Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Max Heffler

I finally have my pending records matches at MyHeritage down to 631, while the number of my pending hints to records at Ancestry is 23,254


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Re: The Jews of Panevezys and Kupiskis, Lithuania. #lithuania

Max Heffler

The JewishGen Yizkor Book Translation Project,, has stores about these town. One book I coordinate, Lite (Lithuania),, has translated and untranslated chapters, Donations are welcome:


These are untranslated:


1.      Rabbi Isaac of Panevczhys

2.      The Kibutz of Panevezhys

3.      The Destruction of the Jews in the Ghetto of Shauliai and of the Adjacent Towns

The First Massacres – The Tanneries – The Jews Forced into the Ghetto – The “Aktionen” – Aerodrome – The Hospital – The Public School – The “Werkstuben” (Workhouses) – The Reduction of the Ghetto Area – The Turf-Decree – August 20, 1942 – The List of the 27 – The Winter-Camps – Working Places Outside of the Ghetto – The Abolishing of the Currency System – Camps of 1943 – The Gallows – Reopening of the School – - The “Kasernierung” (Transfer to Barracks) – Children “Aktion” – The Rescued Children – Change in the Ghetto Administration – Camp A. B. A. – Evacuation from the Camps – Evacuation from the Ghetto of Shauliai – Foreign Camps of Panevezhys and Jonishkis – Extermination of the Jews of Tytuvenai – The Perishing Jews of Telshiai and Adjacent Alsedzhiai, Vevirzhenai, Varnel, Zharenai, Tverai, Luoke, Navarenai, Plunge, Plateliai, Rietava – Why No Renstance? – Our Annihilation and the Lithuanian Attitude.


4.       To the History of the Destruction of the Lithuanian Jewry

Introductory – How the Jews Were Tortured to Death in Panevzhys – Atrocious Killings of the Jews in Mariampole – The Perishing of the Jews in Garleva, Pakonys, Veiveriai, Mavruchiai and Other Communities Near Kaunas – A Lithuanian Professor Repents.


These are translated:


1.      From Pumpenai to Kaunas


Pumpenai – Pasvalys – Panevezhys – Keidan [Kedainiai] – In Janova [Jonuva] – in Shirvint [Shirvintai] – In Tavrig [Taurage] – In Kovno (Kaunas).


2.      The Jewish Panevezhys

Social Activities – The Old Mode of Living – The Rabbi of Panevezhys – Maskilim and Revolutionaries – Deputy of the Duma (Parliament of Russia).


3.      Panevezhys in 1906

4.      The Jewish Common Folk of Panevezhys

5.      Panevezhys After the First World War

6.      A Visit to Panevezhys in 1938

7.      Through Lithuania (Cities and Towns)

Mariampole – Vilkavishkis by Berl London – Telshai – Raseiniai by N. Ben-Chaim – Utena – Jonuva by Peisach Janever – Taurage – Birzhai by I. R. – Kedainiai by Ben-Alexander – Mazheikiai by Josephus – Rokishkis by Yudel Gapanovitch – Plunge by N. Rill – Jurbarkas – Lazdijai by I Dan – Anykshchiai – Zarasai – Kupishkis – Prienai – Zhagare – Kudirkos-Naumiestis by Z. Tumpovsky – Pandelis – Seredzhius by G-n – Seta – Balbierishkis – Chekishkis by R. K. – Gelvonai – Pushalotas – Veliuona – Shiaulenai by Ben-Daniel – Onushkis by L. B. E. – Rudamynas by Daniel Riback – Kuliai – Taujenai by A. Walt.



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Does anyone know what happened to the majority of the Jews in these towns during WWll?


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Re: Russia census 1897 #records #russia


Thank you, Peggy
It is unfortunate that a lot of records were destroyed in Russia/Ukraine. What is the best way to search for birth/marriage/death records in Kiev and Vinnitsa?

Ella Raber

Re: Mt. Sharon Cemetery #general

Dena and Hadar Matmon

Mt. Lebanon and Mt.Sharon cemeteries in Delaware County are right across the street from each other. My parents are buried in Mt. Sharon, my husband's family is buried in Mt. Lebanon. There's generally someone in the office at both locations in the morning hours. I can try to get you phone numbers for both.

Re: Ancestry Faces $250 Million Class Action Lawsuit Over Auto-Renewals

Sally Bruckheimer

"I mark my schedule at the end of the trial so I can cancel it." 

