Klimscheffskij from Suwalki #names


My gr-gr-grandfather was Yitzchak Lazar Klimscheffskij (1820-88). He was presumably born in Suwalki and died in Turku, Finland, where he had retired after his long service in the Russian army ( Finland was 1809-1917 an autonomous part of the Russian empire and from 1858 onwards all retired soldiers in Russia were allowed to stay in the place, where they last served). The -ij in the end is certainly a Swedish transliteration of the last name, normally it would be ending in -y. It is possible that the name refers to the Polish town of Klimaszewnica, less than 100km southwest from Suwalki. I have seen Klimaszewskis in Poland but they seem to be more often Christians than Jews.

As the name is complex to write and pronounce, many Klimscheffskijs ended up changing their names to Katro, Kiias (in Finland) or Feinberg (USA). Has anyone come across the name?

David Seligson
Arceau, France (originally from Finland)

Re: NYC marriage records #records #usa

Fred Kolbrener

One can't always rely on the NYC marriage OR birth records being complete in Ancestry as the NYC vital records aren't always complete.. 
The records after the marriage were supposed to be returned to the NYC records authorities, but that did not always happen. I know of very early Brooklyn marriages that are not in NYC files as the church wedding was never reported to the vital records offices.  I also have an uncle whose first marriage is not recorded and then in 1939 and 1942, he may never have actually gotten married after getting licenses. is often a good bet for finding elusive data..  I prefer to use rather than Italian.  The German and Italian groups collaborated in creating the databases they use, but they are only as good as the records that went it (discounting for spelling errors).  In the past two years, Italiangenealogygroup changed (updated) their front end user interface.  While some of the new changes are good, like searching a name in ALL their databases at once, the ability to sort the records by clicking the column headers in the returned lists was lost; so I prefer the genrmangenealogygroup site.

Marriage license questionnaires are maintained by the NYC Archives and usually are three pages of data, but require someone to search for them.  However, if they married in NJ, that will not result in finding a record, either.   

I did not find a marriage for Frank Zimmer in nor in the NJ Ancestry marraige records..  I did locate the probable marraige of a daughter of Sarah and Frank, Lillian Kaplan, in April 1928 to Murray Dravich. 

Good luck with your search. 

Re: Name of Marrero possibly Marrano from Puerto Rico. Possibly Jewish? #names #latinamerica

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Jose, please go to Click DATABASES, go to Consolidated Surname Index and search for your name. There are several ways to search, please use each one in turn to cover spelling variations.
Have you done any DNA testing? I would suggest the Ydna 37-marker test at FamilyTreeDNA to learn more information about your father's direct line. You may also wish to do the Family Finder autosomal test to find information on all lines of your family. Then, transfer the autosomal results to MyHeritage for a different perspective.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
New Mexico

Translation of Hebrew Text (written in Germany in 1735) Please #translation


Hello everybody,

The short text below forms the introduction to the "new" laws of the community of Schweinshaupten in the northeast of Lower Franconia. They were written in 1735 by the Jacob Breslau, Chief Rabbi of the Grabfeld district.

Many years ago, the late Steven Lowenstein provided the following romanisation of the test:

hisasfu kehal yoshve Schweinsthaubten la’asos lo-hem takaonos chodoshos…….. / 
takonos ha-yeshonos ulhoros lo-hem ha-derech asher yelchu bo {…} ha-ma’aseh / 
asher ta’asun a”p [al pi] ha-din ve-lifneshem {…} ve-osiso lo-hem takanos ka’asher yevo’or lemato be-ritson / 
kol kehal vecho tiyeh ve… tekayi’ey

But due to the quality of the image, some words eluded him. I would be very grateful for fresh pairs of eyes to possibly the fills the gaps and enable a full translation.

Many thanks,

Justin Levy
(Dubai, UAE)

This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the JewishGen Facebook page #yizkorbooks #belarus

Bruce Drake

“Woronow Jews observed ancient religious traditions that had been handed down from father to son… Without this religious base and these customs our lives were meaningless… God was the foundation of the Jew's dreary, indigent life.”

So begins this account of “Jewish types, their character traits, fanatic; customs and religious mysticism; religious and folk songs” from the Yizkor book of Woronow (Voronova) in Belarus. But along with traditional Jewish worship, there were strands of “mystical belief in dreams, remedies, signs, destiny, astrology and magic.” When a woman was in labor she was led seven times around three Jews who were praying, in prayer shawls and phylacteries,” reciting psalms and the Prayer for the Sick.When a person had a toothache, he was "talked out of it," the "evil eye" was driven away. To keep the evil eye away, mothers would attach an onion with salt to the child's underwear, or tie a red cotton string around its wrist. Mitzvahs included wearing four tassels on undergarments; not mixing meat and dairy dishes; not wearing clothing made of cloth that mixed linen and wool; a mezuzah in every Jewish home.

This excerpt is filled with wonderful detail and anecdotes and personalities revolving around life in Woronow and the ways it was interwoven with religious faith.


