How to Log into on Demand Sessions #general #jgs-iajgs

Michelle Sandler

I paid my $250 for the convention.  Is there a step by step guide to log into the On Demand sessions?   I can not figure out how to do it. I have only figured out how to watch the live sessions that were taped.  I just saw the DOJR session and loved it.
Michelle Sandler
President OCJGS
Westminster California

Request for Polish translation help please... #poland #ukraine #translation #galicia


Subject: ViewMate translation request - Polish

This is my first post on here so apologies if any of this in any way  incorrect.
I am trying to trace information on my ancestors from Lvov.  I have screenshots of birth certificates from JRI-Poland but I don't understand much of the detail.
I request a translation of these Polish birth certificates. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses.

Please respond using the online ViewMate form.

Thank you very  much,

Louis Mehr (UK)

Viewmate - Photo Identification Help #photographs

Carol Hochstadt

I've posted an old family photo, seeking an approximate date and location. 

It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much for your help!

Carol Hochstadt

Salt Lake City, UT

ViewMate translation request - Polish - Gielberg family of Kozienice #translation


I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is a birth certificate of one of my ancestors of Kozienice

It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thanks in advance,

Ofer Cornfeld
Ramat Gan

Re: need help finding Morris, Sam and Jonas LISS passenger arrival records #belarus #russia

Sherri Bobish


I have found individual passenger's names spelled differently on the FamilySearch, Ancestry, and EIDB indices.

Considering how hard it is to read and interpret the handwriting on many of the manifests, it is amazing that we can find any of our ancestors!


Sherri Bobish

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general

James <james.castellan@...>

New York City had a terrible fire in a shirtwaist factory-- the cutters on the top floor had no fire escape (this terrible disaster was the motivation to legislate fire escapes!) and many jumped to their deaths....check the NYC newspapers for the famous shirtwaist fire (I think around 1900-1920).

James Castellan
Rose Valley, PA

Re: Zweinache. Austria


Susie, I am researching my paternal grandmother, Betti JAEGENDORF,  and great grandfather, Avraham JAEGENDORF, born in Zveniachyn, Ukraine. It is now in Zastaviskyi District, Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine which earlier was Zviniacze, Bukowina, Austria, then Zviniace, Cernauti, Romania. It is described as a “commune“, but was a shtetl. See map below.

Good luck in your research.
Jan Enns

Re: Seeking Samuel roots in Latvia #latvia

Paul Cheifitz

Hi Peter, 
I suggest looking at the Jewishgen Latvia Database
We have Libau - Liepaja birth records which cover the period of interest. 
Do you perhaps know his Hebrew name from his tombstone? 
Happy searching, 
Paul Cheifitz
Netanya, Israel 
Co-Director, Jewishgen Latvia Research Division. 

Re: Seeking addition information on Seide faimily from Obonick, Prussia #poland #germany

Jane Neff Rollins

Is this the Solomon Seide who immigrated to the United States, fought in the Civil War, subsequently settled in New York and died in 1934? I've been researching him for an article I'm writing.

Jane Neff Rollins
Montrose CA USA

Locations -- Surnames
Tiraspol -- Kishinevsky, Zeilikovich, Sirota
Slonim/Volkovysk/Svisloch -- Klebansky, Vatnik 
Berdichev -- Chernorudsky
Zhitomir -- Pekler, Gumenik, Gorlovsky, Garber

Finding a Location: Padol, Russia (eta. 1875) #russia


I'm looking for the proper name of the town/city/village of what was known in the late 1800s, specifically 1875 as Padol, Russia. I have seen Padol, Russia written as such on many naturalization documents and I can't quite figure it out. I've only come up with Podil in Kyiv but part of me thinks that it incorrect. Any thoughts, hypothesis, or ideas to to where this "Padol" is located would be great! Thanks!

Yuri Dorn will be speaking at the next OCJGS Meeting this Sunday #events

Michelle Sandler

This Sunday at 10:00 am Pacific Time Yuri Dorn will be speaking about finding your Jewish ancestors in 19th century records in Belarus.  Yuri is in Cleveland Ohio visiting relatives now so the meeting is still on. Registration is required.  You can register on our website at  We kindly ask you to join our society or pay $5.00 for this meeting.  On January 24th at 10:00 am we are having Alexander Beider speak.

Michelle Sandler
Vice President of Programming OCJGS

Seeking recommendation for organizing a directory of townspeople (residents, survivors and victims #poland #names

