Nograd - Ludany, birth records KLEIN in 1880s #hungary


I'm looking for Jewish synagogue birth records pre civil registration for Ludany in Nograd, specifically the Klein family there, for the children of David Klein and Karolina Klein (I think they were both born Kleins), one of their children was Margit or Maria born in February 1887. My hunting has drawn a blank, I would be so grateful if anyone knows how to locate them. Very many thanks!

Re: Deportation from U.S. ports back to Eastern Europe #general


My grandmother was coughing upon arrival at Ellis Island.  Authorities feared TB.  She was not allowed entry.  Her name was crossed out from the manifest.  The arrival vessel, SS Mt. Clay, showed two passengers on board during the return trip to Hamburg.  Those two passengers where my grandmother and my great uncle, who was accompanying my underage grandmother during the voyage back to the old country.  A few months later, my great uncle had obtained passage on another vessel, and he and my grandmother returned to the U.S.  Her cough had cleared.  She was admitted into the country.  And therefore, I exist.  Had she stayed in the old country, she probably would have perished in/near Nowogrudek.

Ken Domeshek

Damesek, Kartorzynski, Sinienski, Braverman.

Re: military notebook #bessarabia


I have one for my great grandfather and it is about 15 pages or so with entries about all of his service time. It included a marriage that I did not know about. I have attached a scan of the cover of the booklet. 
Larry Bassist
Springville, Utah

looking for relatives of Miller and Zangier families in Fargo, North Dakota,L originally from Grojec, Poland. #usa #latinamerica #poland


Looking for descendants of Matel (possibly Matla) Zanger Miller (1883-1952) and husband Jacob Miller. Her headstone is in the Jewish cemetery of the synagogue in Fargo but I do not know where Jacob's is. They had two sons: Abraham and Israel. All of them were born in Grojec, Poland and came to Fargo, North Dakota in 1911 and 1920. Strange enough there are no records of the family during the census' of 1930 or 1940.
My maternal grandparents were Moshe Zangier and Zisel Miller, both of them born in Grojec, Poland, the same town that Matel Zanger and Jacob Miller came from. My maternal grandparents moved in 1922-1925 to an agricultural colony of the Jewish Colonization Association in Argentina, founded by Baron Hirsch. Because of the time, similar situations and family names I think the families in Fargo, ND and Argentina may be related.

Angel Kosfiszer
Richardson, Texas

Re: Other names for Yitzchak? #names


Your last name is interesting to me.  My name Malakoff/Malakhov (Малакхов) comes from the Hebrew maloch (מלאך) which means angel. Maybe we are
related :).  Alternative version of the name was Malachowsky which sounds more Polish.
Bob Malakoff
Pittsburgh, PA

Re: Help me find 1915 birth record from Harsány, Hungary #hungary


Unfortunately, like for most of what was Borsod county, the civil registers were only filmed up to 1908 from Harsány ( The other obstacle is that the current privacy law is so insanely badly written that archives are using 130 years as the cutoff for birth records, just so they don't inadvertently expose themselves to prosecution. Given that civil registration only started 125 years ago, one result of this is that civil birth records are not available at all from archives or registry offices. If you can show that you're direct family and that the person is deceased, then you can request an extract, but it's the classic chicken-and-egg: they won't do research for you, so you need to already know where/when the event happened in order to get the extract that might tell you where/when it happened.

I assume you've already tried the registry office in Harsány? I don't know what to suggest beyond that. I haven't actually interacted with a registry office in decades, so I don't really know what the current setup and situation is.

. /\ /\

Re: Other names for Yitzchak? #names


I assume your middle initial is related to יצחק .  What does the I stand for.  My middle name is Irwin.  I would have preferred Ivan or Isaac, but nobody asked me. 


Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general


A cutter was employed in the garment industry .  Bolts of cloth had to be cut in accordance with a pattern and a cutter did that work.
You can look up fabric cutting on the internet.  The job was not mechanized at that time to the degree that it is today

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 7/25/2020 9:55 AM, Phil Karlin wrote:
An ancestor was killed in a work-related accident in 1894, in New York City. I can't find anything specific about the accident, but city directories & his children's birth records give his occupation as "Cutter."
Anyone know what that is? What type of business would employ such a person? How might it be dangerous?

Phil K.

Re: Hit a roadblock finding death certificate for NYC: names, certificate number, but no death year #general #usa #belarus


I also worked on the transcriptions for John Martino, but most images were of indexes, not the actual documents. I spent extra time sorting my work in any number of ways to cut down on errors due to poor quality images, but I (and hopefully others) flagged questionable entries in the spreadsheets. I don't know if the Italian Genealogy Group did any proofing after it received the transcriptions made by the volunteers. For the most part, I don't use the IGG portal at all these days as has actually pulled more accurate info and more details, especially in the NYC marriages, even including parents names of the bride and groom. A final note for the IGG death index--I never left off a date, because the indexes were chronological. At most it would be off by a year because an event happened in late December and not being recorded until the following year.
Eli Savada
Bethesda MD

Re: Post WWII relatives records in Brussels, Belgium - JAKUBOWICZ #general

sylvia vanderhoeft

For relatives living in Brussels here are few possibilities because of the privacy law, as they maintain a 120year privacy which means you can't really get any information after 1900; Unless  you go there personallly and can prove that you are a relative of the person or persons you are looking for, which ofcourse is difficult for 2 reasons, I presume you don't live in Belgium , and because of the Covid-19 problems now.
Hopefully you can find a way to find your family.
S Stein

Re: Avigdor family of Mexico, Hartford, New Haven, Brooklyn and Toronto #usa #canada

Werner Hirsch

Hi Neal,

Rabbi (and attorney) David Avigdor is/was the rabbi at the Congregation Bikur Cholim Sheveth Achim synagogue in New Haven.  I'm sure that you're aware that he also had some legal problems here in New Haven.  You might try to contact him through the synagogue:

112 Marvel road
New Haven CT 06515
Phone: 203-387-4699 bikurcholim.newhaven@...

BTW, although I never knew any of the Avigdors well, I did meet David several times in New Haven, knew his father, Rabbi Isaac in Hartford, CT and way back in 1960 I had occasion to meet Rabbi Jacob Avigdor in Mexico City.

