Finding Out You Lost Your Citizenship #events

Carl Kaplan

My great aunt was born in New York in 1897. She married a non-naturalized immigrant in 1919. The family story is that she found out she lost her citizenship when she went to vote in 1920 (her husband subsequently naturalized, including her and child, in 1922 before the Cable Act was approved). Is that how she would have learned of the loss of her citizenship?
Carl Kaplan

KAPLAN Minsk, Belarus
EDELSON, EDINBURG Kovno, Lithuania

Re: Researcher in Belarus #belarus


I agree with Jonathan Sher's and Sally Horn's recommendation.  I also have used Yuri Dorn  (jhrg@...) and have had very good results.  I did not need an Apostille.

Anthony Rabin
London, UK

Re: How to find UKRAINE birth and marriage records #ukraine #records #russia


Hello Gary 
Could you please give me a link to that revision list for the town of Rowno-Rivne? 
I am looking for records related to the Kitai Family in the area of Rowno and Zdolbunow.

Meir Bnaya
Hos Hasharon

Re: University of Oxford senior candidate exam - please explain #general #unitedkingdom

Alan Cohen

Wow. I think 1870 was the first year women were allowed to be students at Oxford, although only as external ones. They had to wait another 50 years before they were allowed to obtain a degree, so Rebecca must have been perhaps the first Jewish women to be accepted as a student. It's worth following up in more detail

Alan Cohen

Re: Printing records I find on JRI-Poland #records #poland #translation

Nicole Heymans

If the record is on the Polish Archives site (szukaj....) there's a "download" link below the image.

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

Re: Ukmerge/ Vilkomir , Lithuania birth records #lithuania #records

Susie Adani

Thanks so much Russ! Does that mean that records for 1895-1922 don't exist or that they are still lying around in an archive in Ukmerge?

Susie Adani

Re: Need help locating orphanage records from the ISRAEL ORPHAN ASYLUM #records

Stephen Weinstein

On Sun, Aug 30, 2020 at 07:45 AM, Raylene Gurewich wrote:
My mother was an orphan as an infant in the Israel Orphan Asylum in Manhattan per the 1930 census. I had requested her records from the JCCA, but nothing was found. Is there any other place I can look? I would like intake information. She was also in another orphanage in Manhattan when she was a bit older before being placed in foster care. She doesn't remember the name. 
American Jewish Historical Society <reference@...> told me they "have online searchable databases available for both the Hebrew Orphan Asylum and the Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum."  Try these links:
Also, this "link to a website that contains in-depth information about Jewish Orphanages in the United States. You may be able to locate other possibilities regarding where your great grandfather had been placed, if in fact he was not at HOA or BHOA."

Re: Ship Manifests : Profession " painter " - What does it mean ? #general

Stephen Weinstein

My great-grandfather was a house painter in the old country and a portrait painter in the U.S.  The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, California

University of Oxford senior candidate exam - please explain #general #unitedkingdom


Hi Siggers,
We have the attached certificate for Rebecca Kisch passing the Senior Candidate exam in 1870.
Can someone please explain exactly what this exam was? i.e. was she a student at the University of Oxford and was taking an exam to become a senior?
I am unfamiliar with the British system.
Thank you,
Larry Bassist

Reclaim The Records publishes the Missouri Birth Index and Missouri Death Index #usa #announcements #records


 Ten Million Brand New Records Now Online! 

Reclaim the Records is super-proud to announce the long-awaited publication of the Missouri Birth Index (1920-2015) and the Missouri Death Index (1968-2015)! Over ten million records, totally free to search or download, no subscriptions or paywalls or copyrights. Public records, finally returned to the public!

These records are now online following our successful four-year-long Missouri Sunshine Law court case against the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

You can read much more about these records, and the incredible story about how we won them, in our latest newsletter issue, here:

But if you want to just see the data right away, check out these two brand new websites we built for them:

As you'll see in our newsletter, we also have another, smaller Missouri Sunshine Law request pending right now, for the 1910-1920 and 2016-2019 birth data, as well as the 2016-2019 death data. We'll add that information to these websites when we get it, which hopefully won't take another four years.
Now, this index data just has the given name, the middle name (or initial), the surname, and the exact date. It doesn't contain any other data fields like a person's parents' names or their spouse's name or a location. But by using this basic index data, you can hopefully get some clues about some missing branches of your family, and then you can go request the original birth certificate or death certificate from the state, if you meet the qualifications to receive a copy. And these new websites also have information about how you can make your certificate requests.

