How do I access the actual image at the Lithuanian historical archive #lithuania

Dorothy Leivers

Go to the
Enter the name of the town you are interested in i.e. Szaki
and press enter.  The next page will take you to the existing records which have been filmed.  
You will find the film you are looking for is available and by going to section 6 on the film and looking for the Akt number, you will be able to download the relevant item.
Dorothy Leivers
Suwalki Group of LitvakSig

Re: Name changes before emigrating #names #romania

Peninah Zilberman

Sorry Marcovici

Fundatia Tarbut Sighet
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Re: Name changes before emigrating #names #romania

Peninah Zilberman

Hi Nina,
Interesting Swarttz spelling, double " tt"
There were many ways for traveling
Possible the person who purchased and paid for the tick. Had a different last name  , at the time of traveling something came up and couldn't they sold under the same name
Once u were on the boat , no one checked  and if they did u would give them money, a piece of Jewlery, 
Everyone knew how important it is to be away from the home country
When arrival in usa, entered by the tick.
No judgements
Have u tried to contact IASI, ARCHIVES, to get a birth certificate under the MOSCOVICI last name?
Good luck
Peninah Zilberman

Fundatia Tarbut Sighet
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Re: How do I access the actual image at the Lithuanian historical archive #lithuania

Carol Hoffman


At this time the LVIA Lithuanian State Historical Archives does not have any images available online.

Should you decide you want to order a copy of the record the process to follow is:
1) send an email in English to istorijos.archyvas@...
2) with all of the information as listed in your photocopied record; emphasis the address LVIA/1236/3/827 because that is the exact place in the archive where the physical record is stored
3) the archive will reply explaining how much money you need to forward
4) once you have sent the money required, the archive then sends you the record.

Carol Hoffman
Tel Aviv

Grodno Gubernia Revision Lists #records #belarus #general

Robert Mandelbaum

I had always known that a particular branch of my family came from Skidel, in Grodno Gubernia, but further research revealed that they had earlier migrated from the nearby town of Ozery. In the 1874 Revision List for Ozery, my ancestor’s entry contains the following comment: “Assign to Skidelsky Jewish society, transferred to State Treasury on June 19, 1878.” Does anyone know just what this would have meant?

Thanks very much,
Robert Mandelbaum
New York, New York

Re: Is there no longer an Austria-Czech interest group? #austria-czech

Stephen Weinstein

There is an Austria-Czech Research Division.  Their meeting was last week.  For some information, go to and click on "Download Course Materials" under where it says

Re: North Adams, Massachusetts - early Jewish settlers #usa

Sharan E. Newman

My family Arbeit/Albert lived in Sandisfield, not far from North Adams.  It wasn't until the early 1920's.  They ran a kosher dairy.  I always wondered why they had come up there.  If there was an established Jewish community in the area, it would make more sense.  Thank you!

Re: Joselovitz/Salantai #lithuania


My family is also Klauznik, from Joniskis, Siauliai, and Kaunus Lithuania. 

Klauznikaite- Lithuanian Jew emigrated to Detroit #usa


Hello there! I am so excited I found this group. Thanks for adding me. I can use any help or advice! 
My great great grandparents through my father were Jozelis Klauznik and Golda Klauznikiene [maiden name Volfsonas]. 
They had four children that I know of. One of them was a Jewish bride that a Jew in Detroit purchased and married. They had children, and he had a successful construction business here in Detroit. They sent letters and photographs for a long time back and forth before they married. I don’t know her first name, but her maiden name was Klauznikaite. My grandfather’s second wife destroyed all the documents before they could be photocopied so I’m kind of on my own now.
•I am guessing she finally moved to Detroit sometime around 1920-1940. 
•Does anyone know a Jewish construction company that was popular at the time?
•Does anyone know how to track Jewish brides? 
•Does anyone know of a way to track my relative? I’m very experienced with genealogy searches and have looked everywhere online, but I don’t know if someone else has a recommendation.

This is my great grandmother, Feige. I am looking for her sister. 

know of any researchers who can go to archives in Beszterce/Bistrita or Galatz/Galati Romania? #romania

E Feinstein

Does anyone know of researchers who can go to archives in Beszterce/Bistrita Romania or Galatz/Galati Romania?
Please email me directly

Clifton New Jersey

Re: Potato Latkes...are you Litvak or Galitizianer? #galicia #lithuania

Steven Usdansky

 My maternal grandfather's parents were Galitizianers, my maternal grandmother's parents and my father's parents were from places within the Minsk Gubernia. So it's always both.

