Re: Kagan family in Zvenigorodka, Kiev Gubernia and Philadelphia #ukraine

David Mason

I came across a 1906 database of voters in Zv., but was only looking for Kagans.  Nevertheless, that was productive because I found some cousins.

Apparently there's a lot of material in greater Philadelphia (and probably also greater NYC), but it is scattered, hard-copy, not online.  Unfortunately I live in California, so I can't just go see for myself.


Ancestry Library Edition Available to Libraries, Schools and Other Institutions to: US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland and Norway #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen


Ancestry announced, in partnership with ProQuest, they are making their Ancestry Library Edition available during the pandemic.  The Ancestry Library Edition is available in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland and Norway.

It is available for a free six-month subscription for teachers, parents and tutors in time for the school year.


Beginning August 20 up to 10,000 teachers can verify their credentials on to school through September 30 at:    Note:  this is for K-12 teaching educators only.


It’s simple to unlock your free 6-month Ancestry World Explorer subscription.


  • Verify K-12 teaching credentials through SheerID
  • Receive an email with unique code and link to redeem
  • Enter code at check out (credit card required but not charged)
  • Subscription will not auto-renew at the end of 6 months


*Please note, educators cannot create family trees for students. Offer is for new subscribers only.


Beyond teachers, remote access to Ancestry Library Edition may be available as a genealogy research tool for parents, tutors and educators. For library patrons of over 2,100 libraries that subscribe to Ancestry Library Edition, the offering will provide instant free access to a wide range of resources for genealogical and historical research. Distributed exclusively by ProQuest and powered by, the program grants card holders access to billions of records in census data, historical photos, plus local narratives, oral histories, indexes and other resources in over 30,000 databases that span from the 1500s to the 2000s. To access this database, contact your local library to ask if they participate and for more details.


In addition to the wide availability of resources obtained through Ancestry Library Edition, parents and educators also have access to an intuitive search interface, detailed search indexes, and helpful Learning Center tools, making Ancestry Library Edition an indispensable resource for education this school year. This program will be available through the end of September.

To read more see:   and


I have no affiliation with Ancestry and am sharing this solely for the readers’ information.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Re: U.S. Appeals Court Rules Spanish Museum May Keep Nazi Looted Art #announcements #holocaust

Jan Meisels Allen

Stephen Katz said he could not read the NY Times article since he is not a subscriber.  The NYTimes permits up to 5 free articles per month,  I am also not a subscriber but I do use my 5 freebees each month when I find from my Google Alerts and other sources that there is an article of interest.  Most, not all, of the US national newspapers, permit a limited free usage per month. You do have to register for the NY Times and other newspapers but not for the AP report which I was able to obtain by placing the title in subject line above in

Here is also a free AP report on the same issue:,than%20a%20half%2Dcentury%20later.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

Free Access to Ancestry US Yearbooks Through August 27, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET #announcements #usa

Jan Meisels Allen


Ancestry is making their collection of US  yearbooks free access through August 27, 2020 at 11:59PM ET. If you try to access other than the featured collection during the free period or the featured collection after the free access time you will be invited to pay for a subscription. Ancestry has over 700 million yearbook records. The collection stretches from 1999 to 1842.  To access the free offer to yearbooks go to:


The search results now include extracurricular activities such as interest clubs, honor societies, theatrical performances, sports teams and band and orchestra. 

To search the collection go to:

When you search by placing in a name and location and find a record you will be invited to set up a free ancestry account if you do not already have a free account.  No credit card information is requested, only your name, email address and password.


I have no affiliation with Ancestry and am posting this solely for the information of the reader.


Jan Meisels Allen

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Crowd Sourced Indexing Project, the Dorohoi Cemetery Listing Project #romania

Our Jewish Family History Research

Hi all:

In the Crowd Sourced Indexing Project, the Dorohoi Cemetery has been completed. Also Herta Births 1928-29 has been completed.
Can anyone shed some light please on where we might access those completed projects ?
Many thanks in advance.
Researching  IUZIS and POPPEL from Dorohoi, Bucuresti, Hertsa, Panciu

Re: Citizenship #general #usa

Barbara Ellman

She could have been naturalized under her father's naturalization.   After age of 18 she could applied for citizenship herself.  With law changes in the 1920s, she could not get naturalization through marriage.

