Re: Jacobstadt, Latvia 1958 Revision List #latvia

Ralph Baer

I didn't know that there was a Jewish community in Jakobstadt (now Jēkabpils). That is where my maternal grandfather Dr. [Isidor] Hermann GUNZENHÄUSER, an Oberarzt (supervisory physician) in the German Army, lost his left eye due to shrapnel on September 29, 1917, not long after having been transferred from the western front. See attachment. Of course, a Jewish community in 1958, doesn't imply one in 1917.

Sorry to go off-topic.
Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

searching for relatives of Joseph Goldstein and Lillian Kaufer of Chicago. #galicia #usa

Stuart Kaufer

Searching   Goldstein/Kaufer

I am searching for relatives of Joseph Goldstein and Lillian Kaufer of Chicago.  They had 3 sons  Morris, Sydney, Emmanuel, and 2 dtrs, Gertrude and Anna.  I am hoping one of their survivors will recognize and be able to identify who is in the attached photo from the early 1920's.    Thank you.

Stuart Kaufer

Jacobstadt, Latvia 1958 Revision List #latvia

Ava Nackman

Is the 1958 Revision List for Jacobstadt, Latvia extant?  If so, is there a translated version?  If so, where can it be accessed?  If no translation exists and it is extant, where can the original be accessed?  Thank you.
Ava Nackman

Friedlander family in Chicago #usa

Neil Rosenstein

Trying to make contact with the family of Yehuda and Pessel (nee
Honig) Friedlander who were parents of Moshe Ber (married Beila
Rappaport), Yitzchok Eizik (married BatSheva Rosenberg), Chaim Hirsch
(Married Reizel) and Mordecai (married Miriam). They descend from the
Stern-Horowitz ancestry.
Neil Rosenstein, author of The Unbroken Chain

Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records - Borokhovitch in Kherson #ukraine #records #russia

Nancy Reicher

Hi Donna,

Not that I know of. Mine are from Kherson city. I have a record of one birth from there and there were others available to me but I didn't know how any of the others were related. The one I got was of my great uncle's birth in 1855. It proved his name and my great grandparents names. I was thrilled. Actually there were two documents ; one in Russian and one in Hebrew or yiddish. They were identical.

Nancy L. Reicher

Trying to make contact with family Farkas in Montreal. #canada

Neil Rosenstein

Yisroel Zvi Farkas of Montreal was son of Chaim Farkas and Zisel nee
Stern (of Horowitz rabbinical ancestry). He married Malkie Stern.
Neil Rosenstein, author of 'THE Unbroken Chain."

Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #records #russia

Gary Pokrassa

reply to both Shmuel and Meir inquiring about Rivne / Rovno
there are a few records listed in Alex K wiki - go to (using Chrome)

go to the index at the top and click on 3.9.  
Also you should contact the town leader Leah Teicher at anafa-e@...

As for Glinki I dont see much.....please try JRI-Poland which does seem to have some records from this town

Gary Pokrassa

Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division 

Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #records #russia

Gary Pokrassa

I have good news and bad news - the good news is yes there were some records that survived.

The bad news is here is a photo of those records now at the Khmelnitsky archives attached - I hope this comes through
Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Division

Re: help with translation please #translation

Leya Aronson

The date in Menachem Av is 24. The actual words used are 24 days. And, David, you are correct. The two letters before the date are Z"L .
Leya Aronson, 

Need help at a Jewish cemetery in Nyirbator #hungary

Alex Magocsi

I have recently learned that the Jewish Cemetery in Nyirbator has been restored and protected by the HFPJC.
I am looking for someone who can visit the cemetery and search for a particular stone.
I do not, however, know if a stone actually exists.
Please reply privately if you can assist.  I have the name and death date of the deceased.

Thank you
Alex Magocsi
Hamburg Germany

Researching GROSZ in Nyirbator and MAGOCSI in Gyula-Jovancza, now Gyulaj, Tolna m.

Re: Do you know this location? #lithuania


using the jewishgen gazetteer Fuzziest search, it might be Greikonys, Gereykantsy, Greikonio, Greikonis  This is a link to a google map
and a link to places within 10 miles
2.4 miles away there is another possible match, Griškonys, Grishkantsy which is at  54°31' N 24°13' E 
or at

researching Glubokie, Dokshitsy Parfianovo Belarus; Gorodishche, Cherkassy district, Ukraine and Ignatovka Ukraine

Aaron  Ginsburg 

Re: Researcher in Belarus #belarus

Sally Horn

I concur with Jonathan Sher's recommendation.  I also have used Yuri Dorn  (jhrg@...) and have gotten great results.  I did not need to fillet an Apostille.
Sally Horn

Re: Lowicz #lodz #poland


                   נא להיתקשר  אלי    YOEL437@...