I do better than this. If I subscribe, I cancel the subscription as soon as it starts. I don't do auto renewals at all I renew if I want to, then immediately cancel again. The company will always notify you that the subscription is almost over. I do this for Virus Protection too, as you can get it cheaper elsewhere than the full price the company will charge.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Thank you & seeking help with French research #france

Miriam Bulwar David-Hay

Firstly, I'd just like to say a very big thank you to the French experts Bernard Flam and David Choukroun who have been offering so many useful research tips and suggestions in the past couple of weeks to people researching their relatives in France. Reading your advice to others has helped me tremendously, and probably others too.

I do have a few questions that I hope you can help me with. I'd be very grateful for any assistance with the following:

1. I have a relative who died in Paris in 1988 and I have obtained his death record, but I don't know where he was buried. I have checked the Paris archives website and the cemetery records are online only until 1968. Is there a source where I could find out where he was buried, or would I have to write to each individual cemetery to ask? If so, which cemetery would be most likely? His name was Raphael Jacob BULWAR, d. 11 January 1988. His death certificate was issued from the 11th arrondissement.

2. I believe that my relative above, who was originally from Poland, was naturalized in Paris in the late 1940s-early 1950s. How can I find his naturalization documents?

3. To my excitement, I found the names of a couple of other relatives in a private family tree in Filae, but I don't have a subscription so I can't see the full information. The tree notes their deaths but I was unable to find them in the INSEE files. I have tried writing to the person in charge of the tree several times, but never receive an answer. Would it be possible for someone to look up the information on their deaths for me? Their names were Dora HAMANY or HAMANI nee BULWAR (b. in Paris in 1935) and her ex-husband Michel Meyer HAMANY/HAMANI.

Thanking you once again very kindly in advance for any assistance,

All the best,
Miriam Bulwar David-Hay,
Raanana, Israel.
Professional writer, editor, proofreader, translator.
Certified guide, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and Memorial.

The Jews of Panevezys and Kupiskis, Lithuania. #lithuania

Does anyone know what happened to the majority of the Jews in these towns during WWll?

Re: Russia census 1897 #records #russia


This question is more complicated than it looks.

The 1897 All Russia Census was not saved the way that American Census records have been saved with the total of census questionnaires still in the archives.

Copies of the 1897 All Russia Census were kept both locally and also by the Central Census Bureau in St. Petersburg.  But the 1897 Russian Census was taken for statistical purposes, and after the data had been analyzed, most of it was destroyed, only ten percent of the records were kept for statistical reference.

Several groups have found and transcribed the remaining ten percent of the records in the local archives (Lithuania, Latvia, and Grodno are the ones that I know about).  Those records are on JewishGen. But other records may be available in other local archives, or, possibly in whatever became of the Central Census Bureau in Imperial Russia.

The 1897 Russian Census is a wonderful resource for the places where the information was preserved, but not finding a family in it may only mean that those records were destroyed.

Peggy Mosinger Freedman

Need help interpreting ship manifest #records


I'm having a difficult time reading this script. I would appreciate your help in interpreting the writing. It's for Sitnisky Moschko (Morris) and his daughter.

  1. Column 2 (Given Name) for the daughter.
  2. Column 6 (Calling or Occupation) again for the daughter.
  3. Column 11. I cannot read the wife's and father's names.

Thank you for your help.

Brick wall: FRIEDSON'S, AISENBERG'S and SAMURIN'S from western Massachusetts #usa

Bob Silverstein

These families came to Fitchburg, Gardner, Athol, Worcester in western Massachusetts starting around 1907.  The Friedson's moved on to Springfield and some of the Aisenberg's moved to Leomister.  I know through DNA and family stories and pictures that the Friedson's and Aisenberg's were cousins.  Samurin was an alternative name used in Pinsk and may or may not have been used here.  We cannot find out how the families are related and would appreciate any and all help.

My second question is why did Jews settle in that area.

Thanks for the help,
Bob Silverstein

Re: Family tree data and Information in Istanbul, Turkey #sephardic

Metin Delevi

Dear Mr. Kazes, 

To use this application :
a. you have to be a Turkish citizen with a Turkish id. no. have to apply for an official password.

In fact once you request, it gives a family tree ( a family tree which begins with mother & father and goes up).  They translated and put on-line the ottoman census records up to the beginning of the 19th century.

Metin Delevi

Istanbul - Turkey

Re: Mt. Sharon Cemetery #general

Kenneth Ryesky

As noted in the discussion thread (which seems to have been excluded from the particular JewishGen Discussion Group Digest installment), the relevant Mount Sharon Cemetery is in Springfield Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA, North America, Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy.
The relevant Mt. Lebanon Cemetery is nearby in Collingdale, Delaware County, etc. (at least the office is in Collingdale; most of the land is located in Darby Township, Delaware County, etc.).
-- Ken Ryesky
Petach Tikva, ISRAEL

Ken Ryesky,  Petach Tikva, Israel     kenneth.ryesky@...