Re: North Adams, Massachusetts - early Jewish settlers #usa

Alex Woodle

Re: Answer to question about Christine Usdin's census translations that was asked during the Latvia SIG meeting on Thursday #latvia

Roberta Schoen

If you search in Google, you can see the link to the translated vital records page, with the links by city, type of record and date.   The link to the open version is the same URL as the one without the links,  but with X’s in various places.    I had assumed that since she passed away, that they had opened it up.   That’s not the case?

at least some of the records, such as the marriage of my great grandmother and the deaths of her mother and stepmother are in JewishGen now.


Re: Trying to figure out which Radomyshl" my family is from #ukraine #poland

Carol Stern

Oh my, I've been trying to figure out which Radomyshl is the correct one for many years without success. My grandmother told me herself that was where she was from. She pronounced it Radomisla. I have seen the other towns with the same name but haven't been able to figure it out. The family (named Herzberg) always said they were from Galicia. I would love some help.
Carol Handschu Stern

Seeking Immigration Record for Lazarus and Leah MARKS between 1866 and 1868 #records #usa

Michelle Sandler

I am looking for the arrival records for Lesser (Lazarus) MARKS and his wife Leah Kreinzohn Marks. They also brought with them their daughters Rose and Dora. They were living in Manhattan in 1868 in September when my mother's paternal grandfather Harris MARKS was born. The youngest daughter was born in the old country in 1866. I have been looking for 34 years. I have tried FamilySearch,, MyHeritage, Steve Morse One Step Page. I have never found anything nor do I know where they came from. I have never found a naturalization record either. Lazarus and his son Harris were Furriers in Manhattan.  
Michelle Sandler,  Westminster California

Family name Kornblum #usa

Naomi Bernstein

Grandparents came to new York in 1906 from Kiev but Kornblum was not the original name 
My grandfather was David and grandmother was Anna 
They lived on the lowest easy side of new York on arrival and eventually moved to Brooklyn 
They had 3 children and my father Daniel was the oldest 
Please let me know if anyone recognizes any of this information 
Naomi Bernstein 

Lost Grandmother with family name of J(Y)erukamovitz #names #unitedkingdom

Stephen Cohen

Searching for anybody with family name J(Y)erukamovitz .Unfortunately, I have no idea from which part of eastern europe she came from. All i know is that she arrived in the UK around the end of the 18th century 
         Stephen Cohen

Name changes before emigrating #names #romania

Nina Tobias

Hello again to everyone,

There is a story floating around my family that I would very much like to debunk or establish as fact. 

My great-uncle Max Swarttz was the first of my maternal grandfather's immediate family to emigrate to the United States. I have not yet found an arrival record for him but various other sources point to 1881, most likely in Philadelphia.

The story, according to a first cousin of mine, is that the name in Iasi was not Swarttz but Markowitz and that Max took on the name of some orphans he was traveling with. Max had great success in the clothing business (surprise!) and, in 1902, sponsored the emigration of his widower father and his much younger siblings, Leon (my grandfather) and Clara. According to the documentation from the Special Board of Inquiry, the family name for those about to travel was Schwartz - obviously a misspelling of Swarttz.

My question is this: if the family left behind in Iasi were indeed Markowitz, how easy would it have been for the Markowitz's to establish themselves as "Swarttz" to travel to the United States? Was there any formal documentation required when travelers purchased tickets?

With thanks,

Nina Tobias
Scottsdale, Arizona

Researching: HOROWITZ (Iasi, Romania; Odessa)
                      SWARTZ (Iasi, Romania; Philadelphia; Chicago)
                      TOBIAS (Rymanow, Galicia; Chicago)
,                     VOROBYEV, GOLDMAN, VERB (Russia; Chicago)

Re: Translation of Hebrew Text (written in Germany in 1735) Please #translation

Yitschok Margareten

There is no word in Hebrew נוספיף, I assume it's a ן with a design on it rather than a ף. 

Re: Help Finding Listing/Ads/Pictures of Lodz Shoe Store, early 1900s #poland #lodz

Deborah Long


Your grandfather was probably talking about Piotrokowska Ulica (Piotrkowska Street), the most beautiful boulevard in Lodz.  See
This street leads to Liberty/Indepedence Square, the center of town where there are many stores (and the state archives).

The yellow pages/business directory for Lodz is indexed on, but when I visited Lodz ten years ago, I found the business directory for the 1900-1920s in the Polish State Archives in Lodz. My grandfather had a large ad for his wholesale leather factory in the yellow pages.  It was quite remarkable to see.
Hope this helps.

Debbie Long

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