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Hi Gary 
Where can i see the Rowno records?
thank you in advance 

Meir Bnaya 
Hod Hasharon

Re: Do you know this location? #lithuania

David Shapiro

Probably here:

Grinkiškis, Lithuania
55°34' N 23°38' E
90 miles NW of Vilnius

David Shapiro

Re: ViewMate translation request - Polish/Russian??? #translation



In Russian:



Состоялось в посаде Рационж 9 (21) августа 1894 года в 8 часов утра. Явились Ионас Липинский, 34-х лет и Лейзер Варшавский, 43-х лет, оба торговцы в посаде Рационж и объявили, что вчера,  в посаде Рационж, в 1 час дня, в больнице, умерла от холеры Сура Нейман, 4 лет от роду, дочь Хаима-Шулима и Ханы-Хаи, урожденной Гольдберг, супругов Нейман. По настоящему удостоверяю о кончине Суры Нейман.  Акт сей присутствующим прочитан и ими подписан.


Содержащий акты гражданского состояния Подпись

 Подпись Подпись



Translated into English:




It took place in the settlement Ratsionzh on August 9 (21), 1894 at 8 am. Ionas Lipinsky, 34 years old, and Leizer Varshavsky, 43 years old, both merchants in the Ratsionzh settlement, came and announced that yesterday, in the Ratsionzh settlement, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, in the hospital, Sura Neiman, 4 years old, had died of cholera , daughter of Khaim-Shulim and Khana-Khaya, née Goldberg, spouses Neiman. I truly certify the death of Sura Neiman. This act was read and signed by those present.


 Containing acts of civil status Signature


  Signature Signature
Translated By Michael Ryabinky

VM 86626 in Polish

Re: Seeking Advice for Hiring the Best Latvian Researcher #latvia

Arlene Beare

You should definitely ask the Archives to do this research for you . I will repeat the contact details 
They are not expensive and you should get a really good result. It will be worth the wait.
Arlene Beare
Co-Director Latvia Research Division

Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records - Kitai Family in Zdolbunow and Rovno #ukraine #records #russia


Hello Gary

Thank you very much for your wise answer.

Have you mentioned documents from Rowno in the past? 

Happy New Year!

Meir Bnaya
Hod Hasharon

Do you recognize this Marcus / Markus family? #usa

David Lewin

I am very much aware that the MARCUS/MARKUS family name is not rare.  I therefore need to try to generate some luck when hoping to find a particular branch.

I am trying to reach the family of Bertold & Dora MARCUS formerly in Czechoslovakia.  They had emigrated from Czechoslovakia to New York

Do you recognize this family group?

Do you know anyone else I could possibly ask?  Maybe someone researching the genealogy of the Marcus families?

1. Berthold MARCUS-1 (b.Abt 1899-Czechoslovakia d.1947-New York)
sp: Dorothy Dora KERSTEIN-2 (b.30 Dec 1903-Brooklyn,NY d.3 Feb 1967-New York)
               |-2. Joan MARCUS-3 (b.25 Jun 1929-Brooklyn,NY)
               | sp: Hyman Y RAFFE-5 (b.5 Jan 1916 d.3 Jan 2000-Atlantic Beach,NY)
                         | |-3. Patricia A RAFFE-6 (b.1 Feb 1957)
                         +-3. Robert RAFFE-8 (b.2 Feb 1960)
               +-2. Richard MARCUS-4 (b.25 Aug 1933-Manhatten d.Jan 1998-Fort Lauderdale. Florida)
                sp: Davys Kay WEISBERG-9 (b.17 Jun 1938-Superior,Wi d.Oct 1992-Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
                         |-3. C1 MARCUS-10
                         |-3. C2 MARCUS-11
                         +-3. Ashleigh MARCUS-12

Any suggestions where else I shoulld ask?

Thank you

David Lewin

Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #translation

Maxine Bromyard

Hi JGenners,


I've posted two vitals record in Russian for which I need a translation. They are birth records and are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...



Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.


Thank you very much.