Did you look for a naturalization petition under your mother's name?  I would do so before assuming that she not a citizen.

Barbara Ellman
Secaucus NJ USA
ELLMAN, COIRA, MAIDMAN - Minkovtsy, Ukraine
KAGLE, FASS - Ulanow, Poland

Re: Help with Russian translation of records from Poland #poland #translation



In Russian:




Состоялось в городе Лодзь 9-го (22-го) января 1908-го года, в 10 часов утра, явился местный равин Габриель Сегал в присутствии Абрама Хебера, 57-и лет и Якова-Меера Тайха, 26-и лет, оба служители местной синагоги и объявили нам, что вчера, в Лодзи, в 6 часов вечера заключен брачный союз между Джозефом Гликсманом, холостым, 25-и лет, рожденным в городе Новородомске, сыном покойного Мошки-Хаима и Фейги, урожденной Хазе, супругов Гликсман, живущий в городе Новородомск, с Естер Гонигшток, девицею, 22-х лет, родившейся в городе Лодзь, дочерью Герша и Паулины, урожденной Чешельской, супругов Гонигшток, в городе Лодзь живущей с родителями.  Браку сему предшествовали оглашения в Новородомской синагоге 4-го, 11-го и 18-го ноября и в Лодзинской синагоге 25-го ноября, 2-го и 9-го декабря минувшего года. Новобрачные объявили, что они заключили между собой брачный договор, у Лодзинского нотариуса Грабовского 23-го декабря минувшего года за #4426.  Акт сей по прочтении нами и ими подписан.


Габриель Сегал  Абрам Хебер

Джозеф Гликсман  Естер Гликсман

Яков-Меер Тайх  

президент города Лодзь    Подпись


Translate into English:



Held in the city of Lodz on January 9 (22), 1908, at 10 o'clock in the morning, the local rabbi Gabriel Segal appeared in the presence of Abram Heber, 57 years old, and Jacob-Meer Taich, 26 years old, both ministers local synagogue and announced to us that yesterday, in Lodz, at 6 pm, a marriage union was concluded between Joseph Glicksman, a single, 25 years old, born in the city of Novorodomsk, the son of the late Moshka-Chaim and Feiga, nee Haze, the spouses Glicksman, living in the city of Novorodomsk, with Ester Gonigstock, a girl, 22 years old, who was born in the city of Lodz, the daughter of Gersh and Paulina, nee Czheshelska, spouses Gonigstock, in the city of Lodz living with her parents. This marriage was preceded by the announcements in the Novorodomsk synagogue on November 4th, 11th and 18th and in the Lodz synagogue on November 25th, December 2 and 9 of the last year. The newlyweds announced that they had entered into a marriage contract with each other at the Lodz notary Grabowski on December 23 last year, # 4426. This act was reed and signed by us.


Gabrielle Segal Abram Heber

Joseph Glickesman Esther Gleeksman

Jacob-Meer Teich

President of the City of Lodz Signature

Re: Help with Russian translation of records from Poland #poland #translation



In Russian:


Состоялось в посаде Прашка 10-го августа 1886-го года, в 6 часов вечера.  Объявляя, что в присутствии свидетелей: Герша Коплевича, хазена и Израиля Ицковича, резника, обоим 60 лет и живущих в посаде Прашка, заключен сегодня брачный союз между Меером Штокманом, холостым, 26-и лет, сыном Гершлика и Розы, урожденной Данцигер, супругов Штокман, живущего в городе Ченстохов с родителями, с Леонорой Конч, девицею, 26-и лет, дочерью Лойза и Паулины, урожденной Гейман, супругов Конч, в Бреславле, в Пруссии, живущей с родителями.  Браку сему предшествовали 3 оглашения, опубликованные в Ченстоховской синагоге 17-го, 24-го и 30-го мая сего года, а в Прашкской синагоге 2-го, 4-го и 7-го августа сего года.  Новобрачные объявили, что они заключили между собой брачный договор, у Вилюнского нотариуса Станислава Кольчевкого, 2-го (14-го) июля сего года за #302.  Позволение приутствующим при этом акте родителям было саявлено словесно.  Регилиозный обряд бракосочетания был совершен равином Прашского округа Копелем Ротблюмом.  Акт сей по прочтении окончен и ими подписан.