Re: Ukmerge/ Vilkomir , Lithuania birth records #lithuania #records

Russ Maurer


Unfortunately, birth records recorded in Ukmerge are sparse. There is 1895, which has been indexed, and then 1922-1939, which have not been indexed yet because of 100-year privacy. That's it, unless something new turns up somewhere. If you are seeing birth records for other years (e.g. 1914) they may mention Ukmerge as, for example, the father's place of origin, but they are not Ukmerge births and would have been recorded somewhere else.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, LitvakSIG

Re: ViewMate Translation Request - Russian #translation


In Russian:




Состоялось в городе Билгораж 14 (26) мая 1882 года в 5 часов вечера. Объявляем, что в присутствии свидетелей - евреев Арона Штаркера, купца 2-й гильдии, 42 лет и Фроима Гершенгорка, 53 лет, проживающих в городе Билгораж, заключен сего числа религиозный обряд бракосочетания между евреем Янцием (возможно) Клюгманом, холостым, 22 лет, сыном, в живых - Ицка и умершей Леи, урожденной Шляйхер, супругов Клюгман с Ройзой Штурман, девицей, 19 лет, дочерью в живых - Йосера Вульфа и умершей Темы, урожденной Горенберг, супругов Штурман, родившихся и живущих в городе Билгораж.  Браку этому предшествовали 3 оглашения опубликовнные в Билгоражской еврейской синагоге в шабатные дни, а именно: 17(29) апреля, 24 апреля (6 мая) и 1(13 ) мая сего года.  Новобрачные заявили, что они между собой в родстве не состоят и что они предбрачного договора не заключали.  Религиозный обряд бракосочетания совершен заступающим на место равина Билгоражского еврейского округа Янкелем Гужевым. 

Акт сей по прочтении в присутсвии равина прочитан и свидетелями подписан, за исключением жениха и невесты, объявивших, что они не грамотны.


Содержащий акты гражданского состояния Подпись

 Подпись Подпись Подпись Поспись


Translate into English:




It took place in the town of Bilgoraj on May 14 (26), 1882 at 5 pm. We declare that in the presence of witnesses - Jews Aron Shtarker, merchant of the 2nd guild, 42 years old and Froim Gershengork, 53 years old, living in the city of Bilgoraj, a religious marriage ceremony was concluded between the Jew Yantsiy (possibly) Klyugman, single, 22 years old, son, alive - Itska and the deceased Leia, nee Schleicher, spouses Klugman with Royza Shturman, maiden, 19 years old, daughter alive - Yoser Wulf and deceased Tema, nee Gorenberg, spouses Shturman, born and living in the town of Bilgoraj. This marriage was preceded by 3 announcements published in the Bilgoraj Jewish synagogue on Shabbat days, namely: April 17 (29), April 24 (May 6) and May 1 (13) this year. The newlyweds stated that they were not related to each other and that they had not entered into a prenuptial agreement. The religious wedding ceremony was performed by Yankel Guzhev, who is taking the place of the rabbi of the Bilgoraj Jewish District.



After reading this act in the presence of the rabbi, it was read and signed by witnesses, with the exception of the bride and groom, who announced that they were not literate.




Containing acts of civil status Signature


 Signature Signature Signature Signature

Translated by Michael Ryabinky

Help deciphering a word in death note - Ratibor 1881 #germany #translation


I've posted on Viewmate an entry from a Jewish death book from Ratibor, then in Silesia. There is one word I cannot decipher.
The details of this word appear on Viewmate, here:

Many thanks in advance
Micha Fuhrmann

Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #records #russia


Hi Gary 
Where can i see the Rowno records?
thank you in advance 

Meir Bnaya 
Hod Hasharon

Re: Do you know this location? #lithuania

David Shapiro

Probably here:

Grinkiškis, Lithuania
55°34' N 23°38' E
90 miles NW of Vilnius

David Shapiro

Re: ViewMate translation request - Polish/Russian??? #translation



In Russian:



Состоялось в посаде Рационж 9 (21) августа 1894 года в 8 часов утра. Явились Ионас Липинский, 34-х лет и Лейзер Варшавский, 43-х лет, оба торговцы в посаде Рационж и объявили, что вчера,  в посаде Рационж, в 1 час дня, в больнице, умерла от холеры Сура Нейман, 4 лет от роду, дочь Хаима-Шулима и Ханы-Хаи, урожденной Гольдберг, супругов Нейман. По настоящему удостоверяю о кончине Суры Нейман.  Акт сей присутствующим прочитан и ими подписан.


Содержащий акты гражданского состояния Подпись

 Подпись Подпись



Translated into English:




It took place in the settlement Ratsionzh on August 9 (21), 1894 at 8 am. Ionas Lipinsky, 34 years old, and Leizer Varshavsky, 43 years old, both merchants in the Ratsionzh settlement, came and announced that yesterday, in the Ratsionzh settlement, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, in the hospital, Sura Neiman, 4 years old, had died of cholera , daughter of Khaim-Shulim and Khana-Khaya, née Goldberg, spouses Neiman. I truly certify the death of Sura Neiman. This act was read and signed by those present.


 Containing acts of civil status Signature


  Signature Signature
Translated By Michael Ryabinky

VM 86626 in Polish

Re: Seeking Advice for Hiring the Best Latvian Researcher #latvia

Arlene Beare

You should definitely ask the Archives to do this research for you . I will repeat the contact details 
They are not expensive and you should get a really good result. It will be worth the wait.
Arlene Beare
Co-Director Latvia Research Division

7701 - 7720 of 658591