Re: civil registration records for Fulek/Filakovo and Aszod #hungary #slovakia


Fülek (Fiľakovo): civil registrations for places now in Slovakia are only accessible in the relevant regional archive in Slovakia. They are not online anywhere, because they have never been filmed or digitized.

Aszód: civil registrations for places in Pest county are only accessible in the Pest county archive in Budapest. They are not online anywhere, because Pest county did not participate in the records-preservation contract with the Mormons.

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Diabetes and antisemitism around 1900: cultural history #education

Alberto Guido Chester

Dear Genners
I am sharing a link to an article I have found interesting on Judaism and diabetes in the beginnings of XX th Century.
I understand it is appropriate to this list in that provides a background of cultural history.
Let me suggest to NOT post personal stories on the list, for this is just general history.
I have no relation to the author or magazine.

Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Re: Blitz family: trying to find my grandfather's brothers #records

Lee Hover

I knew a Brian Blitz, who would now be 40ish, living in the metro NY/NJ/CT area.

This may be of absolutely no help, but one never knows.


KLEIN-Hungary; LAP(P)IN-Lithuania; ALTSCHULER (all spellings)--Poland; MESSING--Poland

Re: Probate in Oklahoma? #usa #records

EdrieAnne Broughton

Probate in Oklahoma occurs at the county level, the county that the deceased owned real property or mineral rights.  I've gone through this process for G-grandfather (died in Oklahoma 1940), Grandfather who died in 1969 in Arizona and my parents who died in California 1986 and 1998.  I might be able to help you understand the rules.  
           EdrieAnne Broughton, Vacaville, California

Re: Question re: unfamiliar family names and dead end research #general #names


I was able to ascertain the names of great-grandparents who did not emigrate to the USA through the marriage certificates of my grandparents.  Naturalization papers and birth certificates will also give hints. In some cases, you may not be able to ascertain whether people are related, at least for now.  That is the case for me in my Slonimsky line. 
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Prince from Ukraine #ukraine


Just for fun I plugged "Parkan" into Google Translate. I did a reverse lookup and it told me that паркан (parkan) is  Ukrainian for fence.

Subject: Rubin, Adler, Brikman and Broker families from the Ropshitz Dynasty #general

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with the descendants of the late cardiologist,
Dr. Samuel Rubin who died in 2012. His children are Rena (married Dr.
Baruch Adler, DDS), Dr. Menachem Pinchas Rubin, neurologist (whose
daughter is Chaya Tamara,married Dr. Asaf Klein, rheumatologist), Dr
Sholem Rubin, DDS) and Chaya Gita (Aviva who married Dr. Martin Moshe
Broker, radiologist).

Re: Magid's Toldot Michpachat Ginzburg #rabbinic

Alan Ehrlich

Re. David Maggid, "Toledot Mishpechoth Gintzburg,", St. Petersburg, 1899, although there may well be Hebrew phrases mixed in, the copy I have appears to be written in Yiddish.

I too would be very interested to hear of any 'family trees' issued from the information in Maggid's book...

The only one I've come across so far (by David Kaufmann 1898) concerns a single branch: the Öttingen - Ries(s) - Wiener family who are the descendants of Bunlin aka Bona, Bunla, daughter of Simon \ Schimon \ "Seligman" Ulmo - Günzburg:

"Mordechai Model Öttingen und seine Kinder", von Prof. Dr. David Kaufmann   
Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums, 1898
Alan Ehrlich
Geneva, Switzerland

Re: ViewMate translation request - Hebrew #translation


thanks, much appreciated

Re: GINSBURG of St. Petersburg #general

Alan Ehrlich

On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 09:23 AM, Alan Ehrlich wrote:
David Maggid, "Toledot Mishpechoth Gintzburg," Pg. 239, St. Petersburg, 1899
Correction (previously showed line for a like-named cousin of his):

1.  Meir Zurich, d. 1345.


2.  Baruch ben Meir Zurich, b. 1319, d. 1382.  He married Guetlin - Kalonoymos, b. 1328 (daughter of Smoe (Samuel) ben Baruch and Name Unknown), d. 1417.


