Re: This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #yizkorbooks #poland


Thanks for the excerpt (which I read most of) : while it looks a bit romanticized (through the lens of memory of a place which no longer existed), I like the "rose-colored glasses", and there is quite a bit of detail (and 1 photograph).

(1 reason I looked at the excerpt is that I was informed (about a year ago) that my great-grandfather Isaac Pat's family (although when he and his family left for good to go to the US in 1898, they were living in Bialystok) may have been Pats from Krynki/Krinek.)

Ethan Kent.

Re: Reading the digest is becoming more difficult.... #general

Joan Parker

 At first I found it difficult too but checking the various links below found that for me the two best ones are "mute this topic" which helps to decrease the amount of daily posts to my inbox and View Online which does keep the thread together for easier reading.  The others are self-explanatory and serve good purposes.
Stay safe and stay well.
Joan Parker
Past President/Archivist
JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
1) GOLDBERG/ GOULD, GOODSTEIN/GUDSTEIN, BERGER, GERBER/CRAWFORD, JAGODA-Lipno, Plonsk, Plock, Poland-Russia; Warsaw, Poland-Russia; Galveston, TX; Bronx and Brooklyn, NY, Portland, OR, Los Angeles/Hollywood, CA.
2)  PARKER/PINKUS, WINOGRAD, (GERSHO-BEROVNA?)., R0SEN, -Brest (Litovsk), Belarus; Grodno, Russia; Bronx and Brooklyn, NY. WEISS, NEIKRUG, DEL PINO--Brooklyn, NY.  RABWIN--Hollywood, CA, Salt Lake City, UT. CLAYTON-California.
3) GELFAND, KRITZOFF, KATZ, TROCK --Berezin/Bresin, Kodima, Minsk, Belarus, Bronx, NY, Miami and Miami Beach, FL.

SCHAUER Family From Vyzhnytsia #ukraine


Trying to find any information on the SCHAUER / SHAYER family from Viznitz, Bucovina Romania.
Names of the family members : Aharon, Miriam, Moses, Benzion.
Due to World War II all documents and information were destroyed.
Anyone know a local researcher?
I would be happy for any information or help.

Turning US Census Entries into Stories - Zoom meeting Tuesday [date??] #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Ellen Beller

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado Presents:
Sunny Jane Morton

Turning US Census Entries into Stories 
 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Mountain Time)
TUESDAY ZOOM Meeting (Registration Required)
Boost your use of U.S. census records to reconstruct families and their stories! See from fascinating and inspiring examples what unexpected genealogical clues may appear in census population schedules, how original instructions for census-takers can clarify your understanding, and how to use what you learn to take the next research steps.To register (and obtain Zoom meeting details), click here .     
(  Registration page:     )

Ellen Beller <ebeller@...>

Re: Finding ship manifest #general


  On Ancestry just search for Bernhard Stahl with exact spelling. Then when the items come up, select immigration & emigration. Then scroll down to the entry that says: Hamburg Passenger Lists. Click on that one. It looks like what you snipped from. His entry is on the right side of the page.
  I have attached an image. I hope it shows up with this message.
Larry Bassist
Springville, Utah

Re: Finding ship manifest #general

Ellen Barnett Cleary

Have you looked on  There are several people with that name in their immigration records. 

Ellen Barnett Cleary
San Francisco CA

Re: LEMBERG/WIELKE OCZY geographically close? #galicia

Steven M. Greenberg

I have visited Wielkie Oczy.  There is a lovely restored synagogue at the entrance to the town and a gated cemetery with a few headstone artifacts.  I have many photos if you like.  The village is very close to the modern border with Ukraine, but at the time of Galicia (Austro-Hungarian Empire, pre WWI), it would have not been unusual to travel to Lemburg/L'viv/Lwow given the close distance--a half day's travel by buckboard--even closer by train.  

My portion of my family originated in Wielkie Oczy in the late 18th century--HOLTZ/HOLZ.

Re: SSDI claim dates #general


There are two different indexes based on Social Security information.  

One is the SSDI or Social Security Death Index which lists the name, date of death, and formerly the SSN, and some other info.  It used to be a separate index, but now is listed as part of the database of Ancestry and some other online sites.

