ViewMate translation request - German #germany

Aaron Roetenberg

I've posted 4 vital record sin German for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ..., 85172, 85189, 85190

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

(Aaron Roetenberg)

Re: Town of Tschatorisk? and BURKO-GOLDSHMIDT family of Kaunas #ukraine #lithuania

Alexander Sharon

Staryi Chortoryisk is a current (modern) name of the town Czartorysk, located on the Styr River In Wolynia region. Town is named after old Lithuanian prince family of Czartoryjski.
There are 29 entries for Staryi Chortoryisk in JGFF towns database.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

Re: Searching Hamburg lists for family groups #records

Alan Reische


I had a putative date of arrival in NYC from the naturalization petition. After working backwards to that date, I found two manifests with virtually no passenger information. I’ve concluded either that the manifests are incomplete, or that my grandfather (from whose naturalization documents I obtained the arrival date) mistakenly or intentionally misstated the date on his petition.

But why would he have done so intentionally? The residency requirement in the late 1800s remained at 5 years, and his brother had been naturalized 9 years earlier. Would he have just relied on (erroneous)memory to recall specific date of arrival, or would documentation of arrival be required? If proof of arrival was required, then its likely there is one or more missing manifests. If the affidavit was simply called on to provide what he recalled, then its more likely he was just mistaken. I’d welcome other thoughts.

Alan Reische

Re: Does anyone have information about last names #holocaust #poland #names

Annette Weiss

In the Austro-Hungarian Empire which included parts of what is now Poland and Ukraine, only "civil" marriages were considered "legal."  If your ancestors had only a religious marriage and not a civil one, the children would have to take the mother's name, since the marriage was not sanctioned by the government.  This happened to my grandfather and his brother in the 1880's.
Annette Weiss
New York City

Re: Help with translating family postcards #translation


I will try to take a look at these later.

They are written in German.

May I suggest that you take a look at the ViewMate feature of jewishgen for future reference?   Not only can you post such images there (and can classify them, such as 'translation -- German' (or 'translation -- other', if you're not sure of the language), but they will be seen by many volunteers who are eager to help with translations.  In addition, ViewMate allows for easy rotation of images, which is very helpful for postcards, which often have the writing in at least two directions!
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Re: Records From Secret Vatican Archive Offer New Clues to Response to Holocaust #holocaust


Again, thanks for this, Jan. A few years ago, I visited the former Jewish Ghetto of Rome, which had been established in 1555. Small shops, restaurants and residences still lined the narrow streets, but no gates locked or unlocked the inhabitants.

A plaque on the wall by the Portico d'Ottavia commemorates the roundup on October 16, 1943, which was Shabbat, when most residents would be at home.

Susan J. Gordon

Viewmate--translation needed--GERMAN #translation

Joseph Walder

I've posted a vital record in German for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
This is a marriage record for Moses Moritz Walder and Brandel Betty Eber from 1884. I would appreciate as complete a translation as possible, including any notes related to later events and anything about place of origin, family members, previous marriages, and professions. I'm not able to decipher the handwritten German from this era. 
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. Thank you very much.
Joseph Walder
Portland, Oregon, USA

Re: Website to help improve image quality for faded documents or overlapping images #photographs #general

Bruce Drake

I found it intuitive to use. It did improve the photograph I was studying, but the original resolution was so bad it was beyond improving

Bruce Drake

Viewmate 85181---translation needed--GERMAN #translation

Joseph Walder

I've posted a vital record in German for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...
I am interested in as complete as possible a translation of the marriage record for David Glanz and Rywka Graeber, including anything about place of origin, family members, previous marriages, and professions. I'm not able to decipher the handwritten German from this era. 
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. Thank you very much.
Joseph Walder
Portland, Oregon, USA

Re: Does anyone have information about last names in Russia #poland #names #holocaust


My family came from what is now Belarus, but was formerly tossed between Russia and Poland.  All the children from the mid-1800s on, the farthest back I have been able to go, have paternal last names.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: ViewMate Translation Request - Russian #translation



In Russian:


Дорогая моя сестра Катя!

Твоё письмо я сегодня получила и меня очень удивляет, что ты до сих пор не получила наше письмо, где мы тебе писали, чтобы ты писала и послала посылку на моё имя, что Идочка уже уехала к Виточке и я пока осталась одна.  Когда она там устроится, она меня заберёт, а пока моя родная сестра, я осталась одна одиношенька и мне так тоскливо, что когда я тебе пишу слёзы невольно льются.  Да дорогая, неудачно у меня сложилась жизнь, хоть Идочке и Мане не легче, но у них хоть есть дети.  Правда я знаю, что Идочка и Витачка меня не оставят.  Быть на старости обузой, мне не хочется дожить до этого.  Пока я работаю и на жизнь себе зарабатываю, а там видно будет.  Я знаю, моя родная, что моё письмо тебя расстроит. Не надо, и ты этим мне не поможешь.  Ты и так нам достаточно помогаешь, ведь кроме тебя у нас на свете никого нет из близких и ты так хорошо и утешительно пишешь, что становится на душе очень легко. 


Translate into English:


My dear sister Katya!

