Dalat in Toronto? #general #canada


This is a follow up to a post from last week about Naftali Lasutra and his wife Hannah/Nekhama or Khaya who lived in Toronto between 1920's - 1960's. While in Canada, he changed his surname to Lester. It is possible, he changed his first name as well.


In a just discovered 1950's postcard to his brother in Ukraine, he writes, in Yiddish: "...I will go to Toronto after Pesach... Write me to Dalat..." It is not 100% clear that the word was read correctly, but the consonants appear to be right.


Not being familiar with the history and geography of Toronto, "Dalat" sounds to me like the name of a famous apartment building or a business, e.g. "Dalat, Cohen & Lester, Accountants" or similar. One similarly sounding name found on the web is "Duluth Metals Limited", in business today.


Any other suggestion is greatly appreciated. The man's photo can be viewed at It bears a stamp on verso: "Famous Photo Studio 285 College St   Kl. 8843 Toronto Ontario"



Boris Feldblyum
FAST Genealogy Service

Re: DNA results vs records #dna

Klára Majoros

A small thing about changing borders, citizenships, living mobile or staying put in Eastern Europe.

Living in today’s Ukranian Zakarpatska Oblast, formerly Ruthenia, Kárpátalja, etc. meant that born in 1918 by 1991 you could be the citizen of many different countries—the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the Ruszka Krajna Autonom Territory, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, the Soviet Union and the Ukraine—even without leaving your house.

Klara Majoros

Re: Naming Conventions #names

The choice of whom to name a child after has always been made by the parents regardless of who died in what order.  And it was not required that children be named after deceased grandparents.  That was an honor given by the parents based on the regard they felt toward the deceased relative.  And I should add that it was a joint decision.
When naming a child born in the US after someone who died, my maternal grandparents who were married in Russia chose American names closest to the Yiddish or Hebrew names of the deceased. However, as these first generation children grew up, they Americanized their names.  For example, my mother's sister Bessie became Bernice. My paternal grandparents who were married here, Americanized their children's first names when they were born and gave them Hebrew names that were used for religious ceremonies.  My father was named  Bernard Howard after his grandfather Baruch Hirsh but went by the name Howard.
This naming convention of using the first letter of the deceased's name has continued and evolved further.  Some people are named after more than one person using their first and middle names and others are named after someone using just their middle name.

Re: 1869 Hungarian Census #hungary #translation

Shana Millstein

Thank you for responding and sorry about my failure to include the link. I got confused when posting-forgetting that I had to post the image, get it approved, and then put out the request!! The links were the following:

Re: 1869 Hungarian Census #hungary #translation

Shana Millstein

Thank you for responding and sorry about my failure to include the link. I got confused when posting-forgetting that I had to post the image, get it approved, and then put out the request!! The links were the following:

Missing information in mazeva in Warsaw's cemetery #warsaw #general


BS'D I am looking for help with a mazeva of the Warsaw cemetery. I know the name's person buried there, but for some reason in the picture I have it is not possible to see the name of his father, neither the exactly date of his death. I wrote to the Jewish Museum in Warsaw but they did not answer, so maybe you can help me to find someone who can take a better picture of the mazeva or someone who has the record. The ubication of the grave is sector 37, row 2 number 27, and belongs to Mordechai Rotenberg Z'L

Re: Looking for Yaakov Rotem — Yad Vashem testimonies reporter #holocaust #galicia


Thank you to all the replies to my inquiry regarding Yaakov Rotem's testimonies on Yad Vashem regarding Wilder family from Lwow.
The replies have helped me further my research regarding this family branch.

Re: ViewMate Translation Request - Polish #translation


In Russian:




Состоялось в городе Петриков 29-го апреля (11-го мая) 1898 года в 9 часов утра.  Явился лично Юдель Якубович, рабочий, житель города Люблин, 27-и лет.  В присутствии свидетелей Лейзера Розенблюма, Писаря синагоги, 44-х лет и Пинкуса Райтбергера, торговца, 34-х лет, оба жители города Петриков и предъявили нам младенца мужского пола, который родился в городе Петриков 22-го апреля (4-го мая) текущего года в 4 часа дня,  от законной жены Суры урожденной Розенкранц, 26-и лет.  Младенцу при обрезании было дано имя Ицек.  Акт сей присутствующим прочитан и кроме отца неграмотного, ими подписан.


Подпись Подпись Подпись Подпись


Translate into English:




It took place in the city of Petrikov on April 29 (May 11) 1898 at 9 am. Yudel Yakubovich, a worker, a resident of the city of Lublin, 27 years old, appeared in person. In the presence of witnesses Leiser Rosenblum, a clerk of the synagogue, 44 years old, and Pinkus Reitberger, a merchant, 34 years old, both residents of the city of Petrikov presented us with a male baby who was born in the city of Petrikov on April 22 (May 4) this year at 4 pm, from the legal wife of Sura, nee Rosencrantz, 26 years old. The baby was given the name Itzek during the circumcision. This act was read to those present and, apart from the illiterate father, they signed it.


Signature Signature Signature Signature

Translated by Michael Ryabinky

VM86555 is in Russian, not in Polish, VM86504 is in
Hebrew, maybe in Yiddish.  I'm translated Russian part.