The other is the SSACI, the Social Security Applications and Claims index which is what you are referencing.  It lists information on the application and claims against the account. So the date listed there would reflect when a claim was initiated. In my experience the amount of data found on SSACI listings varies considerably from next to nothing to  birth date, name changes, death date, and a variety of other useful information.  I don't know why there is such a disparity in the amount of information from one person to the next.  I have seen multiple SSACI listings for the same person, with different data, or amounts of data.

A fairly good explanation of this can be found on the Legacy Tree website at

Rich Meyersburg
Laurel, MD

Re: Reading the digest is becoming more difficult.... #general

Nicole Heymans

In fact clicking "View/Reply Online" below a message opens a window where you can scroll down till you see a button "view all n messages in topic". This is certainly an improvement over the previous system where answers could be scattered among several digests.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

Re: Train travel Ukraine 19th-20th Century/ #ukraine


Interesting question, Sheryl, and similar to thoughts I've had. 

Hopefully, you don't mind my adding to your message.  My grandmother took her three children from Czernowitz sometime in 1914, and moved to Vienna.  I have wondered what the likely routing would have been & how long such a trip would have taken. ( I remember hearing how my father felt sorry about wounded soldiers he saw, and then decided he wanted to become a doctor. *He did in fact, become a doctor.) Would the train have gone through Lwow?  What would the cost of such a trip have been?


Leah H. Snider

HEILPERN (Brody, Czernowitz, Vienna)
KORPUS (Lwow, Vienna)
MANDELKIERN (Lublin, Chelm)
GOLDENTHAL (Brody, Berlin, Vienna)

Re: Portuguese Legislators Step Back from Attempt to Severely Limit Applications for Citizenship From Sephardic Jews Descendants #sephardic

Schelly Talalay Dardashti is the Iberian citizenship program of the Jewish Federation of New Mexico. After a very successful program of thousands upon thousands of applications for Spain (now closed), the program is now working on Portugal.

Re: Origin of the name BIALYI #names #belarus


I am a little late to this party but it seems like "Bialystocker kuchen" becoming "bialy" -- against ineffectual resistance -- would be the exact same process as what we now call a "burger" was once called a "Hamburger sandwich", probably with the capital "H", as having originated in Hamburg. You can still see it that way on menus or signs in old photos.

Re: Finding Bernhard Stahl/Ship Manifest #germany


From the Hamburg passenger lists
Bernhard Stahl
Gender:     männlich (Male)
Ethnicity/Nationality:     Österreich (Austrian)
Marital status:     verheiratet (Married)
Departure Age:     31
Birth Date:     abt 1869
Residence Place:     Kolomea
Departure Date:     5 Mai 1900 (5 May 1900)
Departure Place:     Hamburg, Deutschland (Germany)
Destination:     London
Arrival Place:     Grimsby
Occupation:     Tischlergeselle
Ship Name:     Lutterworth
Shipping Clerk:     Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft)
Ship Type:     Dampfschiff
Ship Flag:     England
Accommodation:     ohne Angabe
Volume:     373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 110
Household Members:    
Name     Age
Bernhard Stahl     31

Re: Recommendations for scanning photos #photographs


When you say museum quality scans a few things come to mind.  First are these digital images to be printed for display? And if so what size (8x10” or 20x30) or will the images be used in some kind of electronic format (like powerpoint or some video
montage)?  And what is the size of the original photo?
The issue is that you want to do the initial digital capture (via a scanner or even a photo with a phone) so that you have enough data (pixels, file size) to support your output format.
A scanner rather than a phone photo has the advantage of easily capturing the image in a way that allows you to select the resolution and file size as well as the file format of the saved computer file.  This might be more or less important down the if your plan on making high quality prints for display.
i don’t mean to make things sound too complicated, but if you really are saying “museum quality” I think it’s important to think about the whole workflow from the digital image capture all
they way though the final output.  And yes, Juliet’s answer is key - is this for one or two images or many more.  That will help decide if you want to invest your own time and money in equipment and learning or turn over some parts
of this to professionals or service providers.
I’m not a professional but would be happy to try to answer other questions if you want to reach out to me directly.
Other folks on the list may have a better simpler way to answer your question.
- Jeff

Re: Kabaker family in Burlington, Iowa #general #lithuania #poland #usa

howard sachs

Also to Kansas City.   Evan Roy Wilson, my late wife's nephew, likes tracing families (his family from Des Moines County) and he has a sister in Mediapolis (north of Burlington),  If you send questions to me (HFSachs@...) I will pass them on--although current knowledge would probably be nonexistent.  There may be few Jewish families or descendants in Burlington.  HFS, KCMo ("Gone But Not Forgotten" a big book on Jewish burials, has Charles K, born in Poland in 1863, son of Jacob & Rachel, KC in 1905, husband of Anna, living at a local address (The Paseo), president Burlington Overall Mfg Co, died 1932, congregation KIBS (Conservative).  Widow born in Malmo Sweden, Rapaport family, died 1971.)

