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On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 03:08 PM, Paul Shapiro wrote:
Isadore Kaminsky and "Lylly" Meyerson

Rose's Hebrew name is Reisel, and Rose's father's name was Israel, do I understand correctly? Israel quite often, with the Americanization of names, became Isidore ..
I'm sure this is Rose's  (# 27)  Passenger List  ( )
Do you have any doubts that this recording is your grandmother's? Do you think it might be a namesake? Or did you not find this entry before?
It seems to me that the coincidence of the girl's surname, mother's surname and father's name is enough to confirm, you can hardly find more (unless, of course, there is no specific indication of the vessel and date of arrival in the naturalization declaration).
Is Raizl's father listed as resident (or registered)? in the city of Ostryn (Vilna province). At that time, Ostryn was part of the Vilna province (Lida district), now this city is part of the Republic of Belarus.
Reizl is only 18 years old, and it is rather strange that she travels alone .. Beins Ejshieskin and  his cousin Hana are traveling at numbers 28 and 29. Hirsch's father (Beins Eyshiskin) is also from the city of Ostryn. Perhaps they are relatives and therefore travel together.
If this is so, then it is worth paying attention to the record of the death of EISHISHSKII, Beinus, which is on the website at, as well as the fact that there is also a researcher on the site who is looking for the surname Eishiskin in exactly this spelling as in the passenger list (and this is clearly an incorrect spelling, the record of Benis's death is indexed correctly).
What else: it is indicated that Reizl is going to his aunt and the aunt's address is indicated. This is probably Sadie's address. Do you know where she lived at that time? If it is known, and this is the same address, then there is no doubt that this is not the namesake.
If you carry out a search and select the surnames KAMENSKII and by the city of Ostrona, then as a result it will be obvious what to look for in Ostryna (there are indeed many surnames indexed as KAMENSKY or KAMYONSKY).
If documents on Ostryn (metrics or census) of the period you need have survived (Reizl was born approximately in 1895) are stored in the Itoric archive of the city of Grodno in Belarus. You need to make a request to NIAB Grodno or find a private researcher. In this archive I looked for Jewish censuses in Brest, and it is probably better to work with a private researcher, because the search by the efforts of the archive staff can be very long and in the end it will be more expensive. Taking into account the current situation in Belarus, it is necessary to clarify whether the archive is working and whether the documents are available for private researchers.

Re: Help with DNA apps #dna

Sarah L Meyer

A Gedcom is a standard genealogy text file that can be read by any genealogy software.  There are free genealogy software programs out there, that can read this file (import it).  It may depend on whether you are on a PC or Mac or need a mobile version.  If you are only going to read the Gedcom and not do your own research, then I would look at RootsMagic Essentials for either a PC or a Mac or Heredis for the phone/IPad.  If you are planning on doing your own research and using this as a starting file, then my preference for the PC would be Legacy Family Tree.  My Heritage also has its own software Family Tree Builder.  I hope this helps. 
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Origin and meaning of this tea and preserve ceremony #latvia #lithuania #russia

Bob Silverstein

My father did the same thing.  Sometimes, he would take a sugar between his teeth instead.  His family was from Krynki near Bialystok and Logishin near Pinsk.

Lithuania revision list notation of military recruit not an immediate family member. #general #lithuania

Paul Chirlin

I found this comment in a 1868 Lithuanian military revision list "for this family in 1844 recruited DREYSHPUL Iosel son of Girsh"   and similar entries.  I have found information that the conscription was by family but what was the mechanism of selecting a person, or as suggested by some entries a person with a different surname.  Did the selected person come from the same community or could it be elsewhere? How close a relative was the recruit to the family to satisfy the requirement? In this example there is no record of Iosel son of Girsh or of Girsh in the local listings

Paul Chirlin

Vinnitsa census #ukraine #general


Can the researcher please look for SHKOLNIK and TICKER?

