Re: Need help with "Records of Aliens Pre-Examined in CANADA" 1918 #canada

Aline Petzold

I grew up in Montreal, so I was curious about your request for help.  To my knowledge there is no "Fifth Avenue" in Montreal, although the name may have been changed since the early 1900s.  I did find out that there was an amusement park named "Dominion Park" on Notre Dame Street in Montreal built in 1910 and closed in 1937 <>.  That is what I am guessing the Dom. Pk. part of the address refers to.
Good luck in your search.
Aline P.

Re: Index files - ODESSA #ukraine

Alyssa Freeman

I went through the birth records and I could only search 1911 - 1914. If you tried going before or after, it said "page not found." Also, if you look through this, the records are arranged in English alphabetical order rather than Russian alphabetical order (for example: I was looking for my grandmother, whose last name was FAVILYUKIS. In the Russian/Cyrillic alphabet, the F (looks like the letter phi in Greek) comes after U. I found all the F records after E). If some months are missing, you'll have to go through to where the letter would be in Russian alphabetical order (I think in 1912, the records for January and February were elsewhere). Records (at least the birth records I looked at) are arranged first by first letter of the last name, then by month, and then (usually) by day of the month, though not all records gave the day of the month).

I couldn't find the birth record for my grandmother. Is it possible these records are incomplete - maybe some have been lost? Also, is it possible that not all births were recorded by the rabbinate? Odessa was pretty big even then. Is it possible there was more than one Rabbinate?
Alyssa Freeman

Help Reading town name #names


Hello. I am trying to figure out what these two underlined spaces say specifically (father’s birthplace, mother’s birthplace….). On all other censuses she listed Austria, but this seems more specific, but I can’t read it… (Census is for Jennie Tischler, nee Singer)

Thank you in advance for any help.


Re: ViewMate translation request -Hebrew #translation #photographs


I am returning to this conversation, after a rather lengthy email discussion with a gentleman who contacted me privately in response to my earlier remark.

The bottom line is:  When it comes to the name that is spelled Mem-Yud-Chaf-Lamed, it's a matter of transcription and pronunciation.

1.  In the Bible, King Saul had a daughter who later married King David.  Her name is pronounced  Mee-chal.  The "CHAL" part is pronounced exactly the same as the "CHAL" at the beginning of the word "Challah".   When this name is transcribed into English, it is spelled "Michal", with an 'a'.  Many women -- especially in Israel -- have this name, and you can find some of the more well-known among them on the Internet, by googling with this exact spelling.  (Seeking this name will also bring up a number of men who have "Michal" as a secular name, but this discussion is about Hebrew names, not Polish or other secular names).

2.  There is a man's Yiddish name, often found in conjunction with the name Yechiel, that is pronounced Mi-chel.  It rhymes with the Yiddish word tichel, a woman's small head covering.   (Note that the 'ch' in all of these words is pronounced like the 'ch' in Chanukah, not like the ch in chair).  The pronunciation might be made clearer by dropping the second vowel entirely, and writing it as Mich'l.  Using the letter 'a' in the transcription of this name is misleading in both gender and pronunciation, and led me to my original comment.

I hope that this explains my original remark, and also hope to express myself more clearly in the future, should similar transcription ambiguities come up.


Fredel Fruhman

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Re: meaning of word esboubem? #russia

Linda Kelley

Google Translate suggests that esboubem means nearby.
Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA

Re: Meaning of comment on death record - Bukaczowce #galicia #ukraine

Igor Holyboroda

Dear Linda!
To my opinion the comment you mentioned may be associated with the permission to establish the grave monument issued by the official authorities in the administrative center (Rohatyn was the center of the powiat - district) to which the village in question (Bukaczowce) was belonging.
Igor Holyboroda,
Lviv-Lwow-Lemberg, Ukraine

Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names


I recommend those interested in this "name changed at Ellis Island" topic check this very good article posted at the NY Public Library which does document one name change (and sex as well) but she was outed by the official and still allowed entry and let's move on:

James Castellan

Re: navy emblem on gravestone? #general


Eagle Shield Anchor with Oak leaf and Acorns are for Navy Medical Corps. Find on google search

David Rosen
Boston MA

On 7/15/2020 9:45 AM, Paul Chirlin wrote:
I also think that the "feather" is a leaf, an oak likely.  If you look at the original image on findagrave memorial 140651431 and view the enlarge image in color, there are many acorns and other oak leaves around the stone.  Additionally there is the cap of an acorn shown above the eagle's right wing [left side of image] and the object above the "feather" seems to be several acorn caps and twigs being clearly brown and separate not the blueish bronze color of the eagle.

