Re: The Given Name Sissel #names #germany


When I look at your lInk, the transliteration says SISSEL but the Hebrew letters there would sound more like ZEESIL.  That might be an option to look for. 
Reba Harris Solomon
New York, USA

Re: Census question #bessarabia #records

Rodney Eisfelder

Most of the names of the victims of the Kishinev pogrom are listed on Jewishgen as part of Kishinev's KehilahLinks page:
This page is linked from
which points to many resources concerning the pogrom.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Sephardic Databaseson IGRA’s Website #sephardic

Elena Bazes

The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) is proud to collaborate with SephardicGen and announces today “The Jeff Malka SephardicGen Database Collection”, a Sephardic collection commemorating Jeff Malka, Mathilde Tagger and SephardicGen. We are grateful to Jeffrey S. Malka, M.D. for making part of the extensive SephardicGen collection available to IGRA to incorporate it in the AID - All Israel Database.

A preview of the databases is available at



Births in the Turkish Community of Vienna    1,438 listings

Marriages    14,676 listings     

The Turkish Community of Vienna, Wedding Register (1846-1938)

            Russe (Rutschuk) Wedding Register (1889-1929)

            Izmir Marriages-Brides and Grooms (1820-1933)

Sephardic Rabbis     3,623 listings

            Aleppo Rabbis

            Rabbis of Algeria

            Bulgarian Chief Rabbis (since the independence of the country) 1878-1949

            Fas vehakhameiha   [Fes and its rabbis]

            Malkhei Rabbanan [Rabbis of Morocco]

            Sephardic Chief Rabbis in Eretz Yisrael (1665-2007)

            Chief Rabbis of Turkey (1454-2007)

Belgrade 1856 Census-Jewish Community    307 listings

Voters’ List 1880 Constantine, Algeria    1,778 listings

Residents in various Jewish communities     11,367 listings

            Jewish Records in the 15th century Seville Archives

            Personal Files from the Amsterdam Community

            1919 Directory of the Kingdom of Bulgaria

            Bulgarian Jewish Casualties in Balkan Wars and WWI

            Prominent Jews in Bulgaria in the 19th and 20th Centuries

            History of Jews in Turkey

            La voix d’Israel, Oran (1914-1943)

            Prominent Jews in Egypt (1942-1943)

            Fargeon-Les Juifs d’Egypte des origines a nos jours

            Jewish surnames from the periodical Sefarad (1941-2007)

Livorno Charity 1644 and 1715         83 listings

Deaths         215 listings

            Craiova War Memorial for Jews who perished in 1913, 1916-1919

            Jewish victims of Libyan Riots in 1945,1948 and 1967

Cemeteries     2,300 listings

Deportations to Camps  1939-1943     4,960 listings

Murdered in the Holocaust     851 listings

            Index of Jews of Monastir (Bitola) who perished in theTreblinka Death Camp,

March 1943


Before viewing the databases, please register for free on the IGRA website:


Please note, the IGRA databases are now searchable to all registrants. The search results page is also available to all registrants. Additional details regarding most databases are available only to paid IGRA members. Certain exceptions exist due to requests of the specific archives.


To view the databases, go to the database tab on the website.

Elena Biegel Bazes

IGRA Publicity Chair



Re: 1917 marriage, 1935 death in Vienna

Joachim Mugdan

Joe Lonstein asked how to obtain Jewish vital records from Vienna. The birth, marriage and death records of the Jewish community in Vienna have been indexed by GenTeam. For the years 1794-1911, FamilySearch has scanned the records. One can get digital copies of more recent records from the archives of the Jewish community for a fee. The volume and entry numbers found in the GenTeam database should be quoted.


Joachim Mugdan

Basel, Switzerland

JGFF Researcher 5749


German Research Division (formerly GerSIG) Annual Meeting - Tuesday, August 11 #germany #events

Alex Calzareth

Please join us for the annual meeting of the JewishGen German Research Division (formerly the German-Jewish SIG or GerSIG).
This meeting will take place virtually at 1:30 PM EDT on Tuesday, August 11th and is open to all for free (see below). We will provide an update of our group's projects, discuss plans for the future and relay other German-Jewish genealogy news. General information is available on our website at . The meeting has a strict 1 hour limit, so please make sure to join the virtual meeting room a few minutes early at . 
Please contact me by e-mail at acalzareth@... by Monday night, August 10th if there is any news, projects, or groups you think should be shared at the meeting.  If we have time at the end we hope to be able to have a general discussion with attendees.
If you have not already registered for the IAJGS Jewish Genealogy conference follow the instructions at and select "Limited Access" registration to register for free for the IAJGS Annual Meeting & Awards, the IAJGS Leadership Seminars, the JewishGen Annual Meeting, and the Special Interest Group (SIG) and Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) meetings listed at .  This free registration is required in order to join the German RD meeting.
We look forward to seeing everyone with research interests in Germany there!
Thank you
Alex Calzareth
JewishGen Director of German Research

Re: Arlette BRANCHAFT #france

David Choukroun

On Sat, Aug 8, 2020 at 11:29 AM, Ronnie Hess wrote:
Dear Ronnie,

please find below more information about Arlette Brandcharft with the date/place of birth and death.

