Seeking addition information on Seide faimily from Obonick, Prussia #poland #germany

Bruce Seide

Attached Extract of birth certificate of Solomon Seide Dec. 1843

Re: Coat of Arms #poland

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

1. Not common at all.
       In Poland only the noble class was entitled to bear armorial signs.

2. Very few Jewish families had them:

    Coats of arms belong to specific individuals and families and there is NO SUCH THING as a coat of arms for a family name.  "Today, almost anyone can buy a coat of arms from internet retailers that pretend to know all about our Cohen, Levinsky or Silverstein family forebears.  Such ill-gotten honours, however, are almost always bogus.

      Generally speaking,  Ashkenazi Jews didn't adopt surnames til roughly 1800.  "The Rothschilds had one. The Disraelis had one. The Montefiore, Mocatta and Sassoon families each had one.

     "Popular with Jewish aristocracy in Europe,Jewish coats of arms once seemed a sort of harmless conceit for the rich. 

3.   "Armorial bearings of families to which the right to bear arms has been granted by the recognized heraldic authorities. This right is feudal in character; and it seems to have originated, toward the end of the twelfth century, in the international relations during the Crusades, which rendered it desirable to introduce some system into the devices on shields. 

As Jews had no recognized position in the feudal system, they could not use coats of arms. Consequently, no Jewish coats of arms were recognized by the heralds in the Middle Ages.

Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

On Aug 18, 2020, at 12:41 PM, jeff@... wrote:
Was it common for an average Polish Jew to have a Coat of Arms?
What was the general rules as to who may have had them. #general
Jeff Bock (Los Angeles)


Re: Potato Latkes...are you Litvak or Galitizianer? #galicia #lithuania

Deanna Levinsky <DEANNASMAC@...>

Sour cream and applesauce mixed together is a great combination. With latkes- - WOW
Deanna M. Levinsky, Long Island, NY

Coat of Arms #poland


Was it common for an average Polish Jew to have a Coat of Arms?
What was the general rules as to who may have had them. #general
Jeff Bock (Los Angeles)

Jeff Bock (Los Angeles)


Re: Jewish Agricultural Colony in Woodbine, NJ #usa

Harry Green

My Grandparents had a grocery store in Pensgrove about 1910-1920. They were Abe and Annie Green .

6 September 2020 European Day of Jewish Culture #events #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen



Thirty-two European countries will participate in this year’s European Day of Jewish Culture scheduled for 6 September—a Sunday.   The event theme is “Jewish journeys”.  Rome, Italy will be the leading city for this 21st celebration of Jewish Culture.  The activities are coordinated by the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture (AEPJ), the European Council of Jewish Communities, B'nai B'rith Europe and the Network of Jewish Quarters in Spain.


In Italy over 90 Italian cities and towns and 16 regions will participate.  Due to the pandemic this year most of the events will be virtual itineraries I synagogues, museums and Jewish neighborhoods including performances and lectures.


Jewish presence in Italy goes back quite far.  The Jewish presence on the Tiber is in fact already attested in the 2nd before the Common Era, long before the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem (70 CE) which originated the exile of the people of Israel known as the Diaspora. The first historically documented contacts date back to 161 BCE, the year in which the ambassadors sent by Judas Maccabee to the Senate stipulated a treaty of friendship and alliance between Rome and the Jewish people in revolt against the Seleucids.

To check the activities in the country you are interested in go to: and click on the drop down box where it says countries.



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee



Re: Potato Latkes...are you Litvak or Galitizianer? #galicia #lithuania


I'm also greedy. One of my grandparents was Litvak. The other three were Galitzianer. I use both on latkes, though if I had to pick one, it would be sour cream. Pierogi and blintzes are sour cream only.

Zurow, Poland - US Hevra Kadisha #records

Dalya Dektor

Going over a file folder of documents from a deceased relative I found the following which did not belong to my relative:
1.  "Revised Constitution and By-Laws of the Chevera Beni Israel Anshi Zuro; Galizia Inc"  for former residents of Zurow, Poland.
2. A list of the "Chevra Anshi Zurow Society"  members with addresses and phone numbers. 

This is not part of my family's documents. If someone would like to have these, please let me know.

Dalya Dektor
Camarillo, CA
AST from Brzezany, WEINTRAUB/SPINDEL from Galicia, DEHKTYAR from Balta, STERN/KLEIN from Focsani

Re: JAEGENDORF (JAGENDORF) family . Austria #austria-czech


Hi, I am researching the JAEGENDORF (JAGENDORF) family from there. Now it is in Zastavnivskyi district, Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine. It was not listed on this website, but I found it in wikimapia as well as searching in Google so after contacting Jewish Genealogy it was added to the Towns database. It is a little village, was a shtetl, first in Austria, then Romania now Ukraine. My maternal grandmother and great grandfather were born there.
Hope this helps.
Jan Enns

Surname Czeretynka family born in Rovno, Poland #poland


The family came to New York arriving on 9 Sept 1939 leaving from Goynia, Poland on 24 August 1939.  The ship was the S.S. Batory.  Family names were Chaim (36), , Fejga (34), children Lejb (12),Chaja (10), Josef (5).  They changed name to Cherry on Petition for Naturalization in 1940.  Does anyone have more information on this family?  I have one person who is a DNA match but she will not respond to me.   I will greatly appreciate Any info about them, thank you.

