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Dottie Miller

I, too, have MEYER ancestors from neat Lembach. I found another Meyer family from Laubach ,a connection that a descendant of that family and I found very exciting, but then I learned from that Laubach didn't allow Jews to live there. That fact explains why there is no listing of Jewish families in Laubach in Pierre Katz's book that names the Jews in Alsace by town, a book giving the names before and after the 1808 requirement that all subjects of Napoleon's Empire had to take a civil name. The same is true of the 1851 census of Jewish communities compiles by Katz. I found your ancestors listed in Lembach in the latter book. Salomon Meyer is listed as a widower. There is a notation that he was born in Bavaria. in Niederhochstadt. You can most likely find civil records of life events in the Departmental Archives for Alsace, in Strasbourg, France, available online. Once you've found them, I'd be happy to read them for you, up until 1871 when Alsace was lost to Germany and the records from then on till after WWI are in German.
Dottie Miller

MEYER (Goersdorf), DREYFUS (Brumath and Duppigheim), BIGART (Gerstheim), GERNSBACHER (Buhl), GUGENHEIMER (Ihringen and Breisach), JACOBSON (Vilna), BOGASLAVSKY (Ukraine), SERIENSKY (Ukraine)

Re: Wedding Announcement errors.. question #general

Neil Kominsky

Anytime you're dealing with an item printed in a newspaper, you have two questions: Who wrote it? and Who edited it?  If the announcement was written by someone other than the immediate family, someone may have mistaken the best man with the same surname for a brother.  If it was edited at the paper, it is possible that someone tried to make it "clearer" by mistakenly specifying the best man with the same surname as a brother.
It is also a question, of course, of how reliable the source was that told you the groom was an only child.
Neil Kominsky
Brookline, MA

Salli Heidingsfeld. #rabbinic #names


I recently purchased a set of Machzorim printed in Rodelheim in 1905.
they are all embossed with the name
Salli Heidingsfeld.
i have no information at all about this person.
Can anyone provide any?

Re: FBI Case Files on Fold3 #records

stewart wershow

It is an investigation for a visa application. let me know if you need more information

Re: Finding a Long Lost Cousin - Unraveling a Clue #general

Sherri Bobish


You may also want to get a copy of Norma's birth certificate.
"For birth and death records after 30 June 1915, one must make application to the Pennsylvania Division of Vital Records, 110 North 8th Street 215.560.6011. To order certificates on a VISA card call 724.656.3100. For downloadable request forms please visit


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Mt. Sharon Cemetery #general

Carole Brewster

Can someone please give me the link to search for people buried in Mt. Sharon Cemetery, Springfield, Delaware County PA 1980. I’m trying to find the burial of my greatgrandmother Yetta Garfinkel Theil 1878-1980. Her death certificate says Mt Sharon
thank you
Carole Hoffman Brewster researching Theil, Garfinkel, Baylinson, Hoffman, Kreisberg, Janofsky

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Sherri Bobish


I see that the info is from The Social Security Applications and Claims Index.

I believe that her birth date, and names of her parents, would have been written on the original SS5 application by Norma herself.

Today Social Security cards are given to babies at birth, that was not the case back then.

Norma would have, most likely, filled out an SS5 at the time she began working.

There are errors in the Social Security index, so you may want to obtain Norma's original SS5 form.
The fee is $24. for a photocopy.

Of course, it is possible that someone filled out the SS5 for her.  Seeing a copy of the original SS5 will help you determine if it is her handwriting, or not.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Re: Wedding Announcement errors.. question #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"Has anyone experienced information from a wedding announcement that is in error? "

It could have been that the cousins' parents had died or been disabled, so that your family took him in and considered him a son - a brother of their biological son. Early deaths and disability were pretty common in the old days, so somebody had to take care of children if they could.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Let's Introduce Ourselves #bessarabia

Pablo Libedinsky

Thank you for the information.
I didn't know about A. Beider's Encyclopedia.  I'll look it up.
For what I've been able to learn, KHAMUDIS is derived from the Hebrew Khamud (plural Khamudot, or Khamudos in the Ashkenazi pronunciation).  I haven't found any other explanation.
I know that "lebed" means "swan" in Russian and also that there is the town of Lebedyn in Ukraine. I guess the most likely source is the town's name.

Thanks again.
Shabbat Shalom.

Brick Wall: Help Needed #ukraine


I have hit a brick wall in researching the ancestry of my great-grandfather, Edward S. Cooper, prior to his marriage to my great-grandmother Goldie Bramer in 1912, in Chicago, Ill.  Soon after marriage, Edward and Goldie moved to Spokane, WA.

While I have some information regarding Edward’s place of birth, I have been unable to confirm specific information about his life prior to arriving in Chicago.  I am assuming that his last name changed at some point.  I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions in moving past this brick-wall.  I have provided a quick list of facts that I have found in my research (declaration of intention and 1900 and 1910 census documents).

Born on 2/12/1886 in Odessa, Russia (Jewish descen

Parents: Esther and Edward (per Spokane, WA death certificate) 

·       Left the port of Libau and arrived in NYC on or about April 15, 1888 (the name of the ship isn’t listed.) We believe an older cousin or sibling traveled with him to the United States. 

I did locate a couple of documents that support that may match up with Edward, but are not definitive and contain some conflicting information.

·       1900 US Federal Census (Chic, Ill):

o   Edward Kooper (age 14), born in 1886.

o   Esther Kooper (age 49) born in 1851.  Head of the family (widowed).

o   Bennie Kooper (age 30) born in 1870.

o   Leo Kooper (age 12) born in 1888.

o   The immigration year listed for all four family members is 1890.


·       1910 US Federal Census (Chic, Ill):

o   Edward Cooper (age 24) born in 1886.

o   Esther Cooper (age 58) born in 1851.

o   The immigration year for both Edward and Esther is 1892.


I did find it interesting that Edward’s two son’s were named Bernard and Gerald Leonard (possibly in honor of his siblings?)

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Quick Translation from German to English Please #translation


I don't have time to do a full translation, but here are the names:

The groom was from Noredenburg.  His parents were the vinegar manuracturer Katzke Lieberman and Rahel nee Wolff.

The bride was from Liebstadt.  Her father was the merchant Elias Espen.  Her mother's name is not given.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Re: Wood Street Shul Stein family in Chicago. #usa

Sheri Prager

My great great grandfather, Aron Stern, was Rabbi for B’nai David. I probably don’t have any information that can’t be easily found but I’m happy to share what I have.


Mike, do you possibly have any photos of the Shul or the Rabbi?


Sheri Prager

Vancouver, WA



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I believe the Shul was B'nai David at 1271 Woods Street. It was at that location from 1896 to around 1917. I don't know if that fits your time when your grandparents lived there.

It would have been about a 25 minute walk (1.3 miles) from Grand and Damen.


I can provide you more info if you email me directly at karsen.mike@...




Mike Karsen

JGS Illinois Help Desk

Re: Equivalent Name for Rose #names

Sue Coleman

My Hebrew name is Shoshana. It is after my late grandmother Rose who died very young
Sue Coleman
Pinner, UK

Strauss Family of Staden, Hessen and Grünebaum Family of Gambach, Hessen #germany

Ralph Baer

I have recently been compiling data on the descendants of Hirsch STRAUß II and his wife Scheile (later Jeanette/Jannette/Johannette) of Stade in the current Wetteraukreis in Hessen (formerly in Oberhessen).  Is anyone familiar with this family? 
Hirsch STRAUß was born about 1784 and died on 7 March 1860 in Staden. Scheile was born about 1789 and died there on 22 September 1869.
I strongly suspect that Scheile was the same person as Schönle, the eldest child of my 3rd-great grandfather Kaufmann GRÜNEBAUM (1757 – 22 April 1840 Gambach) and the only child of his first and unknown wife. See the page from the 1818 Gambach list of Jews attached showing her as born in 1792 and moving in 1816 to Stade. I am descended from her half-brother Moses GRÜNEBAUM.
Hirsch and Scheile had the following five children:
1. Rebeka STRAUß 1819 Staden – about 1822 Staden
2. Dey (Dottchen) STRAUß 1821 Staden
3. Rebecca (Ricka) STRAUß 25 January 1825 Staden
4. Beile (Bettchen) STRAUß 3 August 1827 Staden – 9 April 1884 Staden, unmarried
5. Joseph Löb STRAUß 11 August 1831 Staden, married 29 October 1863 Langenselbold to Hindel (Hanchen) ROSENTHAL about 1837 Langenselbold
I am sure that a daughter was named for Scheile’s mother or perhaps both Rebeccas. I have not yet located the second and third child. The death record of Bettchen on Ancestry gives her mother’s name as Johannette Kaufmann corresponding to her mother’s patronymic, Kaufmann. It was supplied by her brother. Since Scheile had married before family names were adopted, it is not surprising that GRÜNEBAUM was not used. I am interested in seeing what the other death records state.

Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

Re: Deportation from U.S. ports back to Eastern Europe #general

Sherri Bobish

asked:  "What do readers believe is the best data base for early 1900 passenger records?"

Passenger records for which country?  If you can be more specific, than more precise answers can be given.

In general, I suggest which is a free site, and has a good selection of passenger manifest databases for The U.S.

Of course, is a wonderful resource.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Re: Wood Street Shul Stein family in Chicago. #usa

Mike Karsen

I believe the Shul was B'nai David at 1271 Woods Street. It was at that location from 1896 to around 1917. I don't know if that fits your time when your grandparents lived there.
It would have been about a 25 minute walk (1.3 miles) from Grand and Damen.
I can provide you more info if you email me directly at karsen.mike@...
Mike Karsen
JGS Illinois Help Desk

August 4: Ask the Center for Jewish History's Genealogy Librarians #events

Moriah Amit

Next Tuesday (8/4) at 3:30 pm ET, tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for the next episode of Genealogy Coffee Break. Our genealogy librarians will host an open Q & A session. Bring your burning research questions and we'll provide our expert advice. To join the live webinar, click "Follow" on the top of the Center's Facebook page and a notification will pop up on your screen when the webinar goes live. Note: If the notification doesn't appear, you can also find the webinar on our Facebook videos page once it goes live. Catch up on the entire series here

Moriah Amit
Senior Genealogy Librarian at the Center for Jewish History
New York, NY

Cippe Sonnenschein #ukraine

Carol Jean Weightman

This is the Birth Registration of my grandmother Cippe.
It took me a long time to find it. Always said to have been born on 2 April 1874 in Czernowitz, Cippe’s Birth Registration is in the 1895 Czernowitz Births Volume.
Cippe's parents were Pessie Golde Strudler and Fischel Sonnenschein.
The marriage of Pessie and Fischel was registered with the civil authorities in Czernowitz in 1891. Cippe and her siblings were listed on the 1891 Marriage Registration.
I do not understand the significance of Oktober 1895 which I can see in the Anmerkung column of this Birth Registration.
It is possible that Cippe was born in Stryj and that her birth had been registered there. But I see no reference to Stryj in the Anmerkung on the Birth Registration or on the 1891 Marriage Registration.
It is also possible that a marriage was planned for Cippe to take place in Lviv. There is a photograph of her taken in a studio in Lviv. Is 1895 possibly a reference to this?
I would appreciate a translation of the comments which are across the three columns, as well as any thoughts, interpretations, understanding as to why Cippe’s 1874 birth is in the 1895 register.
Thank you for your help.

Re: Ester Fanya Fomin family from Vitebsk, Belarus and then Riga, Latvia #belarus #latvia


I have a couple of suggestions for Latvian records. 

The following link takes you to a database that holds the translations of some of the rabbinate records from the Latvian State Archices.

Try the Latvian State Archives.  The rabbinate records are sometimes easy to browse because the entries are in the Roman alphabet and the names read very similarly to English.  Sarah is Sarah is Sara is Sora.  Same for David or Isaac.  The entries are also there in block scripts (I believe Hebrew but possibly Yiddish).

 Antra Celmina  <>, a Canadian of Latvian descent, offers a course in how to maneuver the Latvian archives.  First course is free.  After that the costs are fairly minimal.

The Latvian archives are on Ancestry but not searchable.  You need to browse.

I share this because I found my grandfather's brother's birth and circumcision record after searching for years and from that record uncovered my great grandfather's place of registration in the Russian Empire and now have more places to search.  Everybody seems to concentrate on Poland, Ukraine, Belarus.  I assume that is a matter of numbers.  Latvia was a much smaller Jewish community.  But there are records.

Wedding Announcement errors.. question #general

Barry Yunes

Has anyone experienced information from a wedding announcement that is in error? I was just wondering if this happens to others at all? In the Boston Globe my Grandfather, Louis Yunes wedding announcement from 1908 stated that the best man was "Frank Yunes, one of the Groom's brothers". I was told he was an only child and this is the first I had heard of this. I believe he could be a first cousin but not a brother. Just wondering if anyone else had run into this with a wedding announcement? If I could trace the family name to a revision list from Boguslov, Russia/Lithuania then I might be able to resolve this, but so far no luck doing that either. Thanks for any help or responses.

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