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Reuven Mohr

not sure about Fruma's father's name, (looks like Zoib/Zuib?) - 
but the date I see two possibilities:
(2 Ellul 5603 = Mon, 28 Aug 1843;) or more likely
2 Ellul 5653 = Mon, 14 aug 1893;

Re: Translation of a Hebrew tombstone #translation


Her husband's name was David Friedman.
She died the 2nd day of Passover which is the 16th of Nissan.

Re: ViewMate translation request of a Ketubah #translation


Moshe son of Tzvi
Fruma daughter of Zev
The year is 1893

Re: ViewMate translation request of a Ketubah #translation


Fruma, daughter of Zev

Re: ViewMate translation request of a Ketubah #translation

David Shapiro

Bride's father's name is "H"R (Harav?) Zev".

Dovid Shapiro

Re: Cohen and Charlevil from Charleville France #france

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,

Dear Joelle,

A search on "Charleville" with Wikippedia gives 3 results in France:

·         Charleville #1, a very old town (established 1606) of Ardennes (Department, Dpt, 08), melted in Charleville-Mézières for 1966, a few kilometers from Belgium & Luxembourg borders.

·         Charleville-sous-Bois #2, very small village (< 200 pax before 1780) of Moselle (Dpt 57, province of Lorraine),

·         Charleville #3, very small village (< 200 pax before 1780) of Marne (Dpt 51) 


Best probability is this Cohen family living in Charleville #1, it was from the start a important town with his prince Charles 1er Gonzague (1580-1637) who wished to build a emblematic city:


If we search "Departmental Archives", as we can on any French department:


we can find Charleville's vital records from ... 1613!


But, there is always a "but" in genealogy, you must remember that in these good old times, these vital records were managed in France by Catholics churches.

So Jewish vital records don't appear in these books, you have to wait after French Revolution (1789) ...

I hope you may find other sources.


Bernard Flam

Archives & History of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring (Bund, Workmen Circle of France)



Re: Records for Werner and Eisenhandler families for Nowe Miasto and Ulanov #poland #ukraine


There are actually only two Nowy Miastos. The one near Dobromil and the one in the Lwow oblast are one and the same. 

Answer to question about Christine Usdin's census translations that was asked during the Latvia SIG meeting on Thursday #latvia

Stephen Weinstein

A small number of records are freely available at

A much larger number of links (about 20) are at and also go to records that you can freely view.

(The numbers I am giving are the number of webpages, not the number of records.  The number of records per webpage is not consistent so do not attempt to compute the percentage that is freely available or to estimate the total number of records from those that you can view.)

At there are the links to occupation-based pages that I listed at the top of the this post and then there are an even larger number of geographic-based links (over 100) that go to a paywall saying "Sorry to say, that, henceforth, the translations of the records and census are available only by contributors.  If you wish to contribute ... Then I shall send you all the links of my translations."  At this time, I don't recommend contributing, because I don't think it's an automated system that sends out the links without her; I think that she sent the links manually and that they are no longer sent.  At there is a list of who contributed in 2012-2013 and should have received the links.  If you recognize any of the names on the list as someone you know, you may be able to contact them and ask if they still have links that still work.  I don't know if you will be successful.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA, USA

LIVERPOOL HOPE PLACE SYNAGOGUE Book re 1836 to 1930. #unitedkingdom #records

Richard Gilbert

According to a piece in the Jewish Chronicle in 1893, which can be read via the link below Rev A Rutkowski was representing the Hope Street Synagogue when he lead a Shabbat service in Bangor, North Wales.
If I remember correctly the Hope Street Synagogue eventually merged to become Greenbank Drive Synagogue, which was a beautiful Art Deco building, which sadly is now closed but where I used to daven as a student, whilst at university. In fact my faculty was on Hope Street.
Hertfordshire, England 


Re: [Old] Yiddish Translation #translation


Here is a short translation of 2b.
If a detailed translation is needed I can do that as well. 

Dear Mr. Kopkin 
Upon your engagement I honor you with this handmade work [probably referring to "Ketuba B _ Z"].
Followed by his health and financial situation, that he needs money for medical purposes and his finances hardly covers his regular daily expenses in addition to his son's widow and 5 orphans, and the small poor community can't help him.
Followed by a request for a donation.

Argentina2.jpg translation:
This is my younger son when Rachirke was here he took it ... and they have there ...

