Re: What did Jewish children in the Pale of Settlement call their parents? #names

Henry Carrey Boston,MA . Carey/Kirzhner/Berestyaner , Belous , Isenberg - Lutsk ; Postolov/Herman/Kolovsky-Zhitomir

In my family , it was Papa and Mama , but that may only after they got to the U.S.  

Others that I know of : 
Tate , Mame  ( TAH-teh, MAH-meh ) 
Tati , Mami 
Foter/Futer, Muter/Miter ( more formal ) 
Mamushka , Dyedushka ( Russian and the equivalent in other non Jewish languages ) 
Henry H. Carrey

Re: Suggestions for Simple Genealogy Software for Mac #general

Enzo Falco

I have been using Reunion since at least the early '90’s. maybe even in the ‘80s and have been very satisfied with it and its support.

Enzo Falco
Belmont, MA

Re: Translation needed from Russian for a puzzling document #translation


In Russian:





Состоялось в селе Шиманов 18 (30) ноября 1884 года в 2 часа дня.  Объявляем, что в присутстсвии Яна Каминского 50 лет и Юзефа Гончарчика 44 лет, обоих земледельцев из Медневицe, совершен сегодня на основании разрешения Генеральной (не ясно) Варшавской (не ясно) епархии от 18 (30) мая сего года, за номером 1872, обряд святого крещения над евреям Шмулем Лихтенштейном, 14 лет, рожденным в Кернозы, в 1870 году от Хиллера (Хиллы) Лихтенштейна и законной жены его Двойры, урожденной Шафир, супругов Лихтенштейн, которому при святом крещении совершенным сегодня Каефаном Гржешкевичем дано имя Ян, с оставлением ему той же фамилии Лихтенштейн.  (не Ясно) были вышеупомянутый Ян Каминский и Антонина Гончарчик .  Акт сей присутстсвующим неграмотным прочитан и нами подписан.


Подпись  Подпись


Translate into English:





It took place in the village of Shimanov on November 18 (30), 1884 at 2 pm. We announce that in the presence of Jan Kaminsky, 50 years old and Józef Goncharczyk, 44 years old, both farmers from Mednewice, was performed today on the basis of the permission of the General (not clear) Warsaw (not clear) Diocese of May 18 (30) this year, number 1872, rite baptism over the Jews by Shmul Liechtenstein, 14 years old, born in Kernose, in 1870 from Hiller (Hilla) Liechtenstein and his legal wife Dvoira, nee Shafir, the spouses of Liechtenstein, who was given the name Jan at holy baptism by Caefan Grzeszkiewicz today of the same surname Liechtenstein. (not clear) were the aforementioned Jan Kaminsky and Antonina Goncharchik. This act was read by the present illiterate and signed by us.


Signature Signature

 Translated by Michael Ryabinky

It's not a document of Yan (Shmul) birth, it is a document of conversion to Christianity when Yan (Shmul) was 14 years old.

IGRA Show & Tell returns #announcements

Garri Regev

IGRA is continuing its Show & Tell Zoom series, however, the sessions will now be monthly.
Monday, September 21, 2020 - 9 pm Israel Time we will be hosting Brooke Schreier Ganz talking about Reclaim the Records. Registration is required: A confirmation will be sent to you with the link to enter the session.
We look forward to having you with us.
Shana Tova!!
Garri Regev
President, IGRA

Re: German WWII reparations records online? #germany #holocaust #records

Judith Elam

Hi David -  you can search here.  If you get a hit, you can then contact the archive to ask them to send you the records.

Judith Elam

Re: Family of DAVID BARNETT b 1831 & ANNA SAMUEL b 1837 Russian Poland #poland

Brian Neil Burg


In response to your question about original RUSSIAN/POLISH/HEBREW names of BARNETTs, you can see from my reply to Walter Scott that there seems to be no set pattern to the naming, with my wife's family having original surnames of CHAJKIELSON and TYLZANSKI, both of which became BARNETT.  Not only that, but some GOLUBSKIs in her family changed their name to JOSEPHSON after first emigrating from Suwalki to Sundsvall, Sweden, and one of her TYLZANSKI relatives changed his name from Abram Mordechai TYLZANSKI to Henry MARCUS!  Lots of surname changes with no apparent rhyme or reason (although GOLUBSKIs who changed to JOSEPHSON at least had a father named Josiel, a form of Joseph).  Bottom line: name changes were often total makeovers with no obvious reference to original names.

