Re: Rabbi Uri David Ben Yosef Aperion (Apiryon?) of Zagare Lithuania, late 19th centrury #lithuania #rabbinic


Thank you, that is fascinating.  I'm trying to understand the purpose - would the intentional twisting of the author's name for the title have been done to reflect some honorific title? I cant imagine that it was just for some kind of grammatical humor...
Unfortunately I cant seem to find any reference to him or his relatives under the name Efron anywhere at all so far, but its another lead to follow, thanks again! 

Re: Rabbi Uri David Ben Yosef Aperion (Apiryon?) of Zagare Lithuania, late 19th centrury #lithuania #rabbinic


Thank you for clarifying that.  It is confusing because in addition to seeing it used as this Rabbi's surname in multiple sources, I do see it used as a surname in a lot of other records on JewishGen, like the example below.  I thought I was on the right track since a number of these records with this name are from the same region and timeframe as where this Rabbi lived and worked, so I assumed they might be relatives, but I guess based on what you say they are all likely errors.  Thank you again.   

Re: Genealogy research leads to discovery of cousins thought to have died in the Holocaust #holocaust

Annette Weiss

I took a DNA test several years ago with MY Heritage and found a 2C1R ... and she was the great granddaugther of my grandmother.  I never knew about my grandmother's much younger sister, who was left in Poland to care for her father, while her older siblings (my grandmother and her older brother) immigrated to NYC.  She was murdered in a synagogue, but not before she married and had several children, only one of whom survived.  I finally met this girl in the fall of 2018 and we exchanged info about our families, and each discovered many cousins we never knew about ... a wonderful find!

Annette Weiss

Re: Genealogy research leads to discovery of cousins thought to have died in the Holocaust #holocaust


SO fascinating!

I hope that you will post here again when you've added the rest of the story.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Re: Russian Website Jewish Roots #russia #general

Stephen Weinstein

about 80% of the world Jewish population lived within the Pale in Russian Empire in the 19th century, and almost every one of you had roots in the Russian Empire, it is surprising that no one  visits Russian-language forums
Elena, the percentage with roots anywhere that Russia is still the official language would be much lower.  Most of the Pale was farther west than modern-day Russia.  The "Russian Empire" included not only modern-day Russia, but also most of the rest of the former Soviet Union, and a substantial part of Poland.

Very few of the Jews who emigrated to the United States (or other western countries) 100-140 years ago had roots in what is now Russia.  Most of them were from what is now Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, or Latvia.

There was a small population of elite Jews who were allowed to live east of the Pale, but since they were in an extremely privileged (and somewhat protected) position (and they frequently had substantial wealth that they would not have been permitted to bring with them), they had less incentive to emigrate than poorer Jews in the Pale.

During the Holocaust, many Jews fled from the former Pale into the Russian SSR, but many Jews were not allowed to leave the Soviet Union until its collapse, so Jews over 40 years old who were not born there are relatively unlikely to have roots in the Russian SSR. 

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA, USA

Re: Seeking descendants of Samuel Kivivitz and Goldie Bass #belarus

Gerald and Margaret

I suggest you contact the "Together Plan", a British based charity helping the remaining Jewish communities in Belarus learn to help themselves.  One of the Directors, fluent in English, Russian and Belarussian, is based in Minsk. One of their projects is to carry out genealogical research for descendents of Belarussian Jews.  That seems just wast you are looking for.
Contact london@...

Good hunting,

Margaret (London N3)

Re: Seeking descendants of Samuel Kivivitz and Goldie Bass #belarus


Goldie was from Derevna, also known as Derewna, was in the Minsk region in the county of Stolpce.  She might, therefore, be related to your line.  One of the problems lies in the use of different names--given as well as surnames.  On, Goldie appears on the Kweitzer/Bass family tree owned by Bdebrose.  Do those names sound familiar?

Linda Comac

surname Morpurgo #names

Roberta Sheps

I have been reading Primo Levi's collection of stories The Periodic Table
and looked up some biography on him. He married a woman named Lucia
Morpurgo and I wonder if her family had any connection with the English
childrens' writer Michael Morpurgo. Does anyone know?

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England

Shore family Passage Jaffa, Palestine to Le Havre, France #france

Roberta Lipitz <rlipitz@...>

Looking for any information how my Great Grandfather Hersche Shore, Grandmother Fannie Shore and her younger sister traveled in July 1903 from Jaffa to board the La Loraine in Le Havre, France.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Roberta Lipitz
Cherry Hill, NJ

Re: Rabbi Uri David Ben Yosef Aperion (Apiryon?) of Zagare Lithuania, late 19th centrury #lithuania #rabbinic

Ittai Hershman

A PDF of the short book is available at  It is in the genre of rabbinic responsa.  It seems highly unlikely to me that you would find am English translation as it is a specialized genre with its own assumptions of an underlying cultural literacy.

