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Susan, Reba's post is incorrect. The IGI and the Genealogies section of FS are two totally different things. The first is an index (not family trees); it is indeed no longer being added to, but that's neither here nor there for our purposes. The Genealogies section is archived family tree files (GEDCOMs) submitted by users of FS. You can submit your own file by going to FamilySearch - Search - Genealogies and clicking the "Submit" button near the bottom of the page.

I don't know what Genealogies does with images. As far as I know, the GEDCOM format doesn't actually include pictures, only pointers to them (which of course are useless for portability), so I think you need some other site/service to archive those.

Julia Szent-Györgyi
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Reba, Susan, as I pointed out somewhere above, you're looking in the WRONG PLACE.

Genealogies is NOT the IGI. The International Genealogical Index is a no-longer-being-added-to _index_. It is not a family tree.

You very much _CAN_ archive family tree files on FamilySearch. Got to Search - Genealogies, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the blue button labeled "Submit Your Tree".

Julia Szent-Györgyi
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Anna Zacknau from Austria #austria-czech

Emanuel norman <emanuelno@...>

Looking for any relatives from Anna Zacknau
from Vienna arround 1914
emanuel norman

Re: finding obituaries #general


I have good luck with - a subscription service.  It looks for ANY mention of a name, so I can find wedding announcements and interesting articles about people.

Susan Gray, Chicago

 -FELDSTEIN / FELDSZTAJN / FELTON / FELTYN etc.; GOLDBERG; WEINSTEIN / WEINSZTEIN etc. from Warsaw, Lutsk, Kamenets Podolskiy, Kholm.
-APPLE / APPEL / APEL etc; TAUB; LINEAL / LINIAL; KLEIN from Burshtyn, Rogatin, Sarniki, Putyatinsy, Dem'yanov, Solova.
-PAILET / PEYLET / PAILED / PEJLET etc; ITZCOVITZ / ITSKOVITCH etc. from Butrimonys, Panosiskes, Nemajunai, Vilnius, Drosgusitz.
-RATSAN / RACAN; SIROTA from Butrimonys, Jieznas, Brishton.

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As Barbara said, where to look for obituaries depends a lot on where your relatives lived.  I know of several websites that provide access to upstate New York newspapers, for example. 

This website provides links to newspapers by state:  It is probably not complete, but it's a good starting point.

Ellen Morosoff Pemrick
Saratoga County, NY 

Re: finding obituaries #general

Beth Erez

I have found some obituaries in

Beth Erez
Hod Hasharon, Israel

Re: Finding Tomaszow Poland Records - Post 1890 records #poland


Hi Sophia,
I believe the old LDS records may have gone to only 1890 or so - but the Polish archives has been scanning records and it appears that birth records past 1900 are available (and some are now indexed on Jewishgen - and while I saw birth records for 1902 on jewishgen, I did not see your mothers).

You can find them here:
Look for the lines with the years after 1900 and the words Akta urodzeń (Akta =Records, urodzen=Birth)

They appear to be written in Russian, with some names highlighted in Polish (essentially the same as English for names) - so while reading through hundreds of records is probably a daunting task, it at least appears they are there!

Daniel Eig

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Susan stone

On Sun, Aug 30, 2020 at 06:39 AM, rebasolomon wrote:

FamilySearch Update: I have been following up on the suggestion to put my trees in Family Search‘s special Archival area. As far as I can determine, this area is called IGI-International Genealogical Index. In the past, it accepted LDS and other family trees for archiving. It has NOT ACCEPTED NEW TREES since 2010 when the entire index was assembled and became part of Legacy’s collections. 
If I am incorrect and you know of a different FamilySearch archive still available out there, please let us all know. 
Reba Harris Solomon, New York

Reba...thank you for this info.  I was just about to see if I could put my tree on Family Search but now I know we can't.  I am going to try my old Family Tree Maker disc, like Marcel Apsel from Antwerpen said to print out an descendant report on paper.BUT...of course this does not preserve the "gallery" of docs, photos and artifacts I've posted:   My Hungarian cousin was a partisan and wrote memories of his time during the Holocaust...My great aunt's wedding invitation in Hungarian and of my grandmother's brothers  dated 1914 in their military uniforms for the Tsar (sent like a postcard with Yiddish on the back).  on and all have this stuff.  
So many ideas in all of these posts. .  Thank you all.  I haven't been attending local geneaology meetings so this helps me feel not so alone with these issues.