It is possible to find the acts themselves




Re: 1940 USA census what does an X in a circle mean? #records

Marion Werle

It indicates who the informant was.

Zacks/Sacks, Rosenblum, in Toronto #canada

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with the Rosenblum family of Toronto who trace
their ancestry back to the Horowitz Rabbinical family from Rabbi Zvi
Hirsch Horowitz of Frankfurt and author of Machneh Levi -Jacob (Jack)
Rosenblum of Toronto, born in 1938, whose children are Dafna Rayzel
Bluma (married Rabbi Refael Zacks), Sara Leah (Sari), married Doron
Shalmon (Suleimanoff), and Dov Pinchas Rosenblum, Arieh Yishayahu

Neil Rosenstein

Chernigov Gubernia BOF meeting at IAJGS Conference Tuesday, August 11 #ukraine #russia

Beth Galleto

This virtual Birds of Feather meeting will take place August 11, 11:15 am to 12:15 pm Eastern time.


Towns in the area of the former Chernigov gubernia include: Bakhmach, Berezna, Borzna, Chernigov, Glukhov, Gorodnya, Klintsy, Konotop, Korop, Kozelets, Krolevets, Mena, Mglin, Nezhin, Novozybkov, Novgorod Severskiy, Oster, Pochep, Pogar, Sosnitsa, Starodub, Surazh, Unecha, and many smaller communities. If your ancestors lived in these places (some now in Ukraine and some in Russia) you will want to attend the Chernigov Gubernia BOF meeting. Items to be discussed include basic information, available online resources, and updates on current projects.


Anyone interested may attend (you don't need to be a paid attendee), but you must register. Those who are not paid conference attendees can go to

and follow directions to register for the virtual Limited Access Conference or to pay to attend the entire conference. You must go all the way to the end to be able to save your responses.


Paid conference attendees can sign into the Attendee Service Center through the link below, and follow directions to update their information and select the Chernigov Gubernia BOF meeting as one of their choices among the free sessions.


See you online on Tuesday!


Beth Galleto

Chernigov Gubernia BOF Coordinator


Re: Searching for records of immigration to tSRAEL from KISHINEV and MOINEST #bessarabia #romania

Yefim Kogan


we do not have anything from Moldovan archive about Jews leaving for Israel...  You probably may find some records about them in Israel.
I would be also interested to see such records.

All the best,

1917 marriage, 1935 death in Vienna

Joseph Lonstein

I'm hoping to find the names of the parents of an Adolf Grossbard, who married in Vienna in 1917 to Fanny Kupferstein-Binder.  I'm particularly interested in his place of birth and his mother's maiden name.  1917 is too recent for Ancestry to have the Viennese marriage record scanned, and it was a military service so maybe not easily found, anyway.  Adolf died in 1935 and is buried in Zentralfriedhof, under the misspelling "Grossbart", in the same grave with a Sarah Grossbard and close to a Solomon Grossbard (their ages suggest they could be his parents). Adolf's death in 1935 was also too recent to be online.  If this Sarah is his mother, it's possible her maiden name was Laufer or Sperber. Any suggestions how to find more? 

Thank you,

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, Michigan, USA

Re: Searching for Joseph Bernard Friedman #courland #latvia

Sherri Bobish


If Bertha Friedman was alive in 1890 she may have been enumerated in the special census called:   The U.S. Census of Union Veterans and Widows of The Civil War.

It can be searched here:


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Re: Need Help Reading Town Name on Ship’s Manifest #galicia #records


The town is Liczkowce, Husiatyn District.
Do you notice passenger on line 4 is her relative?   He is from Trybuchowce, Gal.
Passengers 2,3 and 4 all have the abbreviation Gal. after their home towns. I believe this is Galicia, 


David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 8/8/2020 9:23 AM, Linda Habenstreit via wrote:
My paternal grandmother Ernestina STECKMAN immigrated to the United States from Rotterdam on the SS Ryndam on October 7, 1911. She is the second person listed on the ship’s manifest. See Ancestry.comURL below.