You can find more about the genre of Rabbinic Responsa in Wikipedia.

Ittai Hershman

Re: Rabbi Uri David Ben Yosef Aperion (Apiryon?) of Zagare Lithuania, late 19th centrury #lithuania #rabbinic

Debbie Lifshitz

The name is Uri David ben Yosef EFRON (the letter Peh is also pronounced Feh, and the title of the book is a play on the two sounds of this letter: in the name a Feh and in the title Peh.)
Hope this helps,
Debbie Lifschitz

Help: Hebrew use of Gis brother law in the 18th century Germany #translation #germany

Marion D

Please does anyone know if apart from 'Brother-in -law' there might be other meanings for the hebrew גיס  , used in 1770 in a Memorbook from Deutz, Germany.
I am trying to work out a complicated relationship!
Many thanks
Marion Davies

Re: Leopold Israel Haar deregisteredfrom Vienna, Austria on 16/05/1938 #austria-czech

Michael Hoffman

Peter, have you contacted World Jewish Relief, they have an archive of all the records for refugees that they helped prior to and after WWII, see the following 
They have the records for about 55000 Jewish Refugees who came to the UK, including the family of Jerry Springer.


Michael Hoffman


Re: Seeking descendants of Samuel Kivivitz and Goldie Bass #belarus

Neil Bass

Never heard of Goldie Bass but I do descend from the Bass clan of the Minsk suburbs.

Re: need help finding Morris, Sam and Jonas LISS passenger arrival records #belarus #russia

Diane Jacobs

That is very true which comes from trial and error and experience  but as far as I am concerned it is also a matter of luck and  grey matter, ie if the records are there to be found and if you use your brain to try different ways to find what you need. It is also patience and fortitude, the names of the 2 lions in front of the NYPL in mid-Manhattan.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset NJ

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"That is why the number one rule in genealogy is spelling doesn't count."

That was my number two rule of genealogy when I taught it. Number one was, "This isn't high school, you do what you want, but some things work better than others, so we will learn some of the better ways here."

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Re: Lost Nazi property claim record #holocaust #germany


Re: Hebrew Translation Requests: Two News Articles #translation


Hello Sharon,

The first document declares the death of Itta Einbund in 1941. The declaration was made by Re'aya Einbund. Unfortunately I can't understand the other details as they are written, I believe, in Russian (although I might be very well be wrong).
The address of Re'aya is also provided- Hatayasim 64/520 Ashkelon, Israel.
The second document is the declaration of the death of Banya or Benya Einbund in 1941 and was provided by the same person.

Hope this helps,
Researching SCHLOSSER (Bialystok)

On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 06:20 PM, Sfingold wrote:
I've posted two news articles that I believe are related to my great-great-grandfather Rabbi Alperstein.  I'd appreciate help with translations.  Thank you.

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Viewmate 77867


travel from Besarabia to Hamburg in 1905 #bessarabia

Ricardo Alejandro rubinstein

My grandgrandparents (Aranovich, Guerberoff) lived in Izmail,Besarabia, today Ukraine, in 1905 they came to Argentina by ship from Hamburg to Buenos Aires in the Cap Arcona, from Hamburg Sud company
I d like to know how they travelled from Besarabia to Hamburg by that time. By ship by the Danube River, or they went to Odessa and then by ship from the Mediterranean Sea, or perhaps by any means in land crossing.
Are possible routes or records to search?

Re: Citizenship #general #usa

Stephen Weinstein


At one time, a woman who married a citizen automatically became a citizen.  Also, a woman citizen who married a non-citizen automatically lost her citizenship.  The law has changed; citizenship is no longer automatically gained or lost through marriage.  If your mother married your father when women automatically acquired citizenship by marriage to (male) citizens, then she was a citizen.

At all times, there were records that had spelling mistakes and there were name changes.  At some times, there were records that don't survive for various reasons or can't be found easily.  You cannot conclude that someone was not a naturalized citizen merely because you have not found a record of it.

In summary,

Can I conclude that she was not a citizen?  No
Were the laws different then? Yes

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, CA

Re: MARANTZ - Odessa, Ukraine, Russia 1872 #ukraine #russia #austria-czech #unitedkingdom


Szulim Marantz born 15nov1910son of Nathaniel Marantz from Bessarabia Roumania, 
Married my aunt in Melbourne Australia in 1939. Not sure if this a relative.

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