Research Class – Intro to Jewish Genealogy Research #education #announcements

Michael Moritz

This Wednesday, at 5pm New York time, I will be teaching a one-hour interactive class, Jewish Research Basics 1 - Where to Look

Introduction to the most important databases for Jewish genealogical research and how to make the most out of your searches.  Discussion of general commercial databases, specific Jewish databases, burial databases, Jewish newspaper collections and more.

Information on upcoming classes (on US and Jewish topics), and registration is available here:  Please contact me if you are interested but unable to join.  

Michael Moritz (
New York

Please note as previously mentioned that while I am the Co-Director of Romanian Research for JewishGen, this course is not affiliated with JewishGen.

Re: 🍎🍯 Shana Tova from JewishGen!🍎🍯 #JewishGenUpdates

Sarah L Meyer

L' Shana Tova tikutevu v'tikutemu.

Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
BIRGARDOVSKY, EDELBERG, HITE (CHAIT), PERCHIK Russia (southern Ukraine) and some Latvia or Lithuania

Re: Family Tree #general

Richard Werbin

Does MyCanvas offer an option to print your family tree?

If yes, remember that most PCs offer an option to print to a pdf file and save it to disk.
If you don't see that option when choosing printers, google to find a free pdf utility that will add it to your computer.
Also, remember that there are many PDF reader applications that will let you OCR the images so that you can search for text.

Richard Werbin  New York, New York

Re: Naming Conventions #names


See: Given names here. Explains a lot about naming traditions.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 9/21/2020 8:36 AM, Carl Kaplan via wrote:
Two questions regarding naming conventions:

In the late 1800s, if paternal and maternal grandfathers were both deceased when the first son was born, would he have been named after the paternal grandfather, or was it a choice?

When did the practice start for using the first letter of a deceased relative's name for a child, rather than the whole name? Example being naming a child Carl, after his grandfather Charles?

Thank you.
Carl Kaplan

KAPLAN Minsk, Belarus
EDELSON, EDINBURG Kovno, Lithuania

Does anyone know the shtetl in Lithuania where Rafuel and Gertie Nillis Gilinsky lived? #lithuania

Barbara Levy

They had at least five girls, Chaya Riva, Shayla, Sora Feigel, Fruma Devasha, and Yudis. Fruma Devasha was born in 1884, and Gertie Nillis died in her thirties. Rafual died in his 40s and Chaya Riva cared for the other girls. She was married to Harry Grimm.

Barbara Levy

JewishGen's Family Tree of the Jewish People #JewishGenUpdates

Ellen Barnett Cleary

I have been wanting for a long time to post an update of my family tree
on JewishGen.  Does JewishGen have any plans to allow people to do this
or has this aspect of JewishGen been discontinued?

Ellen Barnett Cleary
San Francisco CA USA
Ellen Barnett Cleary
San Francisco CA

Does anyone know that Shtetl or town in Latvia where Israel and Sora Michla (Margolis) Katz lived? #latvia

Barbara Levy

They had four children, including Morris (B. 1878, Louis, Israel Joseph, and Ida).

Barbara Levy

ViewMate translation request, transliterated Yiddish #translation #yiddish

Aline Petzold

I have posted a message written by my relative to,or about my great grandfather.  It is in transliterated Yiddish on the back of a formal document.  The document is legal sized, so the message is in two parts.   I am hoping that someone can tell me what it says. translation. 
They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. Thanks for your help.

Aline Petzold
St. Paul MN

Reisfeld - Lewin/Löw - Schmelkes Family of Brody, Lviv and Przemysl #galicia #poland

Carol Jean Weightman

I am struggling to fit together the Reisfeld - Lewin/Löw - Schmelkes Family of Brody, Lviv and Przemysl.

I have collected helpful information from Gesher Galicia and JewishGen, from Yizkor books, and from family histories. The family histories, unfortunately, do not contain dates.

Has anyone researched the 19th century history of this family?

Carol Jean Weightman
Surrey, UK

Re: Arolsen Archives - Conference on Deportations in the Nazi Era #announcements #holocaust


Thank you for sharing this Yvonne! Do you know what the fees are to attend the conference? I was unable to find more information on their website about the cost to attend.

Thank you,
Andrew Cooke

Re: Palestine Censuses of 1922 and 1931 for Ness Ziona, Israel #israel #records

Rose Feldman

The Israel Genealogy Research Association has been looking for these two censuses for years and not found them the statistics from them are available. We suggest you register for the IGRA website (registration is free) and which will allow you to search for the names of your family. You may find them appearing in different documents we have in our collection.  We work with many different archives around the country.


Rose Feldman
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Help us index more records at
Keep up to date on archives, databases and genealogy in general and Jewish and Israeli roots in particular with


Rose Feldman
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Re: Naming Conventions #names

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"In the late 1800s, if paternal and maternal grandfathers were both deceased when the first son was born, would he have been named after the paternal grandfather, or was it a choice?"

You don't say where they were from. In Western Europe and among Sephardi, the paternal grandfather, living or dead, is the one the first son is named for. In Eastern Europe (and among those from Eastern Europe who fled west), either or both, as long as they were dead. Maybe a double name including both.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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