Герш Коплевич  Израиль Ицкович

Меер Штокман

Содержащий акты    Подпись


Translate into English:


It took place in the Prashka settlement on August 10, 1886, at 6 pm. Announcing that in the presence of witnesses: Gersh Koplevich, Khazen and Israel Itskovich, a reznik, both 60 years old and living in Prashka, a marriage union was concluded today between Meer Shtokman, single, 26 years old, the son of Gershlik and Rosa, nee Danziger, spouses Shtokman, living in the city of Czestochov with his parents, with Leonora Koncz, a girl, 26 years old, the daughter of Lois and Paulina, nee Gaiman, the Koncz spouses, in Breslau, Prussia, living with her parents. This marriage was preceded by 3 announcements, published in the Czestochowa synagogue on May 17, 24 and 30 this year, and in the Prashka synagogue on August 2, 4 and 7 this year. The newlyweds announced that they had entered into a marriage contract between themselves, at the Vilunsky notary Stanislav Kolchevsky, on the 2nd (14th) of July this year, # 302. Allowing the parents accompanying this act was stated verbally. The regular wedding ceremony was performed by the rabbi of the Prashka district, Kopel Rotblum. After reading this act is completed and signed by them.


Gersh Koplevich Israel Itskovich

Meer Shtokman

Containing acts Signature

Re: U.S. Appeals Court Rules Spanish Museum May Keep Nazi Looted Art #announcements #holocaust

Stephen Katz

Yes. As a lawyer, I'd suggest that this is the threshold question -- whether or not the art was in fact stolen or unlawfully confiscated. I couldn't read the NY Times article cited by Jan Meisels Allen since I'm not a subscriber. But other news reports (which should be taken with a grain of salt) suggest that the three-judge panel rejected the claim because the claimant hadn't established that the museum knew that ithe painting was "stolen" when it acquired it. The reports also suggest that the panel applied Spanish law, rather than international conventions on Nazi-looted property. Whether the panel addressed the threshold question of whether the art WAS "looted" is not indicated in the press reports. This case is likely to proceed further.
Stephen Katz

Re: LEBEDENKO/LEBEDENCO surname origins #ukraine #romania #russia #general

j <antiqco@...>

My grandmother was from a shetl about 60 miles northwest of Minsk called Lebedev. It may be a source for the family name.

Re: Town name, Ukraine #ukraine #records


Let's try this again with enhanced images.  Ran it thru My Heritage and also including a blow up of the enhanced photo.  Thanks for the previous replies.  Anyone have ideas for this town name?

Re: What's a Cutter? #usa #general

j <antiqco@...>

It was called the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911. Over 140 employees mostly Jewish and Italian women  perished in the three story blaze. The official report on the fire says it started on the 8th floor which was the middle floor. The blaze is believed to have started by a cutter (cutters were male) flicking a spent match into the cutting scraps beneath the table. People were unable to escape by the stairs since the doorways were locked to prevent employees from leaving the factory without being inspected for  contraband. There were two elevators which only operated for a limited time because of the heat. the fire escape was inadequate and collapsed. Sixty people plunged to their death in the collapse.   While the owners of the factory were ordered to pay minimal compensation $75 per victim to the families, as a result of a civil case, they were not held criminal liable even though the fire buckets contained neither water nor sand and the hoses on the fire system were corroded and nonfunctional. a later civil trial awarded damages to the victims families but not more than $75 per victim was ever paid. The survivors were almost all people who ran to the roof which included the owners and their families.  As a result of the fire, NYC strengthened the fire codes for factory buildings and the ILGWU was able to get an ordinance to prevent owners from locking the exits. The industry remained resistant to organizing. The insurance payout to the owners was $60,000 above their loss.  Details including pictures are available in multiple places on the net.
Janet Marcus

Re: Citizenship #general #usa

Dahn Cukier


1) The laws change constantly.

