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Rose Feldman

The Israel Genealogy Research Association [IGRA] is working on a set of documents from the German Consulate in Palestine called the Meldeblaetter for the years 1938-39. German citizens living in Palestine registered with the German Consulate and it often contains a lot of genealogy information. There are other files too - all in the Israel State Archives. Consulate Archives is another place to look for information. Israel may be an example of where do to WWII, the consulate records ended up being confiscated by the ruling government, at that time the British. Or they just got left behind. Can't know the answer to that question.


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Rose Feldman
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Revoked citizenship and property seizures #general


A few notes and clarifications for this large database:
Many of the citizenship revocations affected persons who had previously left Germany, e.g. were resident in the United States and various other countries.
The property seizures took place not only in Germany but also in occupied areas, particularly in Czechoslovakia.  Unfortunately, the property that was seized is not identified.
While I would be glad to help in explaining the nature of individual entries, compensation questions should be addressed to the Claims Conference at infodesk@....
Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

mtDNA matches #dna

Jody Gorran

If a person has an extensive family tree that traces back in time hundreds of years directly from his mother, would another person, who has the same haplogroup such as mtDNA K1a4a, legitimately be able to claim those same ancestral DNA relationships to those same ancestors of the other person?

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Marshall Lerner

Between 1903 and 1914 my paternal great grandfather traveled back and forth between Bessarabia and the US at least 3 times, each time in steerage. In 1903 my ggf (Schimen Baitel) landed in NY and made his way up to Chelsea, Massachusetts. In 1904 my grand uncle (Jankel Beitel) came over to join Simon Beitel in Chelsea where my ggf apparently settled. In 1907 my ggf transits to the US again (this time as Schimon Lerner) and lists my grand uncle's address in Chelsea as his final destination. (By this time my grand uncle was Jacob Lerner.)  In 1913 my grandfather (Zeidel Baitel) immigrates to the US and goes to Chelsea to join his stepbrother. Finally in ggf makes his last trip to the US to stay with Jacob until his passing.In the meanwhile Zeidel becomes Morris Lerner and moves to Concord, New Hampshire.

My great grandmother (Chaje Lerner) and a grand aunt (my gf's natural sister) remained in Brichany (Briceni). So it would appear that at least one possible explanation for the return of immigrants was the family left behind. Why did my ggm elect to stay in Bessarabia? Family legend has it that my grand aunt (name unknown) who remained in Brichany was a commissar involved in the Russian revolution. .

Re: family name meanings #names

Bob Silverstein

On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 11:17 AM, <alejandro@...> wrote:
Alejandro, the original name was Tzipershteyn and this family changed it to Ziperstein, Silverstein and Selverston.

Krakow survivors - GRENZBAUER #holocaust #poland #galicia

Daniella Alyagon

I have located a reference to Helena Leora Grenzbauer in a survivors list on Dan Hirschberg's website.
Krakow survivors 
Address/ Date 
Fliarecka le 
Found 1 match(es) 
ok 1887 
Does anyone know where can I find the actual documents this is based on?

thank you,


Daniella Alyagon




Researching: ALYAGON (Israel), SHOCHETMAN (Kishinev / Letychev / Derazhnya), AGINSKY (Kishinev / Minsk), FAJNZYLBER (Siennica, Poland / Warsaw, Poland), YELIN (Poland), KIEJZMAN (Garwolin, Poland),  SLIWKA (Garwolin, Poland), MANDELBAUM (Janowiec, Poland / Zwolen, Poland / Kozienice, Poland), CUKIER (Janowiec, Poland), RECHTANT (Kozienice, Poland), FALENBOGEN (Lublin, Poland), ROTENSTREICH (Galicia), SELINGER (Galicia), BITTER (Galicia / Bukowina), HISLER (Galicia / Bukowina ), EIFERMAN (Galicia / Bukowina), FROSTIG (Zolkiew, Galicia / Lviv, Galicia), GRANZBAUER (Zolkiew, Galicia), HERMAN (Zolkiew, Galicia), MESSER (Lviv, Galicia / Vienna, Austria), PROJEKT (Lviv, Galicia), STIERER (Lviv, Galicia), ALTMAN (Lviv, Galicia), FRIEDELS (Lviv, Galicia)

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Renée K. Carl

It appears that Raduraksti has launched a new website! The marriages will be filed under
I will be sure to notify the Latvia team at JewishGen and we will work to address the problem. Will also look to get you a work around, will take a couple days.
Thanks for your patience
Renee Carl
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Voliakas / Voliack / Wollock & Perevosnik from Shtayatsishisok / Stajetiske #lithuania

Simon Kreindler

My wife’s family comes from Shtayatsishisok / Stajetiske, a shtetl in the subdistrict of Adutiskis in the Sencionys municipality of Lithuania.