Re: ProQuest #ciechanow #records #poland

Bob Silverstein

If you cannot find anyone with Proquest, I can try on


Re: Ancestry Faces $250 Million Class Action Lawsuit Over Auto-Renewals

Bob Silverstein

Two points.  Every free trial I have seen requires a credit card.  If I do take the teaser, I mark my schedule at the end of the trial so I can cancel it.  I do not think what these websites do is bad but two-faced.  On one hand, they are hoping you forget so they will ding you but then again, they offer you the convenience of starting the paid subscription.  Nonetheless, the ethical thing to do is not to require a credit card up front but to pester you as the free trial ends.

Second point.  Terms.  The courts know that no one reads them, that they are written by and for the benefit of website, not the user, they are non-negotiable and they are coercive.  You cannot use the site unless you accept its terms.  The practice is just about universal.  We certainly need reform for both practices.

Caveat emptor!

Re: are there benefits of the My Heritage site over Ancestry #general

Eva Lawrence

This is a really  valid point. There is no need to be tied to one site or the other if you keep your own records on your computer. The difference between the sites has always been that MH  offers primarily user-generated information, while Ancestry has provided a search engine based on indexed primary records, but now each of the sites is  trying to enter the other's field.. Geni, too, consists of user-generated records, but they are moderated,  unlike MH's, because they are (in theory) part of one single tree. Since it was acquired by MH, its benefits are  gradually being withdrawn from non- subscribers.  
I'd say that for someone starting out, Ancestry's record-based approach,  while not as exciting would be a better discipline, but they seem to have abandoned it.  Now their main advantage is their larger set of long-term subscribers and well-known name give a better chance of a DNA match. 
It does depend on what you're looking for, and threads like this one are a real help.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Re: Please help with translation of marriage certificate in Russian from Markuszow, Lublin, Poland #poland #russia #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

marriage (and the registration) 
On Feb 5/17, 1876 in Markushev settlement
Groom: Elya GOLDZIKHER, single, 27 yo,, privat of the Taurus regimen # 131  on leave, who was born in Kurov settlement, son of Khaim and Sura-Khana nee GOLEVAYA, the GOLDZIKHER family
Bride: Khaya Rifka NIRENSHTEIN, unmarried, 17 yo (the age is added on left side) who was born and  resides wit her mother in Markushev, d/o the late Khilya and Khinda nee Taub thr NIRENSHTEJN family.
no parents' ages
Josef ASH, Israel 

Re: Ancestry Faces $250 Million Class Action Lawsuit Over Auto-Renewals

David Ellis

I had a similar problem with MyHeritage.  They offered a one year "premium plus" subscription at a heavily discounted price ($150 instead of the full $300 price).  I submitted payment details and paid gladly.  One year later, they charged my credit card $300 for a renewal I didn't request.  

This appears to be a fairly widespread practice with online services as well.

Re: Need Information on Aharon WOLLNER fm Beregsurany #hungary


Try contacting Baruch Huber from Ungvar. Sure he will be able to help you. 
His email: huberbelay@...

Re: Hedwig, Sophie and Alice KASSEL in Uruguay #germany #latinamerica

Carol Sage-Silverstein

I can ask my cousin who lives in Montivideo.  Her grandmother moved there from Poland in the 1930’s as well.

Re: Kreindler / Kriendler town of origin in Galicia #galicia


I can’t help you in your search, but as an interesting side fact, Carl KREINDLER’s daughter was a midwife who delivered my father and his two brothers between 1903-7.
Bob Weiss
Kreindler / Kriendler town of origin in Galicia #galicia 
From: Simon Kreindler
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 17:56:11 EDT 

I have documented my KREINDLER line back to my GG Grandfather, Simon Kreindler, who was born in 1790 in Solotwina, a shtetl in the Austro-Hungarian Empire not far from Stanislawow (today it is Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine).


Although the KREINDLER name is not all that common, I have never been able to connect my line with the KREINDLERS of Club 21 fame. Their earliest ancestor in the US was Kieve/Carl KREINDLER who arrived in NY either in 1900 (according to Ellis Island records) or in 1896 (according to his son, Peter).


Kieve/Carl’s branch subsequently changed the spelling of their name to KRIENDLER, probably because it was grammatically more correct in English-speaking USA. My line retained the original spelling.


Years ago, I tried to find out where Kieve/Carl’s family had originated. It was not on his Ellis Island arrival record and none of his family apparently knew the answer (although the ones I spoke to were also very curious).


I wonder if, in the intervening 20 plus years, any of the KRIENDLER branch has been able to find the answer? If so, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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