I have searched the JewishGen Communities database for the town/city that is listed as her last permanent residence. I cannot find this town. 

Can anyone read this Manifest and figure out the town/city where she last resided? I would very much appreciate any assistance provided. Thank you!

Linda Habenstreit
Springfield, VA
HEBENSTREIT from Belzec/Rawa Ruska, Galicia, Austria
REITZFELD from Rawa Ruska, Galicia, Austria
STECKMAN from Husiatyn, Galicia, Austria 
BECKER from unknown Galicia, Austria

Re: Otto WEISZ, Vienna

rv Kaplan

Thanks Corinne - appreciate your work on this.  I'm really only thinking about Otto and his parents because he came to Scotland, so not trying to trace the family backwards.

Harvey Kaplan

On Sat, 8 Aug 2020 at 18:45, itencorinne via <> wrote:
Hi Harvey

On familysearch I found the marriage record of Moritz Weisz and Beatrice Alice Goldstein.
I also found the marriage record of Rosalia Weisz and Ernest Kreisler.

But I didnt' find the marriage record of Rosalia Weisz with a man named Schmoll.
I also didnt' find the marriage record of David Weisz and Rosa Fener or Feuer.
I also didnt' find the marriage record of Charlotte Weisz and Dr. Ernest Karman.

But on familysearch I found two passenger manifests for this Dr. Ernest Karman.
One on the steamship Orduna, November/December 1921 and another on the steamship Olympic, February 1924.

By the way in 1912 Dr. Ernest Karman and his wife Charlotte were in Karlsbad at the same time as the famous composer Giacomo Puccini!

Corinne Iten

Re: Need Help Reading Town Name on Ship’s Manifest #galicia #records

Marlis Humphrey

The first letter is an L as you can see elsewhere on the page Luxembourg. The town also is listed as the town her father is from followed by Gal. (Galicia). On the Gesher Galicia town finder, Liczkowce (Liczkowze) is listed in Husiatyn district.

Marlis Humphrey

Re: Need Help Reading Town Name on Ship's Manifest #records

Marcel Apsel

Could Steckman be Stockman.  I have Stockman in my family.  He came from Przeworsk, also Galicia.


Marcel Apsel

Re: Where did the term Galitziana come from?#general

Barbara Singer

It also refers to someone originating from Galitzia.

Re: Austria will Allow Descendants of Holocaust Victims to Receive Citizenship Beginning September 1st #holocaust

Margarita Lacko

Be advised that some countries do not accept double nationality.

Some require you to renounce your existing citizenship.

On the other hand, some countries don’t allow you to renounce your citizenship. In this last case, you are in trouble if you are applying for citizenship to a country that does not allow double nationality.


Margarita Lackó (#11453)

genealogy: © mishpologia@...


JRI-Poland volunteer meeting - CORRECTION, Tuesday, Aug. 11, at the IAJGS Conference #announcements #poland

Stanley Diamond

(Several times have been corrected)

The annual JRI-Poland volunteer meeting will take place virtually this year
at the upcoming IAJGS conference on:
Tuesday, August 11,  12:30 pm - 1:30 pm U.S. Eastern time

(9:30 am - 10:30 am Pacific
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm UK
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm Central Europe
9:30 pm - 19:30 pm Israel
2:30 am - 3:30 am next day (Wednesday) Australia)

The meeting is for our volunteers and others with a serious interest
in giving back and contributing to the JRI-Poland mission.  
It will be an opportunity to hear more about how the JRI-Poland 
Next Generation web site and data management project will help 
our town leaders and other volunteers to benefit from the new 
features and tools that will be available in the future.
You do not have to be a paid conference attendee to join in.
However, whether or not you've paid for the conference, you do 
need to register to attend this and other "Free Access Sessions." 
Please read more below.
Go to the Attendee Service Center on the conference website
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If you have not registered for the conference and want to have 
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If you have already registered for limited free access but did not
select the meetings you want to attend, please go back and edit 
your registration to include your choices. Follow through to the 
end of the registration to save them.
Stanley Diamond, M.S.M. 
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

Re: Austria will Allow Descendants of Holocaust Victims to Receive Citizenship Beginning September 1st #holocaust

Margo Hebald

Question: Although my grandfather came from Krakow (now Poland), he was always listed as "Austrian" in census, and other documents. Would I be eligible for "Austrian" citizenship?
His sister, her husband and son disappeared, from Krakow, during the Holocaust.

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