The big question for you is: do you know from what towns in Poland your family originated?  That may help because if Suwalki was one of them, your BARNETTs and my wife's BARNETTs may be connected.

Brian Burg
Fullerton, CA, USA

Re: Family of DAVID BARNETT b 1831 & ANNA SAMUEL b 1837 Russian Poland #poland

Brian Neil Burg

BARNETT was certainly a popular name upon arrival in England!

Although I cannot link your family to my wife Rosalie's family, I can tell you that BOTH my wife's paternal grandparents, who were actually 2nd cousins, before marriage, changed their surnames to BARNETT from original names of CHAJKIELSON and TYLZANSKI.  After a brief stint in England, they also both moved to and were married in Swansea, South Wales, with the South Wales connection referenced by Barry Clarke in his reply to your email, although I know of no direct relation to his BARNETTs.

What I can tell you that may be helpful is that all of this double-BARNETT family came from Suwalki, Poland (then part of Suwalki Gubernia, Russia).  I can also tell you that many of my wife's grandmother's siblings (the TYLZANSKI clan also immigrated to England and Wales, and they all took the surname BARNETT.  Unfortunately, we do not know why BARNETT was chosen as the name to adopt, although there was a famous BARNETT rabbi in the past, and also, my wife's great-grandfather was named Berek (aka Dov Ber) TYLZANSKI, and the surname BARNETT is a derivative of the animal "bear" (as is Berek, Dov and Ber).  I can also tell you that the first immigrant that we know of from my wife's paternal grandmother's family was Meer Leizer TYLZANSKI, who had become Lazarus BARNETT before either of Rosalie's grandparents had left Suwalki.  Lazarus had immigrated to England circa 1888 and appears in the 1891 census as Lazarus BARNETT.  My wife's grandparents both came after 1900 and were married in 1907 in the Goat Street Synagogue in Swansea.

Perhaps there are some clues there for either you or Barry Clarke!

Brian Neil Burg
Fullerton, CA, USA
Researching BARNETT in England and Wales; CHAJKIELSON, TYLZANSKI, GOLUBSKI, WASZKIEWICZ, and CZAPINSKI in and around Suwalki, Poland and Szaki and Marijampol, Lithuania; also KABAKOV, FRIEDMAN & PORTNOI in Dokshitsy, Belarus; FRYDMAN, GUTMAN, JASKULKA and JASTRZAB in Sokolow Podlaski and Wegrow, Poland; BURG, KLEIN[ER], ALTER, HALPERIN and ZUKERKANDL in or around Zloczow and Podkamien, Galicia (now Zolochiv and Pidkamin', Ukraine); BEILIN & RISHKIN in Klintsy, Mstislavl, Gomel and Surazh in the former gubernias of Chernigov and Mogilev.

Re: German WWII reparations records online? #germany #holocaust #records

Peter Heilbrunn



This is difficult if not impossible to search  on-line. My experience is that you need to write to or visit the appropriate archive. There is a central archive at the Finance ministry in Berlin

Bibliothek, AfR-Archiv, Rückerstattungsarchiv
Bundesamt für zentrale Dienste
und offene Vermögensfragen
- Dienstsitz Berlin -
DGZ-Ring 12
13086 Berlin

Telefon: +49 (0)30 - 187030-1163
Fax: +49 (0)30 - 187030-1140
E-Mail ohne Kunstbezug:

E-Mail mit Kunstbezug: Kunst-BRUEG-Archiv@...