3.  Lemlin ben Baruch, b. 1355 in Burgau (D), d. 1410.  He married Zuerlin Unknown, b. 1360 (daughter of Baruch ben Meir Zurich and Guetlin - Kalonoymos), d. 1436.


4.  Falk ben Lemlin, b. 1390 in Augsburg, Bavaria (D), d. 1465 in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg (D).  He married Name Unknown.


5.  Schmuel (Samuel) ben Falk, b. 1418 in Augsburg (D), d. 1478.  He married Name Unknown.


6.  Jechiel ben Schmuel Porto, also known as Jechiel aus Oporto, also known as Jechiel ben Schmuel, b. 1445, d. 1505.  He married Frimes bat Aharon ben Schmuel.


7.  Elieser Ullmo - Günzburg, also known as Rabbi Abraham Günzburg, also known as Eliezer Avraham Ulmo, b. 1477 in (P), d. 1544.  He married Simche Unknown.


8.  Simon / Schimon / "Seligman" Ulmo - Günzburg, nickname Der reichen Schimon Günzburg zu Burgau, also known as Shimon ben Elieser Ulmo Guenzburg, also known as Simon Elieser Ulm aus Günzburg, b. 1506 in Günsburg, Bayern (D), b. 1505, resided FIRST in Günsburg, Bayern (D), resided LATER in Burgau, Schwaben Bavaria, (D), occupation "Reicher Kaufmann" [= rich merchant], occupation Talmudist, occupation Built synagog and created cemetary in Gunsbürg, Bayern (D), occupation Rabbiner und Haupt der angesehenen Jischiwa in Burgau (D), occupation Kaiserlicher Hoffaktor in der Österreischen Marktgrafschaft, occupation Parnass, d. 9 Jan 1585 in Burgau, Schwaben Bavaria, (D), d. 1584 OR 1585 OR 1586 depending on the source.  He married Hannele / Händel bat R. Isaak Linz (daughter of Rabbi Isaak Linz ben Eljakim - Linz and Tserlin Unknown), d. 1 Nov 1593, d. 1594, d. 6 Cheswan 1593.


Re: ViewMate translation request - Hebrew #translation


Good morning,


Last name Geller

First name  Dora

Father’s name  Max

Mother’s name  Fania

Date of birth  1920

Place of birth  Zlodow

Residence  Zlodow

Nationality   Polish

Residence during the war  ZlodowPlace of death  Zlodov,  1943  annihilation of all the town’s jews

Family situation Married – 2 children’s

Maiden name  Dora Gleis

Husband’s name  Reuven Geller  28 years old


Submitted by

Tidhar Zvi of Yad Eliyahu, Lagiardia St.  41

Relation – Cousin of Dora Geller

Signed in Tel Aviv


Shalom, Malka Chosnek



Re: 1917 marriage, 1935 death in Vienna


According to his marriage record (Vienna Jewish Militärseelsorge 1917) Adolf GROSSBART was born Dec 1, 1889 in Biala, Galicia, to Benjamin GROSSBART and his wife Fanny/Feigel nee OFFNER. Adolf married May 24, 1917 Fanny BINDER, born Jul 19, 1892 in Jaroslau, Galicia, to Wolf BINDER (KUPFERSTEIN) and Chane nee KÜHNBERG. That time Adolf had military service as a "Feldgendarm". Daughter Herta was born Aug 28, 1918 in Vienna. Adolf commited suicid Dec 28, 1935 in Vienna. He was buried alone at Vienna Zentralfriedhof Tor 4, 16a-7-9. As fare as I can see non of his ancestors appears in Vienna. His wife was deported 1941 from Vienna and murdered Nov 29, 1941 in Kowno/Kaunas

Re: Hungarian translation #hungary #translation

Klára Majoros

Dear Joseph,
I have no time for a detailed translation but the essence is that after different court cases in two courts the marriage ended with a divorce on 21 Febr. 1903.