I received your letter today and I am very surprised that you still have not received our letter, where we wrote to you, so that you write and send a parcel in my name, that Idochka has already left for Vitochka and I am still alone. When she settles there, she will take me, but while my own sister, I am left alone and I am so sad that when I write to you tears involuntarily flow. Yes, dear, my life was unsuccessful, although Idochka and Mania are not easier, but they at least have children. True, I know that Idochka and Vitachka will not leave me. Being a burden in old age, I do not want to live to see it. As long as I work and earn my living, and then we'll see. I know, my dear, that my letter will upset you. Don't, and you won't help me with that. You already help us enough, because besides you we have no one close to us in the world, and you write so well and comfortingly that it becomes very easy in our souls. 


Comment:  Idochka And Vitachka is two names Ida and Vita, saying with love.  It is a special Russian form with suffix chka.


Translated by Michael Ryabinky

How To Document A (Given) Name Change #names

Martin Kaminer

Hello All,
My maternal grandmother was born Aranka Feigenbaum in Hungary in 1906. She arrived at Ellis Island on August 16th 1927 along with her mother and siblings and is listed as Aranka on the manifest (as well as on the visa application dated 1921). At some point soon thereafter she started using the name, or being known as, Gladys Feigenbaum. She died in 1998 having lived in New York City since her arrival 71 years earlier.
I do not know whether her name was ever legally changed, though her legal documents -- including naturalization -- use the name Gladys, not Aranka. 
How might I determine whether her name was ever legally changed?  If it was never legally changed, what other methods might be used to document this?
Martin Kaminer

Re: Were there markings on Jewish headstones in the United Kingdom that identify who the stonecutters were? #unitedkingdom

Michael Hoffman

In London the stone cutters engrave their name usually on the front "Kerb Stone" I cannot comment on the graves in the cemeteries in other UK towns and cities.

Michael Hoffman


Re: Entry and Exit from 'Palestine'. #israel

Rose Feldman

Please try the IGRA collection. Registration is free and will allow you to see if there are any hits.  The Israel State Archives has the lists of immigrants (in Hebrew) without an idex. But at the moment the website is down for service and should be up in a few days.

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Rose Feldman
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Re: Searching for David Wolfe and Wishengrads #general

Jeff Miller

I have a Moishe Wishingrad and more family information.

Reply to Jeff Miller

Re: Town of Tschatorisk? and BURKO-GOLDSHMIDT family of Kaunas #ukraine #lithuania


Hi Susan, In this form it is not recognizable. The name refers to an old aristocractic family. Please check: 

Czartoryski - Wikipedia › wiki › Czartory...
Czartoryski (feminine form: Czartoryska, plural: Czartoryscy; Lithuanian: Čartoriskiai) is a Polish princely family of Lithuanian-Ruthenian origin, also known as ...
Connected families‎: ‎Sieniawski‎, ‎Poniatowski‎, ...
Estate(s)‎: ‎Czartoryski Palace
Motto‎: ‎Bądź co bądź; (Come what may)
Current region‎: ‎Poland

Re: Jews Orphan Asylum Kent - England #unitedkingdom #records #yizkorbooks


Dear Lizzy,                       31st August 2020

I wonder, if I may politely suggest to you, please contact the London Beth Din:  020-343 6255---305 Ballards Lane London N3--Finchley--

Wishing you --Mazel and Brocho --and a lot of strength to find your 'roots'

Best wishes,

Veronika Pachtinger(paveanyu@...)

Re: Town of Tschatorisk? and BURKO-GOLDSHMIDT family of Kaunas #ukraine #lithuania

Rodney Eisfelder

Tschatorisk is a German spelling of a Polish or Russian etc town. The Polish equivalent of the German "Tsch" is "Cz", so that means the Polish name would be something like Czatorisk.
The JewishGen town finder description of Staryi Chortoryisk says the Polish name is Czartorysk, so I think you have found your town.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Jews Orphan Asylum Kent - England #unitedkingdom #records #yizkorbooks

Joyaa Antares

Hi Lizzy,
Norwood Orphanage was at 38 Knights Hill, West Norwood in South London.
There were (are?) several orphanages in Sevenoaks. 
This link will show you two homes in Sevenoaks as well as the Norwood orphanage -
You  may already know that the STREATFIELD/STREATFEILD name goes back a long, long way in Kentish history. 
This site will give you some idea: -- and then you can click on "name index" and navigate to your surname. 
In fact there are some very experienced STREATFIELD researchers, and I'll message you privately with the email address for Michael Jeffries, who I wrote to a couple of hours ago for you.
He sounds very helpful and quickly responded.  He wrote, "It would be better to have as full information of her Streatfield ancestors back around 1880 to 1920 as this can reveal the links more quickly" - so when you correspond with him, please bear that in mind.
Good luck!!
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Not researching STREATFIELD, but had some ZAUSMER family at Norwood Orphanage, c.1905

Re: Does anyone have information about last names #holocaust #poland #names

Yitschok Margareten

In many cases the mother's surname was used, usually the reason was that the marriage was undocumented. 
I think this practice was more common (or maybe even very common) in Poland.

Yitschok Margareten 

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