Maxine Bromyard
Welwyn Garden City









Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #translation

Maxine Bromyard

Hi JGenners,


I've posted a vital record in Russian for which I need a translation. It is a marriage record and it’s on ViewMate at the following address ...


Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.


Thank you very much.


Maxine Bromyard
Welwyn Garden City



Romanian birth certificate translation VM86741 #translation


I request a translation of the Romanian birth certificate for my great uncle born in Buzau, Romania. It is on ViewMate at the following address:


Any help would be greatly appreciate. Please respond by using the ViewMate form.


Thank you very much, Alice Riley

Re: help with translation please #translation

David Barrett

May I add 3 items

1)  Note the unusual ending in Hebrew for YEHUDA wuth an 'aleph' instead of a 'hei'
2) the date actually says menachem Av -- which is the traditional reference to that month
 3) and I I am fairly sure that the [UNCLEAR] from Rafael above is  ז''ל = of blessed memory

David Barrett

Re: 1812 German Citizenship Papers #records #germany

Rodney Eisfelder

You might have to be a bit more specific. There are many places called Langendorf, at least 9 in present day Germany, as well as a town in Switzerland, and a place in Austria. In addition to those, there are many places in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Roumania, Russia etc where the German name was Langendorf.  See:
Using Menk's "Dictionary of German-Jewish Surnames"
I conclude that you are probably referring to Bodzanow in Poland,_Opole_Voivodeship
but I could be wrong. That Langendorf is in Upper Silesia. I have ancestors from that general area, and I haven't yet seen their records of citzenship/name adoption. I think the official publication was in the "Amts-Blatt der Koniglichen Breslauchen Regierung" See pages 106 and 107 of Menk.
The ancestry collection you refer to applies to West Prussia. This refers to an area in Northern Poland surrounding Danzig/Gdansk and a long way from Upper Silesia. See:

I hope this helps, if only a little
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

ViewMate Translation Request - Russian #translation #poland

Aaron Slotnik

I've posted 5 vital records in Russian for which I need a translation of the genealogical information. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Tanchem TYK birth registration -
Tanchem GANC birth registration -
Nusen GANC birth registration -
Laja ZYLBERBERG birth registration -
Ryfka Laja GEDRYCH birth registration -

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page. Thank you very much in advance.

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL

ViewMate Translation Request - Russian #translation


Hi Cousins,

I've posted a vital record in Russian that I've waited 8 years to get.
I would deeply appreciate a complete translation, because all the
details will be important. The document can be found here:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page or
respond privately to: teewinot13@...

Thank you so very much!

Jeri Friedman
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Poland/Russia/Belarus); GEIST (?,Russia); GLICKMAN, KLUGMAN, STURMAN,
KAPLAN, ROTENBERG (Bilgoraj, Lublin, Poland/Russia); LIEB/LEIBOWITZ,
BLAU (Jassy/Iasi, Romania); GALINSKY, GELLIS (Suwalki, Poland/Russia);
KOPCIANSKY (?, Poland/Russia); GOLDSTEIN, SCHRAGER (?, Romania);
CYRULNIK (Suwalki, Poland/Russia and Kalvarija, Lithuania)

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Re: Do you know this location? #lithuania

Elise Cundiff

Also,  it is possible that he (or whoever made the entry) spelled it as it sounded in English, but it could be spelled quite differently  when transliterated from Russian/Yiddish/Lithuanian.

Elise Cundiff

ViewMate translation request - Polish/Russian??? #translation

Robert E. Ybanez

I've posted two vital records in Polish for which I need a translation to English. They are on ViewMate at the following address ...

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you very much.
Robert E. Ybanez Kalinski 

Robert E. Ybanez Kalinski

Re: Seeking Advice for Hiring the Best Latvian Researcher #latvia


I need some advice concerning Latvia. I am researching a girl who survived the shoah because she was only half jewish. The only information I have is her address in 1943 in Riga. Her name is Edite Levans and she was the daughter of a first marriage of the wife Dora Davidson of my great uncle Abram Bespaloff. I got in touch with the researcher recommended above Mr Feigmanis but his fee is a bit high at 1200 €. I was wondering what would be online in Latvia for me to try and look for her by myself. Thank you for any help.

