Re: Simonia card? #yiddish #translation

Odeda Zlotnick

A "simmaniya" (in Hebrew) is what we used to call the dedicated cards inserted into books to mark the place you stopped reading. 
They could be quite elaborate hand made or hand decorated objects - and were of course - used again an again.

In other words: a simmanya card is a bookmark. And the "mo" would be the Ashkenazi pronunciation of the "ma" sound.

I don't what's special about the bookmark mentioned in the letter - perhaps the writer was an artist perhaps it's a sentimental issue, maybe a totally different meaning of the term with which I am not familiar, or even a code the reader would understand and the censor would not fine suspicious.

But it could be a beloved bookmark card.

Odeda Zlotnick,
Jerusalem, Israel.

Looking for Lilly FETTER, Jewish Educator, UAHC Camp Swig Program Director in the 1970's #usa #general

Robinn Magid

Dear JewishGen Friends,


My UAHC Camp Swig Counselor-In-Training Class of 1977 – just had our first reunion (Yes, on Zoom) and we are looking for our CIT ’77 Program Director, Lilly FETTER. Everyone seems to have lost touch with her about 35 years ago. So far, I know she was born December 9, 1952; attended Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles; was the religious school director at Congregation Beth El in Berkeley in 1980; was the director of a new Jewish day school in West Covina called “San Gabriel & Pomona Valley Jewish Day School” in 1981 – and that’s where my clues end. If I interpret a newspaper article correctly, Lilly’s parents may have been Shoah survivors.


There was another Hamilton High School student named Fay Fetter (z’’l) who may have been her younger sister. Fay married an orthopedist in Los Angeles named Scott Goldman.


If you can help me find Lilly FETTER or can add a factoid to this thin portrait we have for her, please write me privately at: Robinn.Magid@...

Thank you!


Robinn Magid

Berkeley, California


ViewMate translation request - Russian- Gielberg family of Kozienice #translation


I've posted two vital records in Russain for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

The parents of Moszek Kalman and Lejbus are probably my grandmother's grandparents so I'm interested in all information especially dates, names, and occupations.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you in advance,

Ofer Cornfeld
Ramat Gan

Re: Russian Website Jewish Roots #russia #general

Could you please let us know what the link is for the Jewish roots Russian Website?
Thank you.

Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Re: LEBEDENKO/LEBEDENCO surname origins #ukraine #romania #russia #general

Dr.Josef ASH

Looks like the Ukrainian surname from the Russian "lebed' " for "swan"

Re: Finding a Location: Padol, Russia (eta. 1875) #russia

Dr.Josef ASH

the Gubernia is after the town Kamenets-Podolsk, its center.
It stands in the lower part of Ukraine, as "pod" is the russian for "under"
Josef ASH - Israel

Re: Finding a Location: Padol, Russia (eta. 1875) #russia

Dr.Josef ASH

PodOl - the low part of Kiev (you felt it right!), in a center of the city. whell known place

Re: Simonia card? #yiddish #translation

Dr.Josef ASH

a strip of paper you you put between the pages to know tomorrow morning where had you fallen asleep...
from Hebrew "siman" - sign

Re: Seeking addition information on Seide faimily from Obonick, Prussia #poland #germany

Bruce Seide

Correct, this is the same Solomon Seide.  I don't know what information you currently have but I've been willing to share any information,documents or photos I have about Solomon.  Can you share any more information about your article?  Is Solomon related to you?

Bruce Seide 
Charleston, SC

Index of Baghdadi Jewish Surnames (1874-2001) #names #general #sephardic

Abuwasta Abuwasta

I am delighted to enclose a link to my latest index, part of my "Levant Trilogy" after publishing the indexes of Cairo and Damascus.
I used primary sources some of  which came to light only in the last decade.
Please do not hesitate to send me corrections and additions.
Jacob Rosen


Re: Looking for Ancestors dating back beyond the mid 1800s (Blumenthals and Meyer - or similar spellings) #germany #names

Andreas Schwab

The Giebelstadt Jewish BMD records 1811-1874 are held by the Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche in Bayern (LAELKB) under the shelf number 287. Send your query to archiv@... , stating the reason of your request (genealogy/family history) and your postal address.

ViewMate - Military Affiliation of Groom on Marriage Record #galicia #translation

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,

Pls see

I would appreciate help translating the content of the yellow-colored box on this marriage record - seemingly military affiliation of the groom, and a few more words.

Thank you! - Yaron

ViewMate translation request-Russian from Lomza Region #translation



I've posted 5 vital records in Russian for my Ejdenbaum ancestors which I need a translation. They are on ViewMate at the following address

Please respond via the form provided on the Viewmate image page.

With thanks,
Ann Adenbaum
Tarrytown, New York

Re: Klauznikaite- Lithuanian Jew emigrated to Detroit #usa


Hi JBaltmanas,
Welcome to the JewishGen!  Sherri Bobish's newspaper find is terrific and you should pursue it.

But I just wanted to be sure that you had also checked the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database on JewishGen.  Your grandmother's marriage record is there (index only, it has not been filmed).  And I found many other records for your family.  In general, all the information in the vital records and tax records has been transcribed by LitvakSIG and there is no reason to pay to get the original record.

HOWEVER, I also found several Internal Passport records for Feiga and for Golda.  The Internal Passport records are multi page files and sometimes have photos. The indexes are confusing for this family, it looks like the family is entered multiple times with slightly different names.  You can order scans of these records from the Lithuanian Archives.  If you have the budget for it, I think that there will be more information. Information about ordering records from the Lithuanian Central Archives (LCVA) is here:

Sometimes the archives moves records, so you should check that the Internal Passports are still in this archives.