Adath Jeshurun Congregation of Minnetonka, Minnesota #usa

Mark Halpern

I am looking for anyone who was a member of Adath Jeshurun Congregation of Minnetonka, Minnesota from around 2013 to today. I am trying to make contact with a certain person who attended this Synagogue.

If you were or are a congregant at this Synagogue, please contact me privately at mark@....

Thank you.

Mark Halpern
Conshohocken, PA

Re: Rabbi Aharon WEINSTEIN from Rosulno #rabbinic #galicia


Thank you! Yes it could be Solotvyn as his wife was from there, Esther Ruchel Shottenfeld and her father was also a rabbi Meyer Shottenfeld. Please tell me how can I find information which documents them as rabbis ....besides the rabbinic literature. Can you point me to his responses in the rabbinic literature?  Also, was his full name actually Hirsch Leib Zvi Arye Weinstein?  Many thanks to you again!!

Re: Brick Wall - SILVER Grandparents #poland #russia

Angie Elfassi

Rachel hi,

Can I assume that you have Jack's naturalisation papers from Kew, which is also online?

According to the census,whee they always in London? have you looked at 1939 register? Also on the census pages you will often find family living either with them, or nearby.

Angie Elfassi
RAYKH-ZELIGMAN/RICHMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/Leeds
COHEN, Sakiai, Lithuania/Leeds
MAGIDOWITZ, Jurbarkas, Lithuania/Leeds
KASSIMOFF, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds
MULVIDSON, Rezekne, Latvia/Sweden
GREENSTONE, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds
ITMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/USA
KANTOR, Sakiai, Lithuania
GOLDBERG, Sakiai, Lithuania

Meaning of comment on death record - Bukaczowce #galicia #ukraine

Linda Cantor

The following comment was added to my great grandfather's 1902 death record in Bukaczowce, AH (now Ukraine): 
Transliteration & translation from Polish: "Odnośnie do polecenia C.K. starostwa w Rohatynie z dnia 20/10 1908 b.38106." = Pursuant to the order of the Royal Imperial County Office in Rohatyn of October 20, 1908 #38106"

Does anyone know why such a comment or order would be added 6 years after the death, which is listed in the correct place in the 1902 records? 

Linda Cantor

Re: Brick Wall - Cohen Grandparents #courland #latvia

Philip Trauring

I'm not an expert on UK genealogy, but there are a few things I might suggest.

For Latvia I would look at my Latvia resources:

There is of course the JewishGen Latvia database, and multiple Facebook groups dedicated to Latvian (and Lithuanian) genealogy.

My own Silver grandfather came from a town in Poland that was part of the Russian Empire before WWI. In Poland/Russia his surname was Zylberman. That was changed to Silberman, and finally Silver.

I was only able to find my family ancestral town because it was in US naturalization papers. Are there similar papers for the UK? Its possible both spouses have information on their origins in such papers.

Steyr: Subcamp of Mauthausen #holocaust


The USHMM has linked digitized documents with 1,434 names in the existing collection Steyr (Subcamp of Mauthausen) Forced Labor in the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database.  This collection includes individuals from the four lists: 1) Died During the March -- 15 records; 2) Too Ill to be Transferred -- 192 records; 3) Transferred -- 1,077 records; 4) Transferred - handwritten addendum -- 150 records. The ultimate fate of these persons is not given.

You can search and request the digitized documents at


Peter Lande

Washington, D.C.


Re: navy emblem on gravestone? #general

Paul Chirlin

I also think that the "feather" is a leaf, an oak likely.  If you look at the original image on findagrave memorial 140651431 and view the enlarge image in color, there are many acorns and other oak leaves around the stone.  Additionally there is the cap of an acorn shown above the eagle's right wing [left side of image] and the object above the "feather" seems to be several acorn caps and twigs being clearly brown and separate not the blueish bronze color of the eagle.

Re: "Jüdische Familien In Kreuznach" #germany

Peter Lobbenberg

Bonjour Yann

Copy is available for download here

Best wishes
Peter Lobbenberg, London

Need a translation #translation

Sara Landau

Translation, please.
Thanks, Sara
Sara Landau

Re: ViewMate translation request -Hebrew #translation #photographs



Hello Genners,

Thank you Sally for the explanation concerning the name ‘Michal’ for a male.  As I recall, that is exactly how it was written on the tombstone when I did the translation.  Shalom, Malka Chosnek

Re: navy emblem on gravestone? #general


OK then I stand corrected.  I know some US citizens got into the war before the rest of the nation by going to Canada, France or Britain and serving; I gues there is no reason a Canadian might not have done the opposite.

Re: meaning of word esboubem? #russia

David Barrett

It might help if we could see the written word.I agree there is a difficulty in identifying the language

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