Re: Isak (Ignacz) Weinstock, then BOROS #hungary


The first note says he changed his name to Boros, the second that he joined the Reformed church in Buda/Budapest on 1908.5.21 .

 BOROS means Winemaker or something to do with Wine. Not an uncommon choice for Hungarianized Jewish names. 

Re: Searching for Brom/Braun family in Lithuania #lithuania

Diane Jacobs

Have you searched the All Lithuania Database on

I have been having a lot of success with the ALD for the past couple of months on extended family in Lithuania. 

Diane Jacobs

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Subject: [] Searching for Brom/Braun family in Lithuania #lithuania

I am hoping that there are some great researchers out there who can help myself and some cousins with a brick wall. We are looking for the name of the wife of Mordecai Braun/Brom from Lithuania. We know that they had at least three children: Elka b~1850 who married Josef Fivel Jacobson, a son Boruch b~1855 who married Sara Matushon and Rachel b.1864 who married Benjamin Lit/Leet. The last town that Boruch Brom listed on his ship manifest was Svedasai, Lithuania. We know that Benjamin Lit and his family lived in Radeikiai, Lithuania which is about 11 miles away. Rachel Leet had he maiden name as Broun on her death certificate while Boruch Brom's ship manifest and death certificate had Brom.
Any help would be appreciated
Phil Goldfarb
Tulsa, OK
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Re: Isak (Ignacz) Weinstock, then BOROS #hungary


I can't translate the Hungarian, but it seems like this was a change from a German surname to a Hungarian one. I had a number of relatives who changed their surname in that way, possibly some cultural bias against German names. Magaziner to Balkanyi (their mother's maiden name), Fink to Fenyo, Klempovics (ok, not all that German) to Nagy (very Hungarian).

Re: Looking for 19thC marriage record in NYC(?) #usa #austria-czech

Diane Jacobs

Go to

Scroll down to New York  City and search the marriage and brides & grooms indexes..

Diane Jacobs 

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Subject: Re: [] Looking for 19thC marriage record in NYC(?) #usa

Looking for the marriage Record and  of My grandmother Rebecca(born Baunstein) to a Jacob Cohen lets say from 1907 to before the Census of 1910 where they have a son Harry age 20/12! They were later divoiced   approx 3-5 years later! Harry their son died in an accident(falling from a roof or fire escape as a young boy! Jacob and Rebecca also had a daughter Sadie born about 1913 but raised by her father after the divoice!
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Albert and Magdalena Eisenbeis or Eisenbeisz #germany #canada

Anita R.

I am looking for birth, marriage, death certificates,
etc., for my Great Grandparents,
Albert and Magdalena Eisenbeis ( also spelled with
a ‘z’ on the end, as in Eisenbeisz), who lived in
( Gluckstahl, or Gluckstaad, Germany. I am unsure if Gluckstaad is the same village, alternate spelling.

They immigrated to the USA via Ellis Island in the
late 1800’s.

My late maternal Grandmother, Magdalena Eisenbeis,
one of their 6 children.
A childhood memory I have, is that Grandma
used to give us little schluks of Maniescwitz wine,
and her brother, my Great Uncle John, used to                wear a kipa.

Uncle John took my late sister Hazel on a trip to
Lodi, California in the 1980’s (90’s)? where she was told that there were Eisenbeis’s in Sacramento and other US cities, who spelled their surname with a ‘z’ on the end,
as in ‘Eisenbeisz,’ which they said was the Jewish 

They were ‘hidden’ Jews, and never told us anything about the family heritage, so we always assumed they were German.

I travelled to Israel as a tourist, cannot get a return flight out, due to covid19 lockdowns/airline shutdowns, and am planning to make Aliyah from here; however, I require documents to prove my Jewish heritage through my Grandma Magdalena Eisenbeis, and as they were ‘hidden’ Jews, I’m having problems finding Jewish documents like ketubah for my Great Grandparents, Albert and Magdalena Eisenbeis.
My late father and mother were Levi and Beatrice

Pederson (née Fifield). She was born October 15, 1924, at Abbey, Saskatchewan, Canada.
My Dad, Levi Pederson, was born April 15th, 1932, 
St Hilliers, Minnesota.
My name is Anita Karen Runions.

Please contact
me via email:

Re: Shabbos meals #belarus

Marcia Segal

Fleishig for Fridays, because it was fancy food and not inexpensive.


