Request for a translation from Russian to English #translation

Jeffrey Cohen

I've posted a marriage registration for which I would very much appreciate a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.


Re: Marriage records from Nancy, France #france

David Ziants

Understand. That makes sense. I think my issue is that I dropped out of school French...

Just couldn't see where I could put the name in the search engine for the Nancy archives.


greek dna looking for Judy Johnson #dna

Marty & Gail

There was a post on 7/15 from a person by the name of Judy Johnson  646443 regarding Greek DNA, we would like to get in touch with this person but find no link anywhere

Can you please help us, guide us in a way to reach out to her

Thank you
Gail and Marty Grossman

My father seeking neighborhood friends from Bayside, Queens #names #usa


Hi All
My father is seeking his friends he knew growing up in Bayside, Queens. My father is George Greenberg and his father was Theodore Greenberg who operated a jewellers store. His friends he would like to find are, Edward Julian Abramson, Jeffrey Edelstein, and Jeffrey Harris. My dad has very little information to give me other than their names. So, if you grew up in Bayside and were friends with a George Greenberg please contact me.

Sarah Greenberg (USA)

Paja Pisarewicz Kampel #warsaw #belarus

Lew Kampel

Born 1880-1890 (approximately) either Brest Litovsk, Pruzahny or maybe Terespol
She may have moved to Warsaw.
I am fairly certain she died before 1938 but can find nothing about her death.

Judka Layb (Yehuda Leib) Kampel, #belarus #warsaw

Lew Kampel

Born around 1880 in or near Brest Litovsk now Belarus.
Trying to learn date and circumstances of his death.
He may have moved to Warsaw at some point.
All I know is that he died before 1938.

Re: greek jews #sephardic

Russell Benghiat


I can trace my family back to Rabbi Isaac ben Jehuda ibn Giat, 1038-1089, chief Rabbi of Lucena, Spain. My family lived in Salonica and Rhodes in addition to Izmir, Turkey. They also intermarried with the Capuya and Huniu families of Rhodes.  I would very much appreciate learning of your contact.

Thank you,
Russell Benghiat

Hebrew names #translation #hungary


Please could you help me with the Hebrew names in this record (attached) for my 2x great grandmother who died in Balassagyarmat in 1877 - and do you think 'Altofen' here means 'Obuda'? I am also trying to find where Fani may have been born, but I can't find her in the Obuda birth records for 1812. And there don't seem to be any other 'Taub' family members in the Obuda records either, which makes me think she didn't come from there. I would also love to find Fani and Jakab in a 1848 census, I have looked in Balassa but they don't seem to be there. It may help me to find them if I know both of their Hebrew names, so this would help me enormously, thank you.

Re: Marriage records from Nancy, France #france

Svetlana Astakhova

It's generally easier to search french archives in a different way: First find the name in the 'tables', then confirm the date, then use the date and the name to find the actual record.

Please help translate from Polish #translation

Svetlana Astakhova

Could somebody kindly help me translate this record from Polish? 

Re: Marriage records from Nancy, France #france

Svetlana Astakhova

Here is the full record of marriage :)

Source attached.

Please help me identify the people in this family Ferein photo in Cleveland, OH #usa

Elise Cundiff

My great-grandmother's family established a family ferein (cousin's club) sometime around 1920.  They continued with annual events and parties until at least 1940, when this photo was taken at their picnic.  Of the 270 or so people pictured, we have identified about 47 so far (a few more identifications are not positive.)  The founding group all came to Cleveland from Lithuanian Russia in the 1880s-1900; the group expanded to include in-laws, and in-laws of in-laws (as my 98 year old distant cousin described it).  She said that "everyone" from "every branch" of the founding families were at this 1940 gathering (except herself!)
The ferein was called the "Abraham Raphael Family Ferein".  I have no idea of the source of that name as yet.
Surnames associated with just the first and some of the second generations of this group are Zieve, Giffen, Hantman, Gordon, Fineman,  Galvin, Glickman, Bernon, Mechanic, Loveman, Wasserman, Schwartz;  Glickman, Murstein, Marcus, Gross, Baradofsky;  Galvin, Leponsky, Silberger, Sogolovitz, Bernstein, Weinstain, Pearsol.    Of course by the 1940s  there were many more.
I will appreciate any and all possible or positive identifications, or tips of people to contact who may be able to help.   
Thanks for looking!
Elise Norman Cundiff
Columbus, Ohio


Re: Marriage records from Nancy, France #france

Svetlana Astakhova

French archives are actually very easy and a pleasure to search :). Here, I found the record of marriage of Gewelbe in Nancy in 1933 (see attached, bottom left). That's the table of marriages. I will now attempt to find the full record.