Buenos.Aires.1a translation:
For memory from your brother-in-law and sister-in-law and brother Harry and Anna Katz
Buenos Aires 15/10 1912

Ketuba B _ Z is a handwritten Mazel Tov wish with blessings to Yaakov Kopkin and Sadie upon their engagement. Written January 1927.
I can provide a full translation if needed. 

Re: Aramaic Translation Help! #translation


In addition to the above translations, I would add that the Bride's father was deceased, the missing word in Dr. Ash's translation before the father's name is "the deceased" Reb Gutman...

I agree with Mr. Shapiro's reading of the year as 5662.

Re: Translation of Hebrew Text (written in Germany in 1735) Please #translation


hisasfu kehal yoshve Schweinsthaubten la’asos lo-hem takaonos chodoshOS NOSAFIN AL/ 
takonos ha-yeshonos ulhoros lo-hem ha-derech asher yelchu bo VE-ES ha-ma’aseh / 
asher ta’asun a”p [al pi] ha-din VE-LIFNIM MS"H [MI-SHURAS HA-DIN]  ve-osiso lo-hem takanos ka’asher yevo’or lemato be-ritson / 
kol kehal vecho tiyeh ve… tekayi’ey

התאספו קהל יושבי שוויינשטויבען לעשות להם תקנות חדשות נוספין על / תקנות הישנות ולהורות להם הדרך ילכו בה ואת המעשה / אשר תעשון ע"פ הדין ולפנים מש"ה ועשית להם תקנות כאשר יבואר למטה ברצון / כל קהל וכה תהי' ... תקי"י

I think the last word might represents the year 5520 which was 1760.

Re: Need help finding information about family from Khiton in Bessarbia #bessarabia

Feldman, Daniel

The correct spelling is Khotin., alternate spellings Khotyn and Chotin. You are likely referring to the district of Khotin which exists in present day Southwestern Ukraine. Within that district is the town of Novoseltsia which has alternate spellings. This region was part of Russia until 1918 when it was ceded to Rumania after WW1. Russia took it back in the years of WW2. Bessarabia is the larger general region that includes Khotin and the current border regions of Ukraine and Moldova.
Daniel Feldman, Williamsville, NY

Levi and Perilih #names

ירוחם צבי קינסטליך

Hello,what's the reason of levi as the first name.
after the surname written the word  Perilih.whats is this?

Gesher Galicia: New Board Member Darcy Stamler #galicia #announcements

Steven Turner

Dear Friends,
The Gesher Galicia Board of Directors is happy to welcome Darcy Stamler as our newest member of the Board.
Darcy Stamler has been researching her family’s history since 2010, an endeavor that started with a ship manifest from Ellis Island and the subsequent settlement of Galician-born grandparents in New York’s Lower East Side, and which led in 2018 to the surprising discovery of an extensive line of family members in Israel. In recent years she has become actively engaged in Jewish heritage preservation projects in Ukraine which included spearheading the  building of a monument to the victims of a mass shooting in Mykulychyn, one of her ancestral hometowns in the Nadworna region. 
Darcy was born in New York and has also lived primarily in Northern California, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Her professional career has included management positions at several large
entertainment and media companies, and she has owned and operated a Los Angeles-based marketing agency since 2004. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at
Los Angeles, and a master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley.
Please join us in welcoming Darcy to the Board and in wishing her success in her new role.
Dr. Steven S. Turner
President, Gesher Galicia

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general

Barbara Singer

A cutter is a worker in the fabric shop, most often a man, who cut the fabrics
for the machine operators to sew into garments.

LIVERPOOL HOPE PLACE SYNAGOGUE Book re 1836 to 1930. #unitedkingdom #records

Barry Clarke

This is a very rare book by Philip Ettinger. I don't know its format, so I don't know how easy or how difficult it might be for someone who has a copy to research a name for me? I understand it has a great deal of information on its members.

I have an original letter, dated November 20th, 1903, from the (UK) Foreign Office addressed to REV. A. RUTKOWSKI ar 3 HOPE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. The letter is a formal request for him to deliver to (my great-grandfather) JACOB CLARKE, at 9 Elizabeth Street, a passport and to get his signature and also to return to him his Naturalization Certificate (I have the original of that too). I am assuming, therefore, that JACOB  to have been a member of the Hope Place Synagogue congregation.

