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VM 83750

In Rusian:



Состоялось в Варшаве, в 1900-м году, 2-го (14) февраля, в час дня, в концелярии чиновника гражданского состояния нехристианских исповеданий 7-го (не ясно) учаска города Варшавы. Явился учасковый равин Зайнвель Клейфиш и жених холостой Хаим Наймастер, торговец, 25-и лет, родился в городе Варшаве, в доме под номером 1431, проживающий, сын Боруха и Ханы, урожденной Соболь, живых супругон Наймастер и невеста девица Хана-Мириам Адамсбаум, дочь торговца, 21-го года, родилась в Варшаве,проживающая в доме под номером 927 С, дочь Герша-Нисона и Таубы, уроьденной Шварцбеин, живых супругов Адамсбаум, и свидетелей Моска Зеленек и Шлёма-Меер Финкельштейн проживающих под номером 1464 А и 1042 Б, оба совершеннолетние.  Равин Клейфиш объявил нам, что 25го января (6 февраля) он сочетал религиозным браком холостого Хаима Наймастера с девицей Чаной-Мириам Адамсбаум, что брак этот состоялся по обоюдному согласию молодоженов, каковому не было никаких препядствий и сему браку предшествовали 3 предбрачные оглашения, 18, 25 декабря прошедшего года и 1-го января сего года.  Новобрачные объявили нам, что они заключили брачный договор у нотариуса при ипотечной канцелярии мировых судей города Варшавы, Михаила Рудницкого от 17-го (29-го) января сего года за номеро 117.  Акт сей прочитан и нами подписан, кроме неграмотных новобрачных. 


Подпись  Подпись  Подпись  Подпись   


Translate into English:



It took place in Warsaw, in 1900, on February 2 (14), at one o'clock in the afternoon, in the office of an official of the civil status of non-Christian confessions of the 7th (not clear) section of the city of Warsaw. The district rabbi Zainvel Kleifish appeared and the groom is single, Chaim Naymaster, a merchant, 25 years old, was born in the city of Warsaw, at house number 1431, living, the son of Borukh and Khana, née Sable, living spouse Naymaster and the bride girl Khana-Miriam Adamsbaum, daughter of a merchant, 21 years old, was born in Warsaw, living in house number 927 C, daughter of Gersh-Nison and Tauba, born Schwarzbein, living spouses Adamsbaum, and witnesses Moska Zelenek and Shlema-Meer Finkelstein living at number 1464 A and 1042 B, both adults. Rabbi Kleifish announced to us that on January 25 (February 6) he combined the religious marriage of the bachelor Chaim Naymaster with the girl Chana-Miriam Adamsbaum, that this marriage took place by mutual consent of the newlyweds, which there were no obstacles and this marriage was preceded by 3 premarital announcements, 18, 25 of December, the last year and January 1 of this year. The newlyweds announced to us that they had entered into a marriage contract with a notary at the mortgage office of the magistrates of the city of Warsaw, Mikhail Rudnitsky, dated January 17 (29) this year, number 117. This act was read and signed by us, except for illiterate newlyweds.


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Re: Hebrew Given name on headstone #translation

pauline rosenberg

The name looks like Sheintza which, I suspect is a variation on Sheyna, Sheindel, etc. which means "pretty."

Naftali Hertz Reznick/Resnik/Resnick from Minsk, Belarus #belarus


Hi All, Searching for any info on my great great grandfather (Naftali Hertz (or Herts) Reznick (or Reznik/Resnick) born in Minsk, Belarus approximately between 1840-1890. I don't have a closer range. No one in my family knows much about him. The only fact I have is that his son, my great grandfather David Eliezer Resnick, was born in 1907. Is there a good source where I can research to find birth information about him and who his parents and spouse were?At some time, the family came to Palestine/Jaffa but I don't have any more information than that. The migration was before the Russian Revolution.

Sawmill in Radom, 1942? #poland #holocaust


On a worker's id card from the Radom in 1942, it says that their relatives (ages 12 and 19) were "employed" at a sawmill. Is anyone aware of where the sawmill might have been in Radom during the war? Could it have been in a surrounding town?

Thank you,
Andrew Cooke

Need help organizing data on #general

Jan Burns

I am looking for someone adept at all functions of Ancestry website and combining genealogical information from other sites to be included on Ancestry site. Please email to janbburns@...
Jan Berlfein Burns
Los Angeles, Ca.

Re: need help finding Morris, Sam and Jonas LISS passenger arrival records #belarus #russia

David Oseas


Look at the Citizenship columns of the census returns.  They will indicate "Al", meaning alien: the immigrant did not yet file for citizenship; "Pa" meaning papers: the immigrant filed "first papers" (Declaration of Intention); or "Na": naturalized: the immigrant filed their Petition for Naturalization.  Depending on the census, there may also be a date of the naturalization activity.  Then search the naturalization indexes to see if you can locate their papers.  Depending on when they naturalized, there may be information about the date and means of arrival. Many naturalization collections additionally have the Certificate of Arrival, which contains the same arrival info, and usually lists the name that was used on the passenger list.