Our sincere thanks go to our Missouri Sunshine Law attorneys Bernie Rhodes and Taryn Nash at Lathrop Gage (now Lathrop GPM) in Kansas City, Missouri, for their excellent and careful work on this case.

And if you'd like to make a donation to help us keep reclaiming these types of important records from naughty government agencies, we sure wouldn't say no. We're a non-profit and we do this kind of work because it needs to be done. Your support is very much appreciated!

Happy searching! 
- Brooke Schreier Ganz
Mill Valley, California
President and Founder, Reclaim The Records

Heimatschein from Vienna #austria-czech

Robert Fraser

Hi friends -

I have my late father's 'Heimatschein' from Vienna, dated 1922, issued under Republik Osterreich-Bundeshauptstadt Wien. It states that:

"Heimatschein, womit bestadigt wird, dass. (name) Wien das Heimtrecht bezitzt und in der Heimatrolle (date) in Wien eingetragen ist."

My shaky German translates this as he is enrolled on an electoral register in Vienna. Can I also take it to mean that he's confirmed as an Austrian citizen? He was 17y at the time.


Robert W Fraser, Perth, Western Australia
Researcher 6342

Re: How to find UKRAINE records #ukraine #records

Ilya Zeldes


my comments were directed to Gary Pokrass who told me that the Ukrainian SIG is working on organizing Alex K's files. But I'd like to answer your concerns.

"the files often have multiple years, so I'd suggest avoiding that as the first part of the name"
                 I see no major problem here. Why "1832 - 1897" could not be used after the entry "1831"? Placing it here will anchor it to the early part of the file. In addition, all the multi-years files could be gathered in a separate group. Placing the year, in the beginning, will organize all files chronologically, which is very helpful in searches.

"Why should all the files be renamed? "
                Are these two files the same or they are two different files: Архіви/ДАКО/280/174/1488  and 1831_год._Списки_лиц_умерших_от_эпидемии_холеры_по_Богуславскому_уезду.pdf  Until they renamed uniformly it's hard to find out.

"that file you are talking about can be found at both"
            More than twice... For example, it is also at 

"And more importantly, where is this list of files you want supposed to be? On Wikipedia? (in which case you can do it, anybody can contribute) On JewishGen?"
              It is my understanding that Gary is doing it within JewishGen. Moreover, I may add that we select only Jewish files for organizing.

"If it's on the JewishGen site, it has to be in some sort of database form that is dynamic to reflect the constant updates, all that is to be discussed with the folks there, but I wanted to reply to your mail."
             I agree with you completely. That what I was doing when I discussed this with Gary...

Warm regards,

Ilya Zeldes

PAJCZER and WASSERSTEIN family search #poland #general


I am loking for information about my ggmother Ita PAJCZER, in Poland.  Est. DOB 1865. 
Married to my ggfather Rachmil Josek WASSERSTEIN est DOB 1867.  
Their son Szmul was born in Mszczonów, So they may have been born/lived here.  But could have also moved here from somewhere else.

Any info about either would be appreciated,
Relly Coleman
FUDALOWICZ, Szrensk, Zychlin, Plotsk, Kutno
KILBERT, Rawa, Zychlin
WASSERSTEIN, Mszczonów, , Kkutno, Wloclawek
PAJCZER, Mszczonów
GOLDKRANC, Brzeziny, Zychlin
FELD, Zakroczym, Dobrzyn nad Wisla
WARSZAWSKI, Dobrzyn nad Wisla

Re: Lacova in Lithuania #lithuania

Judith Diamond

Probably Leckava - often pronounced Latskova.  Together with  several others - we are looking at families from there.  Send me PM with more information re names and dates