Her paternal GF’s surname was variously spelled Voliakas / Voliack / Wollock and her paternal GM’s surname was Perevosnik.

On arrival in Canada in 1924, her father and siblings settled in Montreal and changed their surname to Wolfe. Another member of the family apparently changed his name to Greenberg.

If any of this resonates, my wife would be pleased to hear from you.

Simon Kreindler



Re: Lost family in Ukraine-a dead end #ukraine


you wrote:

My family name in Russia was Shainsky.  My paternal grandfather, grandmother, and children arrived in 1913 in Philadelphia.  His 18 yo brother also came on the same ship, but was deported due to illness.  I have not been able to trace one family member in Russia.  There is a tree on MyHeritage, which has some equivalent names that I recognize, but the manager of the tree in Australia had not responded to my requests.  I even looked at the trees of my DNA matches, with no luck.  This has been previously posted on Tracing the Tribe.  The 1897 Census does not yield any names on Ancestry when inserting the English spelling.
Here are the names:. GF- Chaim Yehoshuah Shainsky.  His brother: Moishe Shainsky (Scheinsky on the ship manifest.). Their father: Mordechai (Mottel) Ber Shainsky, who never came to the US.  His wife may be Rivka.  On that family tree from Australia, Mordechai has numerous children, but my emigrant GF is not mentioned among them.  Those include:. Volka Mordhovich Shainsky, Moisha Shainsky, Masia Shainsky, Malka Shainsky, Baila Shainsky, and one unknown.  Other descendants include:. Geller, Vail, Ostrovsky, Kunin.  I do have correspondence and photos from Russia with the given names Motele, Genia, Soyfer.  There may also be a Gershon.
Any help anyone could offer would be much appreciated.  I am in contact with a large U.S. Shainsky family via Y DNA, and we would love to discover how we are related.  Thanks so much.
Stanley Solinsky


I’m not sure if you have seen this:

I also found many Shainsky’s by doing a search on family There was a death certificate in Illinois for a Fannie Kracow nee Shainsky who was born in 1851 in Kiev Russia with a listed father of Jacob Shainsky. 

There is also a naturalisation for a Chaim aka “Sam” Shainsky who lived in California. Also from Kiev. His wife’s name was Bessie & it looks like he arrived in Galveston, TX via Germany. But lives in Petaluma, CA. 

I would do a search there- family It’s free & you can get a lot of documents you may have to pay for at other sites. Plus they have some International records that other sites may not have. 

Best of luck!!
BLUMENTHAL: Russia> Poland> NYC> Rochester, NY
SCHOENBERG/SHOENBERG: Russia/Ukraine (Kuz’myn) (Satanov)> Rochester, NY
POLLACK/POLLAK: Russia/Ukraine (Kuz’myn) (Satanov)
COHEN/ha COHEN: Russia/Ukraine (Kuz’myn) (Satanov)
GRYNGRAS: Poland (Radzilow) (Szczuczyn)


Re: Sephardic Names; Follow-up to Dr. Sack's program on Jewish Names #names #sephardic

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"I'd like to ask for help understanding practices or conventions or ... among Portuguese Jews".

These naming conventions are different in different locations. I have never seen a child in Amsterdam with a double given name, with the parent's name the second half. Western Ashkenazi have the child's given name then the father's, without the 'ben' in between; this might look like a double name, but it isn't: Marum Moses is Marum the son of Moses.

The surname confusion was mainly early on, after the Sephardi became calmer about the Inquisition, they gave one surname to all their kids, and, conveniently, they differentiated different families, with cousins all named the same (9 Duarte Daiz named after the first) by appending the mother's surname, like many Spaniards still do today, but a permanent addition, leading to Vas Nunes da Costa de la Penha as one surname.

But I know that Joseph da Costa was Joao Perez da Cunha, so it isn't a problem in the records. The problems occur when many use the same aliases, so you don't know which person it is. I always assumed that was to confuse the Inquisition, as many traveled to Spain/Portugal for business.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Links to the Raduraksti Latvian Archives #latvia

Arlene Beare

Sorry I missed the question about registration on the Raduraksti site.  You have to re-register as it is a new site which means a new username and password.

Arlene Beare
Co-director Latvian Research.

Re: Links to the Raduraksti Latvian Archives #latvia

Arlene Beare

You are quire right we have a problem. When the Raduraksti site upgraded their site our links were broken. We now have a mammoth task to reconnect them either to Raduraksti or to Family Search  images.

There is also a problem with the search on the Latvia database. Jewishgen has been alerted and are attending to the problem. Hopefully they will get it fixed quickly.

