Re: Hi~Searching for Family. GERSZON & POLEJES from Rubezhevichi, Belarus. #belarus

Janis and Joe Datz

I am working on the Stolpce yizkor book.  Stolpce is not far from your ancestors' town.  It is mentioned in the book.  However, unfortunately, I do not see these surnames in my work in progress master surname list. Janis Friedenberg Datz

DNA test #dna

Hanna Grossman

I have done an Ancestry autosomal test and gotten my results.

They include two 2nd cousins whom I know.

And very many 2-3 cousins , none of whose names I recognize, and none of whom have matching names in their (very minimal) connected trees.

How can I proceed to find out any more about how these matches may be related? #dna

Hanna Grossman, Arlington VA

Re: BLUMENTHAL - family relations #germany #usa #general

Sherri Bobish


On Ancestry I see a U.S. draft card dated March 3, 1947 for Daniel BLUMENTHAL, born Koenigsberg, March 23,1910. 

David lists his brother, Martin BLUMENTHAL, as the person who will always know his location. Both David and Martin had addresses in Manhattan (different address for each.)

Daniel worked at Cyclone Motor Corp. in Long Island City, NY.

Ancestry also has this info on Daniel's obit:
Name: Daniel Blumenthal
Gender: Male
Death Age: 83
Birth Date: abt 1910
Residence Place: BREMEN, Germany
Death Date: 3 Mar 1993
Death Place: Bremen
Burial Place: Germany
Obituary Date: 13 Apr 1993
Obituary Place: Zanesville, Ohio, United States of America
Spouse: Hilda

Sherri Bobish

Re: Another finding among Bessarabia records - Service Form List #bessarabia #ukraine #records #translation

Harvey Kabaker

Hi, Yefim,

My career was in newspapers, and I often wondered whether anyone was reading what I wrote or edited. Occasionally I would see angry responses to one thing or another, so I knew they were reading. Then there were the grammar police and nitpickers who insisted on correcting things. More proof that people are reading. Sometimes I made an excuse for a mistake saying, yes, I knew that was wrong, but I wanted to see if you were reading.

So maybe you should start writing things that make people angry? Or maybe not.

With best wishes, as always,
Harvey Kabaker
Silver Spring, Md.

Re: LEBEDENKO/LEBEDENCO surname origins #ukraine #romania #russia #general

Sherri Bobish


Have you tried searching Lebedenco at the JewishGen Romania-Moldova Database?
I suggest doing a soundex (sounds like) search, so you will find alternative spellings of the surname.  I did a very quick search and found the name spelled with a "k" instead of a "c', and some other variations in spelling also.


Sherri Bobish

Re: I Want My Trees To Outlive Me #general

Marcel Apsel

About printing familiy trees on paper by FamilyTreeMaker.  You can make all kind of charts and including default as much as you want.  In the older versions of FTM you could create new facts and I think with a little bit of manipulating you should be able to add specific facts you create by your own on printed sheets.  I do not know if this works with the recent versions, I did not try it out, but normally it should.

In FTM you should go to the person windows, open the blue cross for facts and choose the button new and you can create a new fact where you can choose a specific name you wish.  There you can file whatever you want in the way you want.  I never tried to put pictures this way, so maybe you can try it.



Marcel Apsel

Antwerpen, Belgium

Re: finding obituaries #general

Dick Plotz <Dick@...>

If you click through to an obituary at that you found
by googling the name, you can see an inconspicuous link toward the
bottom of the page that says "Show article text (OCR)". Click that
link to see an unedited OCR text of the article or the whole page, I'm
not sure what determines how much you see. You can then search the
page and read the text. It may be a little garbled; that's the nature
of unedited OCR output. But it will often include the information you

You don't need to be a subscriber to see this.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

On Tue, Sep 8, 2020 at 12:02 PM Mary Henderson <gengenres@...> wrote:

Hi, Trudy! is a good resource for obituaries - but it's a paid subscription site.

Mary Henderson

Mary Henderson
Genetic Genealogy Research, LLC

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On Tue, Sep 8, 2020 at 8:49 AM Trudy Barch <cousintrudy@...> wrote:


Does anyone know when USA obituaries began in newspapers? Other than Legacy are there any other sites where I should be looking for ‘older’ (1930s-1940s) ones?