State archives may also hold the records. My father was born in Hessen but in 1939 married and lived in Cologne. I was advised to contact the NRW Archive who eventually sent me a disc with over 500 pages of correspondence. There may be a charge for this service but my documents came free.  If your relative lived in NRW then the contact details are

Landesarchiv Nordrhein-Westfalen

Abteilung Rheinland

Schifferstr. 30

47059 Duisburg

Telefon  0203  98721-327








Peter Heilbrunn

Tel +44 (0)1494 725966

Amersham England


Ancestry Library Edition Extended Through December 31, 2020 For Remote Access #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen



I have been advised that Ancestry Library Edition, that during the pandemic has been temporarily expanded to library cardholders working remotely, courtesy of ProQuest and its partner Ancestry.  Remote access will be available until the end of December and will be re-evaluated monthly as needed.

Check with your library to determine if they have an Ancestry Library Edition and you will need a library card from that library to access remotely.



Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


David Bresler :Ukrainian Jew who became Cuban citizen 1920s-1930s #latinamerica #ukraine #records


An ancestor, David Bresler,  left Ukraine in the 1920s for Cuba - exactly when I don't know- and became a Cuban citizen. (I believe he came from Dzyhivka in Podolia but am not sure.)

In the mid 1930s he was able to immigrate to Canada to join family there. I would like help accessing his Cuban records, especially his naturalization files and finding the ship manifest for his journey to  Cuba.

I have his Canadian naturalization data and his files from the Jewish Immigrant Aid Society of Canada, but they don't provide the information I am seeking.

I have tried numerous Cuban contacts: I wrote to a rabbi in Havana, and also emailed "El patronato- la casa de la Comminidad Hebrea de Cuba"- but haven't received any responses.  I would be happy too engage a Cuban researcher - but don't know who. Any suggestions on how to uncover more of David's past would be most appreciated.
Sarah Liron, California

German WWII reparations records online? #germany #holocaust #records

David Brostoff

I don't seem to be able to find a searchable online database for German WWII reparations records.

Any recommendations?

Thank you,

David Brostoff

New Book: The Way of Saint James; Journey to America. : #announcements


I have been a member of JewGen for several years and have recently seen a member post a review of a historical novel he wrote about his family's genealogy.  I have also written and request permission to post information about it on the Discussion Group as well.  The title of the book is The Way of Saint James; Journey to America.

"As some of you may know, I have spent several years researching my maternal grandfather's family without success.  It was through my reading of an article referred to in JewGen that I was finally able to break that stonewall and learn important information about that side of the family.  I also received several replies on ViewMate which helped to locate the place of portraits of my maternal grandfather and grandmother.  I also discovered a website through JewGen that followed the migration of Sephardic Jews from Spain after the Edict of Expulsion to their arrival in Horodice in Bohemia about 30 miles from Prague.  I could not write a complete genealogy over an extended period of 500 years so I had to use historical fiction to complete the task.  I wrote a historical novel titled The Way of Saint James; Journey to America using fiction to complete the missing periods in the narrative.  I have used about 90 footnotes to document my sources.  I also learned through what I consider compelling evidence that Christopher Columbus was more than likely a crypto-Jew, although that is not the aim of the novel.  The research took me about a year to complete and I discovered that another maternal grandmother can trace her lineage to a crypto-Jew who also immigrated from Spain in 1773. 


The book is available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and as an ebook on Kindle.






I believe this book would be of interest to some JewGen readers as I've already received feedback from some of you.  I appreciate your support."



Eugene Sierras

Accessing 1842 Hungarian Bereg Census records #hungary

Cheryl Etting

Is there some way to access and view the Bereg Census film from 1842?  With appreciation...

Cheryl Etting

ViewMate translation requests #translation

Debbie Terman

Hello all,

I've posted 3 vital records in Russian for which I need translation help.They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Debbie Cohn Terman
Newton MA USA

Re: Become a Partner in JewishGen's Important Work! #JewishGenUpdates

Micki Potchinsky

I live in Florida but would like to hear A Groll talk. please advise how I can
take part in this webinar
thank you
Maxine Potchinsky

On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 5:35 PM Avraham Groll <agroll@...> wrote:

As we prepare to usher in the High Holidays after a very challenging year for the world, we are ever mindful of JewishGen's vital and and important role in preserving Jewish family history and heritage.

