direction to find my ancestors' addresses in Brest Litovsk and Warsaw in the 20s and 30s?
Many thanks
Michael Rosenberg

Re: Bedzin #france


My family lived in Bedzin. Sadly last member died three years ago. Sam Pivnik wrote a book Survivor and wrote about growing up there before the war. My family was Abramovitch and Pivnik and Sam’s book refers to the address where they lived. Search on line and his brother Nathan Pivnik which may give you more information. Regards.

Re: Daughter of Saul Ben Judah (Sir Saul Wahl) Wahl Katzenellenbogen #names



I think you will find that the Nechele in question, married to R. Aaron Moses Ashkenazi Munk, was the daughter of Moses Aaron Teomim of Prague and  Rivka (bat Israel) Horowitz of Prague. Nechele and Aaron Moses Munk's daughter Rachel married the famous Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman Halevi Heller

Good luck with the research

Anthony Rabin
London UK

ggf SIMON STAUB in Breslau;; died Treb. 1945; any relatives? #germany


I am looking for STAUB in Breslau, 1945. My ggf SIMON STAUB-pots/pans factory.
Thank you. Daniel Weinberg #12555

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