Catherine Jurovsky

Birth and marriage certificates for Zlatopol in Kiev Gubernia and for Tiraspol in Transnistriz #ukraine #bessarabia #records


Who knows where I will be able to get birth, marriage and death certificates for Zlatopol in Kiev Gubernia in Ukraina and for Tiraspol in Transnistria. Thank you by advance for your advices. Please contact Patrice Markiewicz at patrice.markiewicz@....
Thank you
Patrice Markiewicz

Ukmerge/ Vilkomir , Lithuania birth records #lithuania #records

Susie Adani

Looking for my Dad and his siblings birth records. He was born in Ukmerge in 1915. In JewishGen the records only go up to 1914. 
I would really appreciate help.

Susie Adani

Re: Struggling to find Immigration data for Rosen cousins #usa #poland #canada #russia

Thanks.  What you sent was a great help.  Your information is correct.  However, as rumored, two of the dhildren, John abd Sarah, ages 16 and 12,  arrived in Hallifax Canada, and were hospitalized upon arrival in 1907. So now it all fits together. 
Another item from the boat record that was of great help was that the mother's name was Chia, a misspelling of Chaia.  Her descendants who even remembered her name, knew her  her as Ida only. Her great grandmother in Poland, born in the 1830s was named Chaia.  
Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #records #russia

Gary Pokrassa

Response to multiple inquiries in today’s JG digest


Due to the increasing number of inquiries I will condense my responses into one message:


·      Ruth Chernia – 

Bershad or Layyzhyn, Vinnitsa.  

Layyzhyn, - I am unable to identify this town in any of our records - do you have any other information to help identify this town?

Bershad – I am not aware of any records available for this town.  

I suggest you contact Paul Finelt who is the town leader for this town at paul.finelt@...

There is an 1875 revision list for Vinnytsia county which lists town detail included – neither town is listed

o   Genichesk, - very few records available on line and nothing in Alex K -this is in Taurida province – due to the current political situation it is my understanding this archive is not accessible at this time

o   Kerson - Alex K has several revision lists available – use Chrome and go to  .  Find the index at the top and click on 10.6 Kherson district.  There are also 1,400 birth records indexed and online on the JG database for this town


·      Bob Rosenthal

o   Novo Ushitser.  I can’t identify this town – do you know what gubernia this is?  Any nearby towns?

·      Peter Silverman

o   Husiatyn – this is in former Galicia and is not covered by the Ukraine research division – I refer you to JRI Poland which does indeed cover this area  On this page you will find the town leader at JRI-Poland for this town

·      Susana Rubin

o   Belaya Tserkov - there are 5,592 birth records and 9,560 revision list records online and searchable in the JewishGen database.

o   Bohuslav

There are 5 files from Bogoslav from the 1897 census:  Census and Census Letters, Kaniv district Boguslav parish of Boguslav, property estates in the field of law, Census precinct 11-a, countable precinct 4-a, part 1;  Census Letters and Population Census, Kaniv district Boguslav parish of Boguslav, property estates on the property right, Census precinct 11-a, counting precinct 4-a, part 2Архіви/ДАКО/384/7/114;Архіви/ДАКО/384/7/115;Архіви/ДАКО/384/7/116



·      Odessa – there are index files covering 1903-1919 at; and some metric records from 1886-1907 at

·      Linda Elkins

o   Uman

 there are revision lists from 1818, 1850 and 1858:  Additional Auditory of the burghers of the Jews of Uman, Zvenigorod, Chyhyryn and Cherkasy counties. 1818  // DAKO. F. 280. Op. 2. Ref. 381.год._Ревизские_сказки_евреев_Умани_и_Уманского_уезда.pdf;год._Ревизские_сказки_купцов,_мещан_христиан_и_евреев_города_Умани_и_Уманского_уезда.pdf

 Gary Pokrassa

Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division 

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