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Kathryn Kanarek James

I recently learned from an online seminar presented by the JGSGW that children born on ships going to the US were listed on the last page of the ship’s manifest. If you can find that, it might help. Good luck!

Kathryn Kanarek James
Annandale, Virginia

Re: Sailing up and down the river from Raseiniai to Königberg(Kaliningrad) #russia


Dear Ruth,

Exactly the information I was looking for. You may have seen I changed my original question to 19th century which I assume showed similar usage of the water ways.
Thanks a lot,
Ron Peeters

Re: Yiddish/Hebrew name Shirley and Libby #names

Avigdor Ben-Dov <avigdorbd@...>

My sister Shirley was Shajne or Shaine in Yiddish.        #names
Avigdor Ben-Dov


Paul Silverstone

In 1896 my great aunt Eva FINKELSTEIN (later Abremovich) (1877-1953)
was the first Jew to graduate from what became the University of
Manitoba. During her life she touched the lives of many people in the
Wnnipeg area and was active in many social organizations.
This is probably a fruitless request, but if anyone has any knowledge of
her as to why she continued in school when few women did, I would be
grateful to learn about it. She was married to Manuel Abremovich, a
mechanical engineer.
Paul Silverstone
West Vancouver, BC

Warsaw immigration visas, 1925 #poland

Jenny Rappaport

My grandmother's siblings immigrated from Poland (now Belarus) to the US in 1925. The ship manifest says that they were issued immigration visas in Warsaw, along with the date that they were granted. Where would I go about finding copies of these visas? Do they still exist?

Jenny Rappaport

Another finding among Bessarabia records (2) - Merchant Dues List and Signed Petition #ukraine #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Hello researchers,

Here is another in my opinion interesting finding for Bessarabia records.  It is a Merchant Dues List.  The list I found so far was for town of Khotin, 1865.  The reason it was not found before was that the list is among large pack of different documents (not records), and the whole set is only 3 pages.

The list is pretty small. There are only 71 records with full names of Heads of household. Also there is a number of men in the family and number of men 17 years or older.  

Another list found was Signatures of Jews on a Petition on a gathering.  The petition is pretty interesting and it is about one widow with children used to be Merchant, but probably was not able to pay dues and was moved out of Merchant estate to Middle Class... and the petition was to bring that family back to Merchants.  For this list we have 145 records of only Head of Households.  Full names are written in Russian and after that was an Yiddish signature.  This is all.

The text of the petition is about 3 pages long, and if someone is interested to translated it into English, that would be great, and we will know all the details of this gathering and will put it as an article to our Bessarabia website.

There are more interesting findings for the future postings.

All the best,
L'Shana Tovah.

Yefim Kogan

Re: JewishGen Discussion Group Town of Yaroslavl, NE from Moscow #russia


what do you want to find in Yaroslavl oblast?

That is the site of archive


sincerely, Elena

Jewish Ethnographic Museum #galicia #subcarpathia #ukraine #bessarabia

Yefim Kogan

Dear researchers,

I was responding today on an email and was looking up something on internet, and found a terrific place about Jewish towns and shtetl in Ukraine.  Some of them were part of Bessarabia, like Khotin, Novoselitsa, Akkerman, and many more.

Here is a link:
Site was created by Jewish Religious community of Zhmerinka.

It is in Russian, but it is easy to translate... just click with right mouse and you will see Translate to English, probably similar with other languages.

It lists shtetl by current Oblast in Ukraine, also there are maps with Jewish population, and statistical information.

All the best,
Yefim Kogan

Re: Vinnitsa 1811 & 1834 Census #ukraine

Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear Shmiel,


Ooh.  I would love to know if Gelburd and Gordy show in those censuses.  I do note that I expect at some point Alex Krakovsky will be scanning them in the next year or two.



Jenny Schwartzberg

Chicago, IL


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I will have a researcher look through the 1811 & 1834 Censuses for Vinnitsa.

If anyone wants me to check their family in this census, shall please
let me know.

Shmiel Gruber

Thank You # general

Carole Brewster

Recently I posted a question about Mt. Sharon Cemetery in Philadelphia. Today a truly generous woman visited the grave sites of 8 of my family members resting there, put stones on the headstone, and sent pictures to me. I am so grateful to Dr. Cheryl. This would never have been possible if not for this discussion group.

Carole Hoffman Brewster
Delray Beach, FL
researching: Baylinson,Theil, Garfinkel, Hoffman, Janofsky

Re: What did Jewish children in the Pale of Settlement call their parents? #names

Linda Baker

My parents called their parents Ma & Pa.  They were from Volhynia.
Linda Baker
Bonita Springs, FL  USA

Re: Look-ups requested in Rosenstein's The Unbroken Chain, newest edition #poland


Hello . I read with interest your info. & wondered whether u cld tell me whether my 4x g grandmother Rachel Landau whose daughter married Salomon Abraham Tiktin & whose father was Wolf Landau is related to Zeev Wolf Landau.  With many thanks.

