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Dexter Moseley

Hi Elizabeth

I saw your message Re Kaminsky ...I thought thought on an off chance, if you have any family connections with the following names, Nathan and Sara Raisel Kaminsky originally from Grodno Gubernia  (located within the country, now  known as Belarus), who were my great grandparents  and  had five children, namely,  my grandmother Rae/Rachel (married name Goldberg), the others were Golda (married name Weinstein/Winston), Eva (Weisman), Louis and Sam (both of whom may have changed their last name to Kaye). 
This Kaminsky family left what was then Russia in the early 1900s and they all made their homes in London, UK.. Please let me know if it rings any bells?!

Dexter Moseley

Re: Russian or Hebrew translation of birth record from Kishinev, and ? about dates #translation

Rodney Eisfelder

Russian Empire documents generally used the Julian Calendar. In the 19th century, this differed by 12 days from the Gregorian calendar that we are accustomed to. So 5-Mar-1891 (Julian) = 17-Mar-1891 (Gregorian) = 7-Adar2 5651.
for a calculator that caters for Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew and other calendars.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

Re: Looking for Yiddish Translation #translation

JONES Etienne H.L.F.

Hello Henry !

Could you be so kind to give me a similar first comment about a text I didn't succeed until now to get a translation of, it dates from . . 1773 ? Very clearly I don't want a translation from you, only a short comment. And . . do you know a paid (serious) professional who would do it ? Thank you very much, I put the text in attachment.
Kind regards,

Etienne JONES
2930  Brasschaat (Antwerp), Belgium
(Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, The Netherlands, United State of America)

Newspapers, Prussia #germany #poland

David Selig

HI all Jewish Genners. 
I am again looking for information on two family members, both from Prussia.

I wonder what newspaper ressources there may be, for newspaper announcements, for births, from 1900 or 1910?  
Or death notices (obituaries), from 1905 - 1920. 

I seek birth notices for : 
Lotte BLUMENTHAL, born 08.04.1900, Koenigsberg
Danny BLUMENTHAL, born 23.10.1910, K'berg

Death notice for Helene WOLFF, mother of one or both of the above
born 1862? Koenigsberg

Thanks for any hlep!
Best to all

Stupki Slave Labor Camp #holocaust

Zev Cohen

In 1942 my late father Moshe was transported by the Germans with other Jews to the Slave Labor Camp Stupki east of Tarnopol. I visited the area some years ago, including the site of the stone quarry where the inmates were worked (or shot) to death as part of the road construction efforts for the German army. I would be glad to hear from others who have knowledge and material about Stupki.
Zev Cohen

Re: Equivalent Hebrew Name for Clara #names


This kind of request comes up regularly. There are no rules when it comes to selecting a secular name for a person who has a Hebrew name, or, in reverse, finding a probable Hebrew name for someone when a secular name is known.   I suggest searching the JewishGen Memorial Plaque Database for the name, and tabulate the results.
I did that for the first 108 matches for secular name Clara, in one random  section of the database, in  the USA.
Chaya 45
Keila 18
Chava 9
Klara/Clara 9
Chaika 6
Chana 4
Ester 2
Shayna 2
Gitel 2
One each:  Yenta, Tzipah, Chasya, Perel, Devorah, Sarah, Keysa. Kala, Krindel, Dinah, Kressla

David Rosen
Boston, Ma

On 9/11/2020 4:14 PM, Saba-isio via wrote:
Hi, Can anyone give me the Equivqlent Hebrew Given Name for Clara?
Thank you in advance, all the best, stay safe , well and healthy and may we all enjoy this coming New Year 5781 in very good health and may the pandemic be eradicated. Aizic Sechter from the Lone Magen David Star State of Israel

Re: I Want My Trees To Outlive Me #general


Final Answer:
I want to wish a hearty Thank You to all who responded and provided input. With your help I have found 3 places to store my genealogy online, hopefully for a very long time, where it is searchable but not collaborative. 

1. BEIT HATFUTSOT - the Family Trees section is
just a baby Beta program right now, and so far I have not been able to view my work, but hopefully it will continue to develop and go from strength to strength. The link is

It takes a few days until you get your registration number and can view your tree. 

As of now I’m submitting but reserving judgment until I can search my work. 

2. - I know the history of what some Mormons did with Holocaust names, but I’m going with it anyway. The website is very professionally done. My trees have gone into their archival and searchable GENEALOGIES section (NOT their collaborative Family Tree.) From a computer (not your phone) go to
scroll down past the search section to “upload your genealogy.”  It takes about 15 minutes to process. You must click on “compare” and back again before your upload will move from “processing” to “compare” to “ready.”

3. This website stores, preserves and updates documents, photos and interviews, for 100+ years. It’s amazingly easy to sort and tag the files. This Sunday 9/13 I will take advantage of their sale, and pay a one time flat fee of $200 for 25 GB of online storage. 

These will all be viewable by my family, and in addition I have hard copies of each tree and documentation that will be held by some lucky (?) relative. 😄. Perhaps one day soon I will use the supplemental services of to pull together a book I can store at the Library of Congress. 


So I’ve created a diversified, long term plan for my trees, photos and documents. Thank you all so much for your help and input.

May we all share a happy and HEALTHY New Year.

May you all be inscribed in the Book of Life!
Reba Harris Solomon

Austria Historic Agreement to Secure Jewish Life in Austria #announcements #austria-czech

Jan Meisels Allen



The Jewish Community of Vienna (IKG), has reached an historic agreement with the federal government of Austria to safeguard and foster Jewish life in the long term.  The new law will enable the consolidation of the Jewish Community, securing its infrastructure and the services it has to offer. This includes schools, culture, youth, care, social support, public relations, security and many other areas.