Janet Venuti

Re: Jewish Agricultural Colony in Woodbine, NJ #usa


My great-great-grandparents (DORFMAN) from Kishinev, Bessarabia brought most of their family to Painted Woods Jewish Farming Settlement in 1882.  Their daughter, my great-grandmother who was their oldest child, did not arrive with he family from Kishinev until 1885 and my grandmother was soon born in Painted Woods.  Her younger brother also arrived to America in 1882, but he went to the Alliance Colony in Vineland, NJ.  Maybe he thought that Vineland had better opportunities, or maybe he was waiting to see how things turned out in Painted Woods.  Either way, in 1884 he came to Painted Woods too and eventually earned his homestead.

I do not know how Woodbine attracted participation, but major contributors to Painted Woods sent a flyer out to Bessarabia (and probably Ukraine too) to attract Jews who were interested in farming.  See a picture of the flyer and more information at 

Richard Levine, Florida
Researching LEVINE/LEVIN (Ukraine, Lithuania), FORMAN/FURMAN (Lithuania/Belarus/Ukraine), CORREN, CONFELD/CONFELDT/CORNFELD (Romania/Hungary/Bessarabia), DORFMAN (Bessarabia/Ukraine), WINNER/WIENER/VAYNER (Bessarabia), ADELE, SILBERWASSER/ZILBERWASSER (Poland), KALISH/KALISZ (Brzeziny,Poland), JERUZAL/JERUZALSKI (Poland), NAJMAN/NEJMAN (Brzeziny,Poland), SZAJOW (Poland), GUTMAN (Poland), GILLER/HILLER (Brzeziny,Poland), SENDER (Lodzkie,Poland), WOLRAUCH (Poland)

Re: Name changes before emigrating #names #romania

Linda Lang

My family also emigrated from Odessa. Because my grandfather was already conscripted into the army, he had to change the family name before leaving to avoid detection from the Russian army. Papers were forged to achieve this. Hope this helps.


t s

I am researching Mankoff/Mankovetsky/Monkowski relatives in Russia and Poland. 
Records indicate they resided at different times in Berdichev, Vinnitsa, Riga and Bialystok. 
My cousin Jeff Mankoff and I are interested in finding a researcher for those areas. 
Below please find the earliest data available that Jeff has discovered so far:
1. Baruch Mankoff/Mankovetsky b. 1841 (possibly in Berdichev) d. 1912 (possibly in Vinnitsa)
        a. Baruch married Rose Langerman Mankoff b. 1850 d. July 9, 1931 in either Potter, S.D. or Minneapolis. Rose's parents were Lev Langerman and Minnie Weinstein)
2.  Raize Mankoff/Mankovetsky b. 1835
3. Mousza Monkowski b. 1832 in Bialystok d. 1888
4. Isaac Mankoff/Mankovetsky b. 1851 in Riga d. December 21, 1931
5. "Papa" Mankoff/Mankovetsky b in 1795 
        a.  "Papa" married "Mother" Wexler b. 1800. 
        b.  "Mother" Wexler" had a brother Noah Wexler b. 1810.  
        c.   Their "Papa" Wexler was born in 1770
Look forward to learning if anyone else is researching these relatives as well as being referred to a researcher in these areas.
Todd Samovitz
Also researching:
SAMOVITZ/SAMOVICS (Benedike and Nagygejoc, Hungary)
IZRAELOVICS (Benedike, Hungary)
FRIEDMAN (Horlyo, Hungary)
GROSS/GRINGRUS (Ulege, Kamentetz Podolski Guberne, Russia)
ZIPPERMAN (Zhvanetz, Russia)
BERMAN (Kovel, Lithuania)

Re: Jewish Agricultural Colony in Woodbine, NJ #usa

Toby Blake

There is also a book titled Jewish Agricultural Colonies in New Jersey 1882-1920  by Ellen Eisenberg.

Re: where is Pitze? #hungary


Any chance of a link or image for the death record where this is found? I've found that even typed documents are easier to read if you know what they're supposed to say; for handwritten things, I always want to look at the writing myself.

./\ /\


Can anyone suggest books and/or articles on Jewish history for Great Britain, Europe and Eastern Europe? I'm looking for both general histories and histories specific to a town or topic such as migration patterns. I'm especially interested in Odessa.
Thank you so much!

STOUBTSY MEMORIAL BOOK (Stolpce/Stoibtz/Steibtz) #belarus

Janis and Joe Datz

I am a coordinator for the Yizkor Book translation of the STOUBTSY MEMORIAL BOOK. We are in the process to accomplish a full translation of this treasured book and would be delighted if we could find interested descendants who may have photographs and stories of your ancestors so that we may include them in our final published book (with your permission) once all translations are completed.    We would very much enjoy hearing from you.

Janis Friedenberg Datz

Re: where is Pitze? #hungary

András Alvincz

Halló:Bitte Zeitraum bekanntgeben

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general

j <antiqco@...>

In NYC the cause of death is listed on the death certificate usually in some detail. In the case of my great great grandmother who was hit by a car on the Grand Concourse, the death certificate was clear as to the fatal injury.
In another case of a great great aunt her death from pneumonia was listed as the result of  long term complications from a flu epidemic  in an epidemic after the Spanish flu. A great great grandfather of mine died according to his death certificate died of exhaustion caused by malnutrition. It also indicates that the doctor who signed the certificate saw him twice within a week of his death. 
The best thing to do is order a copy of the death certificate.
Janet Marcus

Re: Potato Latkes...are you Litvak or Galitizianer? #galicia #lithuania


My paternal grandparents are from Poland/Galicia.  I like both applesauce and sour cream on my latkes.  That just makes me greedy.

Kleinman, Smith, Ganz, Sussman

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