Re: Jewish birth records from Kuty around 1905 #austria-czech #galicia #ukraine #poland

Svetlana Astakhova

Hi Logan,

Thank you for your reply!

Would you happen to know what 'recte KLINGER' means?

I saw this record, but I doubt that it's the right Juda Klinger as it seems that his wife's name was Ruchel / Ruchla. At least as per the record of marriage of one of his kids which I found in the archive of Paris.

On the other hand, I found another record, of birth, with same people - Juda Leib HORN recte KLINGER and Itte Leja HORN recte KLINGER - as parents of Jacob Mojzesz born on May 23, 1904 in Kolomyya (only 45 km / 28 miles from Kuty). As far as we know my husband's father's birth name was Mocek/Moshe Yacob Klinger but his self-declared birth date was August 3, 1905.

It's the closest I got so far, but it's not a perfect match :(

I attached the record of birth which I managed to download, in case you or someone else want to take a look.

Martin family, Prestwich, England #unitedkingdom

Searching for Rebecca Martin, born abt 1859, lived in Strangeways neighborhood. Her parents were Harry Martin and Rosa Levy. Married Jacob Stein there in 1875, and they immigrated to Rochester, NY in 1885.
N.B. Prestwich, Lancashire is also known as Manchester.
Any info on family or area?
Thank you,
Judy Cohen. 
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Freedman from Marjempol #lithuania


Hi, Genners:
I'm looking for information on my maternal grandfather, Jacob Freedman (later Freeman), who came from Marjampol in Lithuania, and married Tilly Saunders from Troki (now Trakai) in the 1880's.  They emigrated to Leeds, in the U.K., and had 8 children, between 1890 and 1907.  Jacob was a slippermaker, and came to the U.S. in 1911, to work for his cousin (last name Pinsky) in his hardware store on 2nd Avenue in New York City.  He went back to England to get the rest of his family around 1913, but WWI caused him to stay in England until the war ended.  Jacob died in Leeds in 1919, but Tillie and several of the children did emigrate to Chicago, where they lived the rest of their lives.  I'd like to find any information about Jacob's siblings and descendants.

I'm also interested in my grandmother's relatives.  Her papers show her maiden name of "Saunders", but I know there were relatives named "Zinder".I know that one of her brothers emigrated to Richmond, VA, and that a sister emigrated to Glascow, Scotland.  Any information you can provide on how to research this would be very much appreciated.
Thanks!  Anita

The child of a maid in Oberhausen #germany

Frantisek Csicso

Good day,
I turn to researchers who have some ancestors in the German city of Oberhausen, Rheinland, Prussen.
I wonder if it's not in your family history that any of your ancestors (or his relatives) have an illegitimate child with their maid.
The point is that my great-grandfather's mother (Jewish from Poland, Cielcza - Jarocin) worked as a maid and became pregnant. She said, that she must not and will never say, who the father of the child is.
When she gave the child up for adoption, she told the adoptive parents, never to forget that the boy is Jewish. I believe that his father was also a Jew, because my mother, whose boy was a grandfather, is also according to DNA 1/4 Ashkenazi jewish.
So I try to find my family (just for know where I come from, nothing more, nothing less)
the maid's name was Agata Podsadna, born 8.2.1878
the boy was named Kasimir.
Thank you for any help.

Frantisek Csicso, Prague, e-mail: frantik.jan@...

Re: photos CLUJ (Kolozsvar) ghetto; Hungarian labor brigades #romania

Mihai Grunfeld

Hi Vernonika,
I am not sure we are related. I do not have a Fanny Grunfeld in my tree. 

Re: Marriage records from Nancy, France #france

David Ziants

Thank you very much for your help (also to someone who replied off list). Actually I made a mistake when I presented the marriage date. It was 1933 and not as I said. To be precise 4th Dec 1933 (or actually 2nd Dec according to the index there). In any case I succeeded in finding both the index and the record. It was helpful for my search that it was towards the end of the year because to go through more than 1000 records, with 6 records on a page and all the time having to adjust the resolution could have otherwise taken me all night. Would there have been an easier way to go to the record? Apart from the names and the date, the index doesn't give any more information.

Anyway, my issue has been resolved, and on the record it made it almost very clear that his father was my great-grandfather - just the a small switch around of the names. I.e instead of Shlomo Ephraim he wrote Ephraim Shlomo (using Polish spelling). Also it appears this way on a record in JRI Poland, and that was the name of his maternal grandfather after whom he was no doubt named. 


Re: Residence or school records for jewish refugees in Vienna WWI #austria-czech

Svetlana Astakhova

Thank you for the information! How do we pay for this service?

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