And let us know what you find!  Good luck!

Peggy Mosinger Freedman

ViewMate translation request - Yiddish #translation


A small percentage of Jewish immigrants to America ended up voluntarily returning to the Old Country. My great aunt Roza was one of these.

Please help me translate this postcard written in Yiddish by my great grandfather's sister Roza Edit. The card comes from the town of Widze (now Vidzy in Belarus) which during the interwar period fell within the expanded borders of Poland. It is addressed to her niece, my Grandmother Rose (Reizl) Malet.
Roza Edit (nee Friedland), who was born in 1861, emigrated to the US in 1923. She was a widow. According to family lore, Roza was unhappy with life in Philadelphia where she was relegated to working as a domestic, and returned to Widze sometime in the 1930s. Her family was impacted by the Depression which may have factored into her decision and she may have had a son back home. We believed Roza Edit died during the Shoah "trying to escape". She would have been 80 years old when the Germans invaded and would have had little chance of survival. This postcard is dated May 8, 1938. Roza used every inch of the card, writing vertically in the margins.

I've posted the front and reverse sides of this single postcard for which I would appreciate a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following links..
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you for your attention..
Jeff Malet
Washington D.C.
email: maletphoto@...


MARGOLIN, RUBIN from Dolginovo
WOLFSON from Zeimelis; KARASIN from Dvinsk; CARTER from Halifax


Jewish Agricultural Colony of Alliance, NJ #usa

Steve Pickoltz

On May 9, 1890, my family arrived in NYC.  They consisted of BERNSTEINs, PICKHOLTZs, KACZERs and ABERBACHs.  I have recently found out the ABERBACHs are reall part of the KACZER family who also changed their name to KATCHER.
By June of 1890, all 4 families bought property in Alliance, NJ.  I have a copy of the the deed showing all families, but can't locate the property.  The Pittsgrove Twn. clerk's office can't locate it either--- THEY NO LONGER HAVE THESE RECORDS. 
My great grandmother, Sara PICKHOLTZ, died on Jan. 1, 1892 and is buried in the Alliance cemetery.  That being said, I know MOST of my family lived in the Alliance area, at least till 1900, when my great grandfather is listed in the US Census of 1900, as living with his family in Phila., Pa.
What these families occupations were in Alliance, I don't know.  However, I know the KATCHER branch, were in the poultry business somewhere in South Jersey well into the 1950's.
My great grandfather, Berisch (Bernard) PICKHOLTZ, remarried sometime after the death of his first wife Sara, in 1891.  Her name was Bluma BERNSTEIN, and she was on of the people listed on the deed, and was the sister of the first wife Sara PICKHOLTZ.
I would like to find out (1), is there a list of residents of Alliance from 1890 to at least 1910; (2), is there any list of occupations for those living in Alliance again from 1890 to at least 1910; and (3), is there any kind of records of marriages for the period 1891 thru 1900, that would be for my great grandfather Bernard PICKHOLTZ and second wife, Bluma BERNSTEIN.  Again Pittsgrove Twn. was of no help, nor were any of the surrounding towns.
Any help and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Tabernacle, NJ

Help with Russian translation of records from Poland #poland #translation

Alan Glixman

Dear group
I have posted on ViewMate some marriage and death records in Russian from Poland for which I would very much appreciate translations.  Thank you in advance for your kind help.
A full translation would be helpful in some cases but not all – to assist I have in Viewmate noted the particular pieces of information that I’m hoping to find out from each record. 
The links are below. If you could please respond using the ViewMate form.
Alan Glixman
Sydney, Australia
Researching in Poland: in the region of Plock (LICHTENSTEIN, POZNANSKI, KROTOZYNSKI); in Praszka (GLIKSMAN, HEYMAN, KON, SZTYLLER, HOROWICZ); in Pabianice (GLIKSMAN)
1886 marriage of Majer Sztokman and Leonora Kon
1907 marriage of Jozef Gliksman and Estera Honigsztok
1869 marriage of Benzion Gliksman and Rywka Frajermauer
1894 death of Aron Lichtenstein
1869 death of Ludwik Lajb Kon

Effective August 17 national Library of Israel Suspends Services #announcements #israel

Jan Meisels Allen



Effective August 17 the National Library of Israel suspended services due to budget cuts and dope of income and donations, halted book lending, closed reading rooms and ended teacher trainings and online events. It also placed its 300 employees on unpaid leave.


Online cultural events that have been held throughout the coronavirus crisis will be canceled as well.


While Israel has no budget for 2020, every ministry is supposed to get 90 percent of the money budgeted in 2019, but apparently the library did not get its share.


The library’s board chair, David Blumberg, and director, Oren Weinberg, called on Israel’s education and finance ministers to help the library and transfer its budget money, the library said in a statement.


The National Library of Israel, which was founded in 1892, has greatly expanded its collections in recent years and made them available online. In addition, the library has partnered with hundreds of institutions in Israel and around the world, providing access to intellectual and cultural assets that are not part of its physical collection.




Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: Finding a Location: Padol, Russia (eta. 1875) #russia

Jeff Miller

I have family from Podolia Guberniya in Ukraine.

Jeff Miller

LEBEDENKO/LEBEDENCO surname origins #ukraine #romania #russia #general


Does anyone know where the surname came from? What’s is origin, both place and meaning... anything, it’d be a great help! Thanks a lot!

Lailah Lebedenco Evangelista