Re: Is there such a place as Palestine, Russia??? #russia #galicia

Kenneth Ryesky

I do not like to cite to Wikipedia, but my time is now pressed to do other projects.
Never mind the Arabs whose total life aspirations are to exterminate Jews, "Plastun" in Russian or Ukrainian refers to a Cossack military unit.
"The name derives from the word plast, "sheet" via an expression "to lay like a sheet", i.e., flat and low. The word "plastoon" also can refer to a member of a Ukrainian Scouting organization Plast, named after the original plastoons."
-- Ken Ryesky
Petach Tikva, ISRAEL

Ken Ryesky,  Petach Tikva, Israel     kenneth.ryesky@...

Re: Is there such a place as Palestine, Russia??? #russia #galicia

Dr.Josef ASH

I have found town Plastun on the map. It lays in the far-far East of Russia, on the Japan sea. 
from the linguistic point in may work: PaLeSTiN=PLaSTuN.
the problem is - it had got its name in 1926 and was (and still is) a fishmen village

Josef ASH, Israel

Finding Tomaszow Poland Records - Post 1890 records #poland



I would like to find records from around 1900-1903 from Tomaszow Poland on my mother Pesa Apfel.  I have located the people she claims were he family, but cannot locate any documents on her life from Poland.  Does anyone know how to gain access to records post 1890?

According to Aaron B.  JRI-Poland's records only date from 1890 and before? I can't say if this is true or not, but it would make sense as to why I can find nother on my grandmother.

I have attached documents that should be useful in locating her if anyone does have access to these records.

1. She should be born around 1902 (But I'd search 1901-1903)

2. Her parents were Moszko Apfel and Esther Tauba Goldman.  - So documents we have found relating to her life state.

3. Her brother Judko Apfel and other siblings were Riwka Abram, and Pesla (who died).  Or at least I assume these are her family.  These are the people she listed on documents.  However, I cannot locate any record of her birth. Again, supposedly records post 1890 from Tomaszow aren't Public.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Sophia Cohen

Leib Alter Kubiec Tombstone Photo Request in Lodz, Poland #lodz #photographs #poland

Moishe Miller

Dear Everyone,

I hope my note finds you well, safe from the pandemic. Would anyone have experience in obtaining a picture of a tombstone from the Lodz Cemetery? I looked up the person of interest at: 
I found that Kubiec, Leib Alter, who passed away 23 Feb 1917, is in section "Szcz" of the cemetery. Is there someone I can ask in Lodz, that can photograph that tombstone?

Thank you and stay safe,
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
JGFF #3391

Re: DNA mtDNA - Newly found Jewish Cousins - Research advice needed #dna

Bob Kosovsky

Agne, let me post what FamilyTreeDNA says about mtDNA.  The boldface-underline is mine:

mtDNA testing will not be able to identify specific countries that your maternal ancestors came from. mtDNA mutates slowly which allows you to find out ancient information (such as your haplogroup), and will not help you learn about your more recent (within the past 200-500 years) origins. However, you can use mtDNA results with your personal genealogy research to contact your matches to find out more about where your common ancestors may be from.

That means the people with whom you match could have common relatives older than 500 years.  In other words, mtDNA by itself is generally not useful for finding relatives.

Bob Kosovsky, New York City, seeking any and all permutations/locations of:
Slutsk: DAVIDSON, GELFAND (also Sioux City, Iowa)

Re: Ship Manifests : Profession " painter " - What does it mean ? #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"A painter then is the same as a painter now, somebody that puts paint on a surface.  It didn't matter if it was applied inside or outside a building or to a canvas on an easel.  If the person were a rabbi, the manifest would list his profession as a teacher."

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the Christian clerks who wrote the records did not consider rabbis teachers, but ministers or priests of the 'old religion'. In Poland teachers were bakalarz or nauczyciel, and rabbis were duchowny, clergymen.