Re: BLUMENTHAL - family relations #germany #usa #general

Peter Lowe

Re: GERSZONOWICZ or GIERSZONOWICZ families from the city of PIOTRKOW (Poland) between 1780 and 1880, from the city of Osjakow (Poland) between 1880 and 1905, from Lodz (Poland) after 1905 #poland #russia #lodz


My GG grandmother, Sura Gitla Gierszonowicz, born in 1833 had a sister Riwka Ruchla Gierszonowicz, who was born about 1838 in Aleskandrow, Poland.  She married Icek Szwarc in 1862, who was born in Lodz.  Their father was Shari (Zacharyasz) Gierszonowicz, mother Golda Shwartz, she was born in the village of Vitslovitsi.  Her mother's name was Tauba, surname not known, and father's name Moshka Shwartz.  Does any of my families roots connect to your GERSZONOWICZ family?
Karen Brown

Re: Seeking Fritz BUKOFZER, film producer- Paris > Switzerland #france

David Selig

Hi all.   I have found Fritz's grave,he died in Feb 1958 in Luzern.   Many thanks to Herr Teichman.  I am now on a trail to find the marriage information - first through the Paris telephone books, held in a special Museum!
best to all
David SELIG, Paris

Re: finding obituaries #general


Though I have not usually been successful at finding obituaries of my poor immigrant ancestors, I did find one for an uncle who died in 1916.  He was killed in an accident, so there was litigation involved.  While it may be difficult, it's not impossible. I think this was found at, to which a friend subscribes.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: finding obituaries #general


I'm a historian, and I'm also chasing my own family's story. I also recommend the newspaper sites -- and genealogy bank. In addition, some universities have digitized old newspapers from their states. One thing to know is that some old newspapers listed obits only by the last name. 
Sherry Robinson
Albuquerque, NM

Re: Help locate this Gulag-camp or village listed in post-war record #russia #holocaust



regarding Bawao "Gulag-camp". I have no intention to dispute your family history but would like to clarify the following. Some Jews from Western Ukraine voluntarily left their birth towns for Russia proper after 1939 events, some to return back after the war to finally leave the area for good. They did it for many reasons, some to get an education, better job prospects in cities, etc. Jacob Biber from Wolyn town of Maciejow, who survived the war hiding with his wife with the help of some friendly locals, writes about it in his book "Survivors". 

I read the information in this document as your great-uncle was working for Town <authorities> as a worker (sic) from 1940 til September 1945 in Siberian city of Barnaul with compensation of 150 rubles a month. This particular document, most likely written from his words, has no indication that he was in Gulag camps. It's interesting that he was an elementary school pupil in 1937-1939. Was he too young in 1940 to be placed in a penal system? The next line stating that in September of 1945 he was already in Berlin, Germany collaborates the idea that he (his family) wasn't interned. I highly recommend the above mentioned book to better understand how a civilian family/person could possibly leave USSR  at the time your great-uncle did. The book also mentions that the most local Jewish survivors were among those who moved to Russia in 1939-1940.

Best regards,
Olga Slavin (Barsht)

Need help in understanding / finding place names and from Belarus Revison Lists #belarus

Odeda Zlotnick

My Zlotnick family came from Lapitch (Lapici, Lapichi) – a shtetl between Bobruisk and Minsk (belonging to the Igumen Uyezd in the Minsk Gubernia).  My Zlotnick GGF was married to Ester daughter of Yaakov Pluchik.

We also know that the Zlotnick family from Lapitch was related to the Polishuk (also Paleshuk) family, from Lapitch.

In the Revision List for 1858:

1)      Paleshuk's and other recognized Lapitch families were found in a "populated place" within 10 Kms of Lapitch, called "Vysokaya Starina" in the Gazetteer, "Vysokaya Storona village" in the Revision List for 1858.  What kind of map will I find it on?

2)      Unlike the people in Lapitch, considered "petit bourgeois" those from Vysokaya were in the "Revision lists farmers". 

What is the difference between Vysokaya and Lapitch?

3)      Other POLYASHCHUK family members  were found in a place called "Kholuy" also in Igumen, Minsk.  I can't find this place anywhere other than in the Revision lists (tried the communities, tried the gazetteer).


Question 2: What and where is Kholuy of Igumen in the Minsk Gubernia, why can't I find it?

Question 3: My GGF at the age of about 17 in 1874 was in "Vyaz'ye" during one of the revisions, the note appearing in a list signed by a man from Kholuy.  Vyaz'ye is on a map – and in the gazetteer, but not in any revision list.  What is it and why?


See attached map, circled, north to south: Pukhovich, Lapitch, Vyaz'e.

Thank you,

Odeda Zlotnick

Searching for: ZLOTNICK (in the Minsk Gubernia) PLUCHIK, POLISHUK.

SIEGLER LESEROVICI (originally from Cosula Romania) KULIKOWER, BLASS BOTTWIN MELLER (originally from Lemberg/Lwow, then Vienna)

MENDLOWITSCH (MENDLEWICZ) and BEILIN from Tomaszow Mazowiecki

Re: DNA mtDNA - Newly found Jewish Cousins - Research advice needed #dna

Adam Cherson

Dear Agne Grigaraviciute,
If you are saying that you believe your maternal grandmother was born Jewish then you would have a substantial amount of Jewish genes. I have used a method before to identify whether a person is likely to have a substantial Jewish ancestry and could help you in this regard, if you wish. What I do cannot help with identifying any recent relatives, but would be worth trying simply to confirm whether your guess about your grandmother is correct.
Adam Cherson

Re: Hi~Searching for Family. GERSZON & POLEJES from Rubezhevichi, Belarus. #belarus

