Use of "ben Avraham" on a headstone #general

Jeff Lieberman

If the family of a deceased (nonobservant) Jewish man doesn't know the name of his parents, how would his name be shown on his headstone? Would "ben Avraham" be used to signify that he was Jewish, e.g., Shalom ben Avraham?
Jeff Lieberman

Re: Definition of a family name BARIOT #names


Well, good question. The general answer is that you are writing a Jewish Russian family name in English using common English characters. The original name sounded something like that with k's and ch and z and so on. The ancestors could not read or write their own name or anything else actually. So scribes wrote it for them if they needed a permission slip to leave or other documents. When they got to Ellis Island another scribe wrote something down that sounded right to him. He probably came from Russia himself. So you can't look up Bariot anywhere back in the old country, especially in Minsk, where a very large population of Jews lived.

Seeking info about MEYER LEVIN (Born Danzig +/- 1789), see advertisement and PERLBACHs #unitedkingdom #germany


Meyer LEVIN left Danzig before the rest of the family adopted the name of PERLBACH. He went to London.
I am trying to find the link with Jacob LEVIN (resided in London, later on in Cape Town as a Cape merchant, then returned to London where he died)) as well as with my great-grandmother Clara LEVIN, widow of Samuel BERNARD, niece or cousin of Jacob.
Ron Peeters 
Ulvenhout (NL)

Re: Name variants for Ovsey/Yehoshua Fuchs/Fuks? #names #dna #usa

Alex Fuchs

There was a question about Ovsey name.

"Ovsey" is a common Russian variant for Yehoshua  

Re: Gershon Kleinman from Warsaw #poland


Hi Sherri

Thank you for replying, Grandpa Gerson was born in Nov.10, 1885. He came to NYC and according to records was picked up by his brother Samuel, they both were Bakers. In 1923 His wife Dora, Dwoira and there two sons David my dad and Sol came two NYC.
I don't have any family left to ask questions, so I'm reaching out. hope you can help
I check all over for info. right now I'm on Ancestry
Jerry Kleinman

Re: Searching Stein from Nowy Szacz, former Galicia (Poland) around 1805 #poland

sylvia vanderhoeft <sylvia.vanderhoeft@...>

thanks for your reply Stephen, I did know about the changed name but the main problem is the date 1805 ! they moved to Hungary, Màd around 1845 , I'm getting nowhere with this. I tried the archives in Poland but they didn't even bother to reply.

Re: Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #translation



In Russian:




Состоялось в городе Ломжа 26-го января (6-го февраля)1897-го года, в 9 часов утра явились лично жители города Ломжа Абрам-Довид Шейнкоп, 45-и лет и Малхиль Ружа, 56-и лет и объявили: вчера, в 3 часа дня, умерла Хая-Эстер Квятек, 38-и лет,  дочь Цалки Мордковича и Фейги Лейбовны, урожденной Бурштвич, супругов Липшитц, жительница посада Замброво, оставив после себя овдовевшего мужа Шансу Пинхасовича Квятек. По настоящему удостоверяю о кончине Хаи-Эстер Квятек.  Акт сей присутствующим подписан и ими подписан.


 Абрам-Довид Шейнкоп

Малхиль Ружа

Чиновник гражданского состояния

Президент города Ломжа    Подпись


Translate into English:




It took place in the city of Lomza on January 26 (February 6), 1897, at 9 o'clock in the morning the residents of the city of Lomza Abram-Dovid Sheinkop, 45 years old, and Malhil Ruzha, 56 years old, personally appeared and announced: yesterday, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Khaya-Esther Kvyatek, 38 years old, daughter of Tsalka Mordkovich and Feiga Leibovna, nee Burshtvich, spouses Lipshitz, a resident of the Zambrovo posad, died, leaving behind her widowed husband Shansa Pinkhasovich Kvyatek. I truly certify the death of Chai-Esther Kvyatek. This act was signed and signed by those present.


 Abram-Dovid Sheinkop

Malhil Rouja

Civil Status Officer

Lomza City President Signature





Tsalka Mordkovich, mean Tsalka, son of Mordka.

Feiga Leibovna, Feiga, daughter of Leiba

Shansa Pinkhasovich, Shansa, son of Pinkhas

Re: Records from 1807-1811 #romania #bessarabia #ukraine


Hi Yefim,

This is indeed very interesting finding! Can you provide with the source of the document (archive) if it is available please?

Thank you!
Semion Sucholutsky

Re: Translation English-English #translation

Linda Cantor

St. Marks Avenue is a street in Brooklyn, in the Crown Heights neighborhood, not far from the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Re: Translation English-English #translation

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

St Marks Ave, 

On Jul 27, 2020, at 12:18 AM, stavknr@... wrote:

Can Someone please help me understand which address is written in this picture?
It suppose to be a street in Brooklyn NY.

Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

Re: Translation English-English #translation


Saint Mark's Avenue. I hope this helps.

Re: Translation English-English #translation

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

In addition. The numbers listed are the house number and Google shows that address as a house still in existence 
Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

Re: Translation English-English #translation

Judy Floam

It is St. Marks Avenue.  According to Google Maps, it is a street in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, just north of Prospect Park.

Re: Translation English-English #translation

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

Saint Marks Avenue and there was also a Saint Marks Place
Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

Looking for descendants of my wife's two maternal grand-uncles – MILLER MALARCZYK #usa #poland

Laurent Ettouati


My wife had at least two grand-uncles who emigrated to the USA from
Poland and changed their name from MALARCZYK to MILLER, Jacob MILLER
1894-1984 and Joseph MILLER 1897-1981.

Jacob MILLER was married to Becky GREENBERG with four children born in
New-York, Martin 1917-2005, Ellen 1919, Celia 1923 married to Martin
SACKS and Bernard 1929.

Joseph MILLER was married to Becky PALIWADA ca1901- with three children
born in New-York, Beatrice 1924, Frances 1927 and Ruth 1932.

My wife's late mother was also in touch just after the 2nd world war
with two cousins in the USA Walter PALEVODA/PALWODA 1927 and Charles
CINNAMON 1928-1998. So Walter PALEVODA/PALWODA shoud be related to Becky
PALIWADA. Nothing known about the relation between Charles CINNAMON and
her mother.

My wife's maternal great-grandparents was Icek MALARCZYCK 1858-ca1945
and Ruchla TYS 1868-1930/. Geographical areas in Poland for parents and
sons: Przasnysz, Lomza, Mlodzianowo, Maków Mazowiecki.

Thanks for your help.

Laurent Ettouati

Re: Isak (Ignacz) Weinstock, then BOROS #hungary


The first note says he changed his name to Boros, the second that he joined the Reformed church in Buda/Budapest on 1908.5.21 .

 BOROS means Winemaker or something to do with Wine. Not an uncommon choice for Hungarianized Jewish names. 

Re: Searching for Brom/Braun family in Lithuania #lithuania

Diane Jacobs

Have you searched the All Lithuania Database on

I have been having a lot of success with the ALD for the past couple of months on extended family in Lithuania. 

Diane Jacobs

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Subject: [] Searching for Brom/Braun family in Lithuania #lithuania

I am hoping that there are some great researchers out there who can help myself and some cousins with a brick wall. We are looking for the name of the wife of Mordecai Braun/Brom from Lithuania. We know that they had at least three children: Elka b~1850 who married Josef Fivel Jacobson, a son Boruch b~1855 who married Sara Matushon and Rachel b.1864 who married Benjamin Lit/Leet. The last town that Boruch Brom listed on his ship manifest was Svedasai, Lithuania. We know that Benjamin Lit and his family lived in Radeikiai, Lithuania which is about 11 miles away. Rachel Leet had he maiden name as Broun on her death certificate while Boruch Brom's ship manifest and death certificate had Brom.
Any help would be appreciated
Phil Goldfarb
Tulsa, OK
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Re: Isak (Ignacz) Weinstock, then BOROS #hungary


I can't translate the Hungarian, but it seems like this was a change from a German surname to a Hungarian one. I had a number of relatives who changed their surname in that way, possibly some cultural bias against German names. Magaziner to Balkanyi (their mother's maiden name), Fink to Fenyo, Klempovics (ok, not all that German) to Nagy (very Hungarian).

Re: Looking for 19thC marriage record in NYC(?) #usa #austria-czech

Diane Jacobs

Go to

Scroll down to New York  City and search the marriage and brides & grooms indexes..

Diane Jacobs 

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Subject: Re: [] Looking for 19thC marriage record in NYC(?) #usa

Looking for the marriage Record and  of My grandmother Rebecca(born Baunstein) to a Jacob Cohen lets say from 1907 to before the Census of 1910 where they have a son Harry age 20/12! They were later divoiced   approx 3-5 years later! Harry their son died in an accident(falling from a roof or fire escape as a young boy! Jacob and Rebecca also had a daughter Sadie born about 1913 but raised by her father after the divoice!
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Albert and Magdalena Eisenbeis or Eisenbeisz #germany #canada

Anita R.

I am looking for birth, marriage, death certificates,
etc., for my Great Grandparents,
Albert and Magdalena Eisenbeis ( also spelled with
a ‘z’ on the end, as in Eisenbeisz), who lived in
( Gluckstahl, or Gluckstaad, Germany. I am unsure if Gluckstaad is the same village, alternate spelling.

They immigrated to the USA via Ellis Island in the
late 1800’s.

My late maternal Grandmother, Magdalena Eisenbeis,
one of their 6 children.
A childhood memory I have, is that Grandma
used to give us little schluks of Maniescwitz wine,
and her brother, my Great Uncle John, used to                wear a kipa.

Uncle John took my late sister Hazel on a trip to
Lodi, California in the 1980’s (90’s)? where she was told that there were Eisenbeis’s in Sacramento and other US cities, who spelled their surname with a ‘z’ on the end,
as in ‘Eisenbeisz,’ which they said was the Jewish 

They were ‘hidden’ Jews, and never told us anything about the family heritage, so we always assumed they were German.

I travelled to Israel as a tourist, cannot get a return flight out, due to covid19 lockdowns/airline shutdowns, and am planning to make Aliyah from here; however, I require documents to prove my Jewish heritage through my Grandma Magdalena Eisenbeis, and as they were ‘hidden’ Jews, I’m having problems finding Jewish documents like ketubah for my Great Grandparents, Albert and Magdalena Eisenbeis.
My late father and mother were Levi and Beatrice

Pederson (née Fifield). She was born October 15, 1924, at Abbey, Saskatchewan, Canada.
My Dad, Levi Pederson, was born April 15th, 1932, 
St Hilliers, Minnesota.
My name is Anita Karen Runions.

Please contact
me via email:

11441 - 11460 of 658675