But yes, a painter is a painter, outside, inside, wherever.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Re: Ship Manifests : Profession " painter " - What does it mean ? #general

Barbara Ellman

My grandfather and his brothers were in real estate in NYC with many apartment buildings.  The brothers employed all of their relatives as they arrived as shmirers (house painters).  The relatives worked as painters until they could establish themselves in another buisiness.

Barbara Ellman
Secaucus NJ USA
ELLMAN, COIRA, MAIDMAN - Minkovtsy, Ukraine
KAGLE, FASS - Ulanow, Poland

ViewMate - Hebrew translation - 1897 Starokonstantinov Death Records Cause of Death#ukraine #translation

Barry E Chernick

ViewMate - Hebrew translation - 1897 Starokonstantinov Death Records
Cause of Death#ukraine
I have posted 1897 Starokonstantinov Death Records I need the Cause of
Death translated.
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Barry Chernick

Re: DNA mtDNA - Newly found Jewish Cousins - Research advice needed #dna

Molly Staub

Hi Agne, I test as 100% Ashkenazic Jewish, but I have found links to Syria (relatives seeking religious freedom who emigrated to my father's native town in Bessarabia in the 19th century), Brazil and Argentina (relatives fleeing Russian pogroms who settled in South America in the 20th Century), China (formerly from Russia in the 20th century probably pursuing economic opportunities), and Australia and New Zealand (from a branch that had settled in Great Britain originally from Russia). I suggest you follow every possibility; that's what makes genealogy research such fun! And why they call  us "wandering Jews."

Molly Staub

Re: Ship Manifests : Profession " painter " - What does it mean ? #general


my late father used to refer to "ship painters" - a mildly derisive term for people who decided that they were "painters" during the voyage to america.

....... tom klein, toronto

At 13:49 -0700 8/9/20, main@... wrote:

My grandfather was a religious scholar in Lutsk i.e. as far as I know , he did not have a marketable skill when he arrived in the U.S. in 1902 . Eventually, he worked with others as a house painter , I don't know if that was inside or outside , but my father told me that he didn't make much money because he was always taking time off for the yom-toyvim or to daven during the day . On all the documents such as census etc . his profession was listed as " painter " . However , I just noticed that on his ship manifest his profession was also listed as "painter " .

Some cousins have speculated that he was a " portrait painter " in Lutsk . I doubt that , not only because the rabbis frowned upon painting the human form , but also because it was not a good way to make a living .

When I looked at other ship manifests , I noticed that there were a lot of people who put down their professions as "painter" . This leads to me to believe that American relatives had told people that "painter" was an acceptable profession for the American immigration authorities . I can't believe that there were so many Marc Chagalls among Eastern European Jews .

Does anyone know what " painter" was likely to mean to Americans and Jewish immigrants in the early part of the 20th century and if it was indeed a profession that relatives told new emigrants to use ?
Henry H. Carrey


....... tom klein, toronto

Re: Help to Take down a family tree created with FT Maker #general #records


Jefferey -

In order to offer advice, it would be good to know exactly where this tree is posted.   Can you go to the website and look at the URL and let us know what it starts with?  (For example, the URL for a tree posted on Ancestry will start with or

- Miriam Alexander Baker

Bloch Family from Raslavice #hungary

F. Zappa

I am researching the Bloch family from Raslavice Hungary.  My entire family migrated to the USA by the early 1900s.  I am particularly interested in the early history of Judah (Julius) Bloch, married to Lotti Gottdiener Bloch.  Lotti's parents were Isak Nathan Gottdiener and Gertrude "Kati" Stern Gottdiener.

The Bloch family migrated to Ohio and most, to Cleveland.

What I am particularly interested in is Judah's parents.  According to my records, Judah Bloch was born in Zalobin (Zsalobina.)  At 16 years of age (1869), he was staying with a Stern family in varanno (Vranov) and two possibilities are that his mother passed and the Sterns took him in, or that he was at that location to study the Torah as his eventual profession was as a Scribe.  His father is listed as a David Bloch and his mother's name is unknown.  Judah has a sister named Anna Bloch, who married into the Milder family.  And in some records, Judah and Anna are listed as children of the above named Isaak and Gertrude Gottdiener.

My family is curious about events during Judah and Anna's early life.  Unfortunately nobody in the current Bloch family has any knowledge of this time frame.
Russell Bloch
Metro Detroit, Michigan
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