Re: STERNBERG family #romania


I have lots of Sternbergs in my family tree.  Go to and see my Sternbergs.  Hope we have a match!  Barbara Hacker Berman

Re: UPDATE: JewishGen @IAJGS2020 #JewishGenUpdates #events

Chuck Weinstein

Full conference registration is at 

Full registration is $325 and includes over 60 on demand lectures as well as about 40 live events from today, Monday August 10 through Thursday, August 13.

Chuck Weinstein

Re: Data Breach at GEDmatch has Concerns Over Privacy #dna #announcements

Chuck Weinstein

As far as the known facts are concerned, someone hacked into GEDMatches database and changed everyone's privacy settings to public.  A number of unknown matches were injected into the systerm.  It might have been from law enforcement or from somewhere else, but either way, it caused the entire database to be available to anyone who wanted to see it for any reason.  Why, who knows?  We have no idea at this juncture what else may have been compromised, including names, email addresses, etc.

Chuck Weinstein

Bellport, NY

Re: Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #translation #russia


VM 83569

In Russian:



Вольф-Бер Ундфлейш


Состоялось в городе Люблин 26-го декабря 1911-го года(11-го января 1912 года), в 10 часа утра.  Явился еврей Шмуль-Герш Ундфлейш, валяльщик, 33-х лет, житель города Люблина, в присутствии свидетелей: Мошки Фридмана, 72-х лет, рабочего, и Шимона Манделя, домовладельца, 59-и лет, жителей города Люблина и предъявили нам младенца мужского пола, объявляя, что он родился в городе Люблин, в доме 434, 19-го декабря1911 года(1-го января 1912 года), в 10 часов вечера, от него и его законной жены Фейги, урожденной Вайсблех, 33-х лет.  Младенцу этому при обрезании дано имя Вольф-Бер.

Акт сей присудствующим прочитан и нами и ими подписан.


Шмуль-Герш Ундфлейш    Мошка Фридман 

Шимон Мандель

Чиновник гражданского состояния  Подпись


Translate into English:




Wolf-Ber Undfleisch




It took place in the city of Lublin on December 26, 1911 (January 11, 1912), at 10 am. The Jew Shmul-Gersh Undfleish, a feller, 33 years old, a resident of the city of Lublin, appeared in the presence of witnesses: Moshka Fridman, 72 years old, a worker, and Shimon Mandel, a house owner, 59 years old, residents of the city of Lublin and presented us with the baby male, announcing that he was born in the city of Lublin, at house 434, on December 19, 1911 (January 1, 1912), at 10 o'clock in the evening, from him and his lawful wife Feiga, nee Weisblech, 33 years old.  When circumcised, this baby was given the name Wolf-Ber.


This act was read by those present and we signed it.




Shmul-Gersh Undfleish Moshka Friedman


Shimon Mandel


Civil Status Official Signature

Re: Data Breach at GEDmatch has Concerns Over Privacy #dna #announcements

Bob Silverstein

Jeffrey, you made a number of claims without evidence.  I only asked you to cite what has actually happened so we can assess for ourselves the probability and harm of such breaches.  I want to keep this real, not theoretical.  I never said I denied any danger exists as is clear from my posting.

Robert, I think the main differences among organizations is how they raise capital, start-up and ongoing, who takes the risk, and how they distribute profits.  Nonetheless, all organizations have to produce some good to some one to justify their continuance.  

Probate in Oklahoma? #usa #records

David Lewin

Can anyone teach me please?

What happens when a childless person dies in Oklahoma?

Is there any record of possible probate procedures?

Is there any record of the distribution of whatever they left
behind? I am asking about an event in 1978

David Lewin

Name of Marrero possibly Marrano from Puerto Rico. Possibly Jewish? #names #latinamerica

Jose Marrero <jantoniomarrero1982@...>

My name is Jose Antonio Marrero I am from Puerto Rico I been told that my family came from spain but they wasn't spanish they were Jewish.  They said that my last name change during the time but originally was "Marrano" and other more that sounds like and written like. When columbus came to the island a group of them came with him. Same with mexico and cuba but I dont know marrero family in Mexico or cuba. Not even here were i live. My family its very appart and I feel alone. Most of my family came from the town of Corozal but i live in San German. 
¡Dios los Bendiga!

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