Re: Birth records in New York, #usa

Marcia Segal

Thank you for your help and your time! I didn't add further details before because I didn't want to presume. Here they are:

Simcha (Samuel) Siegel, b. ca. 1850--not sure of his occupation before he left Romania
Chaia (Clara) Siegal, b. ca. 1850; maiden name MERGLER

Their daughters that came with them were Chana (Annie), b. ca. 1883, and Rivke (Ray) b. ca. 1886. They came from Harlau, Romania, and settled in Carmel, New Jersey. The spelling of Siegel was given as "Segal" on the passenger manifest; as with the spelling of names and the names themselves variations are the rule.

Samuel Siegel appears in the 1892 city directory that includes Carmel. The family appears in the 1895 census for New Jersey. My guess is that Chaia was pregnant before they left Romania, and gave birth somewhere in the five boroughs before the family went to New Jersey.

Thank you again!

Best wishes,

Re: Szyja Soffer from Teofipol #ukraine


Szyja (pronounced Shy-a) is a diminutive of Yeshua.

Re: Isak (Ignacz) Weinstock, then BOROS #hungary

András Alvincz

Halló Hr.Miller!
Einige Jüd. Abstammung vollten zu ung.Volk gehören,(Der Staat hatte es auch bevorzugt)
Isak Weistock, 

ist in die Reformirte Kirche umgetreten und Namen geändert(Bestätigung steht geschrieeben)

Seeking a list of victims of the Dubno massacre of 1941 #holocaust #poland #russia

Toby Glickman

I believe the brother of my grandmother Perl Bunis Eisengart may have been a victim.  The family emigrated from Dubno in 1921 but the ship manifest named "Shye Bunis, brother", as her "contact in country of origin." I never heard his name mentioned, and did not know of his existence until I saw the ship manifest, too late to ask my mother.

Re: Searching for Brom/Braun family in Lithuania #lithuania

Jill Whitehead

My Brown/Brin/Brunn/Braun or similar ancestors came from Vishtinetz now Vistytis in Lithuania, but then Wiestyniec in Suwalki Gubernia in NE Poland. The name allegedly comes from the city of Brno/Brunn, now in Slovakia.They went in waves to Edinburgh, Scotland between 1868 and 1872, mostly in 1870, during the Baltic famine.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

MORE Re: KIEVSKY family from Kiev #ukraine



My father's family surname was Kopeikin and my great-grandparents Israel David Kopeikin and his wife Rosa Hartstein [originally Gartstein] were from Novo Fasto, just outside Kiev.  They moved to London, where I'm from [although I lived for many years in Los Angeles].  I'm now back in England, in Oxford.
We have postcards, with their photographs on them, from sisters Louisa and Anita Kievsky, then young elegant-looking women [their mother may have been called Rosa], written in Spanish: Anita and Louise were sending their regards to their uncles and cousins (tíos y primos).  The postcards were, addressed in Hebrew (or Yiddish), to my great-grandparents in London, sent from Buenos Aires on 30 March 1925.  I know, from my late grandparents, that some of their relations, and I'm going back quite some time now obviously, had emigrated to Argentina.    

Plesase see the 4 attachments- showing the front and back of the two postcards.

I have been searching for years for Louisa and Anita - any help would be very much appreciated!

I am also aware of Zulema Kievsky, born in Argentina in 1925 after the arrival of the family in 1922,  One of the witnesses to her marriage is Moises Kopeikin, 36 years old, married and living in San Luis 3162, Buenos Aires. It's in the neighborhood of Once, a traditional Jewish neighborhood in Buenos Aires.'

Take care and be well in these very difficult times to you all.


Re: Shabbos meals #belarus

David Ziants

As a teenager in London, England, I was becoming more religious, and my parents agreed to let me join a Jewish religious school and one of the conditions from the school was that my parents had to make a proper Friday night dinner with kiddush, etc. They felt that it had to be fried fish every week because they drew their inspiration from friends who were more religious and always had fried fish on Friday night. I have no idea of the roots of these friends, but I also always wondered why. Then an idea came to me, that possibly in the old country they did not want to overtly offend their Catholic neighbors (who do not eat meat on Fridays), so they went for the fish option. Just an idea, but I have nothing to base this on.