Despite all of the operational challenges posed by Covid-19, we remained laser focused on our mission: We modernized our Discussion Group platform, secured our databases, upgraded our search experience, forged new partnerships, promoted JewishGen to new audiences, educated current audiences, translated Yizkor Books, and connected people throughout the world with information about their families and ancestral communities. Throughout it all, we added more than one million records, and have a number of significant improvements currently in process.

As Rosh Hashana marks the beginning of a new year, so too does it mark just the beginning of what JewishGen hopes to accomplish in the year ahead!

In addition to ongoing efforts, we are currently focused on significantly expanding our content acquisition efforts, and unveiling a new system which will allow data to be uploaded and made accessible to researchers more quickly than ever before. Finally, we are planning a major overhaul of the website, which will usher in a new phase of JewishGen's growth and development.

And this just scratches the surface!

We are working as hard as we possibly can - but we need your help to continue and to grow!

Please click here to make a donation in support of our Rosh Hashana Appeal, and become a true partner in JewishGen's important work today. A gift of any amount will make a real difference. Gifts of $100 or more will qualify for Value Added Services.

We appreciate your involvement, and look forward to a year ahead marked by good health, happiness, and only good things.

Shana Tovah, Happy New Year, and THANK YOU for being part of the JewishGen family.

Avraham Groll & The JewishGen Team

Translation request--GERMAN or POLISH--Viewmate 86449 #translation

Joseph Walder

I've posted a record for which I need a translation. There appear to be both German and Polish versions. The document is called a "Protokoll" in German, a "Protokoł" in Polish, and appears to be something like a registration form for an occupant of the Łódź ghetto. It is on ViewMate at the following address:

The quality of the image is poor and the original image might be better. A link is provided on Viewmate.

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.

Joseph Walder
Portland, Oregon, USA

Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #russia #poland #translation

Greg Tuckman

Viewmate Translation Request - Polish #poland #translation

Greg Tuckman

Hello everyone,
I've posted a vital record in Polish for which I need a translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...;data=02%7C01%7C%7Caafa5bfa91884b0f357008d85827f5c6%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637356275927382579&amp;sdata=lRVAcZ83KV1yG6FNCepLw1KoSI0B%2B8TPIdoJY01QDBQ%3D&amp;reserved=0
Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.
Greg Tuckman
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Translation needed from Russian for a puzzling document #translation

Miriam Bulwar David-Hay

I’ve posted a Russian document on ViewMate and would be very grateful for a full translation as I’m puzzled about some aspects of it. I believe it’s the birth record of my great-great-grandfather Szmul LICHTENSTEIN, son of Hiler and Dwojra, apparently registered in 1884 in the small village of Miedniewice, Poland. I know he was actually born in the town of Kiernozia in 1870, so I am wondering if there is anything in the document that explains why his birth was only registered 14 years later, and in that village, and mixed in with non-Jewish records. Was the family living in that village then? Also I am wondering why he seems to have another name, Jan, after his name. Most importantly, does the document indicate whether his father was still alive at this time? Any assistance would be most gratefully received. Thanking you in advance.

Shana Tova to all,
Miriam Bulwar David-Hay,
Raanana, Israel. 
Professional writer, editor, proofreader, translator (Hebrew/Yiddish to English). 
Certified guide, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and Memorial. 

Seeking Lasutra / Lester in Toronto #canada #israel #ukraine


Naftali Lasutra and his wife Hannah/Nekhama or Khaya were born in Pulin near Zhitomir in the 1880's. They got out of Russia in the early 1900's and eventually settled in Toronto. (It is not clear whether they married in Russia or in the West). Naftali Lasutra was known to his "behind the iron curtain relatives" as Naftula. While in Canada, he changed his surname to Lester. It is possible, he changed his first name as well. Naftali Lasutra was one of six brothers. He left Russia with two of them. One brother went back during the Bolshevik revolution; another one settled in Jerusalem and changed his name to Yakov Ben-Dov. He became a well known photographer and a documentary film maker.


Yakov Ben-Dov's wife was Reizl Rabinovitch/Rabinowitz, from Zhitomir.


Their photo, assumed from the 1950's, can be viewed at


Any information about Lasutra/Lester or leads will be greatly appreciated.



Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

21861 - 21880 of 671925