Re: Let me restate my name question Re: Nellie #russia #names

Moishe Miller

Perhaps you are aware that at times, a ship manifest my have a Jewish (Hebrew or Yiddish) name, rather than the legal or civil name they became known as later in life. You might find the tombstone of my cousin, Nettie (not Nellie) Spira nee Gottlieb, interesting. Her tombstone records her Jewish name as "Nesheh, daughter of Menashe". You can see it at:
Wishing a Shana Tova to all,
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

Re: JewishGen Discussion Group re: KAMINSKY #russia


Hello - I am very keen to find out more information. I am researching KAMINSKY #russia and have not yet been able to find out when they came to US. This new surname possibility may open new doors for me.

Would love to explore this further.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Kaminsky
Ocean City NJ

Re: Let me restate my name question Re: Nellie #russia #names

Sarah L Meyer

Do a North American to the European country that your family came from using Jewishgen's given names database,

Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

JewishGen Education offers Independent Study October 3 - 24 #announcements #education #general

Nancy Holden

JewishGen once again offers Independent Study October 3 - October 24.

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to write a newsletter? Hire a researcher? An instructor will work with
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This is mentored Do-it-Yourself, computer-based, online instruction.
Individual readings will be posted according to your research needs.
Students must feel comfortable using a computer and searching databases

Registration: Tuition is $150. Enrollment is limited (10 students).
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Application: I suggest you write to the instructor before enrolling
with your project ideas to see if it will yield results in the 3 weeks
of class time. You may create any type of genealogical project. Let
your imagination create a project around your research interests.

More information:

To Register

Send your proposed project and/or questions to education@...

Nancy Holden
Director of Education

ViewMate - Hebrew translation - Two 1894 Starokonstantinov Birth Records #ukraine #translation

Barry E Chernick

I have posted on ViewMate two 1894 Starokonstantinov Birth Records I need
translated. Female #1 (second record) and Male #3 (bottom record).
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Barry Chernick

Re: How to locate family who immigrated from Russia to Israel? #ukraine #israel #russia


Shalom Laurie,
There is information about Moshe Goshen,son of Yerachmiel on the database of IGRA..The Israeli genealogy Association .
I am sending you information from that site.
Shana Tova,
Brenda Habshush.
Sde Boker,Israel.

Re: Telephone books in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine in 1904 #general #records

Sherri Bobish


Have you searched WITKIN at:

A very quick soundex search shows VITKIN as one alternate spelling in the Belarus database.

Perhaps with a soundex search you will find your family.


Sherri Bobish

Re: Yiddish/Hebrew name Shirley and Libby #names

Sally Bruckheimer

My grandmother Matilda, Aunt Tilly to those that knew her, was born in NYC as Rosa, for her grandmother. Anything is possible, but most likely something with the same initial sound. Shirley could be Shayna, or Szyfra or something like that. And Libby could be Liba (known as Liby in records - same name), or Laya or whatever.

Sally Bruckheimer

Re: Daniel BLUMENTHAL - family relations #germany #usa #general

Sherri Bobish


Can you explain what you mean by "a valid contact" for the SSDI listing of Daniel BLUMENTHAL?

The SSDI is on-line.  One place to access it is:


Sherri Bobish

Re: Telephone books in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine in 1904 #general #records

Risa Heywood

Genealogy Indexer ( has some Ekaterinoslav directories including a 1903 Yekaterinoslav Gubernia Commemorative Book. They are in Russian but you can search for your family's names using DM Soundex or OCR Adjusted search.

My grandfather, Samuel (Shmuel) Teitzel, was born in Ekaterinoslav. His family immigrated to America in 1904. I haven't yet been able to find any records for them there, though.

Risa Daitzman Heywood

Re: Hi~Searching for Family. GERSZON & POLEJES from Rubezhevichi, Belarus. #belarus


Hi Adam!

id love to touch base with you over the Gerszon name!!

please feel free to call me at +1-941-685-4830. I’m in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Or, you can email me at Siennastef@...

Israel Gerszon died shortly after his first child, Frances, was born. Frances & her mother, Bejla, immigrated to the US in 1925. This is all I know.

Please contact me by cell or email.

Sincerely, Stefanie

Re: GERSZONOWICZ or GIERSZONOWICZ families from the city of PIOTRKOW (Poland) between 1780 and 1880, from the city of Osjakow (Poland) between 1880 and 1905, from Lodz (Poland) after 1905 #poland #russia #lodz


Hi Dom,

Hi Karen,

I've been searching for Gerszon, which was possibly shortened from Gersonovitz, etc (all the different possible spellings).  My family was from Lodz/Rube........can’t spell it lol!

Please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Stefanie


Re: GERSZONOWICZ or GIERSZONOWICZ families from the city of PIOTRKOW (Poland) between 1780 and 1880, from the city of Osjakow (Poland) between 1880 and 1905, from Lodz (Poland) after 1905 #poland #russia #lodz


Hi Karen,

I've been searching for Gerszon, which was possibly shortened from Gersonovitz, etc.  Please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Stefanie


Re: Yiddish/Hebrew name Shirley and Libby #names

Diane Jacobs

For Libby , it is Liba, my grandmother's name.

Diane Jacobs

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Subject: [] Yiddish/Hebrew name Shirley and Libby #names

What would be the Yiddish/Hebrew equivalent for Shirley and Libby?

