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Sheryl Prenzlau

I have a huge tree of Brodsky's, as this was my great grandmother's name.  Her name was  originally Baretsky. You can write me directly for more info.

Re: Burial Society at Mount Hebron Flushing, Queens, NY #usa



The Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc. (New York) has a Burial Society Database Project that could be a good resource:

The Burial Society FAQ page has links for more information about burial societies that no longer exist.


Re: Can anyone figure the surname of Rauchlese out? #names

Dr.Josef ASH

something derived from Rohale, Rahel

Josef Ash

Re: CORRECTED TIME/DATE - Romania Research Division Meeting (Thurs, Aug. 13, 12:30 EST) #announcements #jgs-iajgs

John Hirschmann

I’m quite sure you mean 12:30 PM EDT. (Eastern Daylight Time). It’s summer right now and we are on summer time. 

looking for details about Mendelsohn family born in Warsaw and emigrated to the US around 1864 #usa #poland #galicia #warsaw

Beth Erez

Moses (Morris) Mendelsohn and his wife Leah Ellen Goldberg Mendelsohn were born (probably in Warsaw) around 1832 and emigrated to the US (New York) between 1864 and 1870.  They had four children in Warsaw: Isaac J., Joseph H., Hyman (Herman), Louis and another three in New York (Frank - my great-grandfather, Charles and Bertha (Betsy) - later married to Sender Federbush.  We have not been able to find tombstones for either Moses or Leah and are unsure about the immigration records we have found them all on many census records but immigration dates seem different for all, which is unlikely but possible  We would be particularly interested in tracing their ancestors back in Warsaw and was hoping the tombstones might give us names of their fathers.   I have looked at JewishGen and GesherGalicia Warsaw records to no avail.  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Beth

Origin of the name Brodsky #ukraine


I have traced my paternal ancestry to my great-grandfather David Halevy Brodsky in 19th century Russia, now Ukraine, but have hit a brick wall. I believe the name Brodsky originated in the Pale as a result of Jews fleeing West during a major pogrom, but I have no evidence to support that supposition. Does anyone have any insight into the origins of the surname Brodsky? Thanks 

Re: tombstone inscription #galicia #poland #rabbinic

David Shapiro

The title "Rabbani" is never used for anyone who has an official rabbinic position. (It is possible that 'mem-vav-hey' indicates that he had semicha, but that that he had a official position). I say this from over 40 years of experience editing rabbinical documents. Titles and their significance varies from one community to another. The best way to determine whether a title is just a honorific in a given community is to look at other stones in the same cemetery. If many stones use the same title (and not just in the same section, which may be reserved for rabbis), then you can assume it is just an honorific.

David Shapiro

ALTERMAN family from Odessa #ukraine



I am trying to trace my Alterman family from Odessa.

Simon Eliyahu Alterman b: Abt 1853 in Ukraine + Sara Fishman b: Ukraine (my great great-grandparents)
...2 Solomon Alterman + Rebecca (with Leon, Malvina, Adia, Ella and Ila)
...2 Joseph Chaim Alterman b: 1884 in Odessa, Ukraine, d: 06 Jan 1939 in London + Bloomah Deborah Smidoff b: 1882, m: 17 Jan 1902 in j, d: 07 Jun 1949 in Essex (I am their great-grandson] 
...2 Benjamin Alterman b: 16 Sep 1887 in Gomel [now Belarus], d: Feb 1969 in Miami, Florida + Rose 'Bala?' b: 27 Feb 1887 in Russia, m: 1906, d: 1975 in New York
...2 Sonia Alterman b: 23 Apr 1891 in Ukraine, d: 13 Sep 1943 in King's, New York + Max 'Mottel' Ainbinder b: 05 Nov 1886 in Kovel, Ukraine, m: 1918, d: 09 Oct 1958 in New York City
...2 Chanah Alterman d: Abt 1904 + Nokhem (Nathan) Roseman b: 1875 in Tiraspol, Odessa, m: Abt 1897, d: 12 May 1923 in Montreal

It would be very good to hear from anyone related to 'my' Altermans.   It would also be good to hear from anyone who has any information about the family (particularly, but not limited to, those whose names I've put in bold text).

Many thanks and best wishes,

Andrew Kopkin

Translation of Hessen Schutzbrief record #germany #translation

Peter Heilbrunn

[Old] Yiddish Translation #translation



I would greatly appreciate any help with translating the attached documents (which are either written in and/or have comments in) Yiddish.

2b is addressed to my grandfather Jack Kopkin and the Ketuba is his and my grandmother's - she was Sarah (Sadie) Alterman.