Judith Diamond, London, UK

Re: Jacobstadt, Latvia 1958 Revision List #latvia

Arlene Beare


Just an extra bit of information. We are very busy transcribing data from the Passport Issuance Books for Latvia  and the Internal Passports that were handed in to the Riga Police.  I transcribed  the Passport Issuance Books for Jekabpils and they are now in the Jewishgen Latvia Database.Others are transcribing Issuance Books for other places in Latvia.I am now transcribing the Passports handed in to the Riga Police  for the subset Jekabpils.  Internal passports were necessary for all citizens in the Russian Empire not only Jews.   The passports have been imaged by Family Search  and are an extremely valuable resource.  When these  database are in the Jewishgen Latvia Database it will be  wonderful for researchers to have photos of their Ancestors.  Although I am dealing with the subset for Jekabpils it is really a database for the whole of Latvia because there is information on where they were born,where they are living now and what they regard as their permanent address.  This is a Jekabpils subset because they were either born in or were living in Jekabpils. Our ancestors may have said they came from a particular shtetl or Town when in fact  they were born somewhere else  or lived somewhere else. They often paid taxes in their place of origin even though they were living somewhere else. Our Leader in the Research Division is Paul Cheifitz and he has organised volunteers who are transcribing them for other subsets such as Rezekne etc.  We will welcome any volunteers who want to do this valuable work.  Volunteers can contact Paul at
The Latvia Research Division formerly LatviaSIG  will have a Zoom Meeting on the 6th of December and we will give details nearer the time. This will be an ideal time for people to ask questions from the 3 of us -that is Paul, myself and Marion Werle.

Arlene Beare
Co-Director Latvia Research Division

Looking for Judka Szmurkiewicz #poland #latinamerica


Hello everyone,


I am searching for informations about the second part of my grand uncle Judka Szmurkiewicz’s life in South America. He was born in Zelechow (Poland) in 1892, he was a famous thief in Poland in the 20’ & 30’, escaped from jail but also from the Nazis, as I discovered on Family Search his immigration card in Sao Paulo, 12 /27/1940. My questions are: did he stay in Brazil, have a family there (he came without his wife),  pursue the same « career », when did he die…? Tank you in advance for any suggestion.

Sandra Dab (Paris)

Researching Dab/Domb & Szmurkiewicz/Szmulkiewicz (Zelechow & Lukow); Mucha & Szytovicz (Warsaw)


Re: Weinbergers from Kisvarda #hungary


I know this is an old post, but research sometimes requires going backwards, right?
I have Weinberger relatives from Kisvarda, through marriage (Kornstein).

Wondering if/how we are related.

Lisa Bernath, Ivins UTAH

Re: Need help, please, dating a Warsaw and a Liverpool studio photo of my great-grandmother #poland #unitedkingdom #photographs

Michele Lock

There is a facebook group called 'Genealogy - Dating old photographs' that you could post your photographs on. They will be able to pinpoint what decade these photos are likely from, based on the style of clothing, hair, jewelry, posing in the photos, flower arrangements, and the like. Particularly the second photo, with the dress having such a distinctive collar. 

My guesstimate is that these photos were taken within 10 years of each other, because the woman does not look considerably older in the second, and her hairstyle is very similar. She is also alone in the photos - I believe that if a woman was married/engaged, she'd more likely be photographed with the man in her life, and her children, particularly since these were formal photos done in a studio. But that's just my opinion. 

I have a photo of a great aunt, taken in 1909 in the US when she was first engaged, and her dress is very similar to that worn by the woman in your photos. However, her hairstyle is very different, and she is looking directly into camera. Little details that can make a difference. 

Best of luck with this.

Michele Lock
Alexandria, VA

Re: Hungary Jewish Cemetery, Nyirbator #hungary


Hello Alex:
I have been to the Nyirbator cemetery about 10 years ago, in the beginnings of my genealogy research. I saw some of the GROSZ headstones, as my dad’s paternal grandmother’s family are GROSZ, from Kisleta. They are buried in the closest Jewish cemetery, Nyirbator. We found a ‘manager’ to open the gate but they did not have a map, or they didn’t offer one. 

I do have a cousins who live in Budapest and one in the mountains north of the city. I may be able to convince them to take photos unless HFPJC can be of assistance. I donate to them as they maintain the Demecser cemetery where some of my dad’s paternal family Is buried. 

Interested to see if we’re related. 
Stay safe,
Lisa Bernath

Re: Jacobstadt, Latvia 1958 Revision List #latvia

Ava Nackman

So sorry, it was a typo.  I did mean the 1858 Revision List.  Thanks, Arlene, I am going to get your book and will take a look at the Latvia SIG page.
Ava Nackman

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