The only other information I have re Liverpool is on the 1901 census, where the family is living at that 9 Elizabeth Street address. Jacob's wife is MOLLY CLARKE and their children are HENRY and GERTY. There has been a suggestion that Jacob and Molly lived in Liverpool earlier after arriving from Poland in the early 1880s, but we have no evidence to support this. We know for sure that they were living in Dublin in 1890 and that they were still there at the time of Jacob's Naturalization in 1896. So, it was sometime after 1896 when they moved (back?) to Liverpool. Molly and the children emigrated in 1905 to S. Africa. Jacob then or sometime after emigrated to Israel where he had always had the desire to die. I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to find any records of him there. 

Any information or mentions in this book of the family (which possibly could also include MAX CLARKE and his wife ESTHER LANDSBERG), would be most interesting. Maybe Hebrew names? Maybe Polish names? Maybe Hebrew classes for Henry and Gerty? Maybe financial contributions? Maybe participation in services, events .....? I am writing a family history but this era and Jacob's life is a complete mystery; nothing is known by living family about him. 

If you have a copy of the book, I look forward to hearing from you and would appreciate any suggestions.

Barry Clarke
British, living in Sarasota, Florida, researching  STEIGLITZ OR SIMILAR; SZKLARKIEWICZ OR SIMILAR that became CLARKE in London, Dublin, Liverpool, Bulawayo, Cape Town, maybe USA too; BIENSTOCK OR SIMILAR that became BARNETT in Wales; MYERS in Manchester and Cape Town; NEUMARK that became NEWMARK in London and USA; LEVINSON changed to BRAHAM in London. All families originally from Poland.

Re: Where did the term Galitziana come from? #general


My ex-husband’s mother’s family came from Galicia in Spain, my father’s father’s family came from Galicia in Austria! Franco actually was a Gallego! Gallegos wear tams and play instruments similar to bagpipes. My ex-husband told me there is a saying: “ Where there are Gallegos, there is trouble.”

Russian passport page translation #translation

Felissa Lashley

This is a passport page from my great grandfather MOZER and two daughters when they left Russia. I would very much appreciate a translation. Thank you

Felissa Lashley
Austin, Texas

Searching for Harry and Morris Sokolovsky/Sokoloff/Sokolow in the USA #usa

Rochelle Gershenow

I am searching for Harry and Morris Sokolovsky/Sokoloff/Sokolow, the two oldest children of Leib/Louis Sokolovsky/Sokoloff/Sokolow and Hannah Sura/Anna Sarah Zabragin.  According to Louis’ 1907 petition for naturalization (New York, State and Federal Naturalization Records, 1794-1943 in, the family emigrated to the USA in 1889.  I have been unable to find a ship manifest for this family.

Harry, born 1881 in Russia (probably Ukraine area) appears in the 1900 US Census for the family but is not listed as one of the children in the 1907 petition.  I don’t know if this means that he died sometime before 1907 or that he left the household and started his own family.  The family is living on Cook St. in Brooklyn in 1900.  Harry’s occupation is listed as a tailor.  I cannot find Harry after 1900.

Morris, born 1/2/1884 in Russia (probably Ukraine area) appears in the 1900 US Census for the family.  Morris is listed as a tailor and is living with the family on Boerum St. in Brooklyn in the 1905 New York Census and is listed as one of the children in the 1907 petition.  I cannot identify any Morris Sokolow as being part of this family after 1907.

The other siblings: Maxwell, Alexander, Gussie/Gertrude, Bennie/Benjamin, Dorothy, and Joseph have all been found.  They all moved to California. 

The Sokolow name is very common, which has made it difficult to find the right Harry and Morris.

Rochelle Gershenow

Searching: AGINSKY (Stowbtsy, Belarus); CHAIKIN (Homyel, Belarus; Priluki, Ukraine); GERISH/GOROSH/GOROSCH (Vitebsk Guberynia Belarus/Latvia); GERSHONOWITZ (Lithuania; USA); LANGDORF (Galicia);  MERRIN (Belarus); PURINSON/PURINZON (Priluki,Ukraine; Argentina; Brazil; Israel; USA; Anywhere); SLONIMSKY/SLONIM (Minsk, Belarus; USA); SONDAK/SUNDOCK/SUNDACK (Janavole, Borkhovo, Rezekne, and Ludza, Latvia; USA); SOKOLOVSKY (Priluki, Ukraine)