The Austrian government will create a new legal initiative for that purpose. The core of this undertaking is the financial support by the federal government for the Jewish Community in the amount of €4 million annually.


IKG President Oskar Deutsch, said “The new law must also be seen as an anchor of the IKG as our unified community in which all forms of Judaism organize themselves democratically. It is a sad but necessary reality that Jewish life is only possible with professional security measures and the commitment of many community volunteers and employees. At the same time, the close cooperation of our security staff and commission with Austrian authorities have made us one of the safest communities in Europe”.


To read more see:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Equivalent Hebrew Name for Clara #names


Hi, Can anyone give me the Equivqlent Hebrew Given Name for Clara?
Thank you in advance, all the best, stay safe , well and healthy and may we all enjoy this coming New Year 5781 in very good health and may the pandemic be eradicated. Aizic Sechter from the Lone Magen David Star State of Israel

Re: Let me restate my name question Re: Nellie #russia #names

Moishe Miller

Perhaps you are aware that at times, a ship manifest my have a Jewish (Hebrew or Yiddish) name, rather than the legal or civil name they became known as later in life. You might find the tombstone of my cousin, Nettie (not Nellie) Spira nee Gottlieb, interesting. Her tombstone records her Jewish name as "Nesheh, daughter of Menashe". You can see it at:
Wishing a Shana Tova to all,
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

Re: JewishGen Discussion Group re: KAMINSKY #russia


Hello - I am very keen to find out more information. I am researching KAMINSKY #russia and have not yet been able to find out when they came to US. This new surname possibility may open new doors for me.

Would love to explore this further.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Kaminsky
Ocean City NJ

Re: Let me restate my name question Re: Nellie #russia #names

Sarah L Meyer

Do a North American to the European country that your family came from using Jewishgen's given names database,

Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

JewishGen Education offers Independent Study October 3 - 24 #announcements #education #general

Nancy Holden

JewishGen once again offers Independent Study October 3 - October 24.

Create your own project. Looking for records? Hit a brick wall? Want
to write a newsletter? Hire a researcher? An instructor will work with
you to narrow the scope of your project so that you can make progress
in three weeks.

This is mentored Do-it-Yourself, computer-based, online instruction.
Individual readings will be posted according to your research needs.
Students must feel comfortable using a computer and searching databases

Registration: Tuition is $150. Enrollment is limited (10 students).
This class has students worldwide, thus there are no set times; the
Forum is open 24/7.

Application: I suggest you write to the instructor before enrolling
with your project ideas to see if it will yield results in the 3 weeks
of class time. You may create any type of genealogical project. Let
your imagination create a project around your research interests.

More information:

To Register

Send your proposed project and/or questions to education@...

Nancy Holden
Director of Education

ViewMate - Hebrew translation - Two 1894 Starokonstantinov Birth Records #ukraine #translation

Barry E Chernick

I have posted on ViewMate two 1894 Starokonstantinov Birth Records I need
translated. Female #1 (second record) and Male #3 (bottom record).
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Barry Chernick

Re: How to locate family who immigrated from Russia to Israel? #ukraine #israel #russia


Shalom Laurie,
There is information about Moshe Goshen,son of Yerachmiel on the database of IGRA..The Israeli genealogy Association .
I am sending you information from that site.
Shana Tova,
Brenda Habshush.
Sde Boker,Israel.

Re: Telephone books in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine in 1904 #general #records

Sherri Bobish


Have you searched WITKIN at:

A very quick soundex search shows VITKIN as one alternate spelling in the Belarus database.

Perhaps with a soundex search you will find your family.


Sherri Bobish

Re: Yiddish/Hebrew name Shirley and Libby #names

Sally Bruckheimer

My grandmother Matilda, Aunt Tilly to those that knew her, was born in NYC as Rosa, for her grandmother. Anything is possible, but most likely something with the same initial sound. Shirley could be Shayna, or Szyfra or something like that. And Libby could be Liba (known as Liby in records - same name), or Laya or whatever.

Sally Bruckheimer

Re: Daniel BLUMENTHAL - family relations #germany #usa #general

Sherri Bobish


Can you explain what you mean by "a valid contact" for the SSDI listing of Daniel BLUMENTHAL?

The SSDI is on-line.  One place to access it is:


Sherri Bobish

Re: Telephone books in Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine in 1904 #general #records

Risa Heywood

Genealogy Indexer ( has some Ekaterinoslav directories including a 1903 Yekaterinoslav Gubernia Commemorative Book. They are in Russian but you can search for your family's names using DM Soundex or OCR Adjusted search.

My grandfather, Samuel (Shmuel) Teitzel, was born in Ekaterinoslav. His family immigrated to America in 1904. I haven't yet been able to find any records for them there, though.

Risa Daitzman Heywood

Re: Hi~Searching for Family. GERSZON & POLEJES from Rubezhevichi, Belarus. #belarus


Hi Adam!

id love to touch base with you over the Gerszon name!!

please feel free to call me at +1-941-685-4830. I’m in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Or, you can email me at Siennastef@...

Israel Gerszon died shortly after his first child, Frances, was born. Frances & her mother, Bejla, immigrated to the US in 1925. This is all I know.

Please contact me by cell or email.

Sincerely, Stefanie

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