Karen Saunders

On Tue, 15 Sep 2020 at 01:47, N. ARONSON <NGAronson@...> wrote:
I have Vol 3 in front of me.
Page 212 mentions a Aryeh Zeev Wolf who lives in jerusalem and is married to Yehudis, daughter of Rabbi Berel 9Yissochor Dov) Knopfler & Chaitsche Margulies
No further details given
Page 754 speaks about a Zeev Wolf Landau, a great-grandson of the famous Rav Yechezkel Landau, the author of the sefer Noda Biyehuda, whilst page 870 discusses R Zeev Wolf Grunfeld living in Bnei Berak. These two seem to have entered the index by virtue of their first name.
As such it appears Vol 3 is not going to assist you in your search.
I hope the other two volumes will.
Shanna Tova

N. Aronson



Hello. I would like to join to research info about my 4 x g grandfather Abraham ben Gedaliah Tiktin 1764 - 1820. With thx.

Re: contacting family of Leslie Ernest Scott, born Leopold Ernst Schick, #unitedkingdom #austria-czech

Sherri Bobish


Have you tried searching for U.K. marriage and/or death records for Leslie SCOTT at:


Sherri Bobish

Re: David Bresler :Ukrainian Jew who became Cuban citizen 1920s-1930s #latinamerica #ukraine #records

Sherri Bobish


Have you seen the information on David and his wife on Ancestry in this database:
Canada, Immigrants Approved in Orders in Council, 1929-1960.
It gives a lot of info on his wife (including the name she arrived to Canada under), where she worked in Canada, she went to Cuba to marry David in Nov. 1934,  the fact that David is a clothing merchant, and that they knew each other before she came to Canada, and lots more helpful data.  It seems to be dated April 6, 1936.

Also, found manifest info on David's wife which gives the name of her brother in Canada, and her married sister in Brooklyn, NY.

Sherri Bobish

Re: Naturalization record #usa #records

Sherri Bobish


Search for the person who naturalized in Bronx County court here:

When you find their name & info click on:
"Documents & Forms"

And then click on:
"Bronx Naturalization Request Form"


Sherri Bobish

Who Was Dawid APOThEKER (APOTHEKERIS ) From Kaunas #lithuania

Abuwasta Abuwasta

While researching my father's in law Dawid APOTHEKER from Galicia who managed to get to Shanghai thanks to the Japanese Consul in 

Kaunas I discovered that there was another Dawid APOTHEKER  who also got a visa to Japan but never got there. Recently I discovered in the Litvak SIG database that he 

was on the voters list in Kaunas and was born in 1909. I have a copy of a telegram he sent from Vilnius  on May 15th,1941 to friends in Kobe, Japan. He signed with his name and

Marjan and Mirylek who were apparently his son and wife. I assume that he was a relative of us who somehow got himself to Lithuania and settled in Kaunas. I would be thankful to any 

one who will help to shed a light on this person.

Jacob Rosen



Re: PLUST family #general

Sherri Bobish


You don't say where you lived as a child.  If you lived in the U.S., take a look at this link.  It is the 1930 census index of people named PLUST in the U.S. (several different cities / states.)
It is two pages long:
You can look at the actual census page to see more info on each person, including street address in 1930.


Sherri Bobish

Re: What did Jewish children in the Pale of Settlement call their parents? #names


My mother and her brothers called their father Pop.  Her mother died when she was ten, so I don't know what she called her. My father was an orphan by age 9 so I have no idea what he called his parents either.  They were first generation Americans whose parents emigrated from the Pale.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Re: Looking for Aunt Tillie, born Zipporah Storch, family immigrated 1891, NYC 1905 census age 16, then in Hartford per my mother #usa

rv Kaplan

My great great grandmother from Kolbuszowa, Galicia was born Gittel Storch.  It's not that far from Gorlice.  We should compare dna - maybe our Storch families are connected.

best wishes

Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow, Scotland

On Mon, 14 Sep 2020 at 21:33, gen <moretime4genealogy@...> wrote:
I'm searching for Matilda / Zipporah Storch, immigrated to NYC 1891 with her mother Sime Solomon Storch, and older brothers Rubin, Chaim / Herman (my grandfather), Enoch / Henry.  The oldest 2 brothers stayed in NYC, and Henry moved to Newark - so no other family connection that I know of to Hartford, nor do any living descendants of my grandfather's brothers have any recollection of hearing anything of Tillie.

There's a NYC marriage record for a Matilda Storch marrying Harry Friedman, but they seem to stay in NYC.

There's also a 1935-1993 city directory record in Hartford for a Tillie Storch, but I've not found anything else connecting to this person.

Anyone recognize my mother's Aunt Tillie as part of your family? or have other suggestions how I might locate her?

Nancy Schlegel
San Francisco Bay Area, California

Researching STORCK / STORCH, SOLOMON, WACHTEL, ELBAUM (from Gorlice, Galicia, Austria)
                     SCHWARTZ / SCHWARTZKUCHEL, RICK / RIK (from Tarnow area, Galicia, Austria)

Re: Housing Family Trees for FREE #general


I had a long conversation with an Orthodox Rabbi on this subject concerning the Mormons who converted dead Jews to the Mormon belief. The Rabbi explained that the Jewish law (Halacha) states simply, "Once a Jew, always a Jew. A Jew is G-d's Chosen people." I tried to make it difficult, so I asked, "What if the Jew converts?"
The Rabbi emphasized, "It will not help him/her. G-d Has Chosen him/her and he  or she can not backtrack on G-d's Decision. This is the law (Halacha)." To clinch this argument. He pointed out to me, "So even if he/she converts, they can be buried in a Jewish cemetery in full Jewish ceremony when they die. All the best,
Shana Tova and may we all enjoy this coming new Year in very good health.
Aizic Sechter from the Lone Magen David State of Israel 

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