Thank you very much and best wishes,

Andrew Kopkin

Aramaic Translation Help! #translation



I would very much appreciate any help someone might be able to give me with translating the attached document - which I am reliably informed is in Aramaic.

Thank you and best wishes to all,

Andrew Kopkin 

New Post re Viewmate translation #translation

Eva Blanket

Subj: ViewMate translation request - CZECH…I think, with Headers possibly in UKRAINIAN.

I've posted a BIRTH record in what I think is CZECH with Headers in possibly UKRAINIAN, for which I need an ENGLISH translation. 
It is on ViewMate at the following address …
The unusual thing is that this Registry given in 1923 in what I think was in Czechoslovakia, is for a Birth in1811 in what was then Hungary.
Would anyone have an explanation as to why this would occur? It’s seems an interesting situation.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.
Searching: GOTTESZMAN - Hukliva; 
Szkotarske/Kisszolyva; Volocz.
WEISS/VEISZ - Hukliva; Talamas; Perechezsna
FREIDMAN - Skotarske/Kisszolyva
LIPSICS/LIPSITZ - Paskocz; Bukocz; Zshdenovo
HERMAN - Nizni Vereczke

Re: Intermediate Genetic Genealogy Course Offered Online #dna #education

L Fagan

The Intermediate Genetic Genealogy course is now full.  We plan on offering the course again next year.
   Thank you,
      Larry Fagan

ViewMate translation request - Russian #russia #translation


I've posted a vital record in Russian for which I need a translation. It can be viewed on ViewMate at the following address.
Jewish Genealogy site for helping in the translation and identification of genealogy related documents, photos and artifacts

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page or directly to my email address:
 Thank you very much.
Geoff Ackerman

ViewMate Translation Request - Russian #translation


I've posted a vital record in Russian for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address..
Please respond with either full translation or bride and groom names and names of parents plus any dates or town names on the ViewMate image page.
Alternatively, to my email address;
Geoff Ackerman

Zalaegerszeg Hungary, Jewish Burial Records #hungary #records

Ed Zwieback

I am looking for the burial records for the Jewish cemetery in Zalaegerszeg, Zala, Hungary.  The only info for the cemetery in the IAJGS project is : Jewish Cemetery: Address: Göcseji ut 8, Zalaegerszeg, 8900, Hungary (as of 2009).
Any assistance appreciated.
Ed Zwieback
Family web site at:

Gary Perlman, JGS of Montreal named 2020 Volunteer of the Year by the IAJGS #announcements #jgs-iajgs

Stanley Diamond

It is with great pride that the executive and membership of the JGS of Montreal learned that our colleague, Gary Perlman, is the recipient of the IAJGS 2020 Volunteer of the Year Award.


While Gary was recognized primarily for his contributions to JOWBR, his efforts extend far beyond photographing and documenting more than 100,000 gravestones. First, I would like to paraphrase several of the comments from JOWBR Coordinator Nolan Altman's letter of support for Gary’s nomination:


"Gary has exhibited an unending attention to detail from photography, to the coordination of photo manipulation and transliterations. In addition to gravestones, he has photographed the many Holocaust memorials in Montreal Cemeteries for JewishGen's Memorial Plaque Database.


Gary has also assisted in identifying and debugging JOWBR data-related issues. With his understanding of the system and the detailed way he reviews his submissions, he is the perfect person to help with this function."


In my own letter of support, I wrote about Gary’s creation of the superb JGS of Montreal website dashboard research tool, and the extensive detailed genealogical research articles. In his new role on the IAJGS "Documentation of Jewish Records Worldwide" technical team, Gary has been utilizing his many years of WorldCat expertise in this area, to help advance the DoJR mission. 


I could not write about Gary without mentioning something about volunteering in general that is very close to my heart. As President of the JGS of Montreal and Executive Director of JRI-Poland, I treasure volunteers who not only step forward when asked, but who carry out their tasks with passion and devotion in the most professional manner. Among all I have had the sincere pleasure to have worked with, Gary most certainly is one of the best in this regard and most deserving of the Volunteer of the Year award.


Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.  
President, Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal

ViewMate translation request- Russian #translation


I've posted a vital birth record in Russian for which I need a full translation.

ViewMate at the following address ...

It is the birth record for Abraham Chaim BRZEZINSKI.
We believe he had a twin sister called Zelda. Is this mentioned on the record.
Thanks in advance
Max Wald

JGS Library Session Tomorrow is Not being taped #events #jgs-iajgs

Michelle Sandler

Sorry the JGS Library session tomorrow at 10:30 am Pacific Time is not
being taped. Sorry I can do nothing about this.

Michelle Sandler MLS
Librarian OCJGS

Re: Can anyone figure this surname out? #names

Sherri Bobish



Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

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