Thank you

Ruth Chernia
Toronto, Canada
searching for
TSCHERNIA of Copenhagen, Denmark, & Genichesk, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine
SHLAMOWITZ/SZLAMOWICZ/LANDAU of London, England, Lodz & Jezow, Poland
ROSENFELD of Raków, Kielce, Poland
SHKOLNIK/TICKER of Ladyzhyn & Bershad, Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Ruth Chernia
Toronto, Canada
searching for
TSCHERNIA of Copenhagen, Denmark, & Genichesk, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine
SHLAMOWITZ/SZLAMOWICZ/BIRENCWEIG of London, England; Lodz & Jezow, Poland
SEIDLER/ZAJDLER/LANDAU of Lodz & Sulejow, Poland
ROSENFELD of Raków, Kielce, Poland
SHKOLNIK/TICK[ER] of Ladyzhyn & Bershad, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Re: Please help to locate German birth certificates for four people (COHN x2, SIDERSKY, BUKOFZER) #germany #records

Dr. Ruth Leiserowitz

Just a short remark to 3 and 4:
3: The rural community Prostken belonged to the civil registry office Ostrokollen. The documents of Ostrokollen were unfortunately lost in the war. They can be found neither in Polish archives nor in Berlin.

4.The rural community Gostoczyn (later renamed in :Liebenau) belonged to the civil registry office Kamnitz. The documents are stored in the Archive in Bydgoszcz (Archiwum Państwowe w Bydgoszczy), inventory: Standesamt Kamnitz, Email: kancelaria@...
Best regards
Ruth Leiserowitz

Re: ViewMate Translation Request - Romanian #translation


The youth is named Shaim - which is the equivalent of Yeshaiahu. His father was Nuta sin (son of Moishe) and his mother was Haia Perla.

There was no surname - Nathanson was adopted after Nuta. 
A few years later I see Shaim married Reiza and had a few children.
Sorin Goldenberg 

Re: Hebrew Translation for Tombstones #translation

Leya Aronson

Beautiful words:
streams of tears fall from our eyes at the death our dear father
Yisrael [Israel in English]son of Yehuda Stromberg
died the 8th day of the month of Nissan, 5665

Of note, the date in English is April 14th, which would have been the 9th of Nissan. It might refer to the date of burial.

Leya Aronson

Re: Vinnitsa 1811 & 1834 Census #ukraine

Henry Carrey Boston,MA . Carey/Kirzhner/Berestyaner , Belous , Isenberg - Lutsk ; Postolov/Herman/Kolovsky-Zhitomir

If you happen to see Dovid Gersh or Moyshe German or Rivke Kolovsky , I would very much like to
hear . Thanks --
Henry H. Carrey

Re: Vinnitsa 1811 & 1834 Census #ukraine


I would appreciate a search for the surname LADYZINSKY/LADIZINSKI or any spelling variation. Thank you very much!
Mady Land
New York, NY

Re: ViewMate translation request - Russian- Translation request #translation #poland


In Russian:


Сара Штокман


Состоялось в городе Лублин 23-го апреля (6-го мая) 1915 года в 10 часов утра. Явились евреи Изик-Меер Горович, частный учитель, 42-х лет и Берек Тухман, домовладелец, 52-х лет, оба жители города Люблин и объявили, что вчера,  в городе Люблин, в 8 часов вечера, в доме под номером 72, умерла Сара Штокман, 1-го года и 6-и месяцев от роду, дочь Ицка и Хумы, урожденной Гольберг, типогравщиков, жителей 8-го учаска города Варшавы. По настоящему удостоверяю о кончине Сары Штокман.  Акт сей присутствующим прочитан и ими подписан.


Изик-Меер Горович

Берек Тухман

Чиновнок гражданского состояния  Подпись

Translate into English:



Sarah Shtokman




It took place in the city of Lublin on April 23rd (May 6th) 1915 at 10 am. The Jews, Izik-Meer Horowicz, a private teacher, 42 years old, and Berek Tukhman, a landlord, 52 years old, both residents of the city of Lublin, appeared and announced that yesterday, in the city of Lublin, at 8 pm, at house number 72, died Sarah Shtokman, 1 year and 6 months old, daughter of Itska and Huma, nee Golberg, typographers, residents of the 8th district of the city of Warsaw. I truly certify the death of Sarah Shtokman. This act was read and signed by those present.