2) The 1940 census asks if the person is a naturalized US citizen

3) She would probably be on her fathers papers, that you have
not found them may be due to them not yet being indexed. Check your
grandmother's papers for any reference to her husband's status and
check the various court houses in the area. In NYC that would be
Southern NY, Eastern NY and the courts of the different counties.
Without a date, I would not begin to search.
I would wait for a company to index and check back from time to time.
Each company indexes different sources, try as many as you can, look out for
free access and take advantage of those days.

My grandmother's papers showed her husband's date and a number
(that I do not remember which), and I found the papers in Manhattan, but
it took weeks via the internet.

I think it was Ancestry that has scans of the records, but has not yet
indexed, you can search the scans.


When you start to read readin,
how do you know the fellow that
wrote the readin,
wrote the readin right?

Festus Hagen
Long Branch Saloon
Dodge City, Kansas

On Thursday, August 20, 2020, 08:43:51 PM GMT+3, bobmalakoff via <> wrote:

My late mother came to the US in 1913 from what is now Biarosa, Belarus at the tender age of 6 months.  The only naturalization information that I can find is for my Grandmother dated 1945, but nothing for my Grandfather.  She married my father, a natural born citizen, in the 1930's.  Can I conclude that she was not a citizen?  Were the laws different then?

Marriage Index Entry #belarus

Janis and Joe Datz

After a search I found this index for marriage of Zev Vulf Datz groom to Goldie Berman bride.  There is no marriage date or indication of parents' names.  Does anyone believe that this entry was microfilmed?  I am not certain what the code # means.  Any assistance to try to find out more information would be most helpful.  Many thanks.

Re: Since changing to the "Daily Summary" setting for receiving posts, I can no longer see how to reply or... #general


After you go to the individual post, you must also log in.  The link is at the top right hand corner.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Lichtenstein family from Slovakia, Austria now called LANE living in Chicago area #austria-czech #general #slovakia #usa

Judith Berlowitz

Hi Gary,
This family is on Geni.  See Peter's profile here, with the managers of his information.  They should be able to help you.

I have L's in my tree:  my 3g aunt, Sarah Alexander, married Avraham L. of Bydgoszcz, Poland.  They settled in Wisconsin.
Best of luck,

Judith Berlowitz

Re: How to Log into on Demand Sessions #general #jgs-iajgs

Nancy Reicher

Sign into Iajgs 2020. Then go to Attendee Service Center under that tab ic on Demand Sessions Click on it. The one above it is the Live sessions  entry that yu clicked to get to DOJR.

Re: Simonia card? #yiddish #translation

Sherri Bobish

I wonder if it was a card that had to be purchased by the person in The U.S. and shown by the person in Europe to get the money transfer?
"In 1923, HIAS established the HIAS Immigrant Bank at 425 Lafayette Street in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. The bank was licensed by the State of New York.[22] Its sole purpose was to facilitate remittance or money transfers to and from immigrants’ families abroad, which was then a service not offered by most U.S. banks"

As far as I know, "credit cards" in the 1920's and later were limited to metal tags issued by specific companies, and the metal "card" could only be used at that company.  In the 1950's / 1960's my mom had an Abraham & Strauss department store "credit card."  It was a small metal tag that she kept on her key ring. It could only be used at that one store.


Sherri Bobish


Citizenship #general #usa


My late mother came to the US in 1913 from what is now Biarosa, Belarus at the tender age of 6 months.  The only naturalization information that I can find is for my Grandmother dated 1945, but nothing for my Grandfather.  She married my father, a natural born citizen, in the 1930's.  Can I conclude that she was not a citizen?  Were the laws different then?

Re: Russian Website Jewish Roots #russia #general

Marina Plotkin

Link to the Russian website or
A lot of information/links, but all in Russian you will need Google translate

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