Avigdor Ben-Dov <avigdorbd@...>

I am building a list of townspeople for my Kehilalinks page online and would appreciate any suggestions as to the most effective method of organization.
I do not just want an alphabetic surname list, since many people recorded in sources such as Yizkorbooks are often mentioned only by a first name or by occupation or by a nickname or maybe not at all if not 'remembered' by someone who perhaps knew them and recorded their names in published documents or online databases.
Some necrologies use a family arrangement with at least one spouse by name and some reference to child or children without the number being specified. This method has merit, but overlooks recording at least 'an educated guess" at the number of children and grossly underestimates the real number of children killed in the Holocaust. The singular 'child' , 'son' and 'daughter' is clear enough, but is it acceptable for me to assume that 'children' signifies at least two? 
But certainly most families among religious Jews (the majority in some towns) of pre-War Poland had larger than average sized families so 'children' should be considered at a minimum of six (a very conservative estimate in my opinion). Currently I have chosen to use half this number (3) which I think may be closer in fact to reflect the actual count of children resident in a given Jewish community at a given time. Is this a safe assumption?
Maybe someone knows what the 'average' might be and that figure can be arbitrarily used to build a directory db?
 Some of my genealogy-minded friends have advised me not to list unverifiable data at all, i.e., not to include any children for a given family unless known by name or by direct reference to the number of siblings as given in the sources. Would any genealogists or statisticians out there agree with this dictum or not?
Within the limitations of budgetary and time considerations (of course), I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions to help me establish reasonable guidelines for making my names directory as accurate and as complete as it can be. 
Avigdor Ben-Dov

Re: Simonia card? #yiddish #translation

David Brostoff

On Aug 18, 2020, at 7:00 PM, David Brostoff <DAVBRO@...> wrote:

I was very grateful to receive a translation of Yiddish handwriting on a postcard I recently posted to ViewMate, but one expression is still puzzling me: "simonia card."

Does anyone know what this could mean?
Someone asked me offlist what was on the other side of the postcard.

It's a portrait photo of the man who wrote the message on the card, taken probably ca. 1920.



Thank you for this. Yes I've used it. I am coming back to my research after about 15 years and I was wondering what newer books and/or articles have been published.

I studied and wrote about Nehemiah Mosessohn for my Master's Thesis. I am expanding my thesis into a full biography over three generations. It is wonderful and hard and I am grateful for the challenge.

Re: Grodno Gubernia Revision Lists #records #belarus #general


I suspect this acknowledges the move from one town to another, suggesting that the taxing authority of the first town was no longer in effect.

On Tue, Aug 18, 2020 at 08:49 AM, Robert Mandelbaum wrote:
I had always known that a particular branch of my family came from Skidel, in Grodno Gubernia, but further research revealed that they had earlier migrated from the nearby town of Ozery. In the 1874 Revision List for Ozery, my ancestor’s entry contains the following comment: “Assign to Skidelsky Jewish society, transferred to State Treasury on June 19, 1878.” Does anyone know just what this would have meant?

Thanks very much,
Robert Mandelbaum
New York, New York

Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Lost Grandmother with family name of J(Y)erukamovitz #names #unitedkingdom

Dr.Josef ASH

by the suffix of the name, -ovich, I'm sure is comes from Russia
This suffix is translated as "son of": Ivanovich - s/o Ivan, Abramovich - s/o Abram, Yerukamovich - s/o Yerukam (by the way Yeroham  is the name from the Bible). I think in other Slavic languages it sounds a little different.
More: are you sure it is the surname? For Russian it is too long, it is prefered be, as a surname, just Yeruhamov.

Russian Website Jewish Roots #russia #general

Bonnie Gould

I have just stumbled upon a website called Jewish Roots which is a Russian website. Is anyone familiar with this website and have they used it? If so, any guidance in using it.

Bonnie Gould
Calabasas, California

RABINOVITZ-Ruzhyn, Ukraine
SIEGEL-Taurge, Lithuania
GOLD/GOLOD-Moyzr, Belarus

Re: need help finding Morris, Sam and Jonas LISS passenger arrival records #belarus #russia


FamilySearch uses volunteer indexers and a two level system.  The same data is indexed by two different people.  The two results are compared, word  by word.  Any difference is highlighted and a third person takes another look before making the final decision. FamilySearch volunteers come from many parts of the world.  They can choose what records to index and are likely to select records where they have the most familiarity.  (I have  done some indexing for FamilySearch)
I believe Ancestry employs paid indexers, many from outside the U.S.A.  I don't believe their indexing is subject to the same level of scrutiny as FamilySearch

David Rosen
Bosto, MA

On 8/19/2020 10:46 AM, N. Summers via wrote:

Thank you again, I also found the record for Sam Liss, who I had not been able to find on Ancestry.

Do you know why some passenger info might be found on familysearch but not Ancestry? I now know that i've been relying too much on Ancestry alone.

Nancy Summers

Maryland, USA


FINKELSTEIN, BOOKSTEIN, KOENIG/SUKOENIG, LUSMAN, GOLDINER, SAGORODER/ZAGORODER (Radziwillow, Belarus/Ukraine; Ostrog, Poland/Belarus; Warsaw, Poland; Wolinsky, Russia/Ukraine) LISS / ALPER  (Motol, Russia/Belarus)  LEAF / LIFSCHITZ ( Rechitsa, Belarus)

Re: Does anyone know this town? #records


Try to read the question again. He asked about the place of BIRTH. 

Re: Potato Latkes...are you Litvak or Galitizianer? #galicia #lithuania


Yes please!  Would love the recipe for Kugel.  I always love to learn a new way to make a dish.  

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