Adam Cherson

Dear Stefanie,
I keep a database of Gerszons due to my own tree's Kherszon (both pronounced as an 'h' in slavic). This is a long shot of course, but I do have an Ysroel Gerszon born in Vilna in 1866. Please contact me if you have any information connecting your ggf to the Vilna area.
Adam Cherson

Re: Ancestry's Drastic Changes Dash Hopes of Finding Connections #dna

Christine Hill <cmhill01@...>

I agree with Phil Karlin's (above) assessment of Ancestry. Its interface is too opaque to be really useful in genetic genealogy. It needs a chromosome browser and to make available (and downloadable) more information about dna matches for it to be really useful, especially for researching distant relatives. As it is now, the results may be indicative of a relationship, but unless you know which chromosome the shared segment is on, and the starting and ending point of the shared segment, then you really won't be able to fully analyse or hypothesise a possible relationship.  I have used Ancestry for years and use it mainly to develop my tree, but I have uploaded the raw data to My Heritage to identify the shared segments with my matches, which I then put into DNA painter. This gives me a visual diagram of shared segments on each chromosome. So for example there is Person A where the DNA of my mother, her brother and myself, share 9 segments between us. Using the segment information from MyHeritage, I can see that all 3 of us share a segment on chromosome 1 with Person A, starting at the same position and ending at the same position, all of which are 12cM each. Also, all 3 of us also share a segment with the same person A on chromosome 12, where the segment of my mother and her brother start at the same position and end at the same position and are 6.5cM for both. Interestingly the same segment starts at a slightly earlier position in my DNA and ends at the same position, and is 7.2 cM. These segments might be too small to be of interest to people investigating close cousins, but to me, comparing family trees and trying to identify distant ancestors like 10gg's, these small shared segments are very significant and extremely unlikely to be occurring by chance. So Ancestry should not be removing matches of 8cM or below, as these may be of significance in certain circumstances when testing families, rather than only individuals. However, I assume that all this data is still in the raw data, so that by uploading to another site like MyHeritage of Gedmatch, you would be able to retrieve the small segment data. It is probably that they are now not showing these small segments on the Ancestry database as matches. So I am pretty sure they would still there in the raw data. It would be surprising if Ancestry had removed them.

Christine Hill

Re: Finding Tomaszow Poland Records - Post 1890 records #poland

Stanley Diamond

Sophia is referring to the town of Tomaszów Lubelski, 124 km SE of Lublin 
and not Tomaszów Mazowiecki, 57 km SE of Łódź.

To find answers to the status of record indexing/extraction of Polish towns, 
contact the JRI-Poland town leader for each town!   Click on the "Your Town"
link on the JRI-Poland navigation bar on the home page

The link for Tomaszów Lubelski will take you to:

By contacting the Town Leader, you will learn that all the records in the Zamosc
branch of the Polish State Archives have been ether indexed or fully extracted
up to 1913!

Moreover, because Polish privacy laws now allow access to births up to 1919
(i.e. more than 100-years old) and marriages and deaths up to 1939 (more than 
80-years old), JRI-Poland now has extracts of these records as well.

JRI-Poland Town Leaders are available to help you in your research.  Another 
way to reach ANY Town Leader is to write to [townname]

Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.  (Montreal, 514-484-0100)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

Finding Tomaszow Poland Records - Post 1890 records #poland
From: FamilySearchPoland
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 2020 02:26:55 EDT


I would like to find records from around 1900-1903 from Tomaszow Poland on my mother Pesa Apfel. 
I have located the people she claims were he family, but cannot locate any documents on her life from Poland.  Does anyone know how to gain access to records post 1890?

According to Aaron B.  JRI-Poland's records only date from 1890 and before? I can't say if this is true or not, but it would make sense as to why I can find nother on my grandmother.

I have attached documents that should be useful in locating her if anyone does have access to these records.

1. She should be born around 1902 (But I'd search 1901-1903)

2. Her parents were Moszko Apfel and Esther Tauba Goldman.  - So documents we have found relating to her life state.

3. Her brother Judko Apfel and other siblings were Riwka Abram, and Pesla (who died).  Or at least I assume these are her family.  These are the people she listed on documents.  However, I cannot locate any record of her birth. Again, supposedly records post 1890 from Tomaszow aren't Public.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Sophia Cohen

Re: finding obituaries #general

Sarah L Meyer

There is a Facebook group called FreeObituaryLookups.  is like a Cindy's list for obituaries - it links to newspapers based on geographical location - but you may need a subscription to the paper (or not).   Also you may need to consider that in major cities, there may have only been a death notice and no obituary, especially if the family was not prominent or wealthy enough.

Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Ship Manifests : Profession " painter " - What does it mean ? #general

Harry Boonin

My 16 year old uncle was an art school student in Yelizavetgrad, Russia in October 1905 when the pogrom broke out, and his older brother was killed. 
He boarded a ship in Trieste, Austria. The manifest says he was a “painter.”

”He maintained his artistic interest throughout his life time.”
Harry D. Boonin
Warrington, PA

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