Richard Stower
Yarmouth, Maine

SECHESTOWER, SPIERMAN, THAU, GRAF in Kolomyya area. KANNER, SCHMIDT in Dobrowa Tarnowska. GROSS and FELLNER in Chortkiv.
Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Re: Let me restate my name question Re: Nellie #russia #names

The Becker's Email

Rather than  looking for Nellie on a ship's manifest, look for Sam's naturalization papers, assuming he was naturalized in Canada.  Those should give details of his arrival.  Once you  know when he arrived and the ship, you can find him on the manifest and the others should be with him.
I would note that the 1911 Canadian census gives Nellie's year of arrival as 1906 (Sam's too) rather than 1905.  So be sure to allow some leeway.  
Also, the 1921 census records that Jacob was naturalized in 1906.  You might look for clues regarding his children.
Source for census records:  Ancestry
Lastly, contact the Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto for help:

Although unrelated to your query, I found a fascinating document on when I was looking for information.  This is a 1910 insurance application by Jacob.  

Johanna Becker

COHENS and GOLDBERGS from Sakiai, Lithuania #lithuania #unitedkingdom

Angie Elfassi

One of my brick walls:
In Leeds, England my mum Beattie née RICHMAN was invited in 1944 to the wedding of Ethel née KASSEMOFF d/o Millie née GOLDBERG (which is where my parents met). According to a story aforementioned Ethel (died 2012) told me years ago, that the reason my Mum and her Mum, Sarah née COHEN born Sakiai, Lithuania, 1878, were invited to Ethel’s wedding was because Mum’s family were related to Ethel's maternal side.
Unfortunately, Ethel didn’t know or remember how they were related.
Ethel's maternal grandfather - Chaim Arye (Lewis) GOLDBERG - had two brothers: Myer Isaac and Max. I have found Myer and Max's naturalisation papers showing that they were from Sakiai, Lithuania. Their parents were Joseph Arye and Esther (Ethel). I also found in Leeds, Esther's tombstone (attached) died age 75 years old, in 1911 (means she was born c. 1836). It says in Hebrew, amongst other things: Esther Rachel d/o Avraham HaCOHEN from Shaki (Sakiai) Lithuania
Aforementioned Sarah nee COHEN (my maternal grandmother) was the daughter of Shmuel Yitzhak b. c. 1841 d. 1916 (in Leeds). His father was Yekutiel Zusman COHEN b. c. 1821.
Is there anyway I can prove that Shmuel and Esther were maybe cousins?
Or could Yekutiel Zusman and Esther be siblings?

I have tested on FTDNA and have started to search for GOLDBERG and COHEN relatives.
Would much appreciate any ideas, suggestions, input.

Angie Elfassi
RAYKH-ZELIGMAN/RICHMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/Leeds
COHEN, Sakiai, Lithuania/Leeds
MAGIDOWITZ, Jurbarkas, Lithuania/Leeds
KASSIMOFF, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds
MULVIDSON, Rezekne, Latvia/Sweden
GREENSTONE, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds
ITMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/USA
KANTOR, Sakiai, Lithuania
GOLDBERG, Sakiai, Lithuania
GELBERG, Kamianka-stromilava, Lvov, Poland
ELFASSI, Settat, Morocco

Re: Telephone books in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine in 1904 #general #records

Alexander Sharon

First telephone directory (телефонный справочник)  in Russia was published in Moscow in 1901. At this time in Moscow were only 2,860 subscribers, mostly business owners and few private phones were assigned to the members of the Empire elite (such as Prince Golitsyn).  In 1904 "Moscow Telephones" company change hands from Bell to Swedish-Dutch-Russia stock company which was engaged in expansion of the phone net following developed by L.W. Ericsson system in Stockholm.

Telephone net expansion took a bit of time in Russia, concentrating mainly on the largest cities, and even if one phone was indeed installed in Ekaterinoslav pharmacy in 1904, who could called the pharmacy, when the all other folks in town have no access to such facility.

Alexander Sharon

Re: New Lezajsk Database for recent discovered gravestones #announcements #galicia #poland

Nolan Altman

HI Moses,

Would you please share your database, and photos if you get them, with JewishGen so we can add the material to the JOWBR database?  Please contact me at NAltman@... 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Nolan Altman
JOWBR Coordinator

Re: The meaning of Memeh Fryme #yiddish #galicia


A humorous anecdote:
My family said if we had an "Aunta Tanta" then we must have also had an "Uncle Tunkle". (phonetic spellings).
Larry Bassist

Re: Using DNA matches to find Jewish ancestors #dna

Max Heffler

My mother-in-law’s cousin was married to the Jewish Lord Mayor of Dublin, Robert Briscoe.


Max Heffler


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Subject: Re: [] Using DNA matches to find Jewish ancestors #dna


I wouldn't trust any DNA companies ethnicity estimates. I have tested with 3 different companies and guess what? I have 3 different ethnicity results. That said, your real answers will probably come from traditional genealogical research. Something to keep in mind, Jews have been living (and intermarrying) in Ireland as far back as at least 1079. That's the date of the earliest known written record of Jews in Ireland. But my guess is they go much further back. FYI, the second in command of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) during the Irish rebellion was a Jew. A Jewish lawyer defended the leaders of the rebellion in a British court. Jews have been protected and have had full legal status in Ireland for hundreds of years. One of the oldest continuously operating synagogues in Europe is a couple of blocks from Dublin Castle. Do you get where I am going with this? Having an Irish Jew as an ancestor is just, well, curious, but not completely out of the ordinary. So the next time your in a pub, lift up your pint of Guinness, but instead of saying " sláinte" just say "l'chaim".

Mashiach Bjorklund


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