Re: Records of Home of Old Israel, New York City and 1930 US Census search possible by address? #courland #usa


Have you contacted or searched  the 

Center for Jewish History 15 West 16th Street, Ny, Ny 10011‎
This is a wonderful resource. They have archives for many old Jewish Organizations based in NYC. I have also found information at the Museum of the CIty of NY and the NY Public Library,
Good luck on your search.
Deborah Annex
Miami Beach, FL

נושא חן. #belarus

ירוחם צבי קינסטליך

Maybe anyone hear about a name family נושא חן from shklow?I don't know exactly  how to write it.

- Professor Julius Sumner Miller, and family: Stark, Newmark, Mazur, Tannenbaum, Moscow, Spellman, Schlesinger, Bregman, Rubens, Friedman, Brown #usa


Greetings everyone,


I am writing a biography of Professor Julius Sumner Miller, and I would like to get in touch with any members of his extended family who have an interest in the family history.


Some information about Julius and his direct family members is listed below.


I would really like to add to what I found or be corrected about any errors in the details.


Please contact me at robgoudey@... or goudeyrob@... .


I would be very happy to hear from you.


Thank you,


Rob Goudey (Melbourne, Australia).




Prof Miller’s parents were Samuel Miller (b. 1862, d. 1937) and Sarah (Newmark) Miller (b. 1864, d. 1938). Both migrated from Europe, probably in the 1880s. There’s a suggestion that Samuel may earlier have used another surname, such as Stark. They had 9 children and Julius was the youngest. They resided in their later years at Billerica MA.


The nine siblings were:



Charles Jacob Miller: b. Dec 12 1886, d. Jul 19 1960, m. Ida Mazur. Children - Dorothy (Miller) Orlov, Sumner S Miller and Daniel Miller. Charles was a prominent Boston attorney. Resided later years at Brookline MA.



Mary/Miriam (Miller) Tannenbaum: b. Mar 15 1887, d. Nov 20 1918 (Spanish Flu), m. William Tannenbaum. Children - Sumner Tannenbaum and Dorothy Tannenbaum.



Benjamin Miller: b. Jan 4 1891(?), d. Jul 27 1923 at Monson MA State Hospital (“epilepsy and pulmonary edema”).



Lewis Miller: b. Jul 18/19 1892, d. (unknown), m. Hannah Moscow. No children known of. Resided for some time at Billerica MA Town Farm.



David Miller: b. May 25 1894, d. Feb 24 1972, m. Bessie Spellman. Children - Ruth (Miller) Lampke and Stanley Miller. David was a salesman of meat products. Resided later years at Dorchester MA and Randolph MA.



Dorothy/Dora (Miller) Bregman: b. Jan 25 1897 d. May 7 1974 m1. (unknown) Schlesinger, m2. Donald Bregman. No children known of. Resided later years in Los Angeles.



Henry Miller: b. Dec 16 1898, d. Aug 24 1955, m. Eva Rubens. Children - Allen/Alan Miller and Marilyn Miller. Resided later years at Waltham MA (owned Henry’s Delicatessen).



Helena (Miller) Friedman: b. Jan 21 1903, d. Aug 15 1991, m. Abraham Friedman. Children – Muriel (Friedman) Helfenbein and Rhoda (Friedman) Glass. Resided later years at Granada Hills California.



Julius S Miller: b. May 17 1909, d. April 14 1987, m. Alice Marion Brown. No children. Resided later years in Torrance California.



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Re: photos CLUJ (Kolozsvar) ghetto; Hungarian labor brigades #romania

Theo Rafael

Regarding Hungarian labor brigades first person narrations see this recent thread.


Re: LEMBERG/WIELKE OCZY geographically close? #galicia

Dr.Josef ASH

No-no. they are not the same
Lemberg is the big town in Ukraine, today it is called Lvov (Lviv)
Wielkie Oczy (big eyes) is a settlment in S-E Poland, close to Ukrainian Border.
Ask Googl, it knows and shows the map
Josef ASH, Israel

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