Good luck and stay well,

Werner (HIRSCH)
New Haven, CT

Searching Stein from Nowy Szacz, former Galicia (Poland) around 1805 #poland

sylvia vanderhoeft

We are still looking for information of the family STEIN/SZTEYN/SZTEIN /SZTAIN, from Nowy Szacz, former Galicia (Poland) around 1805; Does anyone know if all records were destroyed in the fire in 1854??

Sylvia Vanderhoeft

Looking for possible relatives in Israel for 91-year-old Holocaust survivor #holocaust

Vicki Schulkin

I recently learned through DNA testing that I am one of a handful of people distantly related to a woman in New York City who was sent to Auschwitz at age 12, and was the only survivor in her family. For all these years Paula has had no known relatives. Some of us now call her regularly, write and send pictures, which thrill her. The exact relationship is irrelevant to her — simply having any relatives seems to have changed her life.

She says that her mother had a brother who was already living in Israel (Palestine) before the war; that he lived in Tel-Aviv; and sold Singer sewing machines. His last name would have been Moskowitz, which was her mother’s maiden name. They were all born in the town of Velkiy Berezna (Nagyberezna) in Subcarpathia.

Paula is 91 (born 17 Dec. 1928, according to Hungarian birth records we’ve found). She wonders if her uncle might have grandchildren in Israel. Obviously time is of the essence, and I would appreciate any suggestions for how I might search for possible cousins in Israel.

Thank you!

Vicki Schulkin

Re: Looking for 19thC marriage record in NYC(?) #usa #austria-czech

Ilan Leibowitz

Looking for the marriage Record and  of My grandmother Rebecca(born Baunstein) to a Jacob Cohen lets say from 1907 to before the Census of 1910 where they have a son Harry age 20/12! They were later divoiced   approx 3-5 years later! Harry their son died in an accident(falling from a roof or fire escape as a young boy! Jacob and Rebecca also had a daughter Sadie born about 1913 but raised by her father after the divoice!

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general

Barbara Nowak

A cutter is someone who cuts patterns in the garment industry.

ALTMAN, TEPERSON, MARCUS, SHAPIRO. (Kovno, Lithuania, South Africa, NY)
NOWAK (Posen and Pryzansz,Plock, Berlin, NY & Chicago)
FLASTERSTEIN, HIRSHENHORN, MELNIK, KATZ (Miedzyrzec Podlaska, NY, Philadelphia)

Translation of documents from German to English #translation



My Israeli cousin has inherited German-Jewish family tree material going back to the 1550s for the “other side” of his family. Aside from the factual information, which he has already begun entering into a genealogical software program, this material includes dozens of pages written in German, describing the lives of many of the family members over the generations, going back to 1600. These “stories” relate to their professions, community life, restrictions by the authorities, and life during different periods of these German-Jewish communities. He has had about half of the material translated from German to English, but the person who had volunteered to translate can not continue.

He would like suggestions on finding someone else to continue the translation, which is too complex to do with GoogleTranslate. For his purposes, the translation need not be “perfect.” The purpose is to understand the stories and the historical environment of these ancestors.

Thanks for your suggestions. You may contact him personally: Yuval Bloch ( yuval_b1@... ).

All the best,

Ruth Nadelman Lynn
Lexington, MA

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general

Mark Halpern

Many Jewish immigrants during that period took jobs as a cutter. My father's first job was as a cutter in 1921. A cutter is a person who cuts fabric. I would refer to this business as the "Shmatah" or clothing business. 

Mark Halpern


On 2020-07-25 9:55 am, Phil Karlin wrote:

An ancestor was killed in a work-related accident in 1894, in New York City. I can't find anything specific about the accident, but city directories & his children's birth records give his occupation as "Cutter."
Anyone know what that is? What type of business would employ such a person? How might it be dangerous?

Phil K.

Re: How to obtain documents in France? #france

David Choukroun

@ Ilya,
this file can GR 16 P 375394 can be obtain physically at the SHD of Vincennes (Service Historique de la Défense)

Re: Hit a roadblock finding death certificate for NYC: names, certificate number, but no death year #general #usa #belarus

Marshall Lerner


I was a member of the team under of the leadership of John Martino of the Italian Genealogy Group that created the index which is used to find deaths, births, marriages, etc. at the NYC Archives. For the most part John's team worked from photocopies of microfilm images of varying quality over the course of many years.We did the best we could to interpret those source documents but team members were frequently required to make educated guesses about the spelling of names, certificate numbers, etc.from records that were barely legible. As a result I would subjectivity rate the accuracy of the index at 70-85% depending on the year. Please bear those limitations in mind when pursuing your research.


Re: mtDNA matches #dna

Jill Whitehead

You would ultimately have the same ancestral Eve. It depends how far back your common ancestor lived. Most DNA websites assess how far back your common ancestor lived, certainly on autosomal dna sites, if not on mtdna and ydna sites.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK