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Marjorie Geiser

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Hersch Hoffman

Looking at the manifest for Hersch Hoffman, on the Helvetia in 1889, it appears he is not alone; he has a 10 year old Dora with him; it's on the next page, below him.

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Jx. Gx.

Hi Dawn,

Have you tried searching for the ship manifest containing the name of your ggf Edward. Go to or the Ellis Island site
The manifest will fill in some of the missing information including the name of the ship and actual date of arrival in NYC.

Jeffrey Gee

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Hello Carl,
On Ancestry, I found that Norma died in New Jersey. Then I checked and found several articles about her including one about the death of her daughter due to a car accident. The newspaper articles identified her husband as Herbert Rabinowitz, who also died in New Jersey. I did not find a marriage record. I did however, find a marriage record for her parents ( see below) Also, the 1920 census provides names of siblings for Bertha and other famly members, which may be helpful in tracking down long lost family members. (see census record below) - article about Norma receiving an award, with a photo. Let me know if you don't have access to it and I'll clip it for you. - article about the daughter's (Ann) death in Sep. 1975. She has a brother named Daniel - article about a burglary at the Rabinowitz home

New Jersey death index
Norma Rabinowitz
Age:     57
Birth Date:     25 Jan 1938
Death Date:     19 Dec 1995
Death Place:     Fort Lee Borough, Bergen, New Jersey, USA

Herbert F. Rabinowitz
Social Security Number:     091-30-3670
Birth Date:     7 Dec 1937
Issue Year:     1954-1956
Issue State:     New York
Last Residence:     07024, Fort Lee, Bergen, New Jersey, USA
Death Date:     1 Jun 1989

Name: Joseph Kaplan
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 13 Feb 1937
Event Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Event Place (Original): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Gender: Male
Father's Name: Nathan Kaplan
Mother's Name: Sarah Levin Kaplan
Spouse's Name: Bertha D Kaplan
Spouse's Gender: Female
Spouse's Father's Name: Joseph Kaplan
Spouse's Mother's Name: Fannie Gelfont

Name: Bertha Kaplan
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1920
Event Place: Philadelphia Ward 32, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Event Place (Original): Philadelphia Ward 32, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Marital Status: Single
Race: White
Race (Original): White
Birth Year (Estimated): 1913
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Father's Birthplace: Russia
Mother's Birthplace: Russia
Relationship to Head of Household: Daughter
Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Daughter
Sheet Letter: B
Sheet Number: 11

Household    Role    Sex    Age    Birthplace
Joseph Kaplan    Head    M    34    Russia
Fanny Kaplan    Wife    F    33    Russia
Sarah Kaplan    Daughter    F    9    Pennsylvania
Bertha Kaplan    Daughter    F    7    Pennsylvania
Hymen Kaplan    Brother    M    50    Russia
Dora Kaplan    Sister-in-law    F    47    Russia
Ida Kaplan    Niece    F    16    Russia
Celia Kaplan    Niece    F    14    Pennsylvania
Frank Kaplan    Nephew    M    8    Pennsylvania
May Kaplan    Daughter    F    6    Pennsylvania
David Malofsky    Lodger    M    20    Pennsylvania

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Good.  It's a very annoying feature and Ancestry isn't the only company to do it.

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Jx. Gx.


On page 1 of your grandmother's manifest there is an "X" next to her name. I believe that means she was detained.  Women traveling alone or with children were detained until a husband, brother or other family member could be contacted.  At the end of the manifest there should be a separate listing of detainees.  My grandmother was also detained for this same reason until her husband came to collect her.  In her case, the detainee list was typed. If the list was typed in your grandmother's case that might give you answers to some of your questions.

Jeffrey Gee

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Barbara Stein


Many thanks!  This is incredibly helpful and I will find all the records you list.  What intrigues me is that, given these data, Frederique would have been a widow at age 16yrs.  Do you know if marriages that young were common in the community?  She would have then married Solomon at age 18yrs.

I also noticed that in Lembach there was an Emanuel Meyer and a Michael Meyer having children in the same years as Solomon was having children.  Do you know if they were related?  I have been told that Solomon was from Bavaria.  I do not know when, how or why he settled in Lembach.

Barbara Stein

Russia census 1897 #records #russia


Is there a way to see Russian census 1897 online?

Ella Raber

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Perry Shorris

Thanks, Aaron.  Given that surnames were a new phenomenon in Eastern Europe for Jews, the fact that they had different surnames does not necessarily mean that someone made a mistake in the records.  Different surnames within a family were not uncommon.  I think you are right that “Shames” most likely signified his profession, which was the shames of the synagogue - a role distinct from that of a rabbi.  I would also add that the children took the surname “Shores,” named after their mother and Movsha’s wife’s given name, Sora.  As you can see from my surname, that surname survives to this day.

You make some good points, but I think we can discard the theory that Movsha Shames and Moshe Soloveitchik were the same person.  Moshe Soleveitchik is documented as the person who took on the Mayor of Kovno in 1782 in a trial over a Jewish expulsion order.  He is heralded in a scroll for winning that trial and obtaining damages for the victims and two-week imprisonment of the mayor.  As a result, he became the rabbi for the community in 1782.  In 1782, Movsha Shames was approximately 11 years old and would not have been this celebrated rabbi.  In 1834, Meyer Soloveitchik was listed as head of the household of Movsha Shames wife and children.  I think that represented a strong connection between Movsha Shames and Meyer Soloveitchik, who may have took on the responsibility of seeing that Movsha’s family was taken care of.  I have read that there was an exception for naming children after living relatives who were rabbis, but I don’t know that we can make that leap here, where Movsha Shames was born before Moshe Soloveitchik became a rabbi.  

l am also from the Chicago area, and I do not foresee a trip to Lithuania any time soon.  When you mention “additional rabbinic sources,” do you have anything in mind that I would be able to access from here?

Thank you for the time you put into this.  I am new to this discussion group, so I was a little hesitant to make my question overly long when I first posted, and I was not sure that every detail was necessary to answer the question.  I will take the suggestion about including specific information.  With this post, I think you and everyone have all of the pertinent facts that I know at this time.


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Michael Hoffman

Hi Nicholas, 
To search for Births Marriages and Deaths in the UK, first do a search on the following free website 

To order certificates you should only use the UK's General Register Office at
Once you have registered you can use the search for Births before 1916 which will indicate the mothers family name before marriage,
this website is the only website that I would recommend that you order certificates from.

You will need to search for Boyarsky in the 1911 Census for England & Wales, be aware that when the Government Official recording the
Census wrote down what he thought he heard the name was, you should also search the similar name of"Boyarsk" note no "Y" on the end.

I would suggest that you join the facebook page for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain.

If you need any advice in UK research you can put messages on the facebook page of the JGS of Great Britain, or contact me!

Best regards,

Michael Hoffman


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Linda Frydl

Just an FYI: Most public libraries, including Princeton Public Library, gives you free remote access to Fold3.


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Hi Jerry,

Jerychem should refer to the bibilical city of Jericho.
Podenszczyk should be a polish name. I'm not sure if there is a translation.
Pod/Poden means underneath.

Best regards,

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Hi Judith,

Here below the link for population registry extract:

In case you are not in Israel you should contact your local Israeli mission.


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Michael Hoffman

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Pieter Hoekstra 
Sorry Pieter, 
There is no list of names on the United Synagogue Website, you will need to sign up for the talk.

Michael Hoffman

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Barbara Krasner

Just by going to JRI-Poland Indexing, it looks like the main places for KREINDLER are Nadworna and Kolomyya, although a fair number appear, too, in Stanislawow. I found some KREINDLER names in my ancestral town of Kozlow, Tarnopol District.

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Abuwasta Abuwasta

If they got to Israel by boat I would search at the Central Zionist Archive in Jerusalem. Twey the lists of the immigrants who were "processed" by the Jewish Agency,

Jacob Rosen


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Sława is short from either Władysława, Bronisława or Stanisława. These are Polish female names, not Russian. 

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I had always heard that my maternal grandfather (from Kovno, Lithuania). was born in New York, but he could never prove it.  I even have a form that he sent to the records department of NYC seeking a birth certificate, which was returned as "not found".  On all his immigration documents he lists Lithuania as his birth country.  

About five years ago, distant cousins on a genealogy site found the circumstantial evidence that he WAS born in NYC.  His parents arrived in NY in 1891, and their son, Leo, was born three months later. We found the source documentation for all this.   (There is no further data anywhere about Leo after birth.)  My grandfather's birth date is in 1892- no certificate.  My GGM died in New York in 1895 at age 30. With no other family in NY, my GGF went back to Lithuania with my GF and ??Leo.  (Maybe Leo died young?).  He remarried in 1896 in Kovno, and had two more children- all well documented.

Ultimately, my grandfather came to the US in 1913 by himself.  He met my grandmother in S. Philly and they started their family.  My GF continued to send money back to the Lithuania, and I have all the receipts from the Blitzstein bank in Philadelphia.  My GF worked very hard to get his half-sister to the US, in a process that took years, since immigration restrictions were begun in the 1920s.  She lived in Canada for a few years before she was able to enter the US and come to Philly.  I remember my Great Aunt Bessie well.

Stan Solinsky
ETKIN, ETKINAS, LARVE/KATZ, MELAMED> Kovno/Kaunas, Slobodka/Vilajampole Lithuania

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Veronica Zundel

Hi, I'm Veronica Zundel, my parents both came from Vienna to the UK in 1939 and got married in London, my mother was Jewish but my father wasn't. They met at medical school in Vienna. My mother's birth parents were refugees in the first World War from Drohobych (then in Poland, now in Ukraine), got separated on the journey, and my birth grandmother Etie Horoschowska arrived in Vienna with four children and no means of support, gave birth to my mother in Vienna and put the older children in the Jewish orphanage and my mother up for fostering. Actually my mother was lucky in this, since her birth mother died in the flu epidemic in 1919, and her birth father of stomach cancer in 1926. After two other foster families my mother was adopted by Julius and Elsa Steinschneider; Julius died of lung cancer in 1931, Elsa was deported in 194 along with her sister and brother in law to the Lodz ghetto and then probably to Chemno for extermination. We know they died in 1942.

I have a lot of information about my mother's adoptive family but am trying to trace possible descendants of her oldest birth brother Josef Jacob Horoschowski, who with one of his sisters (probably Chaje Sara) was trying to emigrate to what was then Palestine in 1927. It's possible I have a whole tribe of cousins in Israel. Wanting to do this alongside writing a memoir of my brother who died at his own hand in 1975, and incorporate the search in the memoir.

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There is no Fredericka Moehler. I believe it is a mistake for Frederique Moog.

You can find in Lembach records all the names you attribute to Fredericka Moehler:

Frederique Moog (known as Fannette), born 18 Jul 1803 as Frommet, daughter of Isaac Schmulen (took the name Moog in 1808) and Jeannette Dreyfuss. She married firstly Joseph Levi and was a widow in 1819; she married (1821 in Lembach) Salomon Meyer, born in Niederhochstadt. She had 13 children during 25 years, all born in Lembach:

Moïse Meyer, 11 Sep 1822

Nathan Meyer, 22 Jul 1824

Abraham Meyer, 1 Mar 1826

Jeannette Meyer, 5 Mar 1828

Louise Meyer, 25 Feb 1830

Samuel Meyer, 20 Oct 1831

Lazare Meyer, 11 Mar 1834

Lion Meyer, 5 Sep 1836

Judith Meyer, 20 Apr 1839

Sophie Meyer, 25 Jun 1841

Isaac Meyer, 30 Mar 1843

David Meyer, 21 Apr 1845

Simon Meyer, 19 Apr 1847
She died 18 Apr 1848

I hope this helps,

Max Polonovski
Cercle de généalogie juive (France)

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Hi Judith
Have you contacted Dutch Jewish genealogical websites, such as the Netherlands Circle for Jewish Genealogy, see  which has an English version. Or looked at  It is also possible that can help.
Regards, Nick Lambrechtsen

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