Bruce Drake

Silver Spring MD

Re: Searching for Tombstone/Cemetery Record for Teraizah/Alice JUROWICZ, died 1933 in Budapest #hungary #records

sylvia vanderhoeft <sylvia.vanderhoeft@...>

Hi Moishe,
Have you tried the website "Find a grave" ? We found my husbands grandparents and family  tombstones on that website. If not you can always contact Kozma Street Cemetery.
Stay safe
Sylvia Stein ( Vanderhoeft) Boechout, Belgium

Re: viewmate help request - Russian #translation


the hyperlinks above were corrupted for some reason.
the correct hyperlinks are
Marty Meyers
Montclair, NJ
researching:  ZYLBERMAN, ROZENSZTEJN, BORDOWITZ, KRYGIER, FREJDENBERG (Przasnysz, Janowa, Zuromin, Mlawa, Chorzele, Makow)
MEYEROWITZ, ABROMOWICH, PRUSHKIN (Grodno, Brestovitsa), SIDMAN, BALIN (Slavuta, Volynia)

need help finding Morris, Sam and Jonas LISS passenger arrival records #belarus #russia

N. Summers

I am stuck and would love to have your ideas on what I should do next.

I'm looking for relatives by the name of LISS, from Motal or Pinsk, Poland (now Belarus). They came to New York between 1895 to 1910 and all but one changed their surname to Alper (for good luck, because they knew someone who did well in the U.S.).

I have found their census documents in New York, but I've tried and tried without any luck to find the passenger lists for father Morris Liss or his 2 oldest sons Sam and Jonas. I believe that the 3 travelled separately, arriving between 1895 and 1904 (based on the arrival dates in their US censuses; and on the 1904 passenger list of Morris' wife Annie with their younger children.). Morris' brother Abraham came a bit later and kept the name Liss . I even had a researcher from  try to find the record for Jonas but she was not able to do so.

I'm beginning to think that their name in Poland might have been something other than Liss. Maybe a Yiddish name? Does anyone know what a Yiddish or Polish version of the name might be?  Or how else I might tackle this task?

many thanks


Nancy Summers

Maryland, USA


FINKELSTEIN, BOOKSTEIN, KOENIG/SUKOENIG, LUSMAN, GOLDINER, SAGORODER (Radziwillow, Russia >Radzyliv,Ukraine; Ostroh, Rivne, Poland>Ostrog, Rovno,Ukraine; Warsaw, Poland; Wolinsky, Russia> Volyn, Ukraine)

LISS / ALPER  (Motol, Pinsk, Russia>Belarus)

LEAF / LIFSCHITZ ( Rechitsa, Minsk,  Russia> Belarus)

Re: Silverman Family of Providence #usa


My Zylberman family was from Opole Lubelskie, Poland.

ViewMate translation request - Yiddish #translation

Judy Denmark


I need a translation of page one of a letter written to my grandmother Minnie Isaacson (nee Walter). She emigrated to the US in 1910, but her parents, most siblings and many other relatives were still in Jodlow, Poland. (Two sisters also emigrated.) The family perished in the Holocaust. I simply want to know what is in this letter to my grandmother.  It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Judith Isaacson-Gannon

Re: Mazel Tov! For a Great Conference #announcements #jgs-iajgs

David Lerer

Congratulations to all involved in putting together this conference at these tough times.
Moving forward, I'd suggest to improve on communications. The emails were confusing, they came  in from different sources, getting into a session was a combersome process (actually , in one case it didnt work).  
Either way, thanks for all your efforts!, David.

Cohen and Charlevil from Charleville France #france





I wonder if anyone would know form which Charleville in France are coming those people

  •          Joseph Juzpe Cohen born around 1598 in Charleville, France and died in 1656
  •         His daughter  Abigael Joseph Witzenhausen Cohen (spouse Hammelburg Witzenhausen) born around  in 1627 in Charleville who died on 25 nov 1685 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  •          Also I notice that many people from Amsterdam bear the family name Charlevil. Does anyone know if they are coming from one of the Charleville above and if yes which one of the two

Thanks and regards


Joelle Meyer



Re: Records for Werner and Eisenhandler families for Nowe Miasto and Ulanov #poland #ukraine


I have Eisenhandler who repeatedly married with my Metzger family in NOVE MISTO near Dobromil (currently Ukraine.) They were a minority sect of BLUZHOVER and DINOVER Chassidim. 
Reba Harris Solomon
all south of Przemysl
CHARAS:Tyrawa Woloska, Poland 
METZGER: Nove Misto, and Mostyska, Ukraine
KESSELMAN: Ustrzyki Dolne, Poland

Re: Translation of Hessen Schutzbrief record #germany #translation

W. Fritzsche

The main information is: Simon Heilbrun received this re-newed letter to live in Emmerichenhain together with his spouse and children 1731, December 30. He was allowed to trade and was ordered to act in accordance with the applicable laws.