David Ziants 

Re: Yiddishe Kemfer, usa, yiddish #yiddish

David Lewin

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From: Jeffrey Knisbacher <j2456@...>
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Apparently, from one or two issues in the Jewish Museum of Maryland, the Yiddishe Kemfer newspaper was the organ of the U.S. Labor Zionists, at least in the 1930s and probably before and after. Does anyone know more about this paper, where it was published, for how long and if there is a complete run of it still in existence somewhere? The one issue at the Jewish Museum of MD lists two deaths in one week among the Baltimore Labor Zionists in the 1930s (have to go back and check the exact year). What is particularly interesting is that said issue lists the Labor Zionist membership at the time, many of whom were regular visitors at my grandparents' home in the 1940s and 1950s when I was growing up. One of the deceased was the author of the lyrics to a kind of anthem that was sung at every meeting. I can supply more information to anyone else who may be interested. My particular goal is to try and find poems that my later grandmother Pearl GELSTEIN LEHMAN (originally LIMONCHIK) was said to have written (by contemporaries after her passing in 1964). I imagine the Yiddish Kemfer is where they would have been published.   Jeff Knisbacher, currently Bradenton, FL

1.  Purt "Yiddishe Kempfer" into a Google search box

2. Have a look at

David Lewin

Search & Unite attempt to help locate people who, despite the passage of so many years since World War II, may still exist "out there".
We also assist in the process of re-possession of property in the Czech Republic and Israel.
See our Web pages at

Find Address - 30 Osborn, Brooklyn NY #usa


Cannot find the list of the people who lived in that address between 1925-1935. I couldn't find the address in the Census nor in the Telephone directories. We have that specific address for a family member. Does anyone has anothe idea how to search by address which is not by using Census/Phone Directories/Ancestry/FamilySearch/SteveMorse?? I'll Appreciate any Help!! Thanks

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general


My Father had a Clothing Manufacturing Company in South Australia for many years. A good 'cutter' was worth his weight in gold! because a good cutter might get two pairs of pants out of a piece of material and an average 'cutter' only one! They were very well paid. My Dad's business specialized in uniforms of many kinds, eg: Fire Brigade, Police Officers, and School Uniforms. When using the electric cutting machines, material would be stacked up on the cutters bench, and he might cut 20 size 8 Blazers at one time - not good if you make a mistake!! Cutters jealously guarded their patterns, and most would not let another use their patterns. When cutting only one garment, they would use large scissors, which were kept razor sharp (I still have a pair from Dad's factory, which closed many years ago). The only 'fatal' accident I could envisage would be if a cutter using a large electrical cutter, accidentally ran over the electric cord! In Australia that is 240Volts! Good Luck with your research.
David Dixon

Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #translation

Brian Gold

I've posted a vital record in Russian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...


Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.


Thank you very much.



Brian Gold

Name variants for Ovsey/Yehoshua Fuchs/Fuks? #names #dna #usa

Alex Fuchs

My GGGfater Ovsey/Yehoshua  Fuchs/Fuks came to the US from Minsk in the 1880s.
I searched for Ovsey /Yehoshua /Joshua Fuchs /Fox, but I can find any records of him :(
Ovsey was born around 1830 and his is father was Yuda(Yehuda) Fuks.
He was probably a furrier/tailor, settle on the East coast, and remarried in the US.
Ovsey had one older son who came with him to the US (supposedly a shipbuilding engineer).
My GGfather Iosel/Josef Fuchs (b. 7/31/1866 Minsk) came to visit Yehoshua in the 1880-90s but eventually went back to Minsk.
I can't find  Iosel's US records either.  
There are birth records of Iosel and his sister Khana-Rasya with their and parents' Hebrew names.
I did find through DNA Ovsey's nephew Morduch Abraham Fuchs (changed name to Max Fox) who settled in Pittsburgh.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!  

Re: Other names for Yitzchak? #names

Lee Jaffe

I haven't seen anyone mention "Yitzie"

I have a possible 4x great-grandfather in Suwalki whose name In JRI-Poland records is Ick or Icko.  We assume this was the local variation on Yitzhak.

And I've seen 16th c. Portuguese Jewish records which use Yschak.

Re: Braila Romania cemetery #romania


Please share if you learn anything about this cemetery. The only information I have found is at this link:
My family is from Braila and I have records to indicate they are buried at the Braila Jewish Cemetery. Would love to learn more!
Deborah Annex
Miami Beach, FL and Old Greenwich, CT

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