David Oseas

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Marriage my grandparents in Kiev 1908: see record in English please? #dna #unitedkingdom #translation #ukraine

Pat Hamilton

Dear Group

I am hoping that SKP might help me discover the names of my GGPs from this record.
I do not know if it is a record that Alex has copied, or is available anywhere.
(I am hopeless at translating, and dna interpreting.) Have taken a few JGen courses.

My father, Samuel BLACK, was born in London, England, in 1915 to a Russian couple who had been married by the Kiev, Section 2 City Rabbi, Ya M Aleshkovsky on 25 May 1908.
Entry number 149 in the Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages of the Jewish population of Kiev year 1908 - Part II - Marriages, according to a translated Certificate 1507 issued on 6 August 1909, for submission to the authorities in Belaya Tserkov.

Levi-Itzkhok Tsalevich Tcherny married Sosya Mordkovna Dyvinskaya, both of Kiev Gubernia. He was registered in Belaya Tserkov, she in Vasikov.

In 1906 he passed a beginners' book-keeping course in Kiev and in October was conscripted in Vasilkov, but was discharged as medically unfit from a Black Sea Regiment.

I used to think that they decided to get married and leave the area because of the Pogroms, as both their sons were born in Baku. Marcus on 24 February 1909, and Moisei on 16 October 1910.
I guessed Lionel was dealing in oil shares, and made enough money to bring his family to England, and not only avoid the poverty of the East End, but afford to leave his wife and three sons from 1916 to 1918 while he took a business trip to New York.

But, but, I have just, as I wrote this looked again closely at the dates.

Could they have stayed in Baku from 1908 until about 1911, when they started to make their way to England, arriving February 1912, if that Certificate was collected in Kiev on 6 August 1909, and taken to Belaya Tserkov?

Yes, I suppose that Lionel could have left his wife and baby in Baku, and made a solo trip.
Any ideas please? Would his wife have been required to appear with him?
Did they need the Civil marriage registration to obtain a passport?
There are no records of how they travelled to London.

My grandparents, who I knew as a child in London, had remained Stateless, my father told me just before he died in 1999.
I have dna-tested myself and all my living relatives, with no unknown close matches. I have a cluster of names, but no idea (and nor have they) how we are related.
Brick wall is the ignorance of the names of any gt grandparents.  Impossible to create a tree. I really need your help please.

My father kept all his mother's Russian documents, which I inherited, but I have nothing about his father except for the book-keeping course, marriage registration details, and conscription discharge. And a studio photograph of the family of four taken in Baku before they left. (The ornate reverse of which I put in Viewmate some years ago, and was given a translation, thanks.)

When they reached London in 1912, they changed TCHERNY into BLACK. (Before Deed Poll existed.)
When my father was born in Stoke Newington in 1915, they just registered him as Samuel BLACK.
British by birth, luckily for me.

Pat Hamilton ID 519415. Grandparents' haplogroups: Mt H6a1a5. BigY  E-A20849
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Reb Yossel and Zelda WEINSTEIN (spelling?) Vilna, 1800s #lithuania #names

Susan Sorkenn

Reb Yossel was a rosh yeshiva, and Zelda was a commission merchant for Polish nobles. Is there a variant spelling for Weinstein I can check? His name was originally a form of Romm or Rumsch. I know he had an uncle, Yitzhak ben Moshe Rumsch, a schoolteacher, who translated "Robinson Crusoe” into Hebrew from German. Yossel and Zelda were my maternal great-great-grandparents. Their son Moishe Aaron, an auditor of liquor sales, married Malke Eilperin from the outskirts of Vilna. I’d be greatly appreciative if anyone can lead me to more information about my family.

Susan Sorkenn <sorkennwellness@...>

Re: Mazel Tov! For a Great Conference #announcements #jgs-iajgs

tony hausner

I concur that they did a great job under very difficult circumstances.  My understanding is many more got to participate this way than a standard conference.  

Searching For Shirley May KOMINSKY, Chicago #usa


Searching for Shirley May/Mae KOMINSKY (b.1937), and family - Chicago-based.

She is the daughter of Gerald KOMINSKY, and granddaughter of Anna SCHNEIDERMAN / SNYDERMAN.  Anna’s mother, Brayna
Rivka ‘Rebecca’ (COHEN) SCHNEIDERMAN / SNYDERMAN, is my grandmother, Sarah (COHEN) BLUMENTHAL’s, sister.  

The sisters are buried next to each other at Waldheim (long story!).

Hope something turns up, and thank you.