Wolfgang Fritzsche, Germany

Re: ViewMate translation request- Russian #translation




In Russian:




Состоялось в городе Лович, 30 ноября 1879-го года, в 10 часов утра.  Явился лично житель города Ловича Яков-Ицек Бжезинский, рабочий, 32-х лет в присутствии Файвеля Винклера, учителя, 72-х лет и Мордки Шмеля, домовладельца, 62-х лет, жителей города Ловича и предявили нам младенца мужского пола, объявляя, что он родился в городе Лович 6-го июля сего года в 9 часов утра от законной жены Фейги Леи, урожденной Пинкус, 31-го года.  Младенцу сему при обрезании дано имя Абрам-Хаим.  Причины несвоевременного заявления не представлены.  Акт сей окончен и подписан, кроме отца, который безграмотен.


Файвель Винклер   Мордка Шмель

Пресидент города Ловича   Подпись


Translate into English:




It took place in the town of Lowicz, November 30, 1879, at 10 am. A resident of the town of Lowicz, Yakov-Itsek Brzezinski, a 32-year-old worker, personally appeared in the presence of Faivel Winkler, a teacher, 72 years old, and Mordka Shmell, a 62-year-old homeowner, residents of the town of Lowicz and presented us with a male baby, announcing, that he was born in the town of Lowicz on July 6 of this year at 9 o'clock in the morning from the lawful wife of Feiga Leia, nee Pincus, 31 years old. This child was given the name Abram-Chaim during circumcision. The reasons for the delayed application were not provided. This act is completed and signed, except for the father, who is illiterate.


Faivel Winkler Mordka Shmell

President of Lowicz Signature

Re: Aramaic Translation Help! #translation


The place of the marriage looks like it says "the city Hamel" and judging from the Cyrillic print at the bottom of the paper (which I don't read) I would assume the general area is either Russia or Ukraine. Searching on the townfinder you find Homyel Belarus which seems most likely.

Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

Re: ViewMate Translation Request - Russian #translation




In Russian:





Состоялось в посаде Янов 20 декабря 1894-го года, в 4 часа дня объявляем, что сего числа, в присутствии свидетелей Бенёмы Возницы, торговца, 30-и лет и Гершки Прейсеровича, 28-и лет, в посаде Янов живущих, заключен брачный союз между мною, (не ясно) Фрум, холостым, 25-и лет, сыном Цалека и Добрыси, урожденной Брумер, супругов Фрум, в усадьбе Балоты, Лозинского уезда, где они проживают и Резлей Фурберг девицею 19-и лет, дочерью Азека и Гинды урожденной Калмяк, законных супругов Фурберг, живущих в посаде Янов.  Браку этому предшествовали 3 оглашения, опубликованных в (неясно): 3-го, 9-го и 19-го декабря сего года.  Новобрачные заявили, что перед браком ни в какие условия не входили.  Религиозный обряд бракосочетания совершен равином Яновского Борнического округа Израиль-Лейб Берлинером.  Акт сей присутствующим прочитан и по их неграмотностью мной и равином подписан.


Содержащий книги актов гражданского состояния   Подпись

Равин И.А. Берлинер


Translate into English:





It took place in the Yanov Posad on December 20, 1894, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon we announce that on this date, in the presence of the witnesses Benyoma Voznitsa, a merchant, 30 years old and Gershka Preiserovich, 28 years old, living in the Yanov Posad, a marriage union was concluded between me, (not clear) Froome, single, 25 years old, the son of Tsalek and Dobrysia, nee Brumer, the Froome spouses, in the Balota estate, Lozinsky district, where they live and Rezley Furberg, a 19-year-old girl, daughter of Azek and Ginda née Kalmyak, lawful spouses Furberg, living in the Yanov settlement. This marriage was preceded by 3 announcements published in (unclear): 3rd, 9th and 19th December of this year. The newlyweds said that they did not enter into any conditions before marriage. The religious wedding ceremony was performed by the rabbi of the Yanovsky Bornic District Israel-Leib Berliner. This act was read to those present and, because of their illiteracy, I and the rabbi signed it.


Containing Civil Registers Signature

Rabbi I.A. Berliner

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general


Hi, Everybody                                                          14th August 2020

I wonder if I may politely record my thoughts--about --' cutter''

In my understanding, it can be a 'glass cutter'   plain sheets of glass being cut to fit widows /french windows etc.

It was /is? a very skilled/ dangerous  profession/job--

I observed --from a 'safe distance' my late father 'cutting' glass' etc--wearing 'protective' 'face shields' --fragments--dust-- of pieces of glass were 'flying' everywhere.

Best wishes to All

Veronika Pachtinger
London UK-paveanyu@...

Re: Can anyone figure the surname of Rauchlese out? #names

Reuven Mohr

it depends in which context this name appears.
There is a small town in Hessen, SE of Fulda by the name Reichlos.
From there obviously a Jewish family originated, using different spellings, like Reichloser, Reichloeser (ö Umlaut) or Reichleser. Such a family resided in Herrnsheim near Worms for several generations.

Re: Aramaic Translation Help! #translation

David Shapiro

The city was Homel. The date was Tues. Sivan 12. The year is not completely clear, i.e. the decade, but I think it was 5662 which was June 17, 1902. Definitely not 5682 when Sivan 12 fell on a Thursday. (And not 5683 when Sivan 12 when was Sunday, and Sivan 13 was Monday).
David Shapiro

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