Izik-Meer Gorovich


Berek Tukhman


Civil Status Official Signature

Translate by Michael Ryabinky

Re: Viewmate request in Russian #translation



And kind And pure And dear
Daddy's Close Devotees Eyes

Translate by Michael Ryabinky

Jews deported from Medzilaborce #holocaust #slovakia

tzipporah batami

Trying to understand fate of Jews deported from Medzilaborce overall. And specifically fate and date death for yarzheit of Klein Family from Hlavne Ulice or Main Street. Widow Fani/Feiga, adult children Shmiel, Yankel/Jacob, Dina/Dora, Raizel/Rosa. If anyone doing research in this area please to connect with me. Also with Lukow may have been destination. Thanks and Shana Tova.
Feigie Teichman

Early 20th Century Lemberg Death Records #galicia

Charles Hexter

My great grandmother Mina Krebs Schornstein died in Lemberg between 1900 and 1905. I would appreciate advise how to find her death record. 
Thank you.
Charles Hexter, Rehovot

Schornstein, Krebs, Gerzner, Riegelhaupt

Please help to locate German birth certificates for four people (COHN x2, SIDERSKY, BUKOFZER) #germany #records

Joyaa Antares

Hi All,
A cousin of mine is trying to locate four German birth certificates but appears to have hit a brick wall.  They are for his parents and his paternal grandparents.  Please can you help me to locate them?
1. Father: "Walter Dagobert COHN"; my cousin believes he was born on 3rd March 1910 in Teltow.
2. Mother: "Elsa SIDERSKY"; my cousin believes she was born on 23rd June 1907 in Berlin.
3. Paternal grandfather: "Moritz COHN"; my cousin believes he was born on 19th July 1880 at Prossken (or Prostken)  district of Lyck.  He was the son of merchant Salomon COHN and Johanna nee KAMNITZER, who in 1907 were resident in Velten, District Osthavelland. 
4. Paternal grandmother: "Hedwig BUKOFZER"; my cousin believes she was born on 24th April 1884 in Gostoczyn (or Gostrozyn) district Tuchel. She was the daughter of Louis BUKOFZER and Berta nee COHN, who in 1907 was resident in Liebenau, district Tuchel.
Very many thanks, 
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Researching ZAUSMER, ZOUSMER, ZESMER, CHOUSMER, CHAUSMER, TSOUZMER etc, MARCUS, DAVIDOFF in Polangen, Kretinga, Darbenai, Libau, Riga, Memel
SCHORR, SCHERZER, JURIS and DAWID in Buckaczowce, Ottynia, Nadworna, and Kolomyya
MOSES (often MANSELL) in London and South Africa
LEVY, BADER in Berlin, Schwerin, Friedeberg
and GERSON, SIDERSKY, FREED, RIMAN in Gumbinnen, Leipzig, Koenigsberg, Danzig, Berlin, Vilnius, Sirvintos and South Africa

Re: Vinnitsa 1811 & 1834 Census #ukraine


If it's still possible I would very appropriate if he can search for the Schauer/Shayer Family.

Stav Knr

Interactive Research Course - US Databases & Federal Sources #education

Michael Moritz

Hi all, a friendly reminder that I will be teaching an interactive online course at 5pm New York time on Wednesday September 16 (today) on US research, which will cover the following:

United States Research Basics 1 - Databases and Federal Records
Introduction to the primary databases for United States genealogical research. Introduction to federal records research, including federal censuses, federal court naturalization (citizenship), military records and the Social Security Death Index.

Please contact me if you are interested but unable to join.  Information on upcoming classes (on US and Jewish topics) and registration is available here:

Michael Moritz (info@...)
New York

Please note as previously mentioned that while I am the Co-Director of Romanian Research for JewishGen, this course is not affiliated with JewishGen.

Re: Hebrew Translation for Tombstones #translation

Diane Jacobs

His name is Israel son of Yehuda.

Diane Jacobs

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If someone could translate this tombstone for me, I would be extremely grateful. My fingers are crossed that this is a great-great-grandfather I have previously found nothing on.

Linda Frydl
Frederick, MD

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

Nazi labor camp AMZE (aleph mem zayin ayin) אמזע #holocaust #yizkorbooks


While translating the Yizkor books of Przedecz and Gabin from Yiddish to English, we found references (in both books) about people sent to a forced labor camp called AMZE (aleph mem zayin ayin) אמזע
We have not been able to identify or locate this camp.
Can anyone help?
Leon Zamosc
Association of Descendants of Jewish Central Poland -

Hebrew Translation for Tombstones #translation

Linda Frydl


If someone could translate this tombstone for me, I would be extremely grateful. My fingers are crossed that this is a great-great-grandfather I have previously found nothing on.

Linda Frydl
Frederick, MD

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