Sandi (Blumenthal) Root

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Re: Jewish Agricultural Colony in Woodbine, NJ #usa

Elizabeth Handler

My mother-in-law, although born in NYC, was in Woodbine by 1930. This is where her mother, Rose Segal, was born in 1902. I blogged about Woodbine at . I think most of the links in my blog are shared in Barbara Rice's reply, but I share the family story about how Rose's family ended up there.
You can also search my blog for other posts I've written about Woodbine. The Woodbine Brotherhood Cemetery is where many of my mother-in-law's family is buried. She is still with us (lives in Northfield, NJ), at the age of 93!

Elizabeth Handler
Needham, MA
Researching: HANDLER, HOLLANDER, HONENVALD (Hungary); YANCU/IANCU/YANCOWITZ, MOSCOWITZ (Romania); LEVITES, LEWITES (Husiatyn, Galicia), SEGAL (Zhytomyr, Ukraine)

Re: NYC marriage records #records #usa


My grandfather was married four times, but only two of those marriages were recorded in civil records. It's not entirely clear if the second one was a marriage at all, though I recall her being called his wife and I called her grandma.  I know he had a religious marriage ceremony with his third wife, but not a civil record, apparently because that allowed them to keep her housing assistance in NYC.  I don't know the marriage laws in NY at the time, but in some states, all that was necessary to be considered married by common law was to be free to marry and to say to others that the couple is married.  
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Does Sephardi Congregation "Escaba" = Misheberach? #usa #rabbinic #sephardic

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

In Sephardic religious practice, what is an escaba or escabas referring to? Does it mean prayer, or specifically a misheberach prayer? Is there another word for misheberach prayer in the Sephardic liturgy?

These esacaba lists appear in the early Philadelphia Congregation Mikveh Israel records that JewishGen US and Sephardic Research Divisions are reviewing for indexing.

Are there other lists or record sets with genealogical detail (or just standard Jewish names) that typically appear in Sephardic congregational records or prayer that we should be looking for?

As the new US Research Division is identifying record sets to organize into indexing projects, some terminology is surfacing and we need a primer to supply to volunteer indexers. So if anyone can direct us to a Sephardic/Ladino primer for the Ashkenazi as it relates to genealogy, we would appreciate.


Ellen Kowitt
Director, JewishGen US Research Division

Re: need help finding Morris, Sam and Jonas LISS passenger arrival records #belarus #russia

Sherri Bobish


Leib Mosche LISS (42) and Jona LISS (10 1/2) arrived in NY from Pinsk in August 1901.

They were bound for Providence, RI.  It says going to "brother."  I assume that means a brother of Leib Mosche.

Info found at:

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Belarus Meeting at the IAJGS Conference #belarus


We would like to thank the organizers of the conference for putting together a digital structure that enabled a lot more people to attend our Belarus informational meeting.  According to the numbers we received, we had 300 attend our talk.  While there were technical issues we did get positive feedback. 


Here is a link to the slides from the presentation:  On the last slide, there are links to a set of screencasts that cover most of the slides.




Belarus Research Division


Re: Searching for Tombstone/Cemetery Record for Teraizah/Alice JUROWICZ, died 1933 in Budapest #hungary #records

Moishe Miller

Thank you for responding. Would you have contact detail, including an email address for the Kozma Street cemetery?
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF #3391

Re: in search of: MAUSKOPF family from bekescsaba hungary #hungary #canada

Lew Kampel

I knew some Mauskopfs in NJ or maybe Brooklyn in the 50s 60s.  They were either distant cousins or maybe just landsman from my  mother's town.
She came from Polyana near Munkacs which was Austro Hungarian before WW 1then Czechoslovakia and now Ukraine.  Does that sound geographically close?

Re: need help finding Morris, Sam and Jonas LISS passenger arrival records #belarus #russia


Nancy: See if you can find naturalization documents for your LISS family members.  They may have the details that you are looking for, i.e., ship, date, original name.

David Rosen
Boston, MA 

On 8/14/2020 10:17 AM, N. Summers via wrote:

I'm looking for relatives by the name of LISS, from Motal or Pinsk, Poland (now Belarus).....   I have found their census documents in New York, but I've tried and tried without any luck to find the passenger lists for father Morris Liss or his 2 oldest sons Sam and Jonas ..........I'm beginning to think that their name in Poland might have been something other than Liss. might be?  Or how else I might tackle this task?

many thanks



Re: Trying to locate graves for BERNSTEIN couple in London #names

Martyn Woolf

Re: Jewish Agricultural Colony in Woodbine, NJ #usa

Mark Halpern

There is a Museum in the Synagogue building in Woodbine. I would assume they can answer your question.

Mark Halpern 
Conshohocken , PA


On 2020-08-13 5:00 pm, diamondesllc@... wrote:

My father and his siblings were born in  Woodbine in the late 19th and early 20th century.  His parents were amongst the earliest settlers in that Colony in the early 1890s.  I am trying to find out how the early Colony members were recruited for participation and residence in the Colony. If your family members were part of this "experiment" and/or you have any knowledge of the early formation of the Colony please contact me.

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