Arlene Bear
Co-director Latvian Research

Re: military notbook #bessarabia

Adrian Koifman

Dear Yefin and Erika
With pleasure I could have it on the Bessarabia website. When you can attach the link so I can see it.
Regarding my grandfather's Military notebook (military license),
 Sheet 18 of what I sent you is a translation made by the Russian imperial consulate in Buenos Aires on February 30, 1913. It says 1) that this license book No. 8888 is the bearer Mauricio (Moises) Idel L Koifman soldier. 29Bachelor of the Samogitsky Infantry Regiment 41 3) in the year 1910 November 4) serving the Jotin military junta .. There is another word that I cannot read and number 216/4. 5) seems to say that he started on January 1, 1908 6) he was born on October 22, 1889. 7) bourgeois. 8) of the religions = Israelite 9) Marital single status 10) Can read and write 11) Profession = merchant 12) did not take part in campaigns 13) did not take part in battles with enemies 14) was not wounded. 15) does not have with ........ 16) being with the apprentice service of the trade. 17) The documents were ......... to the representative of the Jotin military junta, file 8679, on November 1, 1910. 18) Upon graduation, he chose the Bessarabia Government, Jotin District, as permanent residence. from Kelemensky.
1910 November 1 - N 8679. The head of regiment. Signed Luvorof (or something similar)
The other document on page 19 is a Certification from the Secretary of Public Relations and Worship of Argentina where it certifies that the previous document is authentic.
I understand that I use this document as a passport and here with the contribution of the Russian consulate in Argentina, this document will be accepted as a passport.
On the other hand I see I look at the map you sent, and I would like if you can help me to find something else. With regard to information on regiment lists, could you attach the link to these lists and also the link to the JewishGen database - Romania (Bessarabia)?

Re: Song - Why don't they give a Yiddisher Boy a Chance? #unitedkingdom

David Cantor

Thank you for the information about 'Jewish Cockney'. I have ordered the book mentioned and believe that I have found the home address of Mr Kops.  I shall write to him today!

Much appreciated.

Re: Kansas City Lithuania Jews #lithuania #usa


My father grew up in St. Joseph. His mother's sister from Minneapolis married Isadore Litvak from St. Joe. She was born in Roumania. He owned a pawn shop there and was killed in an armed robbery in the 50's. My grandmother was introduced to a friend of their's, Joe Kaminsky in St. Joe and she moved there to marry him. He was from Kischenev, Bessarabia.

Re: Kansas City Lithuania Jews #lithuania #usa


While I have not personally met Calvin Trillon, his family was Very close to my father's in St. Joseph. His father had a grocery store there, as did my grandfather. The Trillons moved to KC before he was born. My father and his older sister Sookie were the same age and very close.
Later on they all relocated to Kansas City as the children grew up. My grandmother played bridge every week with his mother and Ed Asner's mother (another KC Jew).

Re: Seeking Fritz BUKOFZER, film producer- Paris > Switzerland #france

Daniel Teichman

Fritz BUKOFZER was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Lucerne (Switzerland) between January and April 1958. 
Maybe the Jewish Community in Lucerne can provide you with the exact date and has further information.

Secretary: Michelle Shitrit / michelle@... / Adresse: JGL. Lindenhaustrasse 13, Postfach 6000, Luzern 2 / Te. +41413109815

Daniel Teichman, Zurich, Switzerland

Re: Searching for records of RUSSMAN from Pinsk #belarus #names

Gerald and Margaret

As Pinsk is now in Belarus, try for the records in Belarus. 
I can recommend a charity helping the remaining Jews help themselves.  That includes genealogical research in the local archives on behalf of relatives worldwide.   Its directors are based in London and Minsk.   Try contacting "The Together Plan" on london@...

Margaret Levin 
London N3

Re: Is the first name Marx a shortened version of Mordecai #names

Ralph Baer

My 3rd-great-grandfather, who along with a childless brother, adopted the family name BÄR (BAER) in accordance with the 1809 law requiring Jews living in Baden to adopt permanent family names was named Marx Nathan. His Hebrew name was Mordechai ben Natan. Mordche was also recorded. Numerous descendants were named for him or named for people who were named for him. The earlier ones also used Marx. More recent ones, including those currently living, mostly used Max.

His grandfather, my 5th-great-grandfather, was also Marx, and I assume Mordechai.
Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Help me find 1915 birth record from Harsány, Hungary #hungary

Moses Jefferson

Hello all,

I’ve been endlessly trying to get a copy of me grandmothers birth record. Having contacted different offices of the Hungarian archives, each office refers me to the next without offering any help. Without giving up, I ask from readers who can offer any advice how to actually obtain the record.

She was born in Harsány, which is currently in the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County in northeastern Hungary.

Advice would be appreciated!

Moses Jefferson 
London, UK


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