Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Jill Whitehead

In terms of DNA results, MyHeritage, 23andme and FTDNA are all vastly superior to Ancestry (and less expensive) in that the other companies give you the size of each chromosome segment you share, which Ancestry does not, and so Ancestry customers need to upload their genetic information to other companies or to Gedmatch in order to be able to make comparisons.  This is very frustrating as 9 times out of 10 people will not do this as they have spent their money on Ancestry without knowing what they are getting. Being able to compare the size of chromosome segment lengths is very important if you have Jewish ancestry, to determine the closeness of your relationship and how far back in time this goes. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK.

Re: Post WWII relatives records in Brussels, Belgium - JAKUBOWICZ #general


Hello, I am doing some research on the same subject.
You might find some information at the following address:

Best regards,

Re: Did Emperor Joseph's 1787 decree include a list of names? #austria-czech

Johann Hammer


In 1787, Emperor Joseph II laid down by law that Jews, who at that time only bore first names and nicknames, had to take German surnames with immediate effect.
In addition, there was a list of 156 legally permitted first names in Austria.


Re: Records from 1807-1811 #romania #bessarabia #ukraine


The darker paragraph on top of a table reads -- "Dupa porunca  prea stralucitului feldmarsal... ci s-au fost dat  ca asupra ...urilor cetatilor si sa puie bir si sa implineasca s-au facut urmare poruncii si birnicii s-au socotot, s-au randuit poruncindu-se dregatorilor...

Obviously something about taxation. But no doubt about language -- Romanian (very archaic)

Luc Radu
Great Neck

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Helen Gardner

Even though I regularly trawl through other sites looking for new information, many times now My Heritage has sent me useful hints. The most exciting hint enabled me to discover that a branch I thought had perished in the holocaust actually all survived in different places, and enabled me to track most of them. Other hints have also led to discoveries I didn’t find anywhere else. So I think they’re worth their weight in solid gold.

Helen Gardner





Helen Gardner

ancestral names, all from Poland, mostly Warsaw


US Secretary of State Releases Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act Report to Congress #holocaust #usa

Jan Meisels Allen



On July 29, 2020, the US Department of State released its report to Congress on the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) of 2017 Act, which was adopted by Congress with broad, bipartisan support and signed into law by President Trump in May 2018.


The State Department called out Bosnia, Belarus, Ukraine and particularly Poland for not having acted on restitution claims. Croatia, Latvia and Russia were also taken to task in the report, which is likely to draw angry responses from the governments identified.


The JUST Act Report highlights the important actions taken by countries to provide restitution of or compensation for property confiscated during the Holocaust era or subsequently nationalized during the Communist era, consistent with commitments those countries undertook when they endorsed the Terezin Declaration at the conclusion of the Prague Holocaust Era Assets Conference in June 2009. The report also describes the vital work that countries are doing to commemorate the Holocaust, open archives, and promote Holocaust education in order to honor survivors and victims and to ensure such atrocities never happen again.


The Report details the critical work that remains to be done to provide a belated measure of justice to Holocaust survivors and their families, and to Jewish communities destroyed by the Holocaust. Given the advanced age of Holocaust survivors around the world – many of whom live in or near poverty – the need for action is urgent. All victims of the Nazi regime should be able to live out their remaining days in dignity.


The report may be read at:


To read about the report see:



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Comment about software, online vs local (MH vs Ancestry) #general

Dahn Cukier

Yesterday a mention was made that a person's information
was removed/lost from an online tree. This was in the Ancestry vs
MyHeritage thread.

I have written this in the past, documents should be
downloaded to your private computer. A judge can
decide that some item is "private" and it is then
removed from the online information.

If a judge one day decides that a site violates
personal privacy and needs to be removed, all the
data can be lost.

Has this happened? Not as far as I know with genealogy, BUT
it did happen to a site that shared songs and a court decided
it violated copy-rites, overnight the site closed down and
all and any songs stored on the site were lost.

As can be seen, I am advocate of offline information
storage. That includes offline backup to privately owned
flash-drives and external drives. These and CD or DVD have
their limitations also, be sure to verify at least once a year
that data can be retrieved and have more than one backup.

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Harold Love

I’ve never even seen a manifest on MH. 

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Harold Love

I don’t have enough facts about my ancestors or even my original surname. It certainly was not Love in the Pale. So, the wide net that you seem to really dislike can be helpful to people with significant brick walls. 

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Harold Love

The Israeli element drives me crazy. The app is always switching to Hebrew. 

Help with Russian translation of Records on ViewMate #translation

Arlene Glass

I need translation of the Russian records from Lomza Poland.  They are two marriage records and three death records.  The full translation is not needed. On most of the records I only need the date and place. They are all from the Kolaczek family. 
The links are below. Please respond using the ViewMate form.
Thank you so much for your help.
Arlene Glass
Atlanta Georgia
 (death record of Lejba Gerszk Kolaczek}
 (marriage of Szejna Feiga Kolacz and Szolim Joszk Kozikiewicz}
 (marriage of Juszk Kolacz and Etka Rywka Kolaczek)
(death of Peltyn Kolaczek)
(death of Chaim Berek Kolaczek)

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general


I use wikitree for my main tree. One of the problems I have with other sites, as previously mentioned, is that references are not required, so someone can repeat their family lore as if it were known to be true. For example, many trees will list one of my ancestors as an illegitimate daughter of King Christian IV. While her mother was indeed one of the king's many mistresses, I've seen no actual evidence that he was the father of her child. Yet it is often presented as fact. May be true, may not be!

JewishGen U.S. Research Division Launched #jgs-iajgs #usa

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt




Introducing the newly-launched JewishGen U.S. Research Division - focusing on all time periods 1654 - present!


Collaborating with JOWBR, the Memorial Plaques Database Project, the Sephardic Research Division, and the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), we want to partner with every U.S. based Jewish Genealogy Society and encourage the identification, digitization, and indexing of new projects from every city or region around the country.


Join us at the Virtual IAJGS Conference on Monday, August 10th at 2:45 pm EST for our first meeting where inaugural projects will be discussed, and your project ideas and volunteer commitment is encouraged and welcome.


It is suggested that every U.S. based Jewish Genealogy Society send a representative to this meeting and suggest a project that your volunteers can add from your city or geographic region. To identify records and potential projects, contact local Jewish historical societies or archives, synagogues, or search on and WorldCat.


I look forward to working with you to expand on JewishGen’s American records collection.


Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

Director, JewishGen U.S. Research Division


Based in Colorado

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Peter Straus

Family Tree Maker is not free, but I have found it to be excellent, stable and comprehensive--and inexpensive.  It is priced at $80, but does not have to be renewed annually.  (I still use FTM 2017.)  Note it is housed on your computer, not online.   If you want to sync online, it syncs with Ancestry, but then you are paying Ancestry's subscription fees

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Bruce Drake

In addition to what I said before about Ancestry and My Heritage feeding data from my own tree back to me, I have found most of their “record match” emails useless because if you have been on those services a long time, they are records you already found

Viewmate Translation Request-Russian #translation

J. Grossman

I am requesting a translation of Russian census records 1882.  Please respond using the Viewmate online form.


Thanking you in advance for your help!

J. Grossman




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Re: Surname query Romania/Hungary #romania #hungary


My family name is Hantz and they came from Hungary and were Jewish. I have been hitting roadblocks in my research. A huge dead end.

Re: Genealogy Software For Family Trees #general


Chuck, I am interested in your topic and will be at the virtual conference. Which day and time is your software talk?
Thank you.
Jan Enns

Re: Is it possible to see NY Death Certificates (not indexes) and Naturalization Records (not indexes) online during Covid? #records

David Oseas


The naturalization records are available for viewing on FamilySearch.  See these collections:
Eastern District NY (1865-1958):
Southern District NY (1824-1945):
Kings County Supreme Ct (1907-1922):
NY Superior Ct (1792-1906):

David Oseas

Re: Definition of family name #names #poland

David Brostoff

On Jul 29, 2020, at 2:13 PM, alejandro@... wrote:

The exact meaning of this surname is en epenthesis of the surname Korb which is a german word for basket.
Now, "belnik" is a yiddish suffix for a person´s occupation. Therefore, the epenthesis occurs when you add or substract a letter from a surname. In this case an "a" was added and that is how Korabelnik means "a basket maker or seller".
That may be, although Alexander Beider, in